proGrAmmE of AcTioN - 2009-2014 - Gauteng Online

proGrAmmE of AcTioN - 2009-2014 - Gauteng Online

proGrAmmE of AcTioN - 2009-2014 - Gauteng Online


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2 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 3PREMIERNomvula MokonyaneforewordIn the run up to the 2009 elections, and in our quest to promote participatory democracy,we conferred with the people across the length and breadth of Gauteng and listenedattentively to what they want and expect from government.The people told us that they want government to prioritise the creation of decent jobs,fighting poverty, crime and corruption, improve access to basic services in hospitals,better schools and quality education, clean running water, electricity and better municipalservices.Based on the issues that people raised, we identified the following critical focus areas thatcall for urgent action:• Creating decent work and building a growing, inclusive economy• Promoting quality education and skills development• Better health care for all• Stimulating rural development and food security• Intensifying the fight against crime and corruption• Building cohesive and sustainable communities• Strengthening the developmental state and good governanceThese critical focus areas formed the basis of the ANC Manifesto for the 2009 generalelections. Now that we have been given a mandate to government, a new work culturemust prevail. We are determined to do things differently.In this term of government we also want focus on and strengthen local government structuresas they are at the coal face of service delivery. Quality health care is a cornerstone of ourstrategy to provide a better life for all. In the coming five years, we will focus on improvingthe standard of health care to prevent our people from getting sick from preventablediseases.We have developed a turnaround strategy to revitalize clinics and hospitals, reduce longqueues and improve the availability of essential drugs and medical equipment.Our HIV and AIDS programme continues to give hope to many of our people who requiretreatment. We intend to reduce the rate of new infections by 50% by 2011. We will continueto encourage all our people, especially the youth, to test for HIV, know their status, andlead healthy lives.Our work in urban renewal projects will continue with a focus on the implementationof prioritised infrastructure projects and attracting additional private sector investmentfor economic development that has high impact and visibility. The 20 prioritised

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 7Strategic Priority 1:Creating decent work and buildinga growing, inclusive economyOutcome StatementTo stimulate redistributive economic development to create decent work, sustainable livelihoods and reduce income inequalityThe creation of decent work opportunities and sustainablelivelihoods will be at the centre of our economic policies,programmes and government’s agenda. While progresshas been made in expanding job creation, accessto economic opportunities and employment remainsinequitable resulting in income disparities.Stimulating more inclusive and equitable economicdevelopment in Gauteng, the country’s economic engineroom, will require a revision of the Gauteng Growth andDevelopment Strategy (GGDS). This will take into accountthe province’s medium term’s strategic priorities for 2009-2014 as well as the array of factors which impact on growthand development and employment outcomes, includingeducation, health, transport and skills outcomes.Over the next five years we shall prioritize the creationof decent work; create green jobs; invest in publicinfrastructure; develop and implement sector strategies;implement an appropriate provincial response to theeconomic crisis; improve the functioning and alignment ofeconomic development entities and agencies; review of theGauteng Growth and Development Strategy and implementthe reviewed strategy; develop and maintain our roadnetworks and transportation system; facilitate, manageand oversee initiatives that will contribute to economicgrowth and development for the creation of employmentopportunities; and create an enabling environment forinfrastructure improvement.Programmes1. A new Gauteng trade and industrial policy willbe developed and implemented and related sectorstrategies pursued to support productive sectors ofthe provincial economy, particularly labour absorbingsectors. The aim is to create more decent work and otheropportunities for sustainable livelihoods, particularlyamong poor communities and those who havehistorically been excluded from reaping the benefitsof economic growth. Key sectors in which governmentinterventions will be undertaken to support the creationof employment and other economic opportunities willinclude the promotion of tourism, small medium andmicro enterprises (SMMEs), cooperatives, the creativeindustries (including the craft sector), manufacturing(including mining and agricultural beneficiation), foodand beverages, the auto sector and green industries.Interventions within the second economy and throughlocal economic development will also be undertaken.Particular attention will be paid to sectors which employwomen as well as to increase the participation of women,youth and people with disabilities in the economy.In creating the conditions for the creation of more anddecent work, this programme will also aim to increaseGauteng’s share of global foreign direct investmentand position Gauteng as a global destination of choicefor investment, trade and tourism. In this regard, theprovince will need to improve its global marketing andbranding as well as trade and investment promotionand facilitation services. In this regard, the developmentof a one stop service point for those who wish to dobusiness in Gauteng will receive attention.We shall develop and implement a strategy to activelypromote Gauteng’s competitive advantages as a leadinginvestment destination, trade and export partner,with a focus on the African continent. Economic andgovernance relations will be strengthened and twinning

