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Saltwater Drowning

Decoy Delta Magic SV-51

Toying With Squids

VFOX Yarika Squid Jigs

Introducing Decoy Hooks

Lightweight And Tough





The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge

Special Report

Fishing With Spoons Part 8 - Fishing Snags

Bearings Part 5 - Ceramic Bearings

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My fellow anglers and friends,

Greetings to all. First of all I apologize for this issue coming

out a few days late. We wanted to be the first magazine to

report on the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge

and we took part too this year for the very first time. That

will be featured in next month’s issue.

In this issue we have added some fun things about fishing that helps make the

fishing world turn. We anglers are certainly a fun lot and thus the saying, “the

cure to many an issue can be found in fishing.“ While politics divide, fishing


In these pages we take a look at how a few good men help care for fishing

holes in the land down under. They are a shining example of doing the talk

and walking the walk. Many like to think conservation perhaps its time to do

something about that thought.

Well, have a good read. More importantly get your gear and go entertain some

of the finned creatures in fishing holes near you.

Thank you and happy fishing.



Editor In Chief



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Test Drives

Philemon Foo

Bumblebee’s New Rod


Test Information

Testing Grounds: Natural Exotic Pond

Series: Salty Stage Jiggernaut Light Jigger, Diamond Fish

Model: ASJC601LJA

Length: 6’

Jig Wt.: 80g

Line Wt.: PE 0.4 - 1.5

Configuration: 1 piece

I was out fishing with my pal Bee (Bumblebee to

you, that is), pro angler in the Jigging Masters tournament

back in Cybertron. He whipped out his new

rod a yellow and black rod build for him by Abu Garcia

for the tournament. Wow, the Decepticons would

have spotted us light years away with such a colour.

Abu Garcia Jiggernaut

Bee’s new rod is the Abu Garcia Jiggernaut. I am not sure if

it’s got anything to do with space travel (as with astronaut) but

one thing for sure is that it is a very striking rod made for light

jigging be it here on earth or in Cybertron.


Good Design

The Jiggernaut comes in striking yellow with black, metallic

red, and silver winding threads. At the EVA handle section

are gold rings and a gold winding check. The yellow reel seat

comes with a carbon fibre wrapped nut. The split rear EVA

section is piano black. All these put together with Japanese

design cues, and out comes a rod that suits Bumblebee just


Quality Is Important

When your opponents are the Decepticons, you better darn

well ensure that quality is good or else the regret could be bigger

than the size of earth. To ensure this, Fuji guides and reel

seats are used. These gives a much higher reliability as well

as confidence when in battle with the brutes.



The Jiggernaut is a lightweight (tested model: 137g) and well

balanced rod, built slim with a softer tip of which is great for light

jigging. Using higher glass content at the tip end, the backbone

power within the blank grows towards the butt where enough

power is available to tackle most fishes within its fighting class

of 4lb to 15lb.

Lab Test

Equipment Used

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo SX

Line: Spiderwire Stealth

Poundage: 20lb.

Being such a good looking rod we just

had to put it to the pressure test to see

how it will do, especially if it will meet its

claimed 15lb max pressure. We forced

the rod and the pressure started climbing.

We managed to get it to slightly

over 12lb before it lost power. Forcing

further didn’t help much either. With

that we settled for about 12.3lb.


Field Test

Equipment Used

Reel: Abu Garcia

Model: Revo SX

Line: Spiderwire Stealth

Poundage: 20lb

Leader: Berkley Vanish

Poundage: 20lb

Opponents: Amazon Redtail Catfish

Casting Abilities

We took the rod to the Exotic Pond to see how it will perform

with a finned creature. We used half a fish as bait and proceeded

to cast it out as far as we could. The Jiggernaut’s cast

is really fantastic. Every cast gives that satisfied feeling of a

cast done well.


Battling Brutes

Before long a fish took the bait and we were in battle. The first

fish, a small Amazon redtail catfish of about 3kg, put up a good

fight but the Jiggernaut proved to be too big an opponent. In a

short time I managed to overpower the fish and brought it up to

the side.

Oh! The Backbone

It was the next fish that got my adrenaline pumping hard. The

brute swam for the structures and the Jiggernaut just collapsed

leaving me powerless to fight the fish. I had to thumb the spool

hard and walk away dragging the my opponent without the aid

of the rods backbone, but it worked.

The fish battle ensued it open waters and this time I was in

more control although almost losing the fish again as it tried

to make its way back to the pillars. The fish was clearly too

powerful for the rod but alas, I managed to tire it out with the

help of the reel and the little backbone power available provided.

It took quite some time to land the fish and pose with

it for a picture.



The Jiggernaut looks really good and perhaps will be a fun rod

to play with in waters with little snags and fishes that perhaps

wear tattoos to look tough but have as much power as a toy

blender. The Jiggernaut is certainly not a rod made to handle

brutes but if you are targeting fishes within its fighting range

(light) you will be in for lots of fun. Anyhow, it is not launched yet

but is on its way from Cybertron.


