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Winter 2015 Chicago REALTOR® (CR) Magazine the official publication of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Winter 2015 Chicago REALTOR® (CR) Magazine the official publication of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®


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Introducing the 2015-2016<br />

Board of Directors<br />

Winter 2015<br />

ChicagoREALTOR®<br />



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17 Dan Wagner: Uniting the Industry<br />

21 Introducing the 2015-2016 Board of Directors<br />

26 Hall of Fame: Larry & Alfred Klairmont<br />

28 Paving a Path to Leadership<br />

30 Highly Effective Teams: A How-To<br />

32 Planning Your Best New Content Strategy<br />

35 Sound Off: How to Work Effectively With A Lender<br />

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20 Association News: Boys & Girls Club Partnership<br />

40 CommercialForum<br />

41 Global Real Estate Council<br />

42 Association News: Criminal Trespass, Nonprofit Spotlight,<br />

National Good Neighbor Awards, and more!<br />

44 Industry Partners<br />

46 Government Affairs: R Voice Chicago<br />

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It is an incredible honor for me to serve you as your<br />

2015-2016 Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

President. I’m excited to begin a new year, with a<br />

new board.<br />

As I mentioned in my inaugural speech, our founders’ stated<br />

purpose was to unite the real estate professionals of America,<br />

for the purpose of asserting effectively a combined influence<br />

upon matters affecting real estate interests. As C.A.. enters its<br />

132 nd year, we must remember that, just as the leaders before<br />

us laid the foundation to unite the real estate industry, we, too,<br />

should strive to continue that tradition today.<br />

One of the goals I’ve set for my presidency is to encourage<br />

further collaboration with our industry partners. Despite the fact<br />

that our specialties may differ, we are linked within the larger real<br />

estate community, and collaboration such as this will only serve<br />

to expand the support and development of our future leaders.<br />

See why your peers invest<br />

in RPAC.<br />

Another goal that I have is to strengthen our relationships with the<br />

Illinois Association of REALTORS ® and the National Association<br />

of REALTORS ® . Furthering these relationships can only help<br />

us accomplish our shared goals. I have recently accepted the<br />

position of commercial liaison to NAR, and I serve on IAR’s Board<br />

of Directors. We have many other C.A.R. members serving in<br />

leadership positions at both the state and national levels, as well.<br />

his is an opportunity for us to present a united front to fight for<br />

our industry and for private property rights.<br />

One way I encourage you to get involved is in the community.<br />

2016 NAR President Tom Salomone has challenged all of the<br />

Associations to make a donation to the oys and irls Clubs of<br />

America. C.A.. stepped up, and we were the first Association<br />

to pledge our support with a $ 10,000 donation.<br />

This is just one of the many ways that REALTORS ® make a<br />

difference, every single day. I look forward to rising to meet the<br />

challenges ahead, with your support.<br />


2015-2016 President<br />

Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

4 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Imagine your business if...<br />

• There was an extra tax on your real estate commission<br />

• There was an extra tax on your clients’ real estate transactions<br />

• There was no mortgage interest deduction,<br />

costing your clients millions<br />

• There was an extra tax on your MLS subscription<br />

• There was a ten percent tax on all your advertisements<br />

RPAC<br />

dollars work<br />

to keep<br />

these issues<br />

from being<br />

your reality.<br />

Invest in RPAC to protect your clients and your business, today.<br />

R<br />






RPAC is one of the<br />

most bi-partisan<br />

PACs in the nation<br />




www.ChicagoREALTOR.com/RPAC<br />

Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The Illinois REALTORS ® Political Action Committee (RPAC) collects contributions from members of the National Association of REALTORS ® (NAR) for political activities. A portion of each contribution<br />

will be used for state political activities; at least 30% will be used for federal campaign purposes. The federal portion will be charged against an individual's federal contribution limits under 2 USC 441a. Contributions are VOLUNTARY and refusal to contribute does not affect membership<br />

rights. A member may contribute more or less than the suggested amount. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website www.elections.il.gov or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 5


“work for a cause; not applause; live life<br />

to express, not to impress; don’t strive<br />

to make your presence noticed, just<br />

make your absence felt.”<br />

I love this quote, as it summarizes the quiet commitment of our<br />

members, volunteer leaders and staff to make a difference in the lives<br />

of their families, firms, communities and the real estate industry.<br />

It also aligns with our vision statement: The Chicago Association of<br />

REALTORS ® prepares educated and innovative real estate professionals<br />

to become engaged leaders in our ever-changing communities.<br />

As we welcome in a new year, the 2015-16 leadership and staff have<br />

been discussing how we can be more impactful leaders. We want to<br />

seize this excellent opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been doing<br />

well as leaders, and focus on how we can improve in the future.<br />

I would like to offer three small, simple ways you can make a difference<br />

as a leader in the coming year:<br />

Invest in Yourself: The leadership of C.A.R. is investing in your<br />

professional development by offering complimentary Continuing<br />

Education through February 29, 2016. We hope you will take<br />

advantage of this initiative, so that you can invest elsewhere — in<br />

additional professional development, your family’s needs, your<br />

community, or perhaps, RPAC and the C.A.R. Foundation.<br />

Check out the entire list of<br />

Foundation supporters.<br />

Invest in Your Community: We at C.A.R. are proud of the leadership that<br />

so many REALTORS ® demonstrate in their communities. This year, C.A.R.<br />

is partnering with N.A.R. to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America<br />

(see more about the BGCA in Chicago on page 20). Please consider<br />

volunteering a few hours of your time when we host service activities<br />

and/or supporting the two clubs in Chicago with a small donation.<br />

Invest in Your Industry: There are two simple ways to demonstrate<br />

leadership to protect your industry. 1) Donate at least your fair share<br />

in RPAC ( $ 20) and 2) Participate in Calls to Action. It takes less than a<br />

minute to respond, and it ensures that you are using the REALTOR ®<br />

influence to make our industry stronger.<br />

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet. Here’s to the positive impact you<br />

will make as a leader in Chicago!<br />


Chief Executive Officer<br />

Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

6 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Thank You Foundation Supporters<br />


LEVEL — $ 25k<br />

Larry Klairmont<br />

Alfred Klairmont<br />

HONORS — $ 500+<br />

Ginger Downs<br />

Gaspar Flores Jr.<br />

Antje Gehrken<br />

Tammy Hajjar<br />

Maurice Hampton<br />

JP Morgan Chase<br />

Heidi Lawton<br />

Ezekiel Morris<br />

Nykea Pippion-McGriff<br />

Matthew Silver<br />

WCR Chicago<br />

MASTERS — $ 250 - $ 499<br />

Jennifer Ames<br />

Kritopher Anderson<br />

Frank Binetti<br />

Sheldon Good<br />

Heather Gustafson<br />

Coby Hakalir<br />

Dave Hanna<br />

Drussy Hernandez<br />

Alicia Holliday<br />

Erin Mandel<br />

John McLean<br />

Jennifer Mills<br />

Richard Saccone<br />

Rebecca Thomson<br />

Marion Valle<br />

Dan Wagner<br />

ASSOCIATE — $ 50 - $ 249<br />

Jovita Acevedo<br />

Iris Ade<br />

Irhan Aleman<br />

Roberto Almazan<br />

Richard Amano<br />

Nicholas Apostal<br />

James Banks<br />

Janet Branton<br />

Thomas Bretz<br />

Linda Broznowski<br />

Mary Kaye Buettgen<br />

Melissa Calabrese<br />

Adriana Camacho<br />

Gerard Canavan<br />

Karla Carey<br />

Frederick Carmean<br />

Ashley Carter<br />

Josephine Ceglarek<br />

John Cesek<br />

Jermiah Chavoen<br />

Michael Chezan<br />

Jung Chung<br />

Andre Collins<br />

Jose Colon<br />

Kieran Conlon<br />

Nathan Cowan<br />

Yvette Crisp<br />

Jennifer Cummings<br />

Timothy Cunniff<br />

Rosa Dante<br />

Sheila Dantzler<br />

Robert Degrazia<br />

Gregory Desmond<br />

John Diebel<br />

Mark Dollard<br />

Gary Drahos<br />

Pedro Duarte<br />

Carolyn Durocher<br />

Ingrid Eichman<br />

Juan Elias<br />

Sanina Ellison<br />

Connie Engel<br />

Natalie Esposito<br />

C. Kathryn Evans<br />

Shawn Farley<br />

Andrea Farley<br />

Greg Faulkner<br />

Dympna Fay-Hart<br />

Andrew Filipowski<br />

Robin Fine<br />

Margaret Finegan<br />

Iliyan Georgiev<br />

Kyle Glascott<br />

Daniel Glick<br />

Jason Goldberg<br />

James Gramata<br />

Clayton Grinnell Chapman<br />

Gloria Gunn<br />

Michael Guthrie<br />

John Haakon Knutson<br />

Ryan Harp<br />

Linda Hattar<br />

Xin Xin Hauf<br />

Ricardo Herrera Sr.<br />

Andrew Hochberg<br />

Juana Honeycutt<br />

Tem Horwitz<br />

Raymond Huertas<br />

Kimberly Hughes<br />

Michael Hulett<br />

Mary Jaeger<br />

Eric Janssen<br />

Mirsada Kalajdzic<br />

Judith Kaplan<br />

Eden-Lisa Kay<br />

Vicky Keene<br />

Krystal Kelham<br />

Arleatha Kelly<br />

Raheem Khan<br />

Mikus Kins<br />

Thomas Kraley II<br />

An-An Ku<br />

Jennifer Lapins<br />

Ashley Lebovic<br />

Leticia Leffel<br />

Jon Levey<br />

Sari Levy<br />

Sherry Liang<br />

Jean Lopez<br />

Clemente Lopez<br />

Francis Lorenz<br />

Brandie Malay<br />

Eric Marcus<br />

John Marinakos<br />

Kathleen Marting<br />

Bobby Milagrosa<br />

Cheryl Mitrick<br />

Peter Moore<br />

Nicole Moraga<br />

Ted Mortellaro<br />

Gordon Munden<br />

Arthur Murphy<br />

David Naso<br />

Scott Newman<br />

Steven Nguyen<br />

Zachary Nicolopoulos<br />

Stephany Oliveros<br />

Marina O’Shea<br />

Keith Ovitt<br />

Kirby Pearson<br />

Charles Peed<br />

Evan Peng<br />

Lora Perlman<br />

Radoslav Petkov<br />

Joseph Picola<br />

John Pogacnik<br />

Gina Polcaster<br />

Radoje Popovic<br />

Jillian Potter<br />

Sam Powell<br />

Jeffrey Proctor<br />

Francisco Quintero Jr.<br />

Rose Mary Ragano<br />

Ryan Rahim<br />

Bharati Rallan<br />

Timothy Rasmussen<br />

Denise Reed-Burbon<br />

Margaret Reilly<br />

George Relias<br />

Dennis Rhodes<br />

David Roa<br />

Kevin Rocio<br />

James Ronan<br />

Carlo Rossi Jr.<br />

Althea Roy<br />

Brian Ruff<br />

John Ruiz<br />

Alicia Ruiz<br />

Sohail Salahuddin<br />

Maria Salvador<br />

Dominic Sergi<br />

Grace Sergio<br />

Sam Shaffer<br />

Michael Slater<br />

Ryan Smith<br />

Nonyne Smith<br />

Janice Smith<br />

Allen Snyder<br />

Elizabeth Stolarczuk<br />

Jacob Strom<br />

Amy Sunshine<br />

Rosario Terracciano<br />

Jaclene Tetzlaff<br />

Joseph Thouvenell<br />

Michael Tolliver<br />

Laura Topp<br />

Peter Tortorello<br />

Steven Tres<br />

Jay Turner<br />

Franceska Tylka<br />

Jorge Vega<br />

Andris Velkme<br />

Urvashi Verma<br />

Gregory Viti<br />

Karl Vogel<br />

Manuel Waldo<br />

Raquel Welch<br />

Allan Weinstein<br />

David Westveer<br />

Maria Whipple<br />

Randell Williams<br />

Tonnette Williams<br />

Letitia Windham<br />

Warren Wu<br />

Tilford Yates<br />

Juliana Yeager<br />

Mary Zerega<br />

Deena Zimmerman<br />

Peter Ziss<br />

Karla Zozulia<br />

Michael Zucker<br />

Michael Zuker<br />

Katarzyna Zylinska<br />

Meredith Banta<br />

Mark Fishman<br />

John McCann<br />

Carolyn Barnes<br />

Amanda Foster<br />

Mike McElroy<br />

John Beebe<br />

Adam Freeman<br />

Joseph McHugh<br />

Joel Bendtsen<br />

Arllyn Freeman<br />

Adam McRae<br />

Kristina Bents<br />

Natalia Ganzenko<br />

Alfredo Medina<br />

Mick Bess<br />

Steven Garcia<br />

Kathleen Menighan<br />

Marilyn Bloom<br />

Andres Garibay<br />

Michael Michalak<br />

Katherine Boruch<br />

Marc Garrison<br />

Mark Mielnicki<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 7


As REALTORS ® , you are natural leaders. In an entrepreneurial<br />

career, if you aren’t leading, you aren’t making a living. ou lead<br />

your careers, teams and philanthropic endeavors, and most<br />

importantly, you lead your clients through some of the biggest<br />

investments they’ll make in a lifetime.<br />

In this issue, we hope you find the resources to help you fine-tune your leadership<br />

skills. Check out aris Ahmed’s how-to for insights on becoming the most productive,<br />

effective team possible. Ahmed gives advice that is applicable to anyone, regardless<br />

of their position on the team. And, in aving a ath to eadership, Colleen asinski<br />

helps us find the why and discover how to motivate others to their best performance.<br />