8 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Governmentagreements developed with other global city regionsand leading economic hubs in Africa, including in thecontext of Nepad.In this context, we shall pay further attention toleveraging the benefits of hosting major events such asthe 2010 FIFA World Cup and review our approachto the hosting of major events to promote tourism andstimulate economic growth and job creation.2. Massive public investment in infrastructure to developsocial and economic infrastructure in both urban andrural areas and expand public employment throughphase 2 of Expanded Public Works Programmetargeting women, youth and people with disabilities.This will include the linking of social grants recipientsto the EPWP and ensuring that skills development isa component of this programme to ensure entry intovalue chains and sustainable livelihoods. The deliveryof phase 2 of Expanded Public Works Programme willbe coordinated across all spheres and sectors.3. Promotion of sustainable energy for the economyand development, by encouraging the sustainableuse of energy in the economy and socio economicdevelopment; this will include the utilization of cleanand renewable resources; and support sectors thatcreate green jobs as a means to mitigate the impact ofclimate change.4. Investment in the knowledge-based economy (i.e.R&D and ICT) will be intensified. Firms’ learning andinnovation capability will be enhanced through thepromotion of innovation, research and development.Knowledge-based firms and start-ups will be incubatedand supported including through investment ininnovation; this will include the encouragementof technology transfer in-order to increase R&Dpercentage of GDP-R. R&D in key emerging sectors aswell as investment and capitalization in sectors such asagro-processing, biotechnology, nanotechnology andpharmaceuticals will be strengthened.To give effect to this objective we shall vigorouslypursue the implementation the Innovation Strategy andthe related Innovation Activators in key areas of theprovince and encourage skills development and humancapital accumulation. In addition, we shall promote theICT sector, increase broadband access and connectivityand bridge the digital divide, including through theimplementation of the G-link project and the creativeindustries including craft, film, arts and fashion toaccelerate economic growth. We shall also ensure thatthe province keeps up with global technology trendsand fully exploits and enhances Gauteng’s comparativeadvantages by encouraging innovation in firms, andR&D in the private and public sectors.5. Investment to enhance sustainable and competitiveentrepreneurship and cooperatives is key in facilitatingaccess to economic activity by marginalized sectors; theremoval of constraints to SMME – including businessesin the informal sector – development through providingand facilitating access to expertise, capital, equipmentand technology and providing support for learningand innovation; and the development and provision ofmarkets for goods and services produced by SMMEs,especially those owned by targeted groups. Hence weshall review the Gauteng Broad-Based Black EconomicEmpowerment (BBBEE) to give effect to the constitutionalimperative of reducing inequalities. Implement theGauteng SMME strategy and expand the provisionof financial and non-financial support to SMMEsand develop an accessible network of one stop shopbusiness support centers.Through the implementation of measures to achievepreferential procurement targets within governmentas well as with companies doing business with thegovernment, affirm previously disadvantaged groups.This includes ensuring that SMMEs are paid within 15days for services provided. Coupled with this we shalladopt active measures to enable the unemployed andEPWP beneficiaries, especially young people, womenand people with disabilities, to start cooperatives andsmall businesses.In addition, facilitate access to new venture capital forstart-ups, identify and facilitate access to opportunitiesfor SMMEs and cooperatives within sector strategies.6. Support for local economic development is pivotalto the improvement of systemic competitiveness forbusiness retention, expansion, investment, and startups; the provision of technical support to municipalitiesin developing and implementing LED strategies;enhanced inter-governmental planning, budgetingand implementation systems in relation to LED; andimprovement of the capacity of stakeholders for publicparticipation and partnership. In order to do this weshall coordinate the development and implementationof a Gauteng-wide LED strategic framework in line withthe Gauteng economic development strategy. Providefinancial support to municipalities to initiate projectsthat assist local economic development implementation.Promote the development and implementation ofsound LED strategies and initiatives at a local level, andstrengthen capacity of key LED stakeholders.7. In the current global economic climate specialintervention measures to address job losses is oneof the top most priorities of government. The mainobjective of this programme is to protect the economyfrom the recessionary effects of the global economiccrisis by identifying targeted interventions requiredto mitigate the effects of job losses and create aplatform with the private sector and organized laborfor enhanced engagement on mutual commitmentsto minimize job losses. In addition, this programmeseeks to ensure alignment between the Gauteng and