Built Quality


Ergonomics (Feel)



Components (quality)





Fishing Rods




1345345 EWLFS06-BO

1345346 EWLFS08-BO

1345347 EWLFS10-BO

1345348 EWLFS12-BO

1345349 EWLFS14-BO

1345350 EWLFS16-BO

1345351 EWLFS18-BO

1345352 EWLFS20-BO

1345353 EWLFS25-BO

1345354 EWLFS28-BO

1345355 EWLVS06-BO

1345356 EWLVS08-BO

1345357 EWLVS10-BO

1345358 EWLVS12-BO

1345359 EWLVS14-BO

1345360 EWLVS16-BO

1345361 EWLVS18-BO

1345362 EWLVS20-BO

1345363 EWLVS25-BO

1345364 EWLVS28-BO

1345418 EWLBS06-BO

1345419 EWLBS08-BO

1345420 EWLBS10-BO

1345421 EWLBS12-BO

1345423 EWLBS16-BO

1345424 EWLBS18-BO

1345425 EWLBS20-BO

1345426 EWLBS25-BO

1345427 EWLBS28-BO W

Pure Fishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (515617-X) Tel : +603 7832 3380 (H



New Berkley Whiplash

Model LB Length Colour Diameter (mm)

WHIP 0.06MM 20LB 110M ORG 20LB 110m Orange 0.06mm

WHIP 0.08MM 25LB 110M ORG 25LB 110m Orange 0.08mm

WHIP Berkley? 0.10MM 30LB Whiplash? 110M ORG A super 30LB strong, 110m thin braided Orange multi carrier


WHIP 0.12MM 35LB 110M ORG 35LB 110m Orange 0.12mm


Superline 0.14MM 40LB

that 110M

is ORG

ideal for 40LB

all anglers 110m

that are looking Orange

for a no


WHIP nonsense 0.16MM 45LB always 110M ORG performing 45LB Superline. 110m For trolling, Orange deep water


WHIP 0.18MM 50LB 110M ORG 50LB 110m Orange 0.18mm

jigging, Big Catfish, Carp or live bait fishing. All will work with

WHIP 0.20MM 65LB 110M ORG 65LB 110m Orange 0.20mm

WHIP Whiplash. 0.25MM 80LB New 110M ORG attractive 80LB packaging, 110m adjusted Orange run lengths for


WHIP 0.28MM 100LB 110M ORG 100LB 110m Orange 0.28mm

better full reel spooling make Whiplash ready for the next sea-

WHIP 0.06MM 20LB 300M ORG 20LB 300m Orange 0.06mm

WHIP sons 0.08MM to 25LB come.

300M ORG 25LB 300m Orange 0.08mm

WHIP 0.10MM 30LB 300M ORG 30LB 300m Orange 0.10mm

WHIP 0.12MM 35LB 300M ORG 35LB 300m Orange 0.12mm

WHIP 0.14MM 40LB 300M ORG 40LB 300m Orange 0.14mm

Super Strong

WHIP 0.16MM 45LB 300M ORG 45LB 300m Orange 0.16mm

WHIP Extreme 0.18MM 50LB Durability

300M ORG 50LB 300m Orange 0.18mm

WHIP 0.20MM 65LB 300M ORG 65LB 300m Orange 0.20mm

WHIP Easy 0.25MM to 80LB tie

250M ORG 80LB 300m Orange 0.25mm

WHIP 0.28MM 100LB 220M ORG 100LB 300m Orange 0.28mm

100% PE Dyneema

WHIP 0.06MM 20LB 2000M ORG 20LB 2000m Orange 0.06mm

WHIP 0.08MM Extreme 25LB fightingpower

2000M ORG 25LB 2000m Orange 0.08mm

WHIP 0.10MM 30LB 2000M ORG 30LB 2000m Orange 0.10mm

WHIP 0.12MM for Fresh 35LB and 2000M Saltwater ORG 35LB use

2000m Orange 0.12mm

WHIP 0.16MM 45LB 2000M ORG 45LB 2000m Orange 0.16mm

lb.: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40,45, 50, 60, 80, 100

WHIP 0.18MM 50LB 2000M ORG 50LB 2000m Orange 0.18mm

WHIP 0.20MM Length: 65LB 110m, 2000M 300m, ORG 2

65LB 2000m Orange 0.20mm

WHIP 0.25MM 80LB 2000M ORG 80LB 2000m Orange 0.25mm

HIP 0.28MM Colour: 100LB Blaze 2000M Orange

ORG 100LB 2000m Orange 0.28mm

unting Line) Fax : +603 7832 3340 Email :


Test Drives

Philemon Foo

Decoy Delta Magic SV-51 Jigheads

Saltwater Light Game Special

One of the things I look for when I visit tackle shops

are jigheads, especially small for one inch grubs. These

little jigheads are not easy to come by. Recently I stumbled

upon the Decoy Delta Magix SV-51 jigheads for saltwater

light tackle fishing and decided to get some.