Also, we hope you spend some time getting to know the leaders of the Chicago<br />

Association of REALTORS ® : your Board of Directors. This amazing team of<br />

REALTORS ® gives back on your behalf to ensure the Association always acts in your<br />

best interests. In my 11 years at C.A.., I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand<br />

how inspiring and impactful this group can be I’m always amazed at their<br />

dedication to moving our industry forward. ake a peek and get to know these<br />

incredible leaders<br />

As the year winds down, it’s a great time to take a moment and reflect on your<br />

goals for 2016. Along with your business and marketing plans, consider developing<br />

a content strategy. We’ve put together a guide to get you started – see page 32.<br />

As always, we’d love to hear from you each out anytime to jkern@chicagorealtor.com.<br />

ere’s to a happy and successful 2016<br />

Jessica Kern<br />

irector of arketing<br />

and Communications<br />

A Few of My<br />

Favorite T hings<br />

Well Read pg. 38<br />

Love this new addition to the magazine! A book nerd by<br />

nature, I’m always looking for something new to read.<br />

My personal favorite: The Power of Habit.<br />

We Hear You pg. 50<br />

We get so excited when we see all of you<br />

check-in and give us feedback. Check out<br />

this page for a few highlights!<br />

8 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Chicago REALTOR ®<br />

CR Magazine<br />

2015-2016 BOARD OF DIRECTORS<br />


Dan Wagner<br />


Matthew Silver<br />


Rebecca Thomson<br />


Hugh Rider<br />


Sonia Anaya<br />

Niko Apostal<br />

Tommy Choi<br />

Robert C. Eby<br />

Doug Fox<br />

Gaspar Flores, Jr.<br />

Antje Gehrken<br />

Coby Hakalir<br />

Maurice L. Hampton<br />

Erin Mandel<br />

Dave Naso<br />

Christopher Pezza<br />

Molly Phelan<br />

Nykea Pippion-McGriff<br />

Sarah Ware<br />

CI CI IC<br />

Ginger Downs<br />

The Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine is published<br />

quarterly by the Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

for its members. Advertising is purchased and<br />

does not necessarily represent the position of the<br />

Chicago Association of REALTORS ® .<br />

I-I-CI<br />

Ginger Downs<br />

gdowns@chicagorealtor.com<br />

EDITOR<br />

Jessica Kern<br />

jkern@chicagorealtor.com<br />

AAI I<br />

Maria Dickman<br />

mdickman@chicagorealtor.com<br />


Jim August<br />

jaugust@chicagorealtor.com<br />

For advertising information please contact<br />

Mary Beth Durkin<br />

at (312) 214-5530 or ads@chicagorealtor.com<br />


C.A.R. Central: 200 S. Michigan Ave., 4 th Floor<br />

Chicago, IL 60604<br />

Ph: (312) 803-4900<br />

Fax: (312) 803-4905<br />

C.A.R. West Towns: 6017 W. 26 th Street<br />

Cicero, IL 60804<br />

Ph: (708)863-1111<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com<br />


Under long established policy of this Association, the Illinois Association<br />

of REALTORS ® and the National Association of REALTORS ® :<br />

1. he broker’s compensation for services rendered in respect to any<br />

listing is solely a matter of negotiation between the broker and his or<br />

her client, and is not fixed, controlled, recommended or maintained by<br />

any persons not party to the listing agreement.<br />

2. he compensation paid by the listing broker to a cooperating<br />

broker in respect to any listing is established by the listing broker and<br />

is not fixed, controlled, recommended or maintained by any persons<br />

other than the listing broker.<br />

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• Hall of Fame spotlight: The Klairmonts<br />

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• Content Planning worksheet<br />

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• 108 th Annual Golf Classic<br />

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• 2015 Casino Royale RPAC Fundraiser<br />

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• Our must-listen podcasts<br />

Resources<br />

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www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 9

Andrew Luett and Eric Martin,<br />

of Wintrust Mortgage<br />

Susan Brown, PHH, Joe Burke, PNTN, Christina Pinson, Dream Town<br />

Realty, Lola Delic, @properties, Akos Straub, Coldwell Banker Previews<br />

International, and Sam Powell, Dream Town Realty<br />

Nancy Kroll,<br />

Jamie Sachmann,<br />

and Kristi Stossel,<br />

of Chicago Title<br />

Eric Marley, Leslie Rizzotti, Mike Fauth,<br />

Jim Nagrant, David Hermiz, of Citibank<br />

Ben Cohen, Guaranteed Rate, and<br />

Matt Farrell, Urban Real Estate<br />

ae ier Bram Chill, @properties<br />


Prize winner<br />

Jamie Sachmann,<br />

Chicago Title<br />

Kristin Cline, Amanda Mohr, and<br />

Alexis Albertson, of @properties<br />

Golf committee chair Melvin Cox, Wells Fargo<br />

a rst plae team ier eoeeal, Chase<br />


Luis F. Hernandez<br />

708.655.5847<br />

www.luisfhernandez.com<br />

10 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Photos by Jessica Kern and Jim August,<br />

Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

Cecelia Marlow, Bob Szacach, Sarah Helton, Bernie Miller, Dara Green,<br />

Tammy Kim Hajjar, and John Powers, of The Federal Savings Bank<br />

Keith Fenceroy, Nexus Debt Solutions,<br />

Scott Yu, Scott Yu & Associates, Ltd.,<br />

oeainol, Chicago Title Insurance, and<br />

Marc Cahan, Mesirow Financial<br />

Katherine Mendler,<br />

Katelyn Bittke,<br />

and Erika Havens,<br />

of Allstate<br />

Brad Samples, Weyerhaeuser,<br />

Eliot Costianis, MNJ Technologies Direct,<br />

Josh Weinberg and Tommy Choi,<br />

both of Weinberg Choi Realty<br />

David Zwarycz, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices<br />

eiulff Cynthia Fauth and Nobu Hata,<br />

both of the National Association of REALTORS ®<br />

Julia Mezher and<br />

Kelli Beyer, of<br />

Chicago Title Land<br />

Trust Company<br />

Luis Hernandez, Stearns Lending<br />

and Luigui Corral, RE/MAX United<br />

Golf committee chair Melvin Cox,<br />

Wells Fargo with Elana Theodoros, eocto<br />

and Jake Seinle, @properties<br />

Pat Dalessandro, Coachlight Realty,<br />

Joe Kenny, Realty Executives,<br />

Kay Wirth, RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest, and<br />

David McClintock, Three Rivers Association of REALTORS ®<br />

Awarded the “least-best” golfers of the day<br />

Dana Hybl, Care Real Estate, and Karen<br />

Irace, RE/MAX Synergy, with the Golf<br />

committee chair Melvin Cox, Wells Fargo<br />

Prize winner Joseph Nery,<br />

Nery & Richardson, LLC<br />

dez<br />

z.com<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 11

Amy Beyer, Americorp, Dipti Desai and<br />

Tony Lupescu, of Fifth Third Bank, Maggie Buchmiller<br />

and Catherine Holbrook, both of Americorp<br />

Ioanna Chiotis, guest, and<br />

Nick Nastos, Chicago’s Property Shop<br />

C.A.R. President Dan Wagner, The Inland Real<br />

Estate Group, Director Antje Gehrken, A.R.E.<br />

Partners, guest Ryan Stevens and Director<br />

Dave Naso, Keller Williams Preferred Realty.<br />


Evelyn Fred, Baird & Warner, Maurice Hampton,<br />

Centered International Realty, and Ginger Downs<br />

Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

Colin Lake, guest, andJustine<br />

D’Amour, Owl Management<br />

Table shot<br />

Crowd shot<br />

Kevin Van Eck, @properties, and<br />

Tommy Choi, Weinberg Choi Realty<br />


12 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Matt Farrell, Urban Real Estate, Stephanie Dolan, Josh Weinberg<br />

and Hayley Fox, Weinberg Choi Realty, Erin Mandel, @properties,<br />

and Greg Pekarsky, Vesta Preferred Realty<br />

Angela Fought, Fought<br />

Statistical Consulting, and<br />

Shadia Shukair, Apts 4 Rent LLC<br />

Guests mingle in the<br />

Guaranteed Rate VIP lounge<br />

Nazira Mussri, and Leticia Barraza, iLoans<br />

Haley Levine, Weinberg Choi Realty, Mack Alsaidi,<br />

Related Realty, Stephanie Dolan, Hayley Fox, Tommy Choi,<br />

Arianna Dorn, and Josh Weinberg, Weinberg Choi Realty,<br />

Karla Mina, Coldwell Banker, Greg Pekarsky,<br />

Vesta Preferred Realty, and Maria Gomez, guest.<br />

The Showgirls<br />

Judy Gibbons, Jameson Sotheby’s International<br />

Realty and her husband Peter Gibbons<br />

Emily Vutech, Annie Schweitzer, Kevin Van Eck,<br />

and Natasha Patla, @properties<br />

Don Joseph, Barrister Title, Leticia Barraza, Nazira Mussri, Nick Memeti, Rameen<br />

Qadar, iLoan Home Mortgage, and Lydia Memeti, RE/MAX City<br />

Table shot<br />

Photos by Lex Alexander Photography and LANE Media & Productions<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 13

Frank J. Williams, F.J. Williams Realty, Vince Daley, Wacker<br />

Management, & wife Vi, Alderman Raymond Lopez (15 th Ward),<br />

Marion Valle, Valle Realty, and Jim Kinney, Baird & Warner<br />

John and Erika Villegas,<br />

ERA Mi Casa Real Estate<br />

eaiion-ci, Dream Town, and<br />

Sarah Ware, Ware Realty Group, LLC<br />

Dave Hanna, Realty Executives Source One, and<br />

Ginger Downs, Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

present Matt Farrell, Urban Real Estate (center)<br />

with the REALTOR ® of the Year award<br />

Janette Coss, Eddie Garcia and<br />

Ana Ramirez, Realty of Chicago LLC<br />

Matt Farrell, Urban Real Estate,<br />

Christopher Pezza, Rockwell Partners LLC,<br />

and Kelly Price, Wintrust Mortgage<br />

Board members Molly Phelan, Much Shelist,<br />

P.C., and Bob Eby etur 21 liate<br />

Golf committee chair Melvin Cox,<br />

Wells Fargo with Elana Theodoros, eocto<br />

and Jake Seinle, @properties<br />

Jennifer Hawn, Six & Co., Millie Rosenbloom,<br />

Baird & Warner and Deena Zimmerman, Sperry Van Ness<br />

Sheldon F. Good, Good Realty Group, with 2015 Hall of Fame inductees Larry<br />

and Al Klairmont, Imperial Realty, and Hugh Rider, Realty & Mortgage Co.<br />

Jorge Flores, Tom Flemm, Brandon Poulos, Maurice<br />

Raya, and Tony Ameti, of Neighborhood Loans<br />


14 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Maggie & Bob Krawitz,<br />

of RE/MAX Signature<br />

Jorge Flores, Neighborhood Loans, Stephanie Gutierrez,<br />

Aces Properties, Sonia Anaya and Marcos Mendez, America<br />

Real Estate, and Reno Manuele, Neighborhood Loans<br />

Jennifer Mills Klatt, Berkshire Hathaway<br />

meeries eiulff a<br />

husband James Klatt, HomeDetails<br />

Michael Mini, Chicagoland Apartment Association,<br />

with Gary Clayton, Illinois Association of REALTORS ® ,<br />

and his wife Marsha Clayton<br />

Board members Sarah Ware,<br />

Ware Realty Group LLC, and Gaspar<br />

Flores, Jr., Su Familia Real Estate<br />

Jan Hope and Jean Maday, National Association<br />

of REALTORS ® with Brande and Maurice Hampton,<br />

Centered International Realty<br />


Bruce & Ginger Downs, Chicago Association of REALTORS ® ,<br />

and Dave Hanna, Realty Executives Source One<br />

Dan Wagner, The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc.,<br />

and Hugh Rider, Realty & Mortgage Co.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 15