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 9the national government’s response to the economiccrisis and coordinate interventions customized to theGauteng Province. In addition, we shall implementa fiscal stimulus focusing on infrastructure development.The focal point of spending will be on transport,construction, road and related infrastructure coupledwith national and local infrastructural investment.8. We shall create decent work through developingsocial and economic infrastructure. In this regardwe shall develop an annual and a five year Gautengpublic infrastructure delivery plans. This will includethe resourcing thereof, coupled with the integrationof all infrastructure budgets. The labour content ofgovernment infrastructure projects will be increased.Engagement with the private sector will be undertakento encourage greater labour absorption, includingthrough the setting of labour intensity and broad-basedblack economic empowerment targets.In addition we shall adopt a life cycle fundingmodel, including proper quality controls, contractmanagement and maintenance plans, for all projectsthat we undertake to ensure better deliver. Alternativetechnology and alternative energy will be promoted inthe development of social and economic infrastructure.We shall develop alternative funding models alsoexplore alternative solutions through partnerships.9. We shall undertake initiatives to develop andmaintain transport infrastructure in order to promoteintegrated inter-modal transport system to serve socialand economic needs of the province, including thepromotion of sustainable human settlements. Thiswill include seamless integration across trains, buses,taxis and private transport through intermodal facilitiesand intelligent transport system, including integratedticketing system. Investment in transport infrastructure,including rail infrastructure, will also be used topromote local economic development in outlyingareas. The use of alternative labour intensive methods,technologies and financing will be pursued. Decentwork will also be created through the transformationof the taxi industry. The drivers license testing stationswill be expended and reduce backlogs through theelimination of maladministration and corruption. TheConfederation Cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup will alsobe used to promote and modernize public transport inthe province.

10 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 2:Promoting quality education andskills developmentOutcome StatementTo develop well-educated and skilled people to build a productive, socially cohesive and well-governed GautengThe aim is to eliminate disparities in access to the qualityeducation, skills development and invest in the people ofGauteng to build well-educated, skilled, and productivepeople. In this regard, we should adopt a holistic approachto human development and improving people’s qualityof life, making the necessary interventions from cradle tograve.Our strategic priorities are the revival of the educationsystem and to make schools work by going back to basics.We shall ensure that schools become centres of excellence,build a social compact for quality learning and improvethe quality of public schooling system through trainingand skills development. This will include strong focus onearly childhood development, universal access to GradeR and the promotion of Maths, Science, Technologyand Languages as well as improving human resources,massifying skills development and closing the skills gap.Programmes1. Providing quality public schooling and improvingthe efficiency of the public education system is ofutmost importance. In this regard a comprehensiveschool strategy and plan to make schools centres ofexcellence will be developed. The intention is to improvethe quality of schooling for the majority of the childrenof the province and ensure that all children becomeeffective readers and are literate in mathematics so thatthey are able to participate effectively both in furtherlearning and in society as a whole.2. The integrated Early Childhood Developmentprogrammes and taking special care of young peoplewill ensure that children from birth to about nine yearsgrow and thrive, physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually and socially. In this regard in the next fiveyears we shall invest in our youngest citizens throughthe implementation of the Gauteng ECD strategycoordinated through the ECD Institute and develop acomprehensive provincial programme and curriculumstandards for Grade R and centre-based ECD. Providea comprehensive package of services in a range of sitesin a continuum from ECD centres to communities tohomes so as to increase participation and facilitate thetraining of ECD practitioners through the FET system asa means of improving the quality of ECD. In additionwe shall lay the basis for the further extension of GradeRIn the next five years we shall prioritize foundation phaseliteracy and numeracy as a critical lever for successfulschooling and learning, support outcomes-basededucation and the national new curriculum introducedup to Grade 12. We will create a culture of achievementand improve learner outcomes and prioritize supportfor Grade 10–12 learners, particularly in underperformingschools, this will require the support anddevelopment of educators who teach subjects in whichlearners under-perform. Emphasis will be placed ofincreasing the participation of learners, particularlygirls in mathematics, science and technology as ameans of eliminating gender disparities in educationand access to skills development. The effective useof ICTs and Gauteng Online will be encouraged toimprove learning and teaching.The training of Education Professionals including in theeight accredited FET colleges which have been identifiedto train ECD practitioners will be vigorously pursued,this will be coupled with re-opening of some teacher

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 11training colleges within the province. We shall also trainand recruit more teaching professionals and improvetheir conditions of service for effective curriculumimplementation. To ensure better management ofschools, there will also be a strong focus on improvedschool management and governance, including bettermanagement at district levels.3. To broaden access to learning to allow all the peopleof Gauteng especially the poorest and most vulnerableaccess to the benefits of skills and education to escapethe poverty trap and inter generational poverty will bepursued. In this regard we shall expand the number nofee schools and learners in “no fee” schools. We shallalso provide free schooling, uniforms, nutrition andtransport for poor learners and expand the provisionof free school nutrition to deserving secondary schools.The extension of the Child Support Grants progressively,up to 18 year olds in a phased manner and linked tocompulsory school attendance. ABET will be reviewedand extended to support those outside the schoolingsystem together with Youth ABET. This will be donethrough visible literacy campaign in partnership withnational government to promote universal literacy in theprovince. We shall increase the provision of bursariesfor deserving higher education students and broadenaccess to post secondary education and improve thehigher education; this will include access for peoplewith disability and promote inclusive education toensure that the needs of learners with disabilities areeffectively addressed.4. We shall promote skilling for economic growth andpoverty reduction and ensure that a proper fit existsbetween the output of education, skills programmesand the needs and opportunities presented by theeconomy to grow the provincial economy. This willrequire fast-tracking the creation of pipelines in scarceskill areas and improvements in the schools to worktransition.We shall support the GCRA skills training programmesin strategic sectors of the economy. In addition, we shalldevelop and manage a matchmaking and placement;skills retention and attraction; alignment of industryneeds with SETAs; schools; universities and FETs,internships and placement. This will be supported bytalent mapping, career guidance, career path planning.This will necessitate the need to strengthen partnershipswith the private sector, national government, SETAsand HEIs to support skills development in critical skills.5. We shall strive to build a social compact forquality learning through societal mobilization andresponsibility to learning. We will embark on anawareness campaign on school governing bodies. Thiswill be supported by building partnerships with RCLs,labour, private sector etc. We shall endeavour to makeschools sites for nation building, social cohesion andnational pride.