Sharp Jighead

The conical head of the Decoy Delta Magic SV-51 Jighead is well

designed somewhat like the front of a jet fighter. It is designed that

way to allow the bait to swim in a zigzag darting manner with hopes

of triggering a reaction bite.


Thin Hooks

One of the first things I noticed is how thin the hook is. One thing

I like about thin hooks is that they penetrate the fishes lip easier

than thicker hooks. Being sharp is extremely important. Being thin

and sharp, now that is a very good combination.

Bait Keeper

One other thing that I like is the arrow like bait keeper or holder that

holds the soft bait in place. One of the issues most softbait anglers

face when fishing is the bait slipping off and out of place. This happens

especially when fishing around areas with snags and weeds.

The bait keeper helps eliminate this.

Being a jighead made for light tackle fishing or light game fishing,

having a softer hook is ok. The Decoy Delta Magic SV-51 Jighead

does have a hook that is quite soft. It certainly will be able to handle

most fish that it is made to hookup like juvenile barramundi, juvenile

snappers, etc. Larger fish will certainly open up the hook and swim

to freedom.


24 Hours Saltwater Test

Being a saltwater jighead we needed to know just how good it is with

handling saltwater. With that in mind we drowned one Decoy Delta

Magic SV-51 Jighead in a plastic bottle filled with saltwater (kitchen

salt and tap water) and let jighead hangout for slightly over 24 hours.

The Results

After allowing the Decoy Delta Magic SV-51 Jighead sit in the saltwater

for over 24 hours it was time to see if it stood the test. The hook,

bait keeper, and jighead did not show any signs of rust. The hook felt

a little less sharper though.



The Decoy Delta Magic SV-51 Jighead is a good jighead for light

softbait fishing. It withstands the corrosion qualities of saltwater quite

well unless you allow it to sit for over 24 hours in the sea, and then

perhaps it loses some sharpness. Well, I don’t fish that way thus I

would say that it is safe to give the Decoy Delta Magic SV051 Jighead

the thumbs up.

Test Drives

Philemon Foo

VFOX Yarika Squid Jig In Action

An Attack On Terengganu’s Squid


VFOX squid jigs have proven themselves before although not

in these waters but in Rompin while we were fishing during the day

but not at night. This time we will be fishing them at night with low


The first thing I wanted to know is if they would work. I turned to

the deckhand who was sitting up front at the bow with me showing

him the jigs that I had brought and proceeded to ask him if these

would work. He picked up a plastic bag and showed me the same

lure and said, that he uses the same thing.

Knowing that the squid jigs I had with me are those that the deckhand

preferred gave me some confidence, a much needed injection

of hope since we were fishing the tail end of the Terengganu

squid season. Now if only our boats could move faster.

Charging The Yarika Squid Jig

We started fishing with the sun bidding us farewell for the day. Having

been on a floating boat for over an hour a natural high of seasickness

hit and my fellow boat mates were lying down, getting up only for the

occasional berleying (throw up). Since it is already dark I decided to

take out my camera’s flash to charge my squid jig.

I dropped the Yarika jig into the water, allow it to hit bottom, and

started jigging. Within a few minutes I was on to a squid. Not long

later another squid. Two squids within a short span of about an hour

of fishing before the winds directed us to return.


Duyung Marina Resort

On our second day of squid jigging, we shot off

via Duyung Marina and Resort in the same type

of diesel smoking wooden fishing boats chugging

slowly towards our squid jigging spot which took

us about an hour to reach.

Squid On

We were squid jigging on a sunset and all around us, participants

were hooting with excitement. Squids were taking our jigs. Even the

newbies on our boat were catching squid on the Yarika Jig. Action

stopped at about 8pm, perhaps its passed dinner time. Anyhow, we

decided to head back to land following the program at hand.



The VFOX Yarika squid jigs have proven themselves

again. However, with the cloth covering the plastic

torn (as with one of my lures), the squids tend to shy

away. Perhaps it is because of the luminosity being

too bright and thus the squids became somewhat

more cautious.


The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested by The Asian Angler magazine

Decoy Delta Magic

Jigheads SV-51

The Decoy Delta Magic

Jigheads SV-51 are designed

for sharp darting action

creating reaction bites

from the fish. These jigheads

are great for finesse fishing

with softbaits holding

the them (softbaits) in place

without ever sliding out

thanks to its “Magic Keeper.”

Decoy Delta Magic Jigheads

SV-51 are high quality, super

sharp hooks that are tough

and will easily penetrate the

fish’s lip and hold on. Decoy

Delta Magic Jigheads SV-51

are made in Japan.



The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested by The Asian Angler magazine

Decoy DJ-100 Grand

Pike Assist Hooks

The Decoy DJ-100 Grand

Pike Assist hooks are super

strong and super light hooks.

They are ideal for medium

to heavy jigging applications

with a wide gape plus a long

point that provides good


The hooks are rigged with

kevlar cord to a very strong

GP ring of which is designed

to hold up against powerful

fighters or monster fishes.

