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PERSISTENCE ANDPATIENCE ARE THE KEYdeanie schwanneckeNVPIndependent Consultant, National Vice PresidentDeanie Schwannecke Nation; Freeland, MINVP — what a place to be! I feel so blessed and yet so humbled by thisachievement. I never could have imagined that I had it in me to scale thehighest mountain with Arbonne, and reach the pinnacle of success. It wasjust three years ago that I became an RVP with Arbonne. At the time, Ithought that was great, only to find out that it gets even better!When I was introduced to Arbonne, I had no idea of the potential impactthis home-based business would have on my life, finances, family and allthose around me. I was home with my children for four years before Ilearned about the Arbonne opportunity. I left a career as a CPA andfinance director of a healthcare organization to stay home and raise mythree young boys. Prior to that, I had been very career-oriented and didnot realize the sense of loss I would feel when I left my job. I was one ofthose people who would say, “I could never be a stay-at-home mom.”However, when the time came and I was afforded the opportunity to dojust that, I shifted my focus onto my family and being the best mother Icould be.After awhile though, I began searching for a way to gain back myindependence without losing control of my schedule or my life. My dreamhad always been to own my own business, but I knew that would nothappen in the foreseeable future because I did not have the time orfinancial resources to invest. When Arbonne entered the picture, it gaveme new hope of finding what I had longed dreamed of. From theoutset, I loved the products and welcomed an opportunity that would getme out of the house once in awhile, and allow me to have the potentialto make a little “fun money.” What more could I ask for? I neverdreamed that Arbonne would give me the chance to have the best ofboth worlds; a very successful business that allowed me to be my ownboss, create my own schedule, work with people I loved being with, andhave the potential to get paid for it, while still being able to remain athome with my family.I love the fact that while I was building my business, I was able to put myfamily first. Arbonne did not create a conflict between my two worlds;rather, it allowed each to enhance the other. I was able to weave mybusiness seamlessly in and out, and all around my personal and sociallife. No one told me what I had to do, where I had to be or when I hadto work my business. I made those choices for myself. This does not meanI did not make sacrifices, because I did, but I chose when, where andhow. The short-term sacrifices you make in this business are definitelyworth the long-term gains.Deanie with husband, Tom and sons, T.J., Tobin and Tanner, on the ASAP 2005Hawaii trip.Deanie with husband, Tom, at NTC 2005 Las Vegas GrandAwards dinner.Deanie’s boys enjoying the waveson the ASAP 2005 Hawaii trip:Tobin, 5, T.J., 11 and Tanner, 9.

