Annual Review 2015

Our passion is for a fairer society, where people's homes, health and happiness matter. This annual review captures the work we have been doing over the last year, with the support and commitment of our community partners.

Our passion is for a fairer society, where people's homes, health and happiness matter. This annual review captures the work we have been doing over the last year, with the support and commitment of our community partners.


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<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Review</strong><br />


HELLO,<br />

Most of us, as children, have completed ‘connect the dots’ pictures, carefully linking<br />

seemingly random points together to create a bigger picture that meant something.<br />

Community-based organisations, like Connect and our partners, have continued to join<br />

the dots in the communities in which we work, adding to the picture over the last five<br />

years as other services have been cut back or disappear.<br />

The Board. Image right: (Left to right)<br />

Alison Leech (Vice Chair), Ben Aspinall,<br />

David Wolverson (Chair), Tracey Bell,<br />

Susan Waterson, Jubar Miah,<br />

Robert Chamberlain, Kath Dalby,<br />

Nigel Craddock, Karen House,<br />

Gillian Pickersgill, Graham Wingfield<br />

(not pictured).<br />


ones who give<br />

their time<br />

We have countless examples of how our efforts have made a difference, which you can<br />

read in the pages of this review. A difference to children (who will sustain this country in<br />

the future) having a better start in life, young people starting out on their career journey,<br />

those on low wages struggling to make ends meet, the increasing number of people<br />

experiencing mental health problems regain hope, and pensioners feeling safe in worry-free<br />

retirement housing.<br />

Recent policy changes will make our work<br />

more challenging but will not make us retreat.<br />

We will continue to connect the dots.<br />

In fact, we have an exciting new project about to start – a new community space in<br />

Dewsbury to replace our office in Huddersfield. We hope that you are reading this at<br />

the mini-festival we are holding there on 22 September <strong>2015</strong> but if not, don’t worry,<br />

from April 2016 there will be a festival of art, education, free advice, good health and<br />

happiness there every day… just pop in and be part of the bigger picture.<br />

None of this is possible without the enthusiastic support and commitment of our<br />

partners, as you can see throughout this review. We sincerely thank them all.<br />