The design of the hook gives

good holding performance

lowering hook slippage during


Introducin’ The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested by The Asian Angler magazine

Decoy Zero Dan Rock

Worm 313 Hooks

The Decoy Zero Dan

Rock Worm 313 Hooks

come with exclusive swivel,

hook, and sinker rig designed

for rockfish fishing.

The weight allows for good

distance casting allowing

you to reach further distances

and to bring the bait all

the way to bottom dragging

the it along the seabed as

you retrieve.

The Decoy Zero Dan Rock

Worm 313 Hooks are also

great for many other types

of fishes that hangout at the

bottom of sea beds.



The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested by The Asian Angler magazine

Rod Ford Quick Flip

Rubber Mesh Landing Net

A compact folding landing net for use on boats, shoreline, or

docks. Features a wide net face which open and locks with the

flip of a wrist. It easily fold for safe and convenient storage. The

handle is light weight but extra strong being made of anodized

aluminium with a rubber handle grip.

Handle extension models are easily adjustable and

locks to desired length. Rubberized netting helps

avoid hook tangles, easily sheds water, and reduces

storage odours. The Rod Ford Quick Flip Rubber

Mesh Landing Net is made for saltwater and freshwater

use. Comes in stainless steel and anodized

aluminium components.


Skill Enhancers

Philemon Foo

Fishing With Spoons Part 8

Fishing In Snags

When it comes to fishing, we know that fishes tend to hide

out it snags. Just like us human beings, fishes too feel safer when

they are in a known environment with protection or places to hide

out nearby. Sometimes they hide within snags such as branches

in wait for a passing prey.


Hooks + Snags

Hooks and snags are a bad combination. It takes a brave heart

with deep pockets to brave casting right into snags with the knowledge

that one may lose one’s lure and in this case, spoon within

the snags as spoons come with hooks dangling behind. But it is a

risk worth taking when all else has failed.


When it comes to fishing in weedy areas, there are weedless

spoons in the market. These are spoons that come with rigid

metal wires placed in front of the hook points (rigid hooks).

They block vegetation or snags from coming in contact with

the hook and thus reduces the chance of snagging. Still this

method is not foolproof but it makes fishing spoons in snags

more tolerable.


Single Lure Hooks

Another method which works with solid snags such as underwater

wooden structures is to use a single hook in place of the

trebles that normally comes with most spoons. Using a single

hook reduces incidence of snagging to a very minimal.

The more hook points you have the higher your chances of

snagging. Reducing your hooks to a single point reduces snagging

greatly. There is another benefit. Fish especially good

size sebaraus (Hampala barb) have been known to crush and

open up trebles. Using single hooks tend to fair a lot better

with the big ones.

Don’t Get Snagged

Getting snagged is a common thing in fishing. Getting your

spoon free is thus something that is best learnt. However, reducing

your chances of getting snagged by using weedless

spoons or exchanging the trebles on your spoons with single

hooks will most certainly make fishing in snags less frustrating.


Knowledge Wise

Philemon Foo

Let’s Talk About Bearings:

Part 5

Ceramic bearings

Lots of talk have been going around about the prowess of

ceramic bearings thus a lot of anglers are seeking to change

the bearings on their reels of which are usually steel bearings,

to ceramic bearings. Why many have not done so is because

of a few reasons with cost being right up on top.

What Are Ceramic


Ceramic bearings are bearings made up of industrial compounds

of various powders such as Silicone Carbide, Silicone Nitride, Aluminum

Nitride, and Zirconium Carbide powders of which are put

together under very high pressure and temperatures hardening

them into solid materials, somewhat like how diamonds are made.

They may not be as solid as diamonds but they are very solid

nonetheless and have been proven to be more solid than steel.

*Pic courtesy of Boca Bearings



Smooth Surface

These days ceramic bearings come with very smooth

surfaces allowing for smoother use with very little friction.

Having such a quality in a fishing reel will certainly

give better distances during the cast of which is one of

the reasons why ceramic bearings are so sort after by


Smooth Surface

Yes, ceramic bearings are lighter than steel bearings.

However, for you to be able to feel any difference, you

have got to be hyper sensitive to weight. That said, the

fact remains that ceramic bearings are lighter and there

is an advantage. Lighter bearings also means lower

centrifugal loads. Lower centrifugal loads equal higher

speed of which also means better casting distance

(note that weight of the object being cast plays a big

role here).

Smooth Surface

Due to the solidness and toughness of ceramic bearings, wear

and tear is slow thus stretching the life of your reels longer.

Traditionally the first to go would be the steel bearings. However,

with ceramic bearings in use, other parts will be giving

up the ghost ahead of these bearings.


Zero Corrosion

Good news for saltwater anglers. Ceramics do not corrode. Unlike

steel bearings (even stainless steel bearings), ceramic bearings

have got not much to fear when coming in contact with

saltwater. This makes them fantastic bearings for saltwater applications.