Anastasia Poulopoulos,<br />

lawyer, and Eric Westberg,<br />

Old Second National Bank<br />

Hall of Fame inductees<br />

Alfred and Larry Klairmont with<br />

arrs a Joyce Oberlander.<br />

Matt Silver, Urban Real Estate, and<br />

Rebecca Thomson, @properties<br />

Hall of Fame inductee Alfred Klairmont<br />

a te mperial ealt staff<br />

Christina Pinson, Dream Town, Anastasia Poulopoulos, lawyer,<br />

Deena Zimmerman, Sperry Van Ness, Sara Hulsebus, Greater<br />

Illinois Title Company, and Sam Powell, Dream Town<br />

Sanina Ellison, Chicago Homes<br />

Realty Group and Tracey Taylor,<br />

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices<br />

eiulff ealt rup<br />

C.A.R. President Dan Wagner’s children:<br />

Michael, John, Annie and Danny<br />

Houston Holt, Owl Management, Nicholas<br />

Apostal, Coldwell Banker, Lauren Hundman,<br />

Justine D’Amour and Joe Rose, Owl Management<br />

Matt Silver, Urban Real Estate, Antje Gehrken, A.R.E. Partners,<br />

Coby Hakalir, Midwest Lending Corporation, Dave Naso,<br />

Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Doug Fox, Jameson<br />

Sotheby’s International Realty, and guest Ryan Stevens<br />

Gaspar Flores Sr., Su Familia<br />

Real Estate and his wide Gloria<br />

Photos by Marcello Rodarte and LANE Media & Productions<br />

C.A.R. CEO Ginger Downs presents<br />

Thad Wong, @properties, with the 2015<br />

REALTOR ® Community Service Award<br />

16 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

2015-2016<br />

C.A.R. President<br />

DAN<br />

WAGNER<br />

UNITING the<br />



www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 17

Dan Wagner, the 2015-2016 Chicago<br />

Association of REALTORS ® President,<br />

brings a lifetime of leadership and a<br />

legacy of altruism to his role.<br />

Born the youngest of seven siblings in<br />

Springfield, politics was infused in the<br />

culture where Dan grew up. He embraced his leadership qualities<br />

early by serving as eighth-grade president, and then going on to<br />

be class president in his freshman through junior years of high<br />

school. In his senior year, Dan became student body president,<br />

and when he arrived at Illinois State University, became president<br />

of his pledge class, president of the residence halls, academic<br />

senator and the student regent of the Board of Regents.<br />

This early, natural gravitation toward leadership and politics<br />

foreshadowed a career in government affairs.<br />

His commercial real estate career began when he volunteered for<br />

Lee Daniels, the speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. At<br />

a Daniels event, he met the man he calls his mentor, Dan Goodwin,<br />

CEO and Chairman of the Inland Real Estate Group of Companies.<br />

This meeting set him on the path to Inland, and now, C.A.R.<br />

“Working for Dan Goodwin is like being in grad school every<br />

day,” Dan said of his role as Senior Vice President of Government<br />

Relations, where he represents Inland at the local, state and<br />

national levels. “He [Goodwin] was a teacher before he started<br />

the Inland Real Estate Group, and so it makes sense that he is<br />

still teaching.”<br />

Dan works every day to bring disparate groups together to<br />

further the commercial real estate industry and fight burdensome<br />

regulation. It’s his experience in negotiation which he hopes to<br />

use to continue to bring groups together in his role at C.A.R., by<br />

working with industry partners and increasing collaboration with<br />

the National Association of REALTORS ® and the Illinois Association<br />

of REALTORS ® .<br />

He is a firm believer in Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If we don’t hang<br />

together, then we shall certainly hang separately.” This guiding<br />

philosophy is apparent in his every involvement with C.A.R. “Our<br />

strength is in our diversity,” Dan said. “We must act as a united real<br />

estate industry, as one voice fighting for the issues that impact all<br />

of us, both commercial and residential.”<br />

In Chicago, these issues include the property tax increase, the<br />

possibility of a “cloud tax” targeting data usage, and the Affordable<br />

Requirements Ordinance. And, in the background is the budget<br />

gridlock in Springfield and threats to the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange<br />

and the mortgage interest deduction, as well as internet sales tax<br />

collection issues.<br />

With these challenges ahead, Dan’s additional roles as the<br />

commercial liaison to the National Association of REALTORS ® ,<br />

his service on Illinois Association of REALTOR ® ’s Board of<br />

Directors and Chair of the IAR RPAC Trustees, will give him a<br />

unique advantage in helping be a champion for C.A.R. and the<br />

Power of R on all fronts.<br />

Also important is his role as a husband and father. “Pivotal” is how<br />

Dan describes meeting his wife, Lisa, a political and nonprofit<br />

fundraiser who counts Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, ARKive, the<br />

Golden Apple Foundation, the National Republican Congressional<br />

Committee and U.S. Navy Seals as past and current clients.<br />

Together, they have triplets “plus one.”<br />

18 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Highly spiritual and goal-driven, Dan’s role as an advocate for<br />

special needs children may have come about regardless, but<br />

his family has given it more significance: one of their children<br />

has autism.<br />

“The special needs community is so important,” he said. “All kids<br />

are created equal, and I’m just one of a myriad of parents who<br />

advocate for their kids. You can’t have a park or school district try<br />

to program for and teach only 95 percent of kids. You have to have<br />

100 percent of the kids at the table, because it benefits everyone<br />

in the long run. And, the earlier you can make an impact, the more<br />

success and productivity will be ensured for every child.”<br />

In 2014, he received the Advocacy Award from the Illinois Parks<br />

and Recreation Association, for working with his park district<br />

fighting for the special needs community. It’s just another way he<br />

finds fulfillment in working to strengthen his community.<br />

With his mentor, Daniel Goodwin, at<br />

C.A.R.’s 132 nd Annual Inaugural Gala.<br />

To that end, Dan’s particularly passionate about the REALTOR ®<br />

partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. In August,<br />

he presented C.A.R.’s 10,000 dollar check to NAR President Tom<br />

Salomone, BGCA spokesperson and four-time heavyweight boxing<br />

world champion Evander Holyfield, and BGCA Chairman Emeritus<br />

Ron Gidwitz.<br />

“Kids are a vital part of our communities,” Dan said. “REALTORS ® are<br />

the blood and sinew of our towns, providing homes and apartments<br />

for millions of people<br />

and businesses. And as<br />

the BGCA is the second<br />

home for so many<br />

children, this partnership<br />

is totally in line with our<br />

REALTOR ® values.”<br />

At the Oak Brook headquarters<br />

of The Inland Real Estate Group<br />

of Companies, Inc.<br />

Key to Dan’s success<br />

has been traits shared<br />

by so many of his fellow<br />

REALTORS ® : a strong<br />

work ethic, driven by the desire to provide for his family; an<br />

unwavering optimism, a goal to always see the goodness in people;<br />

and a need to help make the world a better place.<br />

“It is so rewarding working with professionals at the top of their<br />

game,” he said. “The more you get involved in your Association,<br />

the more the REALTOR ® family becomes apparent. We’re part of<br />

a bigger picture. Being involved in our communities, you can see<br />

where there’s a deficiency and a challenge, and REALTORS ® are<br />

always there, plugging the void.”<br />

Dan’s leadership qualities and altruistic nature will surely help to<br />

achieve the many goals set for the coming year. “I look forward<br />

to rising to meet the challenge,” he said. “I want to encourage<br />

everyone to be our first-line responders, in being watchdogs<br />

for affordability and safeguards of the American dream, so that<br />

businesses and families have the most opportunity possible.”<br />

See Dan’s inaugural speech.<br />

On a family vacation in Yellowstone with wife Lisa,<br />

and children Danny, John, Annie and Michael.<br />

With Sheldon Good and 2016 CCIM<br />

Treasurer ouio at the CCIM Thrive<br />

Conference in Austin, TX.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 19

Association News<br />

C.A.R. Partners with the<br />

Boys & Girls Clubs of America<br />

The National Association of REALTORS ® is<br />

teaming up with the Boys and Girls Clubs of<br />

America to ensure that our children continue<br />

to have a bright future. At the NAR Leadership<br />

Summit in August, C.A.R. presented a<br />

$<br />

10,000 donation to the BGCA. The check,<br />

presented to NAR President Tom Salomone,<br />

Four-Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion<br />

and BGCA supporter Evander Holyfield and<br />

BGCA Chairman Emeritus Ron Gidwitz by<br />

C.A.R. President Dan Wagner of the Inland<br />

Real Estate Group, was the first pledge from<br />

any Association.<br />

The partnership between REALTORS ® and<br />

the BGCA is a perfect fit, as both are integral<br />

to the community. C.A.R. believes that, in<br />


working together over the next year, we can<br />

make a real impact in the lives of Chicagoland’s<br />

children. Keep an eye out for ways that<br />

you can get involved in the coming year!<br />

C.A.R. President Dan Wagner presents a $ 10,000 donation on behalf of<br />

the Association to NAR President Tom Salomone, BGCA spokesperson<br />

andeoleldand BGCA Chairman Emeritus Ron Gidwitz.<br />

Did You Know?<br />

Get inspired to give to the BGCA<br />

with a kickoff video.<br />

• Over 200,000 children in Chicago live at or below poverty<br />

• Nearly 55% of Chicago’s children are either on their own after school, or cared<br />

for by siblings<br />

• 95% of BGCC members are expected to graduate from high school, compared to<br />

CPS graduation rate of 69%<br />


• 10,000 youth members<br />

• 1,800 average daily attendance<br />

• 21 locations – 12 CPS, 9 standalone clubs<br />

• 27 Community Areas throughout the city<br />

• 200 staff<br />

• +300 volunteers<br />


• 13,000 youth served annually<br />

• 8 clubs in Chicago<br />

• Camp in Salem, Wisconsin<br />

• 15 full-time & 105 part-time staff<br />

• +525 volunteers<br />

20 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine


2015-2016<br />

BOARD of<br />


eet our 2015-2016 oard of irectors, check out their goals for our Association,<br />

and get inspired by their leadership tips and tricks<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 21