12 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 3:Better healthcare for allOutcome StatementTo develop healthy people to build a productive GautengDespite the progress made by the Gauteng governmentover the past 15, there are a number of challenges thatneed to be addressed moving forward to 2014. A majorchallenge is to eliminate disparities in access to and thequality of health care and invest in the people of Gautengto build healthy and productive people. Hence we shallprioritize the promotion of equity, universal access andimprovement of the quality of public health care includingservices for the poor and the most vulnerable. This willbe coupled with the promotion of healthy lifestyles so asto improve the health status of Gauteng residents. Thisrequires that we also step up the fight against HIV and Aids,TB and other diseases, improve our human resources andsupport better regulation of the private health sector.Programmes1. Taking special care of the young, the main objectiveof this programme is to build a generation of healthyyoung people in the province. In this regard we shallfocus on increasing the number of learners benefitingfrom the school nutrition programme and undertakehealth promotion initiatives focusing on HIV and AIDS,nutrition, safety, and substance abuse. We will ensurethat, through school health services; learners at primaryschools are screened for eyesight, hearing, dental,nutritional and physical problems, including problemsthat can affect the learning process and be referredappropriately.We will also promote the assessment of childrenfor nutritional risk, and refer those in need to theSupplementary Feeding Scheme for monitoring. Theintegrated management of childhood illnesses forchildren less than 6 years of age will be supported whilstexpanding the immunization coverage of children lessthan one year. In addition, we shall strive to improvesocietal health and wellness through the reduction ofprenatal and neonatal mortality and endeavour towardsthe achievement of Millennium Development Goalson Child Mortality, Infant Mortality and malnutrition.Additional focus will be placed on improving maternaland child health outcomes especially in Metsweding aspart of the ‘18 Most Deprived Districts’ initiative.2. We shall undertake steps to improve access to healthcare and the performance of the public healthsystem to ensure access of health services in order toimprove the health status of the people of the provinceto achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) onmaternal and infant mortality, immunization coverage,ante-natal HIV prevalence, TB cure rate, etc. This willentail the implementation of the Service TransformationPlan (STP) and quality standards to improve the qualityof service in public health institutions in Gauteng,optimizing the distribution of health facilities andimprove the quality of care. In the short term we shalldevelop and implement the turnaround strategy andplan for the community health centres and hospitals.This will include building a social compact to transformhealth care, including procurement of services fromlocal businesses and cooperatives, the removal oflabour brokers, building of caring health workers andmobilization of health sector volunteers, including theretired nurses. We shall also improve health outcomesand the performance of the public health system throughwell trained health care professionals who possessclinical, management and leadership skills at all levelsof the health system, and meet the national standardsof quality care. This will be supported by improvedhealth human resources planning, including normsand standards on the levels of health professionalsper population ratios. Thus at all levels of the healthcare system, we shall recruit and train more health