Rough Noise

There are indeed some disadvantages too and one of them of

which has been irritating some anglers who have changed to

ceramic bearings is noise. When casting, these bearings emit

a rough sounding noise like the noise made by broken or damaged

steel bearings. Of course it is just noise and nothing much

to place any worry on unless your ears are trying to close themselves

without any signals from your brain.

Failure Will Be Major

Although ceramic bearings are tough, they may fail too for a

few reasons. When they fail, they fail big time rendering the

reel useless. Steel bearings fail too and when they do you can

usually still fish with your reel without much issues except for

roughness and loss of performance but you can still go on and

catch that fish before the end of your fishing trip. When ceramics

break, they break. You may be stuck out there without a

reel that can still cast our lures and crank up fish. Of course,

they very seldom break especially in a fishing reel.



Maintenance of ceramic bearings is easy. They do not need to be

oiled. However, they do need to be cleaned too. Washing away

dirt or debris will enhance the life of your bearings ceramic or not.

It will also allow the bearings to perform better and with lesser


Are You Ready To Go


Yes, cost is one major issue. They cost a many hundred times

more than normal steel bearings but the cost is somewhat justified

(to me at least), as the process of making ceramic bearings

is a lot longer and cost more than that of steel bearings. Furthermore,

should you decide to go ceramic I highly recommend high

quality ones that cost more but they do last a longer.

Lucky Draw Contest

In just four steps and you could win yourself any of the prizes


1st Prize

- Accurate Fury Reel -1pc

2nd Prize - Pflueger 7450 Arbor Reel -1pc

3rd Prize

- Pflueger 4735 Trion Reel -1pc

4th to 20th - Special Prize - 10 pkt Y300 Decoy Hooks

All you need to do is to:

1. Take a photo of your catch using anyDecoy & ZMAN products (must be

clearly seen).

2. Download the Lucky Draw Contest Form.

3. Answer 3 simple questions, place the photo of your catch, and the proof

of purchase.

4. Send your entrant to OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

No. 5-1, Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ,

Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Tel: +603-3358 6003





Terms & Conditions

1. This lucky draw contest is open to all citizens of Malaysia and Brunei, except for

employees / staffs or OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd., immediate family members, and

other parties involved in this contest.

2. This lucky draw contest will be held two months once starting1st June 2015 to

31st July 2016.

3. Participants can send in multiple entries. All entries must include a OAG Halogen

Sticker that comes on the packaging of all Decoy & ZMAN products including

ZMAN soft baits, ZMAN DieZel Spin, Chatterbait, JigheadZ, Shaky HeadZ packaging

as proof of purchase. All entries are accumulative.

4. All entries must include personal details.

* The organizer will not be responsible should prizes sent out not reach the winner

of the said prize.

Terms & Conditions continues on the next page.


5. All entries must be complete with photo, answers, OAG Hologram Sticker,

Pflueger or Accurate waranty card, and personal details.

6. All entries must reach OAG Worldwide by the 30th of each contest month.

7. Any incomplete entry and late entries will automatically be disqualified.

8. All photos submitted will be the property of OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. and

participating in this lucky draw automatically consents the used of said photographs

to be used in any legal way by OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

9. The organizer reserves the rights to substitute prizes with any other prizes of

same value should the need arise.

10. The organizer reserves the rights to change or amend any rules, terms, and

regulations at any time without prior notice.

11. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

12. All decisions made by the organizer are final and no correspondence will be


Hologram Sticker As Proof Of Purchase

Lucky Draw Contest Form

Product Details






Type___________________ Model ____________________

Personal Information:

Name (as in NRIC/IC): _________________________________________

IC (Identification Card) number: __________________________________

Contact Number: _____________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Correspondence Address: ______________________________________



Dealer Chop


News Worthy

By The Asian Angler

Royal Pahang Billfish

International Challenge

2015 Report

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2015,

an annual off-shore fishing competition targeting the sailfish

and marlins, was held recently at Rompin, a coastal town of

Pahang on the 11th to the 13th of September. The event is

jointly organized by the state government, Tioman Development

Authority Culture Malaysia, together with the Malaysian

Angling Association (PeMM).


Strictly Catch And


The competition follows the rules of

conduct set by the Billfish Foundation

and the International Game Fish Association

(IGFA). Rules such as catch and

released, and a few more are strongly

emphasized. Failing to adhere to the

rules will result in the team being disqualified.

The Fastest Fish In The


The sailfish is said to be the fastest fish in the ocean having

clocked 110 kilometers per hour. The sailfish call the water

around the east coast of Malaysia home congregating mainly

around the Pekan to Rompin area. The sailfish in all its awe,

power, and beauty attracts anglers the world over bringing

them to Rompin for a fight translating to economic improvement

for the folks of Rompin.


International Teams

Hook On C Adventures - Team Penn

This year’s challenge brought about 102 participants that

formed 34 teams (3 participants per team) from 8 countries

including Malaysia (host nation), Singapore, China, Australia,

New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.