From everyone at Connect<br />

The Management Team.<br />

Jenny Brierley, Chief Executive<br />

Martyn Broadest, Director of Regeneration<br />

Helen Lennon, Director of Neighbourhoods<br />

and Communications<br />

Sean Flynn, Director of Finance and Resources<br />

Christine Fox, Director of Social Investment<br />

Our passion is for a fairer society, where<br />

people’s homes, health and happiness matter.<br />

We are privileged to have the support of<br />

people who share this passion and who<br />

generously give their time to help Connect.<br />

The Board is responsible for making sure<br />

Connect is properly managed and for setting the<br />

future direction. It plays a key role in business<br />

planning and helps us keep our vision and values<br />

at the heart of everything we do.<br />

This year we wanted to build the talent pool of<br />

the Board and we recruited new members to add<br />

to the range of experience we need and reflect<br />

the communities where we work. As part of this<br />

open recruitment process, we were delighted to<br />

the connect<br />

residents federation<br />

The CRF is an independent organisation,<br />

run by tenants for tenants. It prides itself<br />

on being Connect’s ‘critical friend’ and<br />

its role is to make sure tenant priorities<br />

are taken into consideration across<br />

everything Connect does. You can read<br />

more about how the CRF has helped us<br />

over this last year to build communities<br />

on page 9.<br />

appoint our new Chair of the Board, David Wolverson<br />

and bring our Board membership to a total of 12.<br />

We recognise the Board is working in a rapidly<br />

changing social and political environment and<br />

that the challenges and responsibilities of being<br />

a Board Member are increasing. One of the first<br />

things we did with the Board this year was to<br />

run training sessions with consultants Campbell<br />

Tickell – covering governance and individual roles<br />

for the journey ahead.<br />

volunteers<br />

Youth club helpers, artists, befrienders,<br />

digital buddies – just a few of the many<br />

volunteers who give their time to<br />

Connect. Volunteer work placements<br />

enhance our services so that we can<br />

do things we are not usually able to<br />

do – they do not in any way replace<br />

the work that staff are paid to do.<br />

We aim to offer a great volunteering<br />

experience for people to build up their<br />

CVs and access training and references<br />

for future career progress. This year we<br />

launched our volunteer befriending<br />

service and you can read more about<br />

this on page 7.<br />

2 3



HEALTH &<br />


Using a previously vacant property was excellent and it made<br />

good use of resources. The issue of providing suitable care for<br />

people leaving hospital is increasingly important these days<br />

and this scheme shows an imaginative solution which provides<br />

a possible route away from institutionalisation. It was an<br />

intelligently worked out scheme and could be replicated,<br />

so should certainly be considered as an example of good<br />

practice for others to follow.<br />

Judges’ comments, National Housing Awards<br />

We aim to help people enjoy healthy and<br />

fulfilled lives. For us that starts with a good<br />

home, but often that is not enough, so we<br />

also offer support that is shaped for the<br />

existing and future needs of our tenants.<br />

The country needs more affordable homes so<br />

we continue to build. During 2014/15 Connect<br />

invested £3.1m in buying or building new<br />

housing. This included purchasing 18 properties<br />

that had been empty for a considerable time and<br />

refurbishing them to a high standard. Some of<br />

these have been used to provide accommodation<br />

for a mental health supported housing project.<br />

Even completing improvement works can offer<br />

opportunities to have an impact on wider<br />

Being re-housed with Connect in<br />

a good flat, in a peaceful area, has<br />

had a positive impact on my health<br />

and wellbeing as I continue with my<br />

recovery. The flat is just the right size<br />

and I’m looking forward to receiving<br />

support to find employment.<br />

tenant<br />

issues. During the year we carried out<br />

comprehensive improvement works to 32<br />

of our older people’s properties at Pennwell<br />

Garth in Leeds to improve energy efficiency.<br />

As part of the eight week improvement<br />

programme, all tenants were invited to ‘chill<br />

and chat’ sessions put on by our community<br />

services team. Feedback from tenants was<br />

so positive that we will be continuing to run<br />

these regularly.<br />

community<br />

collaboration<br />

We have recently started a new<br />

12-month pilot project with Locala<br />

Community Partnerships, employing<br />

a health and wellbeing worker to<br />

collaborate with the community health<br />

service teams in North Kirklees. Our<br />

worker will help people with long term<br />

health conditions tackle non-medical<br />

issues that if not addressed could lead<br />

to unnecessary admission to hospital.<br />

future focus<br />

We have planning permission for<br />

six wheelchair accessible bungalows<br />