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 13professionals, fill vacant posts, and improve workingconditions of all health professional.In addition we shall provide full time and part timebursaries to a number of beneficiaries within theprovince. We shall also reopen nursing colleges.In addition we will implement health infrastructureprogrammes to develop, revitalize and upgradehealth facilities, focusing, on Chris Hani BaragwanathMamelodi, Jabulani and Natalspruit hospitals.3. We shall ensure that a minimum package of healthcare services and levels of service is provided acrossthe province and provide caring, responsive andquality health service through reducing patient waitingtimes. We shall endeavour to increase the utilization ofPHC services from 1.8 visits per capita to 2.8 visits by2014/15 (extended hours, provide a full package ofservices, additional clinics, extra consulting rooms andtake medicines to patients through Kgatelopele).Building on current efforts for service integration andreferrals through the monitoring of referral patterns(insist on referral letters for admission to appropriatelevel of care) and provide step-down beds in districthospitals; separate Level 1 beds out of tertiary hospitals,and provide level 1 hospitals in under-serviced areasand incorporate TB beds in district hospitals. The budgetand personnel will be provided according to estimatedactivity and norms to facilitate change. All this willrequire the strengthening of capacity and a concertedfocus on the retention, training and recruitment ofhealth professionals including retired nurses.We shall strengthen service delivery through theimplementation of the inter-sectoral PHC approachworking with key stakeholders, including communities- Community Health Workers, CBOs and NGOs - andpursue Private-Public-Partnerships in improving thedelivery of health care in the province. In addition weshall implement Integrated Community Based Servicesto improve access to inter-sectoral services.4. Promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy communitieswill be encouraged through campaigns to preventand manage non communicable diseases, illnessesor conditions caused by poverty, lifestyle, injuries,trauma, and violence and psycho-social factors. As aconsequence in the next five years we shall promoteadequate nutrition and healthy lifestyles among allGauteng residents so that they can lead productivelives. We shall also implement prevention and treatmentprogrammes to act against the causes of ill health anddeath such as violence, road accidents, stress, HIV andAIDS, poor lifestyles and alcohol abuse.This will necessitate that we provide caring, responsiveand quality health services through empoweringcommunities with health information and education.We shall provide designated health facilities or onestopservices for survivors of violence and improvesurveillance for non communicable diseases. Thecampaigns on health promotion, disease preventionand healthy lifestyles will also raise awareness on sexualand reproductive rights of women.5. Expanding the comprehensive HIV and AIDSprogramme including prevention, care and treatmentwill be achieved through the effective implementation ofthe National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS in Gautengto reduce the negative impact of HIV and Aids on ourpeople, our economy and our society, and to realizethe MDG around HIV, AIDS and TB. The target is toreduce the rate of new infections by 50% and expandaccess to treatment, care and support to 80% of all HIVpositive people in 2011. This will be achieved throughaggressive prevention campaigns, expanded access totreatment and care, strengthening of PMTCT, increasedTB cure rate, expansion of sites offering VCT andsupport for home and community based care. Psychosocialand economic factors which drive HIV infectionand increase the impact of AIDS will also be addressed.In addition we shall develop community capacity forprevention and care through partnerships with civilsociety and the private sector. The role of the GautengAIDS Council in driving the partnership against HIV andAids will also be reviewed to strengthen intersectoralapproach to the fight against HIV and AIDS.6. We shall support the introduction and implementationof the National Health Insurance System includingthrough reopening Kempton Park and establishing anew Folateng Hospital.7. Improve quality standards for both public and privatesectors, including specific targets for the provision ofadequate numbers of workers at all levels of the healthcare system, recruitment, training, filling vacant posts,improvements in working conditions and provision ofdecent wages for workers. The Department is striving tomeet staffing norms and will continue to focus on this inthe new 5-year term.

14 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 4:Stimulating rural developmentand food securityOutcome StatementTo develop a food secure Gauteng that is a sustainable region which promotes equitable rural developmentA key priority is to undertake equitable regional developmentto improve access to infrastructure and services in both ruralareas in Gauteng and improve efficiency. This will be donein a manner that is sustainable, which effectively managesthe utilisation of natural resources and ensures foodsecurity. The key strategic priorities include the promotionof rural development, maximising the contribution of theagricultural sector in economic development and growthto improve the lives of the rural poor, universal access tobasic services, water, sanitation, including the protectionof environmental and management, the sustainablemanagement of natural resources as a means of ensuringfood security and job creation.Programmes1. Integrated rural development strategy will bedeveloped to promote rural development. Socioeconomic infrastructure including roads, water,sanitation, provision of electricity, the building ofschools and clinics will be pursued. To unlock servicedelivery in rural areas we shall review obstructive legalframeworks, prevention of urban sprawl and reviewthe urban edge. The rail infrastructure in rural areaswill be revitalized especially in the maize triangle assource of job creation. Support will be provided tocooperatives and small enterprises; this will includeskills development and financial assistance. We shallsupport light manufacturing, craft, tourism, servicesetc. and ensure the safety and security, especially forwomen.2. Maximise agricultural sector growth and jobs throughthe protection of existing arable land. In this regard weshall promote of agricultural co-operatives, agribusinessand the agro-processing sector. Agricultural hubs willbe effectively utilised and agricultural Expos revived.The biotechnology strategy will be implemented and aBio-science Park developed. The development of foodand beverage sectors will be vigorously pursued so isagriculture training and skills development.3. Food security will be ensured through theimplementation of the Gauteng Integrated Food SecurityProgramme. Emergency food relief and assistance willbe provided to the poorest. The food for all programmewill be initiated and food production expandedincluding through the Letsema / Ilima initiatives, theHomestead Food Gardens Project through communityempowerment projects in communities that are hit thehardest by poverty using school land among otherthings. Local food production through support for smallscale farmers, especially black and women farmers, inthe peri-urban areas will be increased. In addition weshall facilitate the establishment of farmer cooperativestargeting women and youth. Farmer development andsupport will be provided including with implements,fertilisers, advice and Increase the number of extensionofficers.4. To protect, encourage the sustainable use,management of our natural resources andenvironment, we shall develop the Climate ChangeAdaptation and Mitigation Strategy, review the GautengStrategy for Sustainable Development (GSSD), roll outimplementation of farm level bio security and enhancedisease control emergency preparedness for our ruralareas. The Gauteng cleaning and greening campaignwill be enhanced through the implementation of arevised Bontle ke Botho and hold izimbizo educatingcommunities on impact of litter on the environment