Su Familia Real Estate<br />

GOAL: Continue to grow the involvement<br />

and presence of the South Side<br />

communities we serve.<br />

“If not you, then who? If not now,<br />

then when?”<br />

— Ernie Reyes<br />

NAHREP Co-Founder<br />


@properties<br />

GOAL: Encourage increased agent involvement<br />

through social media, office visits, networking<br />

opportunities, creative CE options and RPAC<br />

awareness.<br />

Life is 10% of what happens to you and<br />

90% of how you react to it. Find the<br />

common thread amongst all parties<br />

and graciously guide in a thoughtful<br />

and meaningful manner.<br />


A.R.E. Partners<br />

GOAL: Learn as much as I can while<br />

bringing as much to the table as I’ve<br />

seen other dedicated directors bring.<br />

I’m committed to further improving<br />

education and development opportunities,<br />

and raising awareness of<br />

these amongst our REALTORS ® and<br />

prospective members.<br />

Lead by example. Illegitimi non<br />

carborundum.<br />


Rockwell Partners LLC<br />

GOAL: To help unite all those involved<br />

in Chicago Real Estate to work as one<br />

body to make our industry better.<br />

Work Smart, Not Hard! ;)<br />


Urban Real Estate<br />

GOAL: A very real engagement with<br />

membership — their wants and<br />

mostly their needs; to be better and<br />

more productive — be it by using our<br />

school with hot topic offerings or the<br />

FastStats, usage of the advocacy<br />

we provide, or the Foundation and<br />

its offerings. I want to engage with<br />

the members — after all, I’m in the<br />

trenches every day, too.<br />

Find your inner voice and be<br />

comfortable in your core<br />

values — integrity and responsibility<br />

are paramount.<br />

22 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine


@properties<br />

GOAL: Continue to provide more<br />

value to our members.<br />

Collaboration is key; great<br />

leaders have a voice but<br />

they also listen.<br />


Keller Williams Preferred Realty<br />

GOAL: Increase member participation<br />

within the Association. There<br />

are so many opportunities to have<br />

a voice in this industry, and it’s up to<br />

us to find those next great leaders.<br />

Have a written vision and<br />

be specific. You cannot lead<br />

others unless it’s clear where<br />

you’re going.<br />


Midwest Lending Corporation<br />

GOAL: Build on the three years I’ve spent with the C.A.R.<br />

Foundation to help make Chicago the premier place for<br />

real estate professionals to live and do business.<br />

Listen to your people and go the extra mile<br />

to break down the barriers of communication.<br />

You can learn so much from giving people the<br />

room and confidence to share with you.<br />


Much Shelist, PC - Attorneys<br />

GOAL: To increase membership and<br />

elevate resources for commercial<br />

brokers.<br />

Become the subject expert<br />

on one thing.<br />


<br />

Dream Town Realty<br />

GOAL: Help members understand how much C.A.R.<br />

advocates on behalf of not only our REALTOR ®<br />

family, but also the homeowners for whom we all<br />

work so hard.<br />

Remain flexible and open to change.<br />

Our rapidly changing industry requires<br />

that we all remain open to learning<br />

and trying new tools and techniques.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 23


Centered International Realty<br />

GOAL: Expand C.A.R.’s global presence;<br />

achieve a Platinum Council Award<br />

for the Global Real Estate Council;<br />

communicate the C.A.R. value<br />

proposition to as many members as<br />

possible; engage with the membership<br />

at our events, in the field, and at their<br />

offices; and engage membership in<br />

RPAC and encourage members to<br />

contribute their fair share of $ 20.<br />

Create a foundation of lifelong<br />

learning and improving for<br />

the benefit of yourself and<br />

everyone you touch.<br />


Ware Realty Group, LLC.<br />


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage<br />

GOAL: Increase RPAC participation<br />

among membership and create new<br />

resources for leasing and property<br />

managers.<br />

If you ask lots of questions<br />

and take the time to listen,<br />

solutions will present themselves<br />

to you.<br />

GOAL: Recruit at least one new RPAC<br />

Major Investor and 5 new “fair share”<br />

investors.<br />

You will know when you are<br />

on the path to being a great<br />

leader when you have people<br />

who rally around you to move<br />

things forward.<br />


Realty & Mortgage Co.<br />

GOAL: RLTO reform<br />

Mean what you say.<br />

DOUG FOX<br />

Jameson Sotheby’s<br />

International Realty<br />

GOAL: Increase member<br />

benefits and do my part<br />

in maintaining the highest<br />

standards of professionalism.<br />

Listen and be patient and<br />

calm — others will follow<br />

your lead.<br />

24 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine


Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

GOAL: To have as many C.A.R. members as<br />

possible take advantage of C.A.R.’s 2015-16<br />

Complimentary C.E. offering.<br />

“Work for a cause, not for applause;<br />

live life to express, not to impress;<br />

don’t strive to make your presence<br />

noticed, just make your absence felt.”<br />


America Real Estate<br />


The Inland Real Estate Group<br />

of Companies, Inc.<br />

GOAL: Engage the C.A.R. membership<br />

to help kids at the Boys and Girls<br />

Clubs of America.<br />

“Whatever you are, be a good<br />

one.”<br />

— Abraham Lincoln<br />

GOAL: Raise awareness and educate my fellow REALTORS ®<br />

when it comes to the importance of getting involved with<br />

C.A.R., IAR and NAR.<br />

Listen and accept the feedback you receive<br />

from peers. You need to accept the feedback to<br />

be able to learn and grow from your mistakes.<br />

You never stop learning from both your triumphs<br />

and your mistakes.<br />

BOB EBY<br />

Century 21 Affiliated<br />

GOAL: Help promote and assist our membership,<br />

show we are the advocates for real estate and<br />

to promote professionalism throughout our<br />

industry.<br />

Leaders understand the ever-changing<br />

industry and stay on the cutting edge<br />

of what the members’ wants and needs<br />

are, such as education and technology.<br />


Weinberg Choi Realty<br />

GOAL: Promote the growth of RPAC contributors<br />

and advocates.<br />

Don’t focus on being better than<br />

someone else. Focus on being better<br />

than who you were from the day before.<br />

When you do this, you’ll find that you<br />

present the best version of you every<br />

single day.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 25

C.A.R. Foundation News<br />


2015 Chicago Association of REALTORS ® Hall of Fame<br />

We proudly inducted Larry and Alfred Klairmont of Imperial Realty<br />

into the Chicago Association of REALTORS ® Hall of Fame at our<br />

132 nd Annual Inaugural Gala. We thank them for their leadership,<br />

achievements and philanthropy.<br />

Larry Klairmont’s mantra is “I only invest in bricks and mortar!”<br />

Born during the depression, he began working at the age of<br />

nine. At sixteen, he joined the Marines, receiving two Purple<br />

Hearts, two Silver Stars and one Bronze Star fighting in two of<br />

the bloodiest battles in Iwo Jima and Saipan during WWII.<br />

After graduating from DePaul, Larry founded Imperial Cleaners,<br />

which grew to become the largest dry cleaning chain in Chicago in<br />

just four years. In 1962, he sold out of the business. Five years later,<br />

he purchased and renovated his first investment property, the<br />

oldest business building in Highland Park. He began acquiring a<br />

mix of warehouses and office buildings over the next eleven years,<br />

until his son Al expressed an interest in going into real estate with<br />

his father, rather than going to law school. Thus, despite Larry’s<br />

reservations, the modern era of Imperial Realty began.<br />

“On my first day on the job, my dad showed me the key box to the<br />

23 properties he had purchased, and he told me that he never<br />

wanted to see the keys again,” Alfred said. “As the company’s<br />

only administrative employee, I was given the latitude to bumble<br />

along and practice all aspects of real estate. And if I could find a<br />

payphone, I could try to find my Dad to ask what to do, and always<br />

get the right answer.”<br />

Larry and Alfred Klairmont receive their plaques for the C.A.R.<br />

Hall of Fame from Sheldon Good, Founder of the Hall of Fame,<br />

and Dave Hanna, Chair of the REALTOR ® Awards Committee.<br />

Since joining forces, they have acquired and developed over 150<br />

different properties together, without defaulting on a mortgage.<br />

At present, they own over 100 buildings and centers, and manage<br />

over 3000 tenants. Their staff of 100 consists of many long-time<br />

employees who share their “hands-on” approach.<br />

Although Larry is semi-retired, he still maintains a presence at<br />

the Imperial Realty offices, where Alfred continues to direct all<br />

company activities with unparalleled attention to detail and his<br />

“tender, loving care” philosophy. The best example of this is his<br />

ever-evolving to-do list, with over 1,500 entries that are replaced<br />

by new initiatives upon completion.<br />

“I love driving around this town and looking at developments<br />

that Alfred and I’ve created,” Larry said. “Places where there<br />

was nothing and didn’t exist, and now it’s such a credit and an<br />

improvement to the city.”<br />

Outside of real estate, Larry focuses much of his attention to<br />

his Klairmont Kollection of extremely rare and unusual classic<br />

automobiles, housed in a dedicated museum that he uses to<br />

raise money for charity. Meanwhile, Alfred remains active in the<br />

greater Chicago community, with memberships on 16 different<br />

civic and professional boards and committees. He is particularly<br />

active in the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation, where he is the<br />

long-time Educational Chairman.<br />

The Klairmonts often say that they are in the business of taking<br />

lemons, and turning them into lemonade. And looking back at<br />

the impact that their efforts have made on the city,<br />

this couldn’t ring more true.<br />

Watch the Klairmonts’ Hall of Fame speeches,<br />

and check out their video.<br />

26 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

History Lesson:<br />

Larry & Alfred<br />

Klairmont<br />

The newest inductees to the<br />

C.A.R. Hall of Fame, Alfred &<br />

Larry Klairmont have built an<br />

incredible portfolio of businesses<br />

and made an indelible impact on<br />

the city’s real estate industry.<br />

1. Larry Klairmont’s work ethic<br />

began at age nine. At sixteen he<br />

joined the Marines, receiving two<br />

Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars and<br />

one Bronze Star during WWII.<br />

2. 1 arr mae is rst real estate purase te<br />

oldest business building in Highland Park, which he then<br />

renovated. He began acquiring a mix of warehouses and<br />

e uilis er te et elee ears<br />

3. Upon graduation,<br />

his son Alfred expressed<br />

an interest in going into<br />

business with his father<br />

buying and renovating<br />

properties. Al became<br />

arrs rst emplee a<br />

Imperial Realty was born.<br />

4. The father-son duo has acquired and developed<br />

er 150 ifferet prperties teter a r te<br />

mpa t er 100 ete staff memers<br />

TODAY<br />

5. Larry has a passion for collecting rare and<br />

unique classic automobiles for his museum, the<br />

lairmt lleti i e pes t prts<br />

to use for fundraising.<br />

6. Alfred is very active on numerous<br />

civic boards, and is the long-time<br />

Educational Chairman of the Harold E.<br />

Eisenberg Foundation.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 27


Keller Williams defines leadership as: “teaching people how to think, so they can do what they need to do, to get what they want, when<br />

they want it.” But how, exactly, do you teach someone how to think?<br />

1. Start With ‘Why’<br />

Start by casting a powerful vision. In Start with Why, Simon Sinek<br />

explains that “people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you<br />