Points Allocation

The challenge is point based meaning points are given to

the team based on the number of fish caught. Each sailfish

awards the team with 600 points and each marlin brings in

1000 points. Teams with the highest points at the end of the

event wins.

There are 7 winning positions to fight for. Winners will win

cash money, trophies, and fishing tackle (equipment) from


The Results

After two days of fishing 310 sailfish were caught and released. The

winners of this year’s Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge


1st Place

Prizes: RM20,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn,

Xzoga, and Ajiking

Team: TEAM Xzoga

Numbers Caught: 24

Points Total: 14400


Runner Up

Prizes: RM14,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn,

Gawas, and Ajiking

Team: TEAM Gawas

Numbers Caught: 23

Points Total: 13800


2nd Runner Up

Prizes: RM10,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn,

Gawas, and Ajiking

Team: Penn Conflict

Numbers Caught: 18

Points Total: 10800

4th Place

Prizes: RM6,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn and

Abu Garcia

Team: Stars Of Jade

Numbers Caught: 15

Points Total: 9000

5th Place

Prizes: RM5,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn and

Abu Garcia

Team: Jin Zun Fishing Club

Numbers Caught: 14

Points Total: 8400

6th Place

Prizes: RM3,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn and

Abu Garcia

Team: Gung Ho!

Numbers Caught: 14

Points Total: 8400

7th Place

Prizes: RM2,000 cash, Trophies, and fishing products from Penn and

Abu Garcia

Team: Lemax Pro Team

Numbers Caught: 14

Points Total: 8400

* Due to a tie 5th, 6th, and 7th places were determined by time of catch with the earlier

times winning.

Best Skipper: Yong Kah Cun


Event Organisers

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2015 is

supported by Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Pahang, Panoramic

Pahang; in collaboration with The Malaysian Fishing Association

(PeMM), and the Kuala Rompin Fishing Association. This

challenge is sanctioned by the International Game Fish Association

(IGFA) and Offshore World Championship (OWC).


Event Sponsors

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2015 is sponsored

by Pure Fishing Malaysia, TCE Tackle, Sang Lin Tackle, Mustad, The

Season Tackle, And Lanjut Resort Hotel.

Congratulations to all winners!


Pine Rivers Fish Management


Fish Management And Conservation

As anglers, we know that our sport revolves around fishes.

This means that fishes are an integral part of our sport.

Without fishes there will be no fishing and playing a computer

simulated fishing game even with a real fishing rod and reel,

just isn’t the same as fishing out there in the real world. Thus

the importance of fish habitat management and conservation.


A Noble Cause

Pines Rivers Fish Management Association (PRFMA), in

Queensland Australia; is a non profit association, voluntary community

based fish stocking and fish management group. It was founded

on November 1st, 1993 to undertake fish stocking and fish management

at Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah with the objective

of improving these lakes as recreational fishing areas for the benefit

of the general public.

Over 2 Million Fish Stocks

Trevor Ruthenberg (MP) Kallangur, releasing fries.

Over the past 20 odd years (coming to 22), the good folks at PRFMA

has purchased and released more than 2,100,000 native fish fingerlings

into Lake Samsonvale and 310,000 fingerlings into Lake Kurwongbah

since 2007.


Support For Lake Kurwongbah

To be able to restock lakes, funds are very important.

PRFMA raises funds to purchase fish stocks for these

lakes and although a very challenging endeavour they

have done well. One such support comes from the

Moreton Bay Regional Council with a commitment to recurrent

funding which has made restocking possible at

Lake Kurwongbah.

2007 marked an important achievement where after

years of lobbying, permission for a new recreational fishery

at Lake Kurwongbah was gained. A grant of AUD$

51,000 from the Federal Government Department of Agriculture,

Forestry, and Fisheries allowed the lake to be

stocked to full capacity in 2008.


Boating On Lake Somsonvale

To raise funds to stock Lake Samsonvale with fish, PRF-

MA approached Seqwater, owners of Lake Samsonvale

to allow boating access under a permit scheme. After a

lengthy negotiation to ensure that the scheme would be

adequately managed, PRFMA was granted a licence to

establish the scheme in 2001.

The scheme proved to be a success as it has allowed

a great number of fingerlings to be released into Lake

Samsonvale, improving the quality of this fishery. It has

also allowed the association to establish better facilities

as the access site with the help of nearby Boral Quarries

Petrie that has provided tremendous assistance and support

in establishing these facilities. In Recognition, the

Boating Access Scheme site was named “Boral Landing”.


Other Tasks

Below are a list of things that PRFMA undertakes each year:

Liaise with relevant government bodies to ensure best practice management

of both fisheries and their continued development.

Raise funds for the purchase of fish stock.

Release appropriate fish stock in line with long term management


Recovery of stranded Lung Fish.


Administer the boating access scheme for Lake Samsonvale.

Assist fresh water fisheries research with data collection.

Hold junior angler education days.