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 15and health of communities and link to sustainablecommunities. Enforcement of environmental lawswill be strengthened. Arable land will be reclaimed,including mine dumps. Renewable and bio-energystrategy, waste management plan will be developedand a conservation plan updated. The protection ofbiodiversity will also be promoted.5. Integrated provincial land management and land usestrategy and short to long term plan will be developed.

16 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 5:Intensifying the fight against crimeand corruptionOutcome StatementTo build a safe, secure and corruption-free Gauteng, with high moral standards and integrity.Although great strides have been made by the GautengProvincial Government in the past three years to play agreater role in promoting community safety, a numberof challenges still need to be addressed. Our strategicpriorities in the next five years include the developmentof a Gauteng-wide perspective on policing priorities inthe province, the introduction of measures to reducecrime including through strengthening the criminal justicesystem, the mobilization of communities in the fight againstcrime, with the specific focus on social crime preventionand intervening to minimize the factors that contribute toviolent crime.Together with other sectors, we will combat the scourge ofcorruption in government and society and improve roadsafety.Programmes1. We shall set provincial policing needs and prioritiesthrough public engagements such as Izimbizo,campaigns and raodshows.2. The optimisation of the role of the provincialgovernment in strengthening policing in the provinceand ensure high standards of service delivery andethical conduct to improve communities’ trust andrelationships with the police will be pursued as ameans of improving police performance. We shallmonitor the changing crime trends for violent crimeand police performance in each of the provincesprecincts. Refocus and strengthen police capacity totackle organised robberies of residences, businessesand vehicle hijacking through improved detective andforensic services. Combat violence and crimes againstwomen and children by increasing the capacity of thecriminal justice system to deal with such violence andensure coordination between the GPG, SAPS andprivate security companies.3. Social crime prevention, with a focus on vulnerablegroups will be addressed through the support andfurther strengthening of the social movement againstcrime including through supporting communitypolicing forums. In addition support services willbe provided to victims of violent crime and sexualabuse. We shall establish Youth Desks at variouspolice stations that serve as access and coordinationstructures for youth involvement in community crimeprevention initiatives and support effective crimeprevention through diversion programmes as well asprobation, assessment, referral and care programmesfor persons in conflict with the law and channel youngpeople away from criminal activity towards moresocially positive activities. Crime prevention andenforcement in rural areas will be strengthened byincreasing visibility.4. Fraud and corruption will be tackled through ensuringthat the provincial ethics and anti-corruption strategiesare implemented and necessary infrastructure andcapacity is put in place. Capacity in municipalitiesin developing anti-corruption strategies and fraudprevention plans will be built. We shall establish ahotline and ensure effective follow up of fraud andcorruption cases reported through the NACH in theOffice of the Public Service Commission (OPSC) andsupport advocacy initiatives aimed at combatingcorruption. Improve our procurement system andcontract management. Maximum penalties will beimposed for corrupt practices.

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 175. To ensure all policing and law enforcement agencies inthe province work in a coordinated and collaborativemanner, to maximise their impact and capacity toprevent crime will be realized through a process ofmulti agency collaboration at strategic and operationallevels. Hence the need for continued coordinationbetween CJS departments on priority crimes forimproved detection, investigation and prosecutionof priority crime cases and the implementation ofinstitutional arrangements to give effect to the GautengProvincial Safety Strategy through the effectiveimplementation of all the relevant structures. We shallalso ensure better cross governmental coordinationand alignment of crime reduction initiatives, includingthrough providing training courses aimed at assistinglocal authorities to improve their application toprinciples of town planning and development projects.Municipal courts will be established to ensure effectiveby law enforcement.6. We shall implement road safety strategies byproviding assistance to traffic managementauthorities throughout Gauteng to identify hazardouslocations. Road fatalities in the province will bereduced by removing vehicles that are not roadworthyand unlicensed drivers from our roads. The publicwill be educated in order to ensure that road usersare knowledgeable about the rules of the roads. Inaddition, we shall ensure the management of interprovincialconflicts between bus and taxi operators.