do it.”<br />

Great leaders cast a powerful vision that people relate to, buy<br />

into, and are compelled to follow. Your people need to know why<br />

you do what you do, as well as how it relates to them. And your<br />

vision has to be big — just when you think it’s big enough, think<br />

bigger. People will follow you because they see you as a vehicle<br />

to achieving their own goals and dreams. If your vision and goals<br />

aren’t bigger than the sum of all of those that you are leading, you<br />

can’t be that vehicle. As Gary Keller reminds us, “If people aren’t<br />

laughing at your goals then they aren’t big enough.”<br />

2. Find the ‘Who’<br />

Next, get into business with talented people. Talent pushes for<br />

solutions, actively searches for what they want, continually raises<br />

the bar and wants to be associated with other talent. We’ve all<br />

heard the old adage that you are the sum of the five people with<br />

whom you associate the most. This is particularly true in leadership.<br />

Ask yourself the following questions:<br />

• are te e peple am leari frm<br />

on a regular basis?<br />

• are te e ealt etermiers i<br />

my circle?<br />

• What relationship am I missing in my<br />

business life that would change my world?<br />

28 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine


Download leadership tools<br />

from Gary Keller<br />

Remember: talented people attract other talented people, and you<br />

can’t really lead if there is no one following.<br />

The rule of 5 also ties into span of control, which states that you<br />

cannot effectively directly lead more than five people. This means<br />

that the five people you lead must be capable of leading others.<br />

The quickest way to know if you have achieved this is to go on<br />

vacation for a week or two. Where do problems show up? Who<br />

leaves a mess for you when you return, or worse yet, who is calling<br />

you while you are away? The holes in our business show up when<br />

we are away, and those holes are always attributed to one of two<br />

things: a person or a system.<br />

3. Train Your Talent<br />

Once you find great people, you have to train them. Implementing<br />

an effective 100-day training plan with a talented hire can increase<br />

performance by 40 percent. Take the time to teach people to<br />

take effective action, and then reward them for their actions. If<br />

you spend time training, what you are creating is a self-managed<br />

individual, an individual who you’ve taught to think. In training,<br />

make sure to focus on what matters most, and be clear about the<br />

results that matter, because in life and in business, not all things<br />

matter equally.<br />

In the book The One Thing, Gary Keller talks about the Pareto<br />

Principle, wherein 20 percent of what we do will yield 80 percent<br />

of our results. Teach your talent good habits, and create systems<br />

for accountability around those habits. Make sure your people<br />

know what their 20 percent is and your team will flourish.<br />

4. Motivate with ‘Why’<br />

You have cast a powerful vision, gotten into business with talented<br />

people, trained them to be effective and focused on what matters<br />

most; so, now what? Motivate them. Motivation is different for<br />

everyone, but generally, it’s their why, their sense of purpose in<br />

both business and life. My first MAPS coach told me that people<br />

can’t say no to their own goals and dreams. However, only five<br />

percent of people actually reach their goals. Why is this? Because<br />

most people don’t actually write down their goals, or if they do,<br />

they neglect to write a plan for achieving them. Utilize target<br />

planning, GPS and other written goal-setting and planning tools<br />

to help your talent create a plan to get to their “why.”<br />

In helping your talent connect the dots between their daily<br />

activities and their goals and dreams, you teach them to begin<br />

creating good habits. Habits enable them to do what they need<br />

to do, to get to what they want, when they want it. By asking them<br />

powerful questions, helping them discover the activities that<br />

will get them where they want to go, and creating opportunities<br />

that meet and exceed their goals, you’ve helped them to think<br />

differently. You’ve thus made an impact on their lives, touched<br />

their hearts, and earned their loyalty.<br />

On a never-ending path of mastery, this is the vision of true<br />

leadership, one which I feel compelled to fulfill as my own<br />

purpose and my “why.”<br />

Colleen Basinski<br />

Team Leader/Broker<br />

Keller Williams Realty<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 29

Highly<br />

Effective<br />

Teams:<br />

A HOW-TO<br />

Haris Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group,<br />

Inc., recently gave a lecture entitled “How to Lead Effectively in<br />

Today’s World” to the Board of Directors. We loved his advice,<br />

particularly when it came down to a breakdown of the difference<br />

between groups, teams and high-performance teams. We asked<br />

him to expand a little bit on this concept for you.<br />

Q<br />

:<br />

A<br />

:<br />

Your “Group vs. Team” chart is very interesting. Let’s say you<br />

are leading a group that falls into the group category, but you’d<br />

like them to evolve to a team. What steps can you take?<br />

The primary difference between a group and a team is<br />

that team members are equally committed to a common<br />

purpose and goal, which they cannot reach individually. The<br />

purpose and goal can only be met when the individuals come<br />

together as a team. A team needs to articulate common purpose,<br />

goals and an agreed upon working approach. Secondly, for a team<br />

to perform well, its members need to hold themselves mutually<br />

accountable.<br />

Q<br />

:<br />

Now, let’s take it up a notch. How can a real team evolve to<br />

A<br />

become a high-performance team?<br />

:High performance teams are rare. The salient difference<br />

between a team and high performance team is that its<br />

members are deeply committed to and vested in each other’s<br />

growth and success. An example? The Chicago Bulls, when they<br />

moved from being individual stars to working together. Michael<br />

Jordan was always a high scoring player, but the team didn’t<br />

become a powerhouse until Jordan, with Scotty Pippen, Dennis<br />

Rodman and others, worked together to win.<br />

The 5 Dysfunctions of Teams<br />


Team members<br />

are unwilling to be<br />

vulnerable within the<br />

group.<br />


Team cannot engage<br />

in unfiltered and<br />

passionate debate<br />

of ideas.<br />

LACK OF<br />


Team members rarely<br />

have buy in or commit<br />

to decisions.<br />



Team members don’t<br />

call their peers on<br />

actions/behaviours<br />

which hurt the team.<br />



Team members put<br />

their individual needs<br />

before those of the<br />

team.<br />

30 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Q<br />

:<br />

A<br />

:<br />

How about if you aren’t in a leadership role, but rather a member of the<br />

group/team?<br />

The same principles apply to all members of a team, regardless of rank. Each<br />

member needs to take personal accountability. Successful behaviors need to be<br />

adopted by all members. Frankly, it’s a test of one’s commitment, to be aware of one’s<br />

own behavior and to be willing to call out the bad behavior of other team members. Team<br />

members should appropriately communicate when they see poor behavior that creates<br />

an environment of fear and lack of trust.<br />

Q<br />

:<br />

A<br />

:<br />

Do you have any best practices with addressing the five dysfunctions of a team?<br />

This would take a lot of column space! To learn more, I recommend reading<br />

two books, The Rocket Model, by Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan and The Five<br />

Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni.<br />

Q<br />

:<br />

A<br />

:<br />

Q<br />

:<br />

A<br />

:<br />

In your experience, what is the most important trait needed for individuals to come<br />

together as a team?<br />

Commitment. The way I like to explain this is with a little story about a ham and<br />

egg sandwich… “the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.”<br />

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for groups looking to evolve into real and<br />

high-performance teams?<br />

All of us serve on so many teams, but we do a disservice to the team if we don’t<br />

check our commitment and make sure it aligns with their personal value system<br />

and other time commitments. My advice is for us to only serve on teams that we believe in<br />

and to which we can fully commit.<br />

Check out our resources for<br />

building highly effective teams.<br />

Haris Ahmed<br />

Founder and CEO<br />

Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc.<br />

Group vs. Team<br />


A group in which the members<br />

interact primarily to share information,<br />

best practices, or perspectives and<br />

to make decisions to help each<br />

individual perform in his or her area<br />

of responsibility.<br />


A small group of people with<br />

complementary skills who are<br />

equally committed to a common<br />

purpose, goal, and working approach<br />

for which they hold themselves<br />

mutually accountable.<br />


TEAM<br />

A small group that begins as a team<br />

and outperforms all reasonable<br />

expectations given its membership;<br />

what makes it high-performance<br />

is that its members are deeply<br />

committed to one another’s personal<br />

growth and success.<br />

Highly Functional Teams<br />

Delivering Results<br />

Mutual Accountability<br />

Commitment<br />

Surface and Resolve<br />

Conflict-dialogue<br />

Trust and Respect<br />

*Adapted from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 31

Planning Your Best<br />

New Content Strategy<br />

In today’s world, everyone is in publishing. Most of us have at<br />

least one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, digital newsletter, blog<br />

or website — a place where we communicate with our sphere of<br />

influence. If you are using any of these vehicles to communicate<br />

with your clients, you are a publisher. However, are you using them<br />

as strategically as possible? Do you have a strategic plan, and is<br />

everything you are publishing part of that plan?<br />

As you prep for the New Year, now is a great time to ensure you<br />

are posting with purpose. Taking some time now to plan out your<br />

content will ensure you stay in-line with your strategic goals and<br />

are never lacking for engagement! We’ve prepared this guide to<br />

help you jumpstart the process. Also, check out the online version<br />

for links to useful tools and a content planning worksheet!<br />

Step 1: eieandeneouoal<br />

You really need to consider your goals first. What are you trying to<br />

accomplish with the content you’re posting? Staying “top of mind”<br />

with past clients, providing useful homeownership tips,<br />

32 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

As you prep for the<br />

ew ear, now is a great<br />

time to ensure you are<br />

posting with purpose.<br />

showcasing your expertise and providing real estate market<br />

updates are all great places to start.<br />

Reviewing your business plan is a smart way to ensure that you<br />

aren’t overlooking a particular goal, and can help you better define<br />

your content marketing strategy.<br />

Once you have identified your goals and determined a strategy,<br />

put them in writing and keep them all in one place. This will<br />

streamline everything and ensure that what you are publishing<br />

stays on point.<br />

Step 2: Audit Your 2015 Content<br />

Take a minute here to jot down all of your different<br />

communication vehicles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog,<br />

newsletter, etc. Log in to each site, and pull the past year’s<br />

statistics. Set in place a process for this.<br />

Start with your blog. Take a look at the hits from the past<br />

year. Which posts had the highest page views? Did any have<br />

significantly higher click ratings or comments versus another?<br />

Move on to your digital newsletters and emails. Which stories<br />

were your subscribers most attracted to? Did any subject or<br />

keyword tend to drive more traffic than another?<br />

Finally, tackle your social media feeds. A great tool for this is<br />

SumAll. SumAll allows you to load all of your accounts and<br />

then analyzes which had the most engagement.<br />

Step 3: Plan Out Your Content<br />

Now that you have a good idea of what was successful (and<br />

what flopped) in 2015, it’s time to plan for 2016. While you can’t<br />

plan for every news item and story that you may publish, you<br />

can create an editorial calendar to start. Last minute items can<br />

be filled in when the time comes to publish. By setting up an<br />

editorial calendar, you can look at the week, month and year at<br />

a glance, and know that you have content scheduled that will<br />

help you meet your goals.<br />

Our Monthly Worksheet is a great way to get started on your<br />

editorial calendar. Determine a theme for the month, as well as<br />

the essentials that each month should have. Go ahead a sketch<br />

out some extras that you may want to add in as bonus content.<br />

We love the idea of creating a formula that works for your<br />

clients. To accomplish this, one example would be to include a<br />

monthly market update, a homeownership tip, a Chicago and/or<br />

neighborhood happening, in addition to a client story or review<br />

in every monthly newsletter.<br />

Once you’ve determined the formula for each platform (blog,<br />

newsletter and social channels) that takes into account your<br />

goals, it’s time to fill in the blanks: decide where you will get<br />

your content and who it will come from. Our monthly worksheet<br />

has some great ideas on topics to use as well as resources for<br />

ready-made content. Just be sure to make this content your<br />

own — even by adding just a few introductory sentences as a<br />

lead-in! You always want to make sure that your content stays<br />

in line with your tone and your brand — after all, that’s what<br />

your clients know and want!<br />

Step 4: Schedule Your Posts and<br />

ieentiateoueed<br />

With your core content mapped out for the month, it’s time to<br />

schedule it! You need to schedule time to both gather and produce.<br />

Taking some time each month to fulfill your plan means that you’re<br />

working smarter, not harder!<br />

Many people are hesitant to repurpose content for fear of sounding<br />

redundant. But, if you check out your statistics, you’ll see that not all<br />

of your audience is reading your newsletter or engaging with your<br />

Facebook posts. Give your content the best chance at getting seen<br />

– put it everywhere!<br />

The key to this is differentiating your content. We’re not big fans<br />

of automating and publishing your content the same way on<br />

every platform, because if your audience does see it posted<br />

the same way everywhere, you will seem redundant. Instead,<br />

pull out different elements for different channels; differentiating<br />

the photos and quotes will ensure you’re publishing slightly<br />

differently on every platform.<br />

Here’s an example: if you’ve downloaded the monthly statistics for<br />

the city of Chicago and you want to use them for a blog post that<br />

clients can comment on, our FastStats make this incredibly easy!<br />

There is already quite a bit of commentary there for you to utilize.<br />

Take a minute to whip up some quick graphics with pull-out quotes<br />

from the blog, and then publish a different graphic on each platform,<br />

while directing the different traffic back to the original blog. It’s all<br />

the same content, just tailored especially for each platform! We love<br />

to use Canva for this – it’s quick and simple to use.<br />

Taking some time to establish your goals, analyze your past hits,<br />

develop a strategy for posting and schedule out your content will<br />

help you stay on the path to achieve your broader business goals<br />

and help to streamline your content planning and posting down the<br />

line. It’s just another way we’re helping you to make 2016 your best<br />

year yet!<br />

Download our content planning<br />

worksheet.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 33

Our Favorite<br />

Content Resources<br />

34 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Lenders<br />

Sound Off<br />

Ryan Mecum<br />


Colleen G. Bara<br />

CHASE<br />

Coby Hakalir<br />


Jorge A. Flores<br />


LOANS<br />

Bernie Miller<br />



Lenders are a crucial part of any real estate transaction, and they’ve been in the spotlight<br />

recently, with the addition of new technologies and the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure requirements.<br />

We sat down with a few of our lender friends to get the scoop on the technologies they use to ease the<br />

transaction, the financial assistance programs they love, the stumbling blocks they encounter along the way,<br />

and how TRID is going to affect the process moving forward.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 35