with a ‘carers pod’ at Knowl Grange<br />

in Mirfield. Alongside these, we<br />

will be developing 10 new flats,<br />

including five wheelchair accessible<br />

ones, at nearby Siggot Street.<br />

Both these developments are part<br />

of the Kirklees Care and Specialist<br />

Supported Housing Scheme.<br />

Renting a home from Connect<br />

has made a very big difference<br />

to our health with my husband<br />

having Parkinson’s and I had lung<br />

cancer… being on one level and<br />

having no stairs, the flat is so<br />

easy to manage and we are very<br />

happy to be living here.<br />

tenant<br />

award-winning<br />

Heatherstones Court has been<br />

named the ‘Most Innovative<br />

Solution’ at the National<br />

Housing Awards <strong>2015</strong> and was<br />

highly commended at the<br />

Empty Homes Awards.<br />

Heatherstones<br />

court<br />

In partnership with Calderdale Council, Calderdale<br />

and Huddersfield Foundation Trust and Calderdale<br />

Clinical Commissioning Group, we have brought a<br />

previously derelict site back into use and created a<br />

new hospital-discharge facility – the first of its size<br />

and style in the country.<br />

The award-winning Heatherstones Court has<br />

been designed for people who are ready to leave<br />

hospital but may not be ready to go home yet. The<br />

12 self-contained apartments provide the space,<br />

support and comfort to help people recover fully.<br />

This new service offers an alternative to a longer<br />

stay in hospital or a temporary move into a care<br />

home and since it opened in January <strong>2015</strong> it has<br />

welcomed 36 residents.<br />

4 5


paths to good<br />

mental health<br />

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people in England.*<br />

At a time when resources are shrinking<br />

nationally, we are even more committed to<br />

investing in health and wellbeing services to<br />

address mental ill-health, loneliness and isolation.<br />

*Rethink Mental Illness <strong>2015</strong><br />

This year we launched a new way of delivering<br />

one of our long standing mental health services.<br />

The Crackenedge project, which provided<br />

shared accommodation for people with mental<br />

health issues in Dewsbury, had become an<br />

out-dated model for support. We have replaced<br />

it with six newly refurbished self-contained<br />

properties (part of our portfolio of 18 supported<br />

flats for people with mental health issues) with<br />

a tailored package of support for each person.<br />

Good housing like this has a positive impact on<br />

people’s mental health and wellbeing by giving<br />

space and privacy within their own home. This<br />

helps with recovery and stability, and is often<br />

the first step into fully independent living.<br />

Connect has helped me get bursary<br />

places on further training in Mental<br />

Health First Aid and Self Harm<br />

Awareness. Both of the courses are<br />

recognised in all sorts of work places<br />

and will really enhance my CV.<br />

Sophie, volunteer befriender<br />

a taste of<br />

happiness<br />

Our new community space in<br />

Dewsbury will feature a ‘happy café’,<br />

affiliated with Action for Happiness,<br />

promoting health and wellbeing.<br />

Whilst the space is being developed,<br />

we have been running a pop-up<br />

happy café at Sensory World in<br />

Dewsbury, giving everyone a taster<br />

of what we’re planning. This has<br />

featured a weekly Five Wise Ways<br />

to Wellbeing course for tenants,<br />

run by Laughter in Mind.<br />

Tom, co-ordinator of our volunteer<br />

services, with Sophie and Natasha,<br />

who were shortlisted for ‘Volunteer of<br />

the Year’ awards at the Huddersfield<br />

Student Union Awards.<br />

Recent research shows that social isolation is<br />

equivalent to the health effects of smoking 15<br />

cigarettes a day.* In the autumn of 2014, we set<br />

up a new befriending service to help address<br />

the issue of social isolation.<br />

*Campaign to End Loneliness 2014<br />

Our new volunteer co-ordinator runs the service<br />

and so far over 20 befrienders have been<br />

recruited and trained, with over 170 hours<br />

dedicated to volunteering so far. The befriending<br />

service benefits not only our customers, but also<br />

the people who volunteer.<br />

I really appreciate the help I am<br />

getting – it has made my<br />

confidence grow!<br />

Befriending client<br />

the<br />

survivors<br />

group<br />

The Survivors Group is a warm, friendly and<br />

non-judgemental group for people who<br />

have experienced mental illness, based in<br />

Kirklees. This year we have received funding<br />

from the Scurrah Wainwright Charity,<br />

which has enabled us to offer activities<br />

such as circus skills, cooking sessions and art<br />

workshops. The group has also benefitted<br />

from help from one of our volunteers.<br />

the right<br />

assistance<br />

for you<br />

We now run a service for people<br />

seeking to purchase assistance<br />

from their personal budgets. The<br />

service enables people to choose<br />

the support that’s right for them<br />

and also reduces reliance on<br />

primary and secondary care.<br />

6 7