Assist with Pine River Clean.

Assist with organising and staging the Petrie Lions Australia Day

Family Fishing Day.

Promote lakes and sustainable fishing practices.

To Summarize

The PRFMA is a voluntary community-based fish stocking group

established under the encouragement of the Queensland Government’s

Recreational Fisheries Enhancement Program. The objectives

in the constitution, include, among other things:

To create, promote and support, the management of the stocking

of water storage impoundments and water ways in the Pine Rivers

Catchments areas with suitable fish species

To encourage and assist the research pertaining to the biology and

management of fish in natural and altered impoundments and waterways

To protect and safeguard the environment and habitat of fish in the

Pine Rivers Catchment areas

To promote ethical and legal fishing practices

To promote and encourage conservation with all anglers

Support PRFMA

We at The Asian Angler magazine highly encourage anglers to support

restocking programs and fish management programs. With that in mind

we highly recommend that anglers support PRFMA’s efforts too, of

which will in return benefit you.

For further information visit PRFMA’s website at:

and follow them on their Facebook at:

*Pics courtesy of PRFMA


Junior Anglers

Get Your Kids Fishing

An Initiative By The Asian Angler Magazine

Fishing is a very healthy sport.

As anglers we enjoy fresh air, we

experience nature, we improve

our analytical skills, we absorb

vitamins from the sun, we expend

our minds, we learn about the

environment, etc.

There are so many benefits to

fishing and we should reduce our

kids addiction to video games,

computer games, playing with

mobile devices, etc. We should get

them to interact more with our

environment and teach them a

thing or two about life and living


With this in mind we hope to

encourage you to take your kid(s)

fishing and have dedicated a section

of our magazine to Junior


* Picture courtesy of Pure Fishing


Junior Anglers

ABU GARCIA PROMAX 3 – First impression

Hello everyone!

A few months ago I was looking at some of Abu Garcia’s Revo

reels at the 2015 Angling & Outdoor Fair. One particular reel that

caught my eye was the Abu Garcia Revo SX. It looked great, and I

liked it. I was also hoping for new models for the Max series reels.


By Amirul Irfan

My First Product Review

Fast forward to the future, and here it is. A dream come true. I remember

asking Ms. Tessy of Pure Fishing if Abu Garcia is coming up with

any new Max series reels and on that very day I found some sneak

peak photos of Max reels by Abu Garcia from ICAST 2015. Choosing

between the Silvermax, Blackmax, and Promax was as hard as

choosing a Pokemon.

After some consideration, I chose the Promax. The side of the

box shows information about the Promax’s specifications. The increased

drag and line capacity are some key upgrades to the Promax.

The weight has also been reduced by a few grams.

The black and gold accents along with its Revo – like profile gives the

Promax a tougher look. The spool is also wider compared to the previous

Promax reel. The thumb bar feels nice and solid for my first few

days of fishing this reel.


The lower profile really matched the profile of the Revo Orra.

The ergonomic design really felt great in my hand even throughout

prolonged periods of fishing.

The new handle design really caught my attention. It looked simple yet

stylish. The spool tension knob and stardrag had a clicker sound, a

trait from the previous Promax model.


I spooled the Promax with 20lb Berkley Whiplash braid. I was surprised

with the casting performance of the Promax and the Whiplash

braid. I could make good casts with a weightless weedless

rigged Powerbait Saltwater 3.8” Slinky Shad. I also managed a

casting distance of around 7-10 metres with a 2” Powerbait Ripple

Shad rigged on a 2-3 gram jighead.

First session with the Promax, it really looks good. The 7.1:1 ratio will

be perfect for top water fishing and cover fishing.


I could pitch soft plastics without any problems. Skipping soft plastics

were no problem too. The Mag Trax braking system delivered

consistent braking pressure when I needed it, especially when

skipping baits into tight areas.

The Promax also aced in making long casts. I was unlucky as the was

a long net in the water to my right. It must have spooked the fishes.

I managed to hook a juvenile Giant Snakehead (toman) on the 4”

Berkley Powerbait Powergrub, but I dropped it as I fumbled to turn on

my camera. The Giant Snakehead savagely attacked the soft plastic

again and was hooked, but it managed to shake the hook again.


Finally, my first catch on the Promax 3.I casted the Berkley Powerbait

Saltwater 3.8” Slinky Shad into a shallow grassy area and this

snakehead gave a subtle bite. I had no trouble to set the hook with

the Promax paired with the Abu Garcia Tournament K. The Promax

is very smooth and is a value for price reel that anglers should

get if they are not looking on spending much.

Tight lines and happy fishing.


Bring Your Kids Fishing

Every child needs to spend time outdoors.

Fishing in a safe and educational

sport that both your child and you can

bond with..

Put away those tabs, iPhones, Androids,

and pick up a reel, rod, line, hook, and

sinker... Don’t forget some bait.

Happy Fishing.