What types of technology are you using<br />

to keep REALTOR ® parties informed?<br />

Coby Hakalir: We are constantly looking for tools<br />

to enable us to communicate information as<br />

broadly and rapidly as possible. Our CRM program,<br />

which is linked to our loan origination software,<br />

enables us to update REALTORS ® and customers<br />

of events relating to the loan process in real time.<br />

Bernie Miller: We launched a true mortgage app<br />

recently, which helps track the loan through the<br />

process and keep all parties informed up front.<br />

Once we pre-approve a client, REALTORS ® can use<br />

the app to track clients and print their own preapproval<br />

letters for different offers, as long as the client is in the<br />

correct price range and qualifies for that home. It also syncs to<br />

our loan origination software.<br />

Colleen G. Bara: Maintaining strong working<br />

relationships with REALTORS ® is critically important<br />

to us. Our monthly Real Estate Connections<br />

Market Outlook e-newsletter keeps agents<br />

informed about the economy and U.S. housing<br />

market, developments at Chase and resources to help them<br />

win. We’ve also developed a market-leading microsite –<br />

Chase.com/agentresources.<br />

Jorge A. Flores: Our customized loan operating<br />

system was designed to keep the client,<br />

REALTORS ® and attorneys updated with major<br />

milestones in real-time. These updates are sent via<br />

email and push notifications from our phone app.<br />

Ryan Mecum: We offer a free platform that provides<br />

many different tools for REALTORS ® called Partner<br />

Xchange. It not only sends out automated alerts, but<br />

REALTORS ® can also sign in and track the status of<br />

real estate transactions in their pipeline. There will<br />

never again be that feeling of not knowing; we pride ourselves on<br />

how Partner Xchange keeps us in constant communication with our<br />

real estate agents so they stay informed at all times. It also includes<br />

co-branded marketing material, a host of training and informational<br />

videos and articles, and a free monthly branded magazine that you<br />

can use to help market yourself.<br />

What tools are you offering clients to<br />

ease the burden on the REALTOR ® ?<br />

CH: In one word: education. We pride ourselves on educating our<br />

customers throughout the process. Empowering customers in this<br />

way eases the stress of the transaction, and provides a much more<br />

relaxed deal process.<br />

BM: Our app. If the client gets the app as well, they can run numbers<br />

themselves, and their banker is only a text or phone call away<br />

for more advanced questions.<br />

CB: Today’s REALTOR ® faces a fast-paced, competitive market<br />

with customers on tight deadlines. Our My New Home learning<br />

page – Chase.com/mynewhome/learn – gives customers easy-tounderstand,<br />

click and view materials that will raise their awareness<br />

of what it will take to close on a home fast. Our My New Home<br />

Workshops help REALTORS ® guide their clients on the critical steps<br />

needed before entering the homebuying process.<br />

JF: We have reimagined the mortgage process with our virtual<br />

mortgage online application. This helps to streamline and expedite<br />

the lending process while keeping the communication lines open.<br />

RM: Our Digital Mortgage, featuring TransferSafe and DocuSign,<br />

allows clients to complete an online application and be issued a<br />

prequalification letter in minutes. Because everything is handled<br />

electronically, we can work efficiently and expedite pre approvals.<br />

Through this system, we are able to gather documents, have<br />

them signed, and stay in constant communication with borrowers<br />

and REALTORS ® . By completing most of the mortgage process<br />

electronically, it helps mitigate any possible delays.<br />

What can a REALTOR ® do to make the<br />

lending process as smooth as possible?<br />

CH: I think the most important thing I can stress is make sure your<br />

clients are pre-qualified properly. When I see deals start to go<br />

sideways, it’s usually because the loan officer failed to uncover an<br />

important detail during the pre-qualification process. Work with a<br />

loan officer you trust, and make sure expectations are set properly<br />

from the onset of the deal.<br />

BM: Help the client understand that they need to get documents<br />

to the lender ASAP! Right now we find that the client themselves<br />

(qualified clients) are the main cause of delay and stress because<br />

sometimes they are not urgent enough in fulfilling the lender<br />

requests. They will listen to their REALTOR ® if given another “nudge.”<br />

CB: With bank regulations on the rise, lenders have more rules<br />

to follow than ever before. We have worked hard to communicate<br />

regularly with agents and customers about required loan application<br />

documents. To make the lending process as smooth as possible, it’s<br />

critically important for customers to submit completed materials as<br />

quickly as possible.<br />

JF: Start by referring their client to a local Mortgage Lender with<br />

in-house underwriting and closing departments locally, then,<br />

of course, any assistance with obtaining needed information<br />

regarding any area of the transaction is invaluable.<br />

RM: Make sure that you provide a complete sales contract,<br />

including all contact information for both agents and both<br />

attorneys, as well as the HOA if it’s a condo. The REALTOR ® should<br />

also keep the loan officer well informed about any closing cost<br />

credits being provided by the seller. Also important is to not delay<br />

the property inspection. Finally, REALTORS ® can help coach buyers<br />

to provide their documents as quickly as possible, especially<br />

considering the tighter time frames in the new TRID world.<br />

36 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Are there any financial assistance programs<br />

that you feel REALTORS ® need to know<br />

more about, and/or that are underutilized?<br />

CH: ie mst aial assistae prrams are prie <br />

municipal, county, and state agencies, the scope and breadth of the<br />

prrams are almst statl i u ® should make<br />

sure they’re working with someone who does a good job of staying<br />

on top of this kind of information and communicating it regularly.<br />

BM: e elp a lt f rst time uers et erlle i a mart<br />

instead of some of the down payment assistance programs that<br />

me it ter sies a mart as sme restritis<br />

(similar to DPA programs, income limits, etc.), but in general it pays a<br />

home buyer back every year that they own their home as a primary<br />

resiee up t 20 f te iterest pai tat ear i a ta eet<br />

CB: There are a number of programs out there and the majority<br />

of them are sponsored at the local city and state level. We would<br />

encourage REALTORS ® to work with their mortgage banker and<br />

local community housing partners to gain a better understanding<br />

of these valuable resources.<br />

JF: pamet assistae prrams su as tse ffere<br />

by Illinois Housing, as well as many counties and municipalities,<br />

a ffer a rrer up t $ 7,500.00 in down payment and closing<br />

st assistae ese uite fte priea uer te le up te<br />

ee t fulll te ream f meersip<br />

RM: We recently closed a loan using Chicago’s TaxSmart program,<br />

a rtae reit ertiate tat ffers siale ta reit auall<br />

t rst-time meuers a purases i ertai areas f<br />

Chicago. IDHA, FHA, VA… there are a lot of programs, and many<br />

a e use teter ur is t eatl at prram a<br />

rrer ma r ma t ualif fr itiall e als ffer<br />

renovation loans through our 203K and HomePossible programs.<br />

is prram is perfet fr ur liets li it a er-upper<br />

ai t l te me ut te plae reati as ell<br />

What’s the biggest hurdle you are seeing<br />

that prevents or delays getting to the<br />

closing table?<br />

CH: As I mentioned earlier, it’s customers who haven’t been pre-<br />

ualie rretl ti ill erail a press mre ta a<br />

uncovered issue midway through the loan process.<br />

BM: eers t a prper ualiati up frt a te la<br />

liers a eer lses ets sul teir est t l let<br />

teir uers r it aers tat te tat are ualie<br />

and that deliver great service (and a local banker is a good idea, too).<br />

CB: e it mes t ai a mrtae e fte ru<br />

it iult aliati te ime a assets tat prie<br />

by a customer or challenges sourcing a down payment. We<br />

also commonly encounter setbacks surrounding appraisal<br />

disagreements, title and deed obstacles and home inspections<br />

that uncover concerns about the condition of the home.<br />

JF: Buyers unable or unwilling to provide required documentation<br />

i a timel maer<br />

RM: The number one hurdle is getting trailing documents,<br />

especially contract disclosures, and any addendums and seller<br />

credits stemming from attorney review, in a timely fashion.<br />

Many of these items take additional steps on our end. Especially<br />

it ei i effet it is er imprtat tat all<br />

documentation on these items is received ASAP.<br />

What do REALTORS ® need to know<br />

about TRID?<br />

CH: Because of the added compliance costs and legal liabilities for<br />

lenders, both the cost of loans and the time it takes to close a loan<br />

ul ptetiall irease eers are mre liel t ffer ler<br />

lock periods, which tend to be more expensive and, by their nature,<br />

imply longer closing cycles. I think the long-term impact of this rule<br />

will be a positive for the customers, but the implementation and<br />

transition period might be a little painful.<br />

BM: More than ever, REALTORS ® should be aligning clients with<br />

preferre parters aers attres a title mpaiesurter<br />

brokers need to make sure their bankers work for tech-savvy<br />

istitutis f tese e islsures are maile a t<br />

“e-disclosed” on some level, closings can be delayed for more than<br />

a week, just based on the lender that the client choose.<br />

CB: These rules apply to all mortgage loans except Home Equity<br />

Lines of Credit. Lenders will now consolidate multiple old forms to<br />

reduce paperwork and customer confusion. The regulation is very<br />

presriptie reari te items tat ee a appliati fr te<br />

purpses f reeii a a stimate is is mre ee ta<br />

today’s rules.<br />

JF: Choose a partnership with a mortgage lender that is well<br />

prepared for TRID compliance. The lender should have a practical<br />

plan for compliance with the regulation as well as a sensitivity<br />

to the importance of meeting the dates in the contract. Lastly;<br />


paramut i te press f trasatis mplete uer <br />

RM: TRID creates more certainty at the time of closing, but more<br />

time ees t e uete fr alii mrtae ai e<br />

most important thing that TRID changes is that we all need to have<br />

very strong communication from the beginning of the process; this<br />

includes not only the mortgage lender and the REALTOR ® , but also<br />

any attorneys, the title company, HOA, and insurance agent(s). If we<br />

are to comfortably meet TRID’s timelines, we are going to have to<br />

make sure that we start this process on day one. The good news is<br />

that not only are we aware of the changes, but Guaranteed Rate has<br />

created an online platform, called CD Xchange, to enable a swift and<br />

simple way to gather needed TRID documents from all parties.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 37