18 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 6:Building cohesive and sustainablecommunitiesOutcome StatementTo build cohesive, caring and sustainable communities with decent facilities, public services and access to economic opportunitiesDespite some of the successes realised, rapidurbanization, the changing character of the familyform as well as instability in home life to a name a fewchallenges facing the province, these are inhibiting ourability to transform our province and build cohesive,sustainable and caring communities.We shall prioritise the reduction of social infrastructuredeprivation, poverty and underdevelopment, thebuilding of socially integrated and sustainable humansettlements to better the lives of the poor includingurban renewal, build social cohesion and national unityand social development.Programmes1. Improving integrated spatial and regional planningby direct social and economic infrastructureinvestment to urban and rural areas is one of ourkey interventions. In this regard we shall centralisestrategic and spatial development planning within theprovince in order to bring about better alignment andprioritisation, including through the establishment ofa Gauteng Planning and Development Commission.We shall facilitate the restructuring of the provincethrough land banking, redevelopment and valuecapture as a means of ensuring that land close tourban centres is made available for affordable, lowcost public housing. Investment in the six priorityrail corridors and actively use the rail corridors totransform the region’s structure and space economywill be facilitated.In addition, we shall ensure the integration of thevarious BRT systems in terms of route design, physicaldesign and operational design such that a seamlessinterface exists between the different systems andareas in the province. This will also include theintegration of the Gautrain into the broader StrategicPublic Transport Network including both the feederroutes and actively explore how the Gautrain can beused to transform the region’s structure and spaceeconomy.2. Integrated infrastructure investment planningand investment will be ensured through improvingprovincial and local government capacity to planand maintain infrastructure to ensure continuedefficient delivery of basic services and finalise theGauteng Infrastructural Renewal and InvestmentPlan (GIRIP). We shall consolidate infrastructurebudgets to better leverage private sector investmentin provincial infrastructure, including through theGauteng Fund. Also we shall quantify backlogs, theimpact of urbanization and developing budgets toaddress these.3. Sustainable human settlement planning will bepursued in an integrated manner to deracialisesettlement patterns and tackling asset andinfrastructure poverty. This will require that weundertake integrated planning, including on theeffective utilization of available land and land usemanagement and medium to long-term planningon new integrated human settlements. Theconsolidation of urban regeneration programmesin the province within the current 20 PrioritisedTownships Programme, including consideration ofurban regeneration in under-serviced areas recentlyincorporated into Gauteng. We shall pursue theimplementation of inclusionary housing policies

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 19including supporting Mixed Housing Developmentsand continuing to mobilise private sector financing ofhousing initiatives. The formalisation and eradicationof informal settlements will be fast tracked includingof hostels as they have become hotbeds of crime.The use of alternative building technologies will beencouraged; support for community-self buildingefforts and housing co-operatives will be providedand the Gauteng Densification Strategy will bedeveloped.4. Improving associational life by supporting sports andrelated activities and civic bodies as mechanisms forpromoting social stability and cohesion, creatingand fostering a common national identity,pride and nation building. In this regard weshall implement the National Siyadlala RecreationStrategic Plan and the Integrated Mass ParticipationProgramme (MPP). The MPP will be deepened acrossthe 50 hubs to spread into satellites including ruralareas and get communities to participate in activeand healthy living via recreation. We shall create anenabling environment for sport in schools throughmass participation programmes in previouslydisadvantaged and rural schools and re-establish aviable school sport programmes. This will be supportedthrough creating further opportunities for the trainingof sports administrators, referees and coaches so asto improve sports standards. In addition, we shallpromote national symbols, the flags and review ourapproach to national commemorative events. Weshall also promote support for our national sportsteam, the preservation and pride in our heritage.A common approach to changing geographic andplace names. We shall vigorously build communitysolidarity, a caring society and active citizenship aspart of national renewal.5. Social development will be pursued by investing insocial infrastructure, including ECD centres, old agehomes- prioritise care for the elderly, rehabilitationcentres etc. Home and community based careservices and training provided. For people in distresswe shall offer social relief programmes, profileand support the poorest households. ECD will beregulated and the Bana Pele programme expanded.We shall finalise the Integrated Community BasedServices Strategy and devise a child support grantexit strategy for mothers who are recipients.