Stuffs And Goodies

By The Asian Angler

Oztrail Breezeway 3V

Dome Tent DTC-B3V-D

Well equipped 3 person quick setup dome tent

with vestibule for storage. Ideal for touring camping

with superior climate control.


Tri-Brace cross pole frame for additional strength,

ease of setup as well as providing more headroom

and shoulder space inside the tent

Unique Breezeway® window system for total climate


Oversize easy-step D door for convenient access with

integrated door mat to keep your tent cleaner inside

Front vestibule section for additional gear storage

Power cord access point, light attachment points and

organiser pockets plus overhead gear storage



Stuffs And Goodies

By The Asian Angler

Lifestraw Filtration System

LifeStraw® is an award-winning point-of-use portable water filter

that transforms microbiologically contaminated water into safe,

clean drinking water. It is ideal for a variety of users outside of the

home, from hikers and campers to people displaced by natural disasters.

Lightweight--only 56 grams (or 2 ounces)

Uses hollow fibre microfiltration technology

Purifies a minimum of 1000 litres (264 gallons) of water

Removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999 percent) and protozoan

parasites (99.9 percent) that can contaminate water, including giardia

Reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering particulate matter larger

than 0.2 microns

Made of durable plastic


Doesn’t require electrical power, batteries or replacement parts–it’s

powered by user-generated suction



* Pics and video courtesy of Lifestraw.

Stuffs And Goodies

By The Asian Angler

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Our most popular filter just got smaller and lighter. The Sawyer

MINI Water Filter is rated to 0.1 micron absolute, weighs only 2

ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons! This award winning system

is reliable and easy to use.

The MINI can be attached to the included collapsible drinking

pouch, inline on a hydration pack, on a standard soda bottle, or

simply use the included drinking straw to drink directly from the

water source. How is that for versatility? Like all Sawyer filters,

a proper backwashing can restore up to 98.5% of the filter’s flow

rate. That means no expensive cartridges to replace, ever.



* Pics and video courtesy of Sawyer Mini Filters.

Fun Things

By The Asian Angler

Top 10 Fishing Quotes


A bad day of fishing is better than a

good day at the office.



At the sound of my name, fish



Good things come to those who




Fishy, fishy on the brook, come and

bite my dainty hook.


Fishing isn’t a matter of life and

death. It is much more important.



Born to fish. Forced to work.


Give a man a fish and he will eat for

a day. Teach a man to fish, you get

rid of him for the weekend.



Spare the rod, spoil the day.


The bass is always bigger on the

other side.



Teach a kid to fish and he will have

no money for alcohol, drugs, clubbing,





When safety is a concern when you are indulging in water sport activities,

do not let weights hold you down. Automatically inflate when

in contact with water, lightweight and quick drying material makes

this a good choice for any fishing trip. Made from 100% Nylon fabric

and comes with refillable cartridge, it can be easily replace. Convenient

free size life jacket with adjustable strap to fit different body

sizes. Compact and can be stored easily after use.


Berkley Powerbait Saltwater

Slinky Shad Series

Powerbait saltwater range introduces the Slinky Shad series. Made

from extra stretchy material to last longer on your hook, it is toothy

fish friendly. Powerbait’s irresistible scent and flavour will make the

fish hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence

to feel more bites – set more hooks and catch more fish! Colours

available for 2.4inch size - Red Pearl Glow, Clear Chartreuse Glow,

Melon Green Glow, Pearl Blue Glow and Pink Orange Glow. Colours

available for 3.8inch size - Red Pearl, Clear Chartreuse, Melon

Pearl, Pearl Blue and Pink Pearl.

Classified Pages

Custom Rod

Builder &

Reel and rod


Call: Kok Ming

Bella Vista Motels

Bella Vista Mosgiel

Experience New Zealand With Bella


Your Hosts Keith & Marie Hendry

85 Gordon Road, Mosgiel, South Island,

New Zealand.

Mobile:+6019 3122697

The Asian Angler

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Self Starter

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Loves Being On The Road

Loves To Fish

If you have the above five points do

email your resume to the

email address below.

Phone: +64 03 848 7258



Want To Be Part

Of The Fishing

Tackle Industry?

Do contact us if you have experience in

Position 1: Sales Esecutive

Do send us an email to the email.

address below.


Tel : +6012 883 1628


Tel : +607-8619 289


For Affordable Advertising Spaces Contact Us At or call +6012 883 1628

Ad Space Only RM10.00 per month.

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Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00. per Month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00 per month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00. per Month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00 per month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00. per Month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00 per month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00. per Month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00 per month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Ad Space Only RM10.00. per Month.

Email: or call

+6012 883 1628.

Coming Soon....

The All New Escapy

Magazine, A Travel Magazine For



Escape Into A World Of

Travel & Adventure

Terengganu Squid Jigging Festival 2015

Action Out At Sea, Special Report

Hanging Out With Clams

Clam Picking In Setiu

Kenyir Elephant Village

A Sanctuary

Kenyir Festival 2015

A Visit To The Museum

And Lots more Inside

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