Deanie with team and their spouses on the ASAP 2004 Cancún trip.Deanie with ENVP Krystal Gray and sister, ERVP Beth LeBlanc.The potential opportunities with Arbonne are endless. To be able to sharea product line that is pure, safe, beneficial and make a difference in healthand wellness, while giving people the opportunity to have the potential todramatically improve their financial situation, is incredible. What I loveabout Arbonne is that every effort you put forth in this business will comeback to you, especially the investment you make in others. This is the bestbusiness model I know of where your success is based solely on how manyother people you help make successful.These past five years has been quite a journey of personal growth and greatreward. Arbonne has all the systems and training in place that you need tosucceed; what you have to bring to the table is a willingness to stretch yourmind, heart and soul. It is what you learn about yourself in this business thatis the greatest reward. Everyone is equipped with the tools they need toachieve their dreams. The key is learning how to use them. We all may havesome self-imposed limitations, fear being one of them. I see these limitationsas glass walls boxing us in. Many times we have the vision and can see thepossibilities on the other side, but we cannot break through the walls. WithArbonne, you are not in business by yourself and the support systems, leadershipand personal development you are exposed to can shatter thosewalls. You may get some cuts and scrapes along the way, but it is only bywalking through it that you will succeed in being all you can be. So, if youcarve out a never-give-up attitude deep within yourself, and endure withpatience and persistence, you have the potential to be well on your way tothe life of your dreams.I have so many people to thank for making my Arbonne journey an experienceto remember. The combined effort of my team proved greater andmuch more rewarding to be a part of than the actions of individuals. Thatis what makes my journey even more significant. Our success in creating aNation is not an achievement by “me” but by “us,” and I owe so much tomy family, friends, Clients, Consultants and business builders who havemade this a reality.success strategy:I want to thank all of those who paved the path before me, who have sogenerously shared their wisdom, insight and time. I am honored to be partof such an elite group of women and men. To my upline, ENVPs KrystalGray and Kathleen Heyn: You are my revered mentors. Thank you formolding, teaching and guiding me. Your leadership and friendship areinvaluable. To ENVP Phoebe James: Thank you for making me feel connectedwhen I got started and for sharing your vision with me. ERVP JoyceWhite: You have been a great support, I am so glad we are a team.I owe my success to the awesome leaders on my team. To RVPs JackieErway and Martha Truscott: I have learned so much from you. Thank youfor the example you set by sharing, caring, leading and training. Your generosityand willingness to give your all is reflected in your success. I lookforward to many fabulous vacations with you, when you are both NVPs.To my sister, ERVP Beth LeBlanc: All of the above applies to you. In addition,I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all youhave done, and for believing in me. Your positive attitude, encouragementand support have been invaluable to me. If it was not for you, I do notthink I would be where I am today. You are my best friend and the greatestsister anyone could ask for.To those of you who have been with me since the beginning: You havebeen a blessing to me in more ways than you know. To AMs, RebeccaDeanie’s team at a Discover Arbonne meeting.continued ...Learn how to use your talents to“reach your maximum potential.”

RVP Martha Truscott, AM Lori Brown, EAM Rebecca Champney, Deanie andDM Julie Hamway at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.Champney, Lori Brown, Toni Whelton, Lynn Taylor, Lindsey Wheltonand Julie Williams, as well as to our new AMs, Allison VanDeginste,Barb Smeland, Karen McElwain, Lisa Splawn and Marla Glenn:Thank you for your hard work and determination. I cannot wait to seeyou all driving your Mercedes-Benzes! To DMs, Jill Edelbrock, CarmenGoodell, Laurie Winters, LaDawn Hastings, Julie Hamway, TracyLandry, Cindy Rustenholtz and Melinda Adams, plus all the DMs inour other Regions: You all are NVPs in the making. Thanks so muchfor catching the vision and for your contribution to the team. You guysare the most talented team ever!To all of the Consultants who purchase product at the discount, andthe Clients who continue to share our love for the products: Thank youfor your continued support. It is not too late to jump in and join us onthis fantastic journey. My hope for you is that you will take a peek atthis awesome opportunity and allow yourself to experience the manyblessings that this business can bring.To the best Home Office Staff and Executive Team around: I do notknow how to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for all youdo to make our jobs so easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Last, but not least, I want to thank my family, whose love and supporthas sustained me, not just through my Arbonne journey, but alsothroughout my life’s journey. Tom, you are the wind beneath mywings. Thank you for your undying love, encouragement, sacrificesand dedication to my success. You saw the vision before I did andASAP 2005 Hawaii trip.RVP Jackie Erway, ERVP Beth LeBlanc, ENVP Kathleen Heyn, Deanie andERVP Joyce White.taught me “not to sweat the small stuff.” I am a better person becauseof you. To my boys, I love you more than you will ever know.I have God to thank for everything I have experienced. The friendships,love, joy and opportunity to make a difference in other people’s livesare all a reflection of that. I am here for a reason much larger thanmyself … to share, give, enhance, fulfill and touch others throughArbonne. I believe we can all make a difference, one person at a time.ERVP Beth LeBlanc, Founder Petter Mørck with his wife, Ingher and Deanie on the ASAP 2004Cancún trip.NTC 2005 Las Vegas.NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.EYE ON ARBONNE APRIL 2006

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