20 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial GovernmentStrategic Priority 7:Strengthening the developmentalstate and good governanceOutcome StatementTo build a developmental state which has the capacity to effect socio-economic transformation through effective administrationand improved public service deliveryAt the heart of the strategic priorities in the period to 2014,is the strengthening of the developmental state to moreeffectively serve the needs of the people and act as adriving force for socio-economic transformation. A keypriority in this regard is the strengthening of partnershipsfor development and ensuring more efficient and caringservice delivery. Over the medium term we shall prioritiseservice delivery renewal, cooperative governance andbuild an activist local government.Programmes1. The renewal and reorganisation of the state basedon the new mandate of government and deliverypriorities.2. Improve technical capacity of the state, includingintegrated strategic and centralised planning,monitoring and evaluation through the establishmentof the Gauteng Planning Commission. Undertake amajor public participation drive to consult the residentsof Gauteng on their vision for Gauteng in 2055 incontributing to the development of the Gauteng 2055long-term plan. In addition, we shall support anddevelop institutions that will strengthen GPG to deliveron its mandate such as the GCRA, GCRO, and GTMA.We shall also improve and build capacity in monitoringand evaluation of our interventions. This will be achievedthrough the reorganisation monitoring and evaluationof government performance, the implementation ofpolicy on performance information management anda strategic framework for monitoring and evaluation oforganizational performance.3. Build a social compact on common programmeand vision. Partnership with sectors of our societywill be established to build a social compact in asystematic and organized manner. Active partnershipand involvement by Gauteng resident in and aroundthe programmes and projects of the state and ensurethat communities are consulted and involved ingovernment services and programmes delivery and areable to hold government accountable. In this regardwe shall consult with and provide feedback to all ourcommunities through Izimbizo, Road Shows and publichearings. There will be a forum of NPOs or interestgroups on children. A Gauteng Forum with whichgovernment interacts on regular basis and dialogues tounderstand thinking behind government actions and forgovernment to listen to concerns to optimally respondwill be established. Develop a civil society stakeholderengagement policy framework. An issues managementsystem and a Gauteng-wide communication strategydeveloped and implemented.4. Service delivery renewal will be undertaken to eliminate“embarrassing stories” and build government’sintegrity. We shall unblock service delivery and injectoperational energy. Resources will be focused at pointsof service delivery to the people - middle men will beremoved and public servants deployed to service siteswhere they shall provide services in a professional,courteous and efficient manner. Partnerships will besought and the private sector mobilised in the servicedelivery renewal endeavour.5. Fostering cooperative governance will ensure agreater degree of cooperation, integration andcollective effort between and across the spheres of the

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 21Gauteng government and its institutions, towards therealisation of common goals through building a metrosystem of government. In addition more equitable andintegrated socio-economic planning will be enhanced.This will be achieved by improving the sequencing ofplanning cycles between province and municipalitiesand ensuring the alignment of IDPs. Renewintergovernmental relations and review the allocationof powers and functions to promote well coordinatedgovernance, state capacity and a single public service.We shall ensure effective service delivery in Merafongand other areas incorporated. Effective oversight bylegislature will be ensured.6. We shall support an activist local governmentwhich tackles municipal debt in a systematic manner.Municipal by law enforcement will be pursued that willbe supported by municipal courts. Municipal IDPs willbe more effective so will municipal SCOPAs establishedand strengthened to provide effective oversight. Inaddition municipalities will budget for infrastructuremaintenance.7. We shall build a strategic, developmental, activisttreasury & GSSC that have effective controls, disciplineand compliance. That work with departments andmunicipalities to build financial capacity. MunicipalFinancial Management support will be providedthrough the deployment of qualified accountants in allmunicipalities and ensure that all municipalities withnegative audit opinions are supported through theimplementation of operation clean audit. This will bedone in partnership with the Auditor General’s Officeand Treasury. Expenditure, existing commitments andcontracts will be reviewed in line with new priorities asthe tighter fiscal space necessitates reprioritisation andspending should consequently be in line with mandate.Alternative financing mechanisms and sources shouldbe explored. We shall also engage with the NationalTreasury on the review of equitable share. We shall makeGSSC work better, improve service delivery outcomes,improve linkages with client departments. Procurementwill be in line with job creation and service deliveryobjectives. G-link, Gauteng Online and e-governancewill be operational.8. International Relations will be undertaken to promoteregional integration and economic and governancerelations in Africa. Thus our sisterhood agreements willbe reviewed to give effect to our objectives. We shallwork with the National Department of InternationalRelations to build targeted relations on the continent.Tighter management and authorisation of foreigntrips will be practised with improved coordination,accountability and follow up.9. In all our programmes we shall mainstreaming needsof youth, women, people with disabilities so as tobring about economic empowerment and access toquality services etc10. The main objective of realising participatory democracyis to ensure that the people of the province are directlyinvolved in their own governance and empowerment.

22 • Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government5. CONCLUSIONGovernment in Gauteng has adopted strategic priorities and programmes based on the policy imperatives of the electoralmandate for the five-year term of government leading to the end of the second decade of democracy in 2014.Through the “Kuyasheshwa! Get Gauteng Working!” campaign and the strategic programmes outlined above, provincialgovernment in Gauteng, working hand in hand with local government and other stakeholders, intends to deliver on themandate given to it by the people of Gauteng.The intended outcomes and the commitments in this Gauteng MTSF will be the subject of a new Gauteng-wide Monitoringand Evaluation framework and system, which will be utilized to measure performance and introduce corrective measuresas required.It is clear in this 2009-2014 MTSF that the moment of renewal has come. We are confident that, working together with thepeople of Gauteng, we can and will do more to build a better life in this province.

Programme of Action - Gauteng Provincial Government • 23

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