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accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press


Dorset PrizeWinners“The poems stutter andshudder through theirobservations towardtheir discoveries, merciless,feminist, and unforgiving… a book about power andpowerlessness, and aboutsuffering, about whichKocher is, unfortunately,never wrong.”— Kathy Fagan,on domina Un/bluedAfter UrgencyRusty MorrisonSelected by Jane Hirshfield:“... unlike any other poet now writing.The intelligence and aliveness hereare omnidirectional. This is a hallmarkbook of grief and life.”$16.95, 9781932195415Severance SongsJoshua CoreySelected by Ilya Kaminsky“... formally playful and emotionallyraw, with an intensity of expressionthat is at times harrowing.”— Paul Hoover$16.95, 9781932195927ArchicembaloG. C. WaldrepFinalist, ForeWord BOTYAFinalist, Eric Hoffer AwardSelected by C.D. Wright“… might be the best book of prosepoems to appear in a long while.”— Publishers Weekly$16.95, 9781932195743Dismal RockDavis McCombsWinner, Eric Hoffer AwardSelected by Linda Gregerson:“How rare it is to encounter a writer ...who finds the world more compellingthan the self.”$16.95 paper, 9781932195484$22.95 cloth, 9781932195651See also page 10:Dancing in Odessadomina Un/bluedRuth Ellen KocherSelected by Lynn Emanuel:“... a book-length meditation onownership, dominion, anddomination…. at once deeplymoving and wildly intelligent.”$16.95, 9781936797196BiogeographySandra MeekSelected by Tupelo Press Editors“… an extraordinary achievement….weighted with love of world and word,full of incipient loss that haunts....”— Asheville Poetry Review$16.95, 9781932195705Red SummerAmaud Jamaul JohnsonSelected by Carl Phillips:“… startles and impresses with itssheer range of vision…. The stirringdebut of a restorative newAmerican voice.”$16.95, 9781932195323Ice, Mouth, SongRachel Contreni FlynnSelected by Stephen Dunn:“… a haunting beauty…. Flynn willnot pretty-up her world, nor will shebe defeated by its harshness.”$16.95, 978193219518722

CustomerFavoritesTraffic with MacbethLarissa Szporluk“Szporluk is no coward soul, andher poems have always takendark, unflinching, daring risks….part heartland noir … part fabulartheater….” — Lisa Russ Spaar$16.95, 9781936797028Atlas HourCarol Ann Davis“... in search of … times of ‘beliefand unbelief changing places’ …a resonant and haunting collectionby a poet of the first order.”— David Wojahn$16.95, 9781936797004Circle’s ApprenticeDan Beachy-QuickWinner, Colorado Book Award“Circle’s Apprentice vividly remindsus that all our human life may bemarked by ritual but it is returned tous through song.” — Susan Howe$16.95, 9781932195972The Vital SystemCM Burroughs“CM Burroughs delves into the ultrasensitiveroots of being; where sufferingsand desires take shape, she gathers eachbreath as yet unheard and leads it tospeech.” — Hélène Cixous$16.95, 9781936797158“Sharkey takes on the work,simultaneously elegiac andurgent, of reading ‘what hashappened back to happening.’… From line to starting line,she evokes the sufferings ofpersons affected by war andother oppressions.”— Martha Collins,on Calendars of FirePhyla of JoyKaren An-hwei LeeFinalist, Eric Hoffer Award“... a beautiful and sustainedmeditation on the impermanence ofhumanity’s essential components…”— Rigoberto González$16.95, 9781932195149Body ThesaurusJennifer MilitelloDo the Math: FormsEmily GalvinCalendars of FireLee Sharkey“... a haunted and haunting voyage “Written in forms that have the “An exemplary poetry of conscience.…through the body's analogies, which grace of being intenselyReading Calendars of Fire, you will knowexpand to embrace whole worlds: crystalline … and yet enactwhat it means to ‘shiver from the we inthe sensual, the material, and the an organic unfolding.”tenderness.’” — Fady Joudahspiritual.” — G. C. Waldrep— Barry Mazur$16.95, 9781936797264$16.95, 9781936797288 $16.95, 978193219546023WWW.TUPELOPRESS.ORG

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