Bookshelf<br />

Well Read<br />

The business and leadership books we just<br />

can’t seem to put down (or stop quoting!).<br />

The Life-Changing Magic of<br />

Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of<br />

Decluttering and Organizing<br />

by Marie Kondo<br />

First, Break All the Rules:<br />

What the World’s Greatest<br />

Managers Do Differently<br />

by Marcus Buckingham<br />

& Curt Coffman<br />

Good to Great: Why Some<br />

Companies Make the Leap,<br />

and Others Don’t…<br />

by Jim Collins<br />

The Power of Habit:<br />

Why We Do What We Do<br />

in Life and Business<br />

by Charles Duhigg<br />

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing.<br />

Start Engaging.<br />

by Scott Stratten<br />

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-<br />

Speaking Secrets of the World’s<br />

Top Minds<br />

by Carmine Gallo<br />

38 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Listen Up<br />



UnMarketing<br />

by Scott Stratten<br />

One of the top five social<br />

media influencers in the world<br />

(according to Forbes), Scott<br />

Stratten is a marketing expert in<br />

the truest sense of the word. His<br />

entertaining podcast is one of our<br />

must-listens, always.<br />

Social Pros<br />

by Jay Baer & Adam Brown<br />

Social Pros prides itself on “real<br />

insight on the real people doing real<br />

work in social media.” It’s one of the<br />

most popular marketing podcasts<br />

in the world, for good reason.<br />

Marketing Smarts<br />

by arketing rofs<br />

Featuring interviews with smart<br />

marketers from all industries,<br />

this 30-minute weekly podcast is<br />

chock full of real advice to help<br />

market yourself smarter.<br />

Good Life Project<br />

by Jonathan Fields<br />

Unscripted and deeply-inspiring<br />

conversations are the norm on<br />

the Good Life Project. Listen in<br />

and be prepared to start building<br />

a more extraordinary life, deeper<br />

relationships, and a more<br />

meaningful, fulfilling career.<br />

Accidental Creative<br />

by odd enry<br />

The Accidental Creative has<br />

made a name by teaching<br />

teams to be prolific, brilliant and<br />

healthy. Plug into their podcast<br />

and get ready to unleash your<br />

best work yet.<br />


The School of<br />

Greatness<br />

by ewis owes<br />

Author and former pro athlete<br />

Lewis Howes dives into the<br />

inspirational stories from the<br />

most brilliant business minds<br />

and influential celebrities in the<br />

world, all on a mission to share<br />

what makes great people<br />

so great.<br />

The<br />

podcasts<br />

we’re<br />

currently<br />

loving.<br />

Listen to the podcasts featured here.<br />

The Leadership Dojo<br />

by Alex arker<br />

Host Alex Barker wants you to<br />

lead an inspired, extraordinary<br />

life. He’ll show you how to grow<br />

your passion, strengths and<br />

values in his interviews with<br />

leaders from all walks of life.<br />

Beyond the<br />

To-Do List<br />

by rik isher<br />

Looking for the secret to doing<br />

great work while balancing<br />

the rest of your life? Look no<br />

further than this podcast,<br />

featuring secrets from some of<br />

the world’s busiest, yet most<br />

productive people.<br />

This is Your Life<br />

by ichael yatt<br />

Leadership coach and mentor<br />

Michael Hyatt has a lifetime<br />

of experience working with<br />

high achievers, and now his<br />

advice and tricks on personal<br />

development, leadership and<br />

productivity are available for you<br />

several times a week.<br />


Happen to Your Career<br />

by Scott Anthony Barlow<br />

Happen to Your Career believes that<br />

you can find work that you love, and<br />

it’ll show you how. It’s funny, helpful<br />

and completely inspiring.<br />

Red – The Podcast<br />

onfluence<br />

by avid ooper aurel taples<br />

Need some help taking an idea<br />

and making a name for yourself, in<br />

the industry and beyond? This is<br />

the podcast for you, to grow your<br />

impact, influence and income,<br />

with strategies that really work to<br />

explode your income.<br />

48 Days to the<br />

Work You Love<br />

by Dan Miller<br />

Dan Miller specializes in creative<br />

thinking for increased success. His<br />

popular podcast is an expansion<br />

of his book by the same name, and<br />

his expertise in helping individuals<br />

redirect careers, evaluate new<br />

income sources and achieve<br />

balanced living will help you fall<br />

back in love with your industry.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 39

CommercialForum<br />

What is CommercialForum?<br />

CommercialForum (CF) is the commercial division of the Chicago Association of REALTORS ® and,<br />

with +2,700 members, Chicago’s largest commercial real estate community. CF provides brokers,<br />

owners, managers, developers, REALTORS ® and non-REALTORS ® access to legislative<br />

iuee euati & prfessial eelpmet tls & resures<br />

and networking opportunities. Learn more about CommercialForum<br />

at www.CommercialForum.com.<br />


CF represents commercial interests at the state, county and<br />

municipal levels of government, supports legislation that promotes<br />

a healthy business environment, and opposes legislation that<br />

would increase the cost of doing business or inhibit industry and<br />

community growth.<br />

Welcome, 2015-2016 CommercialForum Chairs!<br />

2015-2016 Chair<br />


Much Shelist<br />

2015-2016 Vice Chair<br />


Sperry Van Ness<br />


CF offers commercial networking opportunities throughout<br />

the year, from small informational forums to large annual signature<br />

events, all designed to promote information exchange and<br />

deal-making with industry peers. Whether new to the industry or<br />

a seasoned veteran, CF helps you to build the essential industry<br />

relationships needed to prosper.<br />


Expand your knowledge base to serve the commercial market<br />

through designation and certification programs, such as:<br />

• Discovering Commercial Real Estate<br />

• CRE: The Insider’s Guide<br />

• Income Property Analysis<br />

• Advanced Income Property Analysis<br />

• Commercial Real Estate Law Liability<br />

• And more!<br />


Members of CF receive many benefits, including access to our<br />

newly expanded and continually updated library of forms and<br />

contracts, including LOIs to lease and purchase, broker to broker<br />

referral forms, exclusive representation agreement letters, and<br />

more! Members also receive professional development discounts<br />

and a weekly e-newsletter, featuring the most comprehensive and<br />

up-to-date schedule of Chicago commercial real estate events.<br />


ADVOCACY e are iueers i te it f<br />

Chicago, Cook County and West Towns governments,<br />

and have introduced proactive legislation (RLTO) and<br />

aggressive reactive coalitions (ARO, cloud tax) to help<br />

REALTORS ® and CF members.<br />

EVENTS Our reinvented programming has<br />

resulted in increased attendance and relevance at<br />

CF events, as well as increased membership!<br />

INDUSTRY We have strengthened strategic<br />

alliances with fellow commercial organizations,<br />

including CCIM and IREM.<br />

TOOLS We introduced our weekly e-newsletter<br />

to keep our members informed, as well as developed<br />

the industry’s most comprehensive schedule<br />

of Chicago commercial real estate events. We also<br />

made available six new forms and contracts for our<br />

members to use.<br />

40 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Global Real Estate Council<br />

Global Real Estate Council Updates<br />

The purpose of the Global Real Estate Council is to support C.A.R. members who do business<br />

with global markets (inbound and outbound transactions and/or consultancy) through education<br />

and networking activities, information sharing and involvement with select global real estate<br />

organizations. The forum also fosters strong relations with local organizations representing diverse<br />

ethnic and cultural communities in Chicagoland.<br />

The Global Real Estate Council has been busy this year! We<br />

welcomed a new name, a new logo, and new initiatives.<br />

Learn more about Global Real Estate Council at<br />

www.chicagorealtor.com/groups-and-networks/global/.<br />

POLAND<br />

In November, C.A.R. welcomed a visit from WSPON. In addition<br />

to getting a tour of C.A.R. Central, led by COO Warren Frank, the<br />

visiting delegation was treated to a lunch at Cliff Dwellers, in<br />

addition to presentations by Global Real Estate Council Vice Chair<br />

Maurice Hampton, FIABCI’s Bill Endsley, IAR Housing Policy Advisor<br />

Sharon Gorral, IAR President Mike Drews and mortgage professional<br />

Pierre Gelinas. Don Pasek also gave a presentation on the MLS.<br />


Global Real Estate Council Vice Chairman Maurice Hampton,<br />

Centered International Realty, traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for a<br />

five-day Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course.<br />

There, he built on his knowledge of international real estate<br />

transactions, while experiencing one of the top vacation, cultural<br />

and foreign investment destinations in the world: Thailand!<br />

KOREA<br />

In October, CEO Ginger Downs met with a delegation from<br />

Korea at the C.A.R. offices to talk about the Chicago market<br />

and opportunities therein..<br />

Global Silver Status Recognition<br />

Finally, the Global Real Estate Council was awarded Global<br />

Silver Status by the National Association of REALTORS ®<br />

for their 2015 accomplishments. The NAR<br />

Global Achievement Program is designed<br />

to recognize and reward the most active<br />

associations in global business.<br />

Congratulations, Global Real Estate<br />

Council!<br />

David and Patsy Wyant, CIPS Instructors, with<br />

Maurice Hampton, Centered International Realty<br />

Photo courtesy Maurice Hampton<br />

Members of the Global Real Estate Council mingled with the<br />

eleates at te liff ellers lue<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 41

Association News<br />

Vicky Silvano<br />

Honored as AREAA’s<br />

2016 National Chair<br />

C.A.R.’s own Vicky Silvano was honored at the 2015 Asian Real Estate<br />

Association of America (AREAA) Convention in San Francisco in late<br />

October, where she was installed as the 2016 National Chairwoman.<br />

A broker at Century 21 S.G.R., Inc. in Chicago, Silvano is a former chair<br />

of the Chicago chapter of AREAA. Congratulations, Vicky!<br />

Daniel Goodwin<br />

Wins National Good<br />

Neighbor Award<br />

Congratulations to Daniel Goodwin, chairman<br />

and CEO of Inland Real Estate Group of<br />

Companies, Inc. He is one of five winners of<br />

the national Good Neighbor Awards, which<br />

recognizes REALTORS ® from across the nation<br />

who dedicate countless volunteer hours to<br />

improving the lives of their neighbors and<br />

serving as leaders in their communities.<br />

From left, IAR Immediate Past President Jim Kinney,<br />

IAR President-elect Doug Carpenter, Silvano, IAR President<br />

Mike Drews and IAR CEO Gary Clayton.<br />

Photo courtesy Sharon Gorrell, Illinois Association of REALTORS ® .<br />

Goodwin founded New Directions Housing<br />

Daniel Goodwin<br />

Corp., a nonprofit that provides affordable<br />

housing for low-income residents. Since 1994, NDHC has built<br />

or rehabbed nearly 500 multifamily units throughout Illinois. The<br />

nonprofit partners with other groups to provide residents with<br />

services like Meals on Wheels, after-school programs, free flu shots,<br />

and recreational activities. Goodwin has also served on the board of<br />

the Illinois Housing Development Authority Trust Fund and chaired<br />

the first Affordable Housing Task Force for DuPage County.<br />

He is an excellent example of how REALTORS ® build and strengthen<br />

communities.<br />

Access without Permission =<br />

Criminal Trespass<br />

REALTORS ® are distinguished through a strict Code of Ethics and are renowned for<br />

professionalism and the highest standards. However, we continue to receive complaints<br />

regarding REALTORS ® entering homes without proper authorization.<br />

If a broker enters a home without proper permission, it is illegal and may constitute criminal<br />

trespass. Depending on the offense, this can be either a class A misdemeanor or a felony.<br />

Guideline to staying on the right side of the law:<br />

• Schedule appointments with the listing broker, even if home is vacant.<br />

• Ring doorbell or knock loudly before entering any home.<br />

Questions? Contact Amanda Withrow, Senior Director of Member Care and Professional<br />

Standards, at awithrow@chicagorealtor.com.<br />

Jim Kinney<br />

Honored for<br />

Excellence<br />

Congratulations are in order for Chicago<br />

REALTOR ® Jim Kinney, vice president of<br />

luxury home sales for Baird & Warner and<br />

past president of the Illinois Association<br />

of REALTORS ® , who was awarded one<br />

of the 2015 Senior Real Estate Specialist<br />

(SRES) Outstanding Service Awards at the<br />

2015 National Association of REALTORS ®<br />

Conference & Expo. As IAR president, he<br />

commissioned the Senior Housing Working<br />

Group to look at how Illinois handled an<br />

aging population, raise the visibility of senior<br />

housing issues and look at ways to provide<br />

resources to REALTORS ® and their clients.<br />

42 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

C.A.R. Nonprofit<br />

Partnership<br />

Spotlight: YearUp<br />

YearUp Chicago is a one-year, intensive training program that<br />

provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination<br />

of hands-on skill development, college credits, corporate<br />

internships, and support. C.A.R. hosted a YearUp intern, Charles<br />

Smith, last spring, under the mentorship of Director of Information<br />

Technology Don Coleman. Charles has now been assisting the IT<br />

department since mid-summer.<br />

Recently, Don was invited to speak to a new class of YearUp<br />

students about his career. He talked a great deal about recognizing<br />

opportunities and taking advantage of them. After the class, many<br />

students approached him with questions about C.A.R. and the IT<br />

industry, and expressed gratitude for his advice and time. Thank you,<br />

Don, for being a great representative of C.A.R. in the community!<br />

@ChicagoREALTORS<br />

Courtesy Maria Dickman, C.A.R.<br />

The Foundation<br />

Gives Back<br />

The Chicago Association of REALTORS ® Foundation has been busy<br />

this year! We recently made a $ 3,000 donation to Advocates for<br />

Adolescent Mothers, with an additional $ 2,000 allocated for the<br />

C.A.R. staff to compile a goodie bag for each mother and purchase<br />

items for children. Several member offices have volunteered to set<br />

up boxes to take donations for the Advocates, and C.A.R. will have<br />

a box, as well. Look for further information about donating items on<br />

the website!<br />

The Foundation also recently approved a $ 15,000 gift to All Chicago<br />

to reinforce our commitment to the services All Chicago provides<br />

to support the most vulnerable of Chicago’s citizens: the homeless,<br />

and those on the verge of homelessness.<br />

Finally, the Foundation has approved a gift of $ 10,000 over the next<br />

two years to the 100 Club of Chicago, for educational assistance<br />

for the dependents of law enforcement officers, firefighters and<br />

paramedics in Cook and Lake Counties. With the $ 10,000 donation,<br />

the Foundation becomes a major contributor to the 100 Club.<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 43




