v.curiosity | Issue 1


Inagural Issue of v.curiosity, a digital lifestyle magazine for the vegan and v curious. eat. live. travel. vegan.

livesummer 2015and just likethat, summeris back again.It's fairly safe to say that the year is divided up into three parts:Summer, Fall, and Christmas. We prattle through the months andthe semantics of the actual Gregorian calendar, but marking timetends to come from one of those three feelings (because they allhave a very different feeling), or marked otherwise by major, lifealtering events. No one really references April when trying torecall a sweet memory. The peak of summer marks thecrest of the year, like a thrill ride at a theme park. Up, up,up we go, anticipation building, and somewhere aroundlate July we tip over the top and go from a long, uphillstretch to woosh woosh woosh down. Long, sunny dayslay before us, filled with vacations and swimming andgrilling and all sorts of wonderful things only the rightweather can allow for.With the best mountains often shut down andsectioned off later in the year for the coming winter'ssnow sports, the dog days of summer are theperfect opportunity to rekindle a relationship withthe great outdoors. Even the desert oftenprovides some kind of mountain range withinreasonable driving distance, and the perks of being higher up withcooler air are tempting. Better yet are the smoky, rich flavors only ameal cooked over a campfire can deliver. So gather your gear, markyour calendars, and outfit your kids: We're going camping.

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