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Connie Kaaiohelo - Arbonne

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ENVP Connie KaaioheloTheJourneyWhatisMattersConnie Kaaiohelo of Missouri City, Texas, stillremembers the day her life changed forever,more than a decade ago — when a friendintroduced her to Arbonne. A pharmaceutical salesrep at the time, Connie had 40 years of work aheadof her before retirement. And she knew she couldachieve more. So on that day, Connie’s journey toENVP began.Jared, Connie and family.One of the great life lessons I have learned from my time with Arbonne— now more than a decade running my own Arbonne business — isthat it’s the journey that really matters. The journey is so much moreimportant than the destination. And my incredible Arbonne journey issimilar to many others but still unique to me. So let me backtrack a fewyears to tell you my story.I graduated from college in 1999, married my husband, Jared, in 2000and settled into the “real world,” which meant looking for a job. I enthusiasticallybegan pursuing a job in pharmaceutical sales, which, at thetime, was my dream job. I interviewed rigorously and was ecstatic whenI was offered a pharmaceutical sales representative position. I had a“This was a way out of corporate Americafor my family and me.”Connie and daughters.good starting salary, great benefits, a company car and computer, andmy sales territory was in Edmond, my hometown, and the surroundingOklahoma City area. It was just what I wanted — in the area I wanted.I was truly thankful for the job and opportunity given to me. However itbecame just that — a job!I soon learned that my time was owned by my pharmaceutical salesjob and I was going to have to work for a company for almost 40 yearsbefore retirement was an option. Slowly, I realized this was not the idealcareer for me. My husband was working hard and had just opened hisDaughters Kora and Kenna.

Above: GTC.Left: Connie at GTC with ENVP Kathy Hawkins.own business, so my income was vital. I knew quitting work was notan option unless we found something to replace my income. In 2001,while at a convention, a friend introduced me to Arbonne — and I knewimmediately this opportunity had been placed in my path for a reason.I began to think that maybe this was a way out of corporate Americafor my family and me.My journey began that day with a leap of faith. In the beginning, I had somany questions. Could this really work for me? Could I really replace myincome? What would I have to lose and/or gain by trying? What wouldpeople say? Could you really work this business with a full-time job anda family? Despite the lingering questions, I decided to go for it. My firstPresentation was a dud! Maybe you can relate. The key, though, is that Iwas immediately encouraged and coached on how to improve. Positivetraining and reinforcement is continually available.“If your headlights do not allow you to seefar enough ahead, drive forward.”The only pressure you experience in Arbonne is the pressure you put onyourself — and you reap all the benefits of your effort! How awesomeis that? If your headlights do not allow you to see far enough ahead,drive forward. I have chosen to have a career with this company. Aftera couple of years building my business, I matched my salary as a pharmaceuticalsales representative. I promoted to RVP in October 2003and NVP in March 2005.leave. Arbonne is the greatest fit for women who still need an income,but do not want to sacrifice being away from home.I have found that working in corporate America is not any more prestigiousthan owning my own Arbonne business and helping men andwomen with their skin care needs. This is my career now. The biggestdifference is I am able to choose who I want to work with, when I wantto work and how hard I want to work. I love that so much. I also lovethe fact that I can work my business around my family’s needs. I haveenjoyed helping empower others to reach their dreams, change theirlives and see themselves become successful. This business is wonderfulbecause by helping others, you can become successful as well. Youcannot motivate someone else; you can only create an environmentwhere people will decide to motivate themselves.Throughout my journey with Arbonne, I have learned so much about mydreams. I now desire more than ever to help people achieve the exactsame success I have had. Anyone can do this business. You do nothave to have a special personality type and you do not even have to bea great sales person — you just have to be yourself.That is what I love about Arbonne. There is an incredible duplicatablesystem that really works. I have seen so many women unhappy with theircurrent situation — whether it was working or not being compensatedenough, wanting to have more family time, or just wanting to make theirown decisions in life. This business can help people find answers andfulfill those needs.First and foremost, I would like to thank God for always answering myprayers. He continues to bless me in so many ways and is so faithful.To my husband, Jared: Thank you for being my partner and allowing➤One of the great advantages of running my own Arbonne business wasthe freedom it gave me to control my time, something I had not had asa pharmaceutical sales rep. So in March 2004, my journey took anotherleap forward — I was able to resign from my job when my husbandand I found out we were expecting our first child that October. A goalof mine has always been to become a stay-at-home mom, and I wasable to realize that dream.Having children really put things in perspective. That I’ve been able tocontinue earning a terrific income from my business and still be there,always, for my two girls — that’s what makes this business a dream. Ihave not had to place our daughters in daycare or even take maternityConnie and ENVP Carrie MacDonald.

SUCCESS STRATEGY“Your focus determinesyour future.”me to go where I needed to go. Thank you for doing all the behind-thesceneswork with the girls, including watching Kora overnight severaltimes by yourself, when we were just starting this business and shewas just a few weeks old. Your bond with our daughters is precious.You are a great husband, leader and father. I love you with all my heart.To Kora and Kenna: You are the lights of my life. You both make me lovebeing able to be home. I delight in you every day. You are my blessingsfrom above and the reasons Why I want the blessings.To ENVP Deanna Herrin: Thank you for always being such a strongperson. You are a great example and inspiration. Thank you for alwaysbelieving in me, helping me set goals and allowing me to become independentand grow.Connie at GTC with ENVP Kathy Hawkins and NVP Lynn Puana.To Anne Decker: Thank you for introducing Arbonne to me, for lovingme and being patient. I appreciate all your help!I am blessed with amazing people. To my aunt, ENVP Kathy Hawkins:You blow me away! You have been so coachable and are truly a blessingin my life. We have grown closer through this business and I am sothankful you were there at my Mercedes-Benz Presentation and decidedto join my business. My business changed that day for the better! Yourhard work and determination are going to take you to the top. I knowwe have many more Arbonne memories to come!To AM Cristi Cole: You are my first Ace. I am so thankful you decidedto join my business as my first business partner. Our friendship will belifelong. You are precious to me.To ENVP Carrie MacDonald: Thank you for always going above andbeyond to help in every situation. You have blossomed into a beautifulexample for your team. You deserve all the success in the world!To my Area Managers and RVPs-in-qualification: Go for it! You can dothis. Just think, if Connie can do it, so can I. Keep trucking along andyou will get there. Patience and perseverance are the keys.Connie and her team at her promotion April 2005.To all my District Managers: Push forward, follow your upline and practicethe system for success. It works. I believe in each and every one of you!To all of you who are reading my story: You can have the same success.It just takes a leap of faith and trust. Believe in yourself and your dreams.Sometimes the fear comes in and can cause doubt. I encourage youto look beyond today and focus your vision on the future. Persevereand allow yourself to enjoy the moment. This is a journey that beginswith a single step that can change your life forever. Allow yourself tothink and dream big. The sky is the limit with Arbonne. I invite you tobe the next NVP!The Arbonne Independent Consultant featured in this EOA has achieved the rank of National Vice President. Theaverage number of active Arbonne Independent Consultants who achieved this rank and average compensationis described further in the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) available at> The Company > Corporate Information > 2011 Independent Consultant Compensation Summary.The testimonial in this EOA is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent income projections. Theresults discussed in this EOA by the featured Arbonne Independent Consultant are not typical and shouldnot be relied upon by prospective or current Arbonne Independent Consultants as an indication of whatthey should expect to earn. Actual results for each Arbonne Independent Consultant will vary dependingupon individual effort, time, skills and resources.may 2013

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