ones who want<br />

to build<br />

communities<br />

In partnership with other community-based<br />

organisations, we aim to help people to create<br />

for themselves the lives and neighbourhoods<br />

that they want.<br />

We have invested in the purchase and<br />

refurbishment of two buildings in Dewsbury<br />

town centre – 21 and 23 Bond Street. As well as<br />

providing eight flats, we are creating office space<br />

for our staff who will relocate from rented offices<br />

in Huddersfield. What is really exciting us though<br />

is the ground floor, where our aim is to create<br />

a vibrant, welcoming space for our tenants<br />

and the people of North Kirklees to use.<br />

To help turn this vision into reality, in October<br />

<strong>2015</strong> we appointed a community networker who<br />

has spent the last year building links with other<br />

local community organisations. Together we<br />

hope to create a calendar packed full of useful<br />

educational and enjoyable activities.<br />

We came to the rally to be seen<br />

and to be heard standing up for<br />

social housing.<br />

Nicky and Chris, Tenants & Connect<br />

Residents Federation Officers<br />

homes for<br />

britain<br />

In March <strong>2015</strong>, our tenants,<br />

service users, staff, volunteers and<br />

members of the Board all joined<br />

together in support of the national<br />

Homes for Britain campaign to<br />

highlight how the housing crisis is<br />

affecting people from all walks of<br />

life and all parts of the country.<br />

the connect<br />

residents federation<br />

Tenants play an active role in deciding<br />

how and where we invest in our<br />

communities. This year members of<br />

Connect Residents Federation (CRF) have<br />

been part of the group planning the<br />

investment in the Dewsbury space.<br />

The CRF is also helping us pilot a new<br />

community reporter scheme that we will<br />

be launching this year. This project offers<br />

a new way of ensuring community voices<br />

are heard.<br />

We have been running pop-up events in the new<br />

building to bring people together to get a sneak<br />

peek of the venue in the raw and to explore<br />

ideas, share stories and start conversations.<br />

In partnership with Creative Scene and Chol<br />

Theatre company, during the summer we played<br />

host to over 150 people ranging in age from<br />

four months to 87 years – who sewed jellyfish<br />

and created fabulous beach huts as part of the<br />

Dewsbury on Sea festival.<br />

A big thank you to all our partners<br />

– none of this would be possible<br />

without them.<br />

inspiring<br />

youth<br />

Beyond Dewsbury, our community<br />

services team focused on helping<br />

young people to broaden their<br />

horizons. Over 300 children accessed<br />

our out of school activities and we<br />

helped 25 children and young people<br />

more intensively with issues such as<br />

bullying, truancy, preventing youth<br />

homelessness, and home making.<br />

‘Life’s a Beach Hut’ photographs<br />

courtesy of Chol Theatre and<br />

Paul Floyd Blake.<br />

8 9


new generation<br />

to jobs<br />

We understand the importance of investing<br />

in young people and helping them get<br />

started on their career journey: they will help<br />

shape the future of our communities.<br />

We have made a commitment that apprentices<br />

will account for 10% of our workforce.<br />

We’re already well on the way to hitting this<br />

goal – with just over 6% of our staff in <strong>2015</strong><br />

being apprentices.<br />

It’s not just about numbers though. We are<br />

committed to making sure our apprentices have a<br />

quality experience and we are proud to have been<br />

named Medium Employer of the Year at the<br />

Leeds Apprenticeship Awards <strong>2015</strong>.<br />

future focus<br />

We are constantly looking for new<br />

ways to create new apprenticeships<br />

within our staff teams to achieve<br />

our 10% goal.<br />

We have just recruited two new<br />

NVQ maintenance apprentices<br />

who will start in early October. The<br />

maintenance apprenticeship will give<br />

them a general grounding across skills<br />

including plumbing, joinery, plastering,<br />

bricklaying, decorating and tiling.<br />

Connect has made it an easy transition for me<br />

to start a new career in the housing sector.<br />

Not only was the wage more than some<br />

organisations will pay for apprenticeship<br />

schemes, which allowed me to maintain my<br />

household responsibilities, but the training,<br />

the experience, the respect and the trust<br />

they have provided has exceeded all my<br />

expectations. At the end of each day when<br />

I put my head to rest, I know with each task I<br />

have accomplished, it has made a difference<br />

for the better in someone’s life and the<br />

communities we work in.<br />

Luis, neighbourhood project officer<br />

We have expanded the scope of apprenticeships across<br />

all areas of our business and roles now include plumber,<br />

joiner, painter and decorator, administrator, support worker,<br />

neighbourhood assistant and building surveyor.<br />

Bringing our repairs service in-house gave us the opportunity<br />

