#Osborne Issue 2

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Logo: Max Andrew, LRBJB

The Year 11’s have left :0(. They had an amazing prom

based around Hollywood. They have worked really hard.

The boys looked handsome and the girls looked gorgeous.

Everyone would like to wish the year 11’s a very great

future ahead.

By Thomas Williams, 10BD

Some of pupils went to London for the

Shine Media Awards. Issue one of

#Osborne was up for some awards.

We went for the day and we came back

from London at 5pm.

At the awards we had an Italian

lasagne, it was nice. We won 3 awards.

At 3pm we went back to the train

station, Ben and Caroline treated us to

a Burger King. We had chips. After all

it was a good day out.

We won the Harrison cup!

By Callan Taylor, 10BD

The school production of Pride Rock was

really absolutely fabulous, the show

was better and bigger than all the other

performances. From now on, I want to

be in all the shows. I love singing the

songs and I sang ‘The Lion sleeps

tonight’ with Ben and Helen.

As school performances continue I hope

we do our best to keep our achievement


By Liam Chandler, 9SL

On Wednesday

16th July ‘Hounds

for Heroes’ staff

visited Osborne school

to thank us for donating

the money to help them

get more dogs for armed

forces. We need more

dogs for men and

women who have

been injured in Iraq's

horrifying war.

For the last ten years men and women have lost their lives so the class did a

lot of sponsored events. 10BD did a sponsored assault course for Osborne

School, we like to say thank you.

by Shea Calder, 10BD

QE2 Centre

Lauren El Davis

Mickey Mackie

Ross McWhirter

Tom Watson

On 10 th of June Year 7 went to Paultons park.

We went on the big coach. The fast ride was

‘The Cobra’. The Cobra was so fast. After the

Cobra we had lunch. We went on the log

flume. We got on the coach and went back to

school. By 7WT

We have been helping out in


Sam helped out a guy with a game

where you throw things into a

bucket. I helped a boy jump on the

trampoline. We made drinks for the

staff and young people. It is good

helping others.

By Jay Purkiss, 10BD

By Anthony, 10BD

Jemil, 10LA

Jemil used a big mouse and a

keyboard to create this epic


Christian, LRB

Christian loves DR WHO and is a

fantastic artist. Here is his picture

made using Paint of all 12 doctors.

Joe, 7TD

Joe loves colouring pictures.

Max, LRB

Max has invented this device to allow people to have Wi-fi

everywhere in the universe.

By Thomas Williams


I think the UK needs to make a decision on whether they want to stay in

the EU or leave the EU as soon as possible. The European Union is a

group of countries whose governments work together. It’s a bit like a

club. To join you have to agree to follow the rules and in return you get

certain benefits. Each country has to pay money to be a member. They

mostly do this though taxes. The EU uses the money to change the way

people live and do businesses in Europe. Countries join because they

think that they will benefit from the changes the EU makes. According to

latest figures over half a billion people live in the European Union.

(Source ampp3d)

Some people may think that leaving the European Union could damage

this country and destroy are legacy. If the UK left the EU are trade, jobs,

the country’s position in the world and lots more. There are some very

big down sides to leaving the EU but there are some positives.

On the other hand some people may think that leaving the European

Union could be a good idea. If we did leave we wouldn’t have to pay

money to into the EU and it could benefit the country.

In conclusion leaving the EU could benefit the country but on the other

hand it could damage the UK.

Do you

like dresses?

No. Unless

it’s for


Where are

you going on


Sandy Bay,



Do you like


Yes. They

are epic. I

like Bob.

Do you like


I love all kinds

of sports.



Do you

love Pandas?



when they

eat bamboo.

What’s your




By Jamie-Lee, 10BD

Jurassic world is one of the best of all Jurassic park films because

it has special effects and it has dinosaurs.

If you like dinosaurs you can come and see

Jurassic world if you want to.

The best part in the film is the fight at the end of

the film. By Will Gowers, 10BD

You can do loads of hacking on your phone. You would

be stealthy a lot. Its free roam. There’s weapons

involved. You can customise cars. You can do loads of coop

missions. Its is a 15. You can go on boats .

This game is a good game

if you like gaming

and shooting

With people and

friends online.

It’s a very good and fun game

You can build a lot of things

Like houses and castle.

This game is good for people

Who like football

again its fun to play

With friends.

This game is fun to play on


And by your self too

By Connor Jacobs, 10BD

This is a game for people

that Have Xbox or ps3

And you can play with your

Friends online

By Callan, 10BD

By Will, 10BD

Sports day was an amazing day for the pupils of

Osborne. The first run was amazing, then the shuttle

run was amazing. 10BD’s Shea Calder was victorious

in the relay. All pupils and staff were involved. The

Army came too. It was a good day for the school

and a lot of fun.

In these pictures the teachers and the army are helping the pupils.

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