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accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

TranslationSeriesIn our

TranslationSeriesIn our time of multi-directionalinternationalism, Tupelo Presscelebrates the ways the literary artscrisscross all borders. In our expandingseries of new poetry translations fromaround the globe, the English versionsare presented by translators who arethemselves excellent poets.Night, Fish and CharlieParker, Phan Nhien HaoTranslated from theVietnamese by Linh DinhSee also page 4:Ex-Voto“… a distinctly Americanimmigrant text, melancholyand celebratory at the sametime. Read this book.”— Vince Gotera,North American Review$16.95, 9781932195316Abiding Places: KoreaNorth and South, Ko UnTranslated from the Koreanby Sunny Jung & Hillel Schwartzfrom Kaema High DesertI did not ask to be human.I do not by any means ask to bemore than human ...I ask simply to gaze in silenceacross the Kaema plateau ...Anyone who says anything at allhere shall be shot.$16.95, 9781932195408This Lamentable City:Poems of Polina BarskovaEdited and translated fromthe Russian by Ilya Kaminskywith Kathryn Farris, Rachel Galvin,and Matthew Zapruder“Lavishly mordant, magically bitter,erotically sardonic…. Ilya Kaminsky’sfree translations are a live-wire joy to read.”— Alicia Ostriker“Barskova is a poet whose voice is at onceso intimate and taunting, it can be almostimpossible to resist her…. It is this closeness,as though her lines are whispered inyour ear, that allows Barskova to turn awayfrom us with such terrific effect in herpoems. ‘Now you will forget what youdesired,’ she writes, ‘Now,/ Who you were.’… [She] is clear and unforgiving in herinstructions on how to handle a dead man:‘Right now you should lick him.’ Barskova’sis a voice of stunning originality anderoticism.” — Publishers WeeklyPolina Barskova holds a Ph.D. fromUniversity of California–Berkeley anda graduate degree in classical literaturefrom the state university in St. Petersburg.She teaches at Hampshire College.$11.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-932195-83-5New Cathay:Contemporary Chinese PoetryEdited by Ming Di, co--published withThe Harriet Monroe Poetry InstituteThe most up-to-date anthology of contemporaryChinese poetry, translated by American poetsand edited by the executive editor of thebilingual literary journal Poetry East West, thiscollection showcases the achievement ofChinese poetry in the last twenty years, a timeof tremendous literary ferment. It focuses ona diversity of exciting poets from the mainland,highlighting Duo Duo (laureate of the 2010Neustadt International Prize for Literature) andLiao Yiwu (recipient of 2012 Peace Prize of theGerman Book Trade organization) along withnot yet well-known but brilliant poets such asZang Di and Xiao Kaiyu.Ming Di (penname of Mindy Zhang) was bornand grew up in China. Author of six collectionsof poetry in Chinese and one in Englishtranslation, River Merchant’s Wife (MarickPress, 2012), she also translates from Englishinto Chinese with two volumes published inTaiwan and two forthcoming in China. She hasco-translated (with Neil Aitken) The Book ofCranes to be published by Tupelo Press.Ming Di lives in Los Angeles.$19.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-24-0Stone Lyre:Poems of René CharSelected and translated from theFrench by Nancy Naomi Carlson“René Char is the conscience of modernFrench poetry and also its calm of mind.Nancy Naomi Carlson, in these splendidtranslations, casts new light upon the sublimeconsequence of Char’s poetic character, andin Stone Lyre the case for sublimity is purelymade.” — Donald Revell“Early Surrealist, resistance fighter, antinuclearactivist, and exquisite poet, RenéChar is at the heart of 20th century Frenchpoetry…. Carlson’s masterful translationscatch the barely contained drama that givesChar’s work such tension and presence….”— Cole SwensenNancy Naomi Carlson earned a B.A. fromQueens College and a Ph.D. from theUniversity of Maryland. Her poetry chapbookComplications of the Heart won the 2002Robert Phillips Prize from Texas ReviewPress, and her book of poems Kings Highwaywon the 1997 Writer’s Publishing Housecompetition. She teaches at The Writer’sCenter in Bethesda, Maryland.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-932195-78-116

Life in ArtSeriesInvitation to a Secret Feast:Selected Poems, Joumana HaddadEdited & introduced by KhaledMattawa; translated from the Arabicby Khaled Mattawa & othersHaddad’s passionate, poetic voice is renownedthroughout Europe and the Middle East, andTupelo is very proud to be the first to publish herwork in the U.S. In these gorgeous translations,her voice sings, celebrating sexuality, femininityand womanhood.Joumana Haddad lives and works in Beirut,Lebanon. A poet, journalist and translator, sheis editor of the cultural pages of the Lebanesedaily An-Nahar, and Administrator of the ArabBooker Prize. She has published five collectionsof poetry, including Daawa il Ashaa Sirri(Invitation to A Secret Dinner) and AawdatLilith (Lilith’s Return). Her books have beentranslated into French, German, Spanish, andItalian. Speaking seven languages, she hastranslated several works of poetry and proseinto and from Arabic. Haddad received theArab Press Prize in 2006 and in 2009 shewas named one of the “Beirut39,” aprestigious roster of today’s thirty-ninemost talented Arab writers under 39.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-932195-62-0Swallowing the Sea:On Writing & Ambition,Boredom, Purity & SecrecyEssays by Lee UptonWinner, Foreword BOTYA Gold & BronzeIn this inspiring book, Lee Upton honorsambition, that idiosyncratic drive that compelswriters and other artists to action. She exploresthreats to our most daring aspirations andoffers a provocative antidote: obsession.“… a refreshingly honest, compact, ambitious,nuanced, anecdotal, and capacious book aboutwriting. It will make you flinch with recognition.It may also steel your resolve and steady yourhand. I find it exhilarating and even wise.”— Edward HirschLee Upton is the author of five collections ofpoetry, a novella, and four books of literarycriticism. Her awards include a Pushcart Prize,the National Poetry Series Award, two awardsfrom the Poetry Society of America, and theMiami University Novella Award. She isWriter-in-Residence and a professor ofEnglish at Lafayette College.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-13-4$24.95 cloth, ISBN 978-1-936797-14-1Innocent Eye: A PassionateLook at Contemporary ArtEssays by Patricia RosoffWe are grateful to the Antonia and VladimerKulaev Cultural Heritage Fund, Inc., for agenerous grant in support of this book’screation and publication, in honor of artistElena Karina Canvier.Award-winning journalist, artist, and educatorPatricia Rosoff offers a first-hand tour of the sometimesshocking, often challenging ideas that fuelthe art of today. She describes the sources ofpainting, sculpture, photography, and mixed mediain the works of Monet, Kandinsky, Joseph Cornell,Ellen Carey, Spencer Finch, and Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. With sympathetic consideration ofconceptualism, including works by Sol LeWitt andMierle Ukeles, and with excitement about theinexhaustible potential in abstraction, Rosoff is thegallery or museum guide you’ve always wished tohave along.Patricia Rosoff is the Academic Dean ofHumanities at Kingswood Oxford School, wheresince 1975 she has taught studio art and arthistory. She has been a long-time contributor toArt New England and was art critic for theHartford Advocate newspaper from 1994–2007.$19.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-16-5We're pleased to offer aseries of books celebratingthe daily practice of artisticcreation, the give-and-takeamong artists and theiraudiences, and the lifesustainingreplenishmentthat art offers us, as readersand listeners and observers,in a world filled with greatbooks, music, paintings,sculptures, films, and liveperformances.See also page 9:The Perfect LifeWWW.TUPELOPRESS.ORG17

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