to create five new maintenance apprentice posts and build<br />

a workshop at the new repairs building. The workshop<br />

provides a training space for our apprentices to practice their<br />

joinery skills – they also helped build the workshop to get<br />

experience of constructing a traditional pitched roof.<br />

Apprenticeships are clearly embedded in the<br />

culture of Connect… their apprenticeship<br />

programme makes a real difference to the<br />

lives of individuals and local communities.<br />

Judges’ comment<br />

different<br />

routes<br />

We provide different routes into Connect<br />

for young people – volunteers get valuable<br />

experience with our community services<br />

team, casual paid workers can fit their<br />

hours around other work or study, and<br />

our apprentices gain a qualification while<br />

earning a salary at the same time.<br />

success<br />

stories<br />

We’ve seen some great success<br />

stories as apprentices take their<br />

next career steps with Connect.<br />

Beth has been recruited as a<br />

full-time repairs administrator,<br />

Luis as a neighbourhood project<br />

officer and Gemma as a<br />

permanent support worker.<br />

10 11

connect the<br />

friends of<br />

dementia<br />

the<br />

herbert<br />

protocol<br />

This year we have been working<br />

with West Yorkshire Police to<br />

promote The Herbert Protocol –<br />

a scheme that encourages carers<br />

and family members to compile<br />

useful information about a<br />

vulnerable person which could<br />

be used in the event of them<br />

going missing.<br />

By 2025 there will be 1 million people with<br />

dementia in the UK.* We want our homes<br />

and communities to be good places for<br />

those of us who are affected by dementia to<br />

live well.<br />

*Statistics provided by Alzheimer’s Society<br />

Connect is committed to providing a helpful<br />

and reassuring service for anyone experiencing<br />

dementia. We have signed up to the Alzheimer’s<br />

Society’s Dementia Friends initiative and are<br />

members of the Dementia Action Alliances in<br />

Leeds and Kirklees.<br />

Dementia friendly improvements have been made<br />

at four of our older persons schemes this year –<br />

including anti-glare lighting, new colour schemes,<br />

plain carpets in communal areas and helpful<br />

signage. Feedback has been very positive with<br />

people saying the changes have made them feel<br />

safer and less prone to tripping.<br />

We have built these considerations into our<br />

planned maintenance programme and whenever<br />

we are changing communal areas we consider the<br />

dementia friendly implications of any re-design.<br />

In April <strong>2015</strong>, our Hidden Memories Café<br />

opened its doors at Hawthorn Mill, our sheltered<br />

housing scheme. Run in partnership with the<br />

Alzheimer’s Society, the café has served up<br />

more than just hot drinks. Visitors have made<br />

new friends and joined in activities specially<br />

designed to spark memories – such as creating<br />

‘life scrapbooks’ and listening to old vinyl on the<br />

café’s record player.<br />

The café runs from 1pm to 3pm on the first<br />

Thursday of every month and welcomes anyone<br />

experiencing dementia or caring for someone who is.<br />

I enjoyed some ‘me time’ while<br />

my husband attended the café –<br />

thank you so much.<br />

wife & Carer<br />

future focus<br />

Over this next year our aim is to train<br />

at least one more dementia champion.<br />

We will also be launching another<br />

Hidden Memories Café at our new<br />

community space in Dewsbury – this<br />

will be run in partnership with other<br />

local organisations in Kirklees who<br />

share a common purpose in tackling<br />

the issues of dementia.<br />

taxi!<br />

We now have an approved<br />

list of dementia friendly<br />

taxis to take people to<br />

Connect events.<br />

connect<br />

older people’s<br />

strategists<br />

Our COPS group has around 40 members<br />

and meets quarterly to help us improve<br />

services for our older people. This year<br />

COPS gave their time to give us insight<br />

into how they access services online.<br />

12 13

pennies to the pound<br />

connect the<br />

At a time when many people are under huge<br />

financial pressure, we have prioritised supporting<br />

individuals and families to maintain tenancies<br />

and take control of their finances.<br />

We include in this our commitment to creating<br />

truly affordable homes, taking into account the<br />

whole cost of running them. As such, value for<br />

money is at the heart of everything we do.<br />

During the year our Money Matters team gave<br />

debt advice and welfare benefit guidance to 238<br />

tenants, securing a total of £354,000 for them in<br />

extra money and debt relief.<br />

We added a temporary Universal Credit officer<br />

in 2014 to help tenants and Connect prepare for<br />

the transition to the new Universal Credit benefit<br />

and lower benefit cap. So far 190 tenants have<br />

told us they are ready for the change and we<br />

have started working with a further 227 who<br />

need our help.<br />

from<br />

small<br />

seeds<br />

Our Locally Grown partnership<br />