Asian Real Estate Association<br />

of America (AREAA Chicago)<br />

AAREAA CHICAGO is having a fabulous<br />

year! We hosted the 4 th Annual Global<br />

and Luxury Summit at the Trump Chicago<br />

in April, which attracted more attendees<br />

than any other Global summit, with<br />

attendance surpassing those in Hawaii<br />

and New York. We also spent a day with<br />

DuPage Habitat for Humanity, where<br />

AREAA member volunteers learned to<br />

install tile and decking and were exposed<br />

to all aspects of new home construction.<br />

More importantly, we learned about<br />

the many facets of Habitat and the<br />

luteers a staff tat eale aitat<br />

t mae me ersip affrale fr<br />

so many. This fall, we hosted a sponsor<br />

recognition and holiday party, as well as<br />

a “Lunch and Learn” gathering. And, at<br />

the AREAA National Convention in San<br />

Francisco, our own Vicky Silvano, former<br />

Chicago AREAA Chair, was installed<br />

as 2016 AREAA National Chair. Visit<br />

www.areaa.org to stay up to date on<br />

what’s to come!<br />

Dearborn REALTIST ® Board, Inc.<br />

2015 (DRB)<br />

January 2015 started out with a Market<br />

utl a i-ff elerati<br />

to jumpstart the year full of new<br />

opportunities and goals. Many allied<br />

partners participated in this wellattended<br />

event, with presentations by<br />

Citi Bank, Austin Jarrett and Freddie<br />

Mac. Since the January event, DRB has<br />

continued its monthly commitment to<br />

provide relevant industry programs<br />

for its members. Dearborn and our<br />

strategic partner C.A.R. reconnected<br />

with our local and state lawmakers, a key<br />

opportunity for DRB. The DRB monthly<br />

networking events continue to drive up<br />

memersip ur rst aual ier a<br />

Building Tour was a huge success. The<br />

annual member appreciation picnic<br />

was, as always, well-attended, as was<br />

the annual DRB scholarship golf outing.<br />

We are excited about 2016 and the<br />

promising future for DRB. Keep an eye<br />

on www.chicagorealtist.com for what’s<br />

to come!<br />

The International Real Estate<br />

Federation — FIABCI–USA<br />

FIABCI-USA hosted over 100 high-level<br />

international delegates from twelve<br />

ai im utries i lulu <br />

from September 10-12. Themed “Success<br />

rss te ai e eelpmet<br />

epts te sia ai eal<br />

Estate Congress examined key issues<br />

for the real estate profession and the<br />

planet, including the need to focus<br />

new real estate development around<br />

active transportation hubs. Expert<br />

panels discussed smart, sustainable<br />

a prtale ura plai a<br />

environmentally friendly luxury resort<br />

development. Steve Williams, Executive<br />

Managing Director of Real Capital<br />

Analytics delivered the keynote address,<br />

where he explored the latest crossborder<br />

capital trends and provided an<br />

up-to-the-minute look at the sources and<br />

targets of AsiaPac’s real estate capital.<br />

Our social highlights also included the<br />

Grand Prix of Real Estate Awards dinner,<br />

where the Lurie Children’s Hospital of<br />

Chicago won an award. We also hosted<br />

the Ghana Delegation in Chicago in<br />

August with a networking reception. Visit<br />

aciuaeecogou<br />

to stay up-to-date in the new year!<br />

44 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

THE YEAR<br />


National Association<br />

of Hispanic Real Estate<br />

Professionals<br />

NAHREP Chicago has had a stellar year!<br />

We are very proud to be the largest<br />

(and growing!) NAHREP chapter in the<br />

country. In September, we hosted the<br />

NAHREP National Convention, with nearly<br />

3,000 in attendance. We were honored<br />

to bring this event to Chicago! Aside<br />

from the National Conference, we put<br />

on a number of educational events this<br />

year. In May, we hosted a technology<br />

event with author, speaker and blogger<br />

Chris Smith as a keynote speaker. At<br />

our Annual Wealth Symposium in July,<br />

aial eperts prie isit a<br />

took a closer look into the economics<br />

of handling personal and professional<br />

businesses. And in December, we hosted<br />

our holiday celebration and awards, in<br />

a fu-lle eei ae iia<br />

that recognized and awarded the<br />

accomplishments of local REALTORS ®<br />

and lenders in the NAHREP Top 250.<br />

Stay tuned for more to come in 2016 at<br />

www.nahrepchicago.org!<br />

REALTORS ® to the Rescue (RTTR)<br />

REALTORS ® to the Rescue is growing<br />

by leaps and bounds! We are over 200<br />

members strong and have over 2000<br />

“likes” on Facebook. We are excited to<br />

announce that we have supported all<br />

the pet shelters & rescues in Chicago<br />

this past year — over 25! In 2015, we gave<br />

away over $ 25,000; our goal and hope is<br />

to increase that to $ 75-100,000 in 2016.<br />

Additionally, in November we hosted<br />

ur rst aual ar all is petfriendly,<br />

black tie fundraiser was hugely<br />

successful and raised thousands of<br />

dollars for local homeless animals. In the<br />

spring, we will organize our third annual<br />

Cubs outing, so make sure you plan to<br />

attend this fun event for a great cause!<br />

For more information, check out<br />

www.realtorstotherescue.com.<br />

Women’s Council of REALTORS ® —<br />

WCR Chicago<br />

WCR Chicago is continuing to rock and<br />

roll! We are the third largest chapter in<br />

the country. We received national<br />

recognition from WCR National for “Best<br />

Program” regarding both our January<br />

and February programming. “How to Sell<br />

More” - Part 1 (January) & Part 2 (February)<br />

featured the top listing agents in the city.<br />

We also co-sponsored the Casino Royale<br />

event with C.A.R.’s Young Professionals<br />

Network in October, which raised over<br />

$<br />

55,000 for RPAC. Lastly, to end the year,<br />

we’ll be hosting our 2016 Installation Gala<br />

on December 16 th . Besides this being one<br />

of our most exciting events of the year, we<br />

ill istall ur ami 201 ers <br />

keep an eye out for our membership drive<br />

competition from January to March 2016.<br />

Visit our website www.wcrchicago.org<br />

for more details!<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 45

Government Affairs Update<br />

Chicago<br />

Electoral politics<br />

dominated the<br />

early months<br />

of 2015 as<br />

Senior Director<br />

of Government<br />

Affairs Brian A.<br />

Bernardoni and<br />

Government<br />

Affairs Director<br />

Kristopher<br />

J. Anderson<br />

engaged in<br />

advocacy and<br />

policy matters,<br />

increasing the<br />

ability of<br />

REALTORS ® to<br />

have their voices<br />

heard at Chicago’s<br />

City Hall, the Cook<br />

County Board<br />

and a number of<br />

government and<br />

policy arenas.<br />

BRIAN A.<br />


Senior Director of<br />

Government Affairs and<br />

Public Policy<br />



Director of<br />

Government Affairs<br />

Affordable<br />

Requirements<br />

Ordinance<br />

We’ve long held that if<br />

developers don’t build,<br />

REALTORS ® have less product<br />

to sell, with the end result<br />

being less housing across<br />

the board. C.A.R. battled<br />

from the end of 2014 through<br />

the entire calendar 2015 to<br />

make a better Affordable<br />

Requirements Ordinance, one<br />

that met the goals of the City<br />

without hurting development.<br />

The City made some changes<br />

to the ordinance (like linked<br />

development), but still insisted<br />

on a number of onerous<br />

provisions which compelled<br />

the development community<br />

to file suit. C.A.R. is monitoring<br />

the ordinance’s impact on new<br />

construction. We will need<br />

your help to know how the<br />

ordinance is actually working<br />

in Chicago’s neighborhoods.<br />

If it doesn’t work, we’ll need<br />

you to help galvanize new<br />

rules and procedures to make<br />

the ordinance work, so that<br />

Chicago can continue to build<br />

and become more affordable.<br />

Chicago<br />

Residential<br />

Landlord Tenant<br />

Ordinance<br />

A significant Residential<br />

Landlord Tenant ordinance was<br />

re-introduced to the Chicago<br />

City Council on September<br />

24, 2015. Chicago’s landlord<br />

ordinance is considered the<br />

most punitive in the nation,<br />

so we have long attempted<br />

to secure a change in the RLTO<br />

which would create judicial<br />

discretion in the penalty phase<br />

of the ordinance. Keep an eye<br />

out for a Call for Action on<br />

this topic.<br />

Cloud Tax<br />

The City of Chicago put forth a<br />

cloud computing tax ruling that<br />

imposes a nine percent tax on<br />

a wide range of cloud-based<br />

services. C.A.R. is pursuing<br />

an exemption on behalf of<br />

all REALTORS ® , as almost all<br />

vendors related to a real estate<br />

transaction use cloud-based<br />

services and could potentially<br />

pass costs on to the consumer.<br />

Dave Naso, Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Gail Spreen, Streeterville Properties,<br />

Ginger Downs, Chicago Association of REALTORS ® , Sarah Ware, Ware Realty Group,<br />

LLC, Kevin Van Eck, @properties, Gabriel Velixaru, ARE Partners, Ron Abrams, Silver<br />

Property Group, Ltd., and Rebecca Thomson, @properties.<br />

Photo by Jessica Kern, Chicago Association of REALTORS ®<br />

46 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Property Tax Advocacy<br />

ile te ut ssessrs e as reassessi te<br />

City of Chicago, C.A.R. worked with brokerages on educational<br />

programs to teach clients on how to lower assessments. C.A.R.<br />

also worked closely on policy matters with the Assessor in<br />

rears t affrale usi a e a reafasts<br />

Elections<br />

C.A.R., with tremendous assistance from IAR, triaged all 50<br />

aldermanic wards in order to position pro-REALTOR ® candidates<br />

faral fr re-eleti i f 50 ars effrts ere<br />

critical in the election of new, pro-REALTOR ® aldermen in the 2 nd ,<br />

11 th , 15 th and 24 th wards. Within weeks of the election, C.A.R. GA<br />

hosted an orientation to brief the new aldermen on the full slate<br />

of issues. This outreach continued with one-on-one meetings<br />

with Aldermen.<br />

Advocacy Coalition<br />

Under the leadership of 2014-2015 C.A.R. President Hugh<br />

Rider, real estate leadership from the Chicagoland Apartment<br />

Association, BOMA/Chicago, the Apartment Building Owners<br />

and Managers Association, as well as builders, neighborhood<br />

landlord groups and likeminded parties met several times to<br />

collaborate and coordinate on public policy matters to better<br />

serve the greater real estate community.<br />

Public Policy Forums<br />

ermet ffairs as pru t st umerus reafast<br />

meetings with the preeminent policymakers and leaders of the<br />

real estate industry. Topics discussed included: City of Chicago<br />

Municipal elections analysis, medical marijuana, legislative<br />

upate aut priel a te mi re-assessmet f<br />

the Chicagoland area, as well as multiple updates about the<br />

ffrale euiremets riae <br />

ese ries ame frm i rai ermet<br />

ials su as ut ssessr e erris a tate<br />

Representative and Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang. In<br />

aiti t elete ials e ere aresse <br />

Midwest Administrator Antonio Riley, City of Chicago Buildings<br />

mmissier u rla mae sme f er rst puli<br />

remars as a aiet er t ur ssiati a ti<br />

Commissioner of Planning and Development David Reifman.<br />

In addition to public administrators, those who attempt to<br />

change or make policy and make public comment on policy also<br />

addressed our group, including Mike Scobey of IAR, Lee Bey of<br />

the University of Chicago, Professor Dick Simpson and a cadre of<br />

attres frm te la rm f as arti & ell <br />

Ensuring that policy makers are available to our members not<br />

only generates better policy; it makes the REALTOR ® brand<br />

that much stronger, because a REALTOR ® is better informed of<br />

market conditions and regulations than an average licensee.<br />


We also worked on RLTO litigation matters, rental unit<br />

ispetis i ut rate issues at te etrplita<br />

Water Reclamation District, and a wide range of issues and<br />

programs for the West Towns Chapter — in particular, new<br />

education and partnerships with the