came to an end in June <strong>2015</strong>.<br />

Of the 34 tenants referred to<br />

the project, four started their<br />

own businesses and have been<br />

trading for over a year now. We<br />

wish them every success!<br />

The energy switch article was<br />

really helpful – my mum saved<br />

£146 by doing this.<br />

Get Connected reader’s letter<br />

Improving the energy efficiency of our homes is<br />

important – it helps to lower tenants’ energy bills<br />

and improve health and wellbeing. This year we<br />

have invested in improving over 500 properties<br />

with new boilers, doors and windows. These<br />

changes should save each tenant between<br />

£265 and £485 per anum.*<br />

*Figures estimated by The Energy Trust<br />

We have promoted My Home Energy Switch<br />

(a free, impartial switching service) and helped<br />

tenants receive £15,700 from trusts to pay off<br />

fuel debts.<br />

future focus<br />

We will be offering evening and<br />

weekend repairs appointments<br />

and launching a range of paid-for<br />

maintenance services.<br />

Purchasing materials as cost-effectively as possible<br />

has been helped by the appointment of our new<br />

procurement officer. So far we have entered<br />

into a purchase agreement with Integrated<br />

Services to run our maintenance van stocks.<br />

As well as offering significant financial savings,<br />

it has reduced the administrative burden on our<br />

staff and saved time.<br />

We also changed to a new window supplier<br />

during the year, who has added value both<br />

financially and environmentally. They manufacture<br />

with 80% recycled content, minimise waste by<br />

providing skips free of charge and recycle any<br />

existing PVC windows removed from a property.<br />

our new<br />

in-house<br />

repairs service<br />

Our new repairs service went live in<br />

October 2014. Its aim is to be lean, efficient<br />

and flexible to meet the demands of our<br />

customers, reducing the overall repair bill,<br />

whilst increasing customer satisfaction.<br />

Repairs consistently rank top of our tenants’<br />

priorities and a high level of satisfaction<br />

with the repairs service has been maintained<br />

this year – over 93%.<br />

future focus<br />

The Money Matters team will<br />

have to shift emphasis to more<br />

work-related support as the<br />

only real alternative for those<br />

affected by the benefit cap is to<br />

find paid employment.<br />

every<br />

£1<br />

counts<br />

Holistic<br />

For every £1 Connect has invested<br />

help<br />

in the Money Matters service this<br />

year, £3.40 of social value has<br />

Money Matters is a holistic<br />

been generated – which is a total<br />

service that also helps our<br />

of £788,000 of social value for<br />

tenants secure employment.<br />

our tenants and communities.*<br />

This year we have invested<br />

*Results from indicative study using the<br />

in MyWorkSearch – online<br />

Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust<br />

wellbeing calculator.<br />

software that helps tenants<br />

create a CV and apply for jobs.<br />

14 15



3289 Total homes<br />

1703<br />

33<br />

51<br />

a LOOK at<br />

our homes<br />

Sub-market<br />

rent<br />

‘Affordable’<br />

housing<br />

751<br />

Social rent<br />

general needs 321<br />

186<br />

244<br />

Housing for<br />

older people<br />

Supported<br />

housing<br />

Low cost home<br />

ownership<br />

Student<br />

housing<br />

Connect’s average weekly general<br />

needs gross rents across West Yorkshire<br />

As at March <strong>2015</strong><br />

Bedsit 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4+ bed<br />

Rent £63.11 £80.12 £91.27 £96.71 £104.89<br />

Properties 18 275 633 563 214<br />

Void loss<br />


homes<br />

In 2014/15...<br />

We delivered 47 new homes – of these 41 were<br />

‘affordable’ and 6 were social rent general needs.<br />

162 households moved into an independent<br />

rental home of their own offered by Connect,<br />

plus 573 into our supported housing schemes<br />

and 62 into our housing for older people.<br />

We helped 4 households get on the<br />

property ladder.<br />

2011 2012 2013 2014 <strong>2015</strong><br />

1.1% 1.2% 1.1% 2.1% 1.6%<br />

Total rent arrears<br />

as % of gross rent<br />

2011 2012 2013 2014 <strong>2015</strong><br />

5.4% 4.2% 4.4% 3.7% 4.0%<br />

Complaints performance<br />

We received 154 complaints<br />

about our service in 2014/15,<br />

90% of which were resolved at<br />

the first stage of our complaints<br />

procedure. 1 was referred to<br />

the Housing Ombudsman, who<br />

found no maladministration.<br />

16 17

contact us<br />

0300 5000 600<br />

www.connecthousing.org.uk<br />

hello@connecthousing.org.uk<br />

www.facebook.com/ConnectHousing<br />

@ConnectHousing<br />

Connect Housing Association Limited is a charitable housing organisation registered under the<br />

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (No. IP17445R) and with the Housing<br />

and Communities Agency (No. L2285). Registered Office: 205 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HS.<br />

Summarised or full accounts are available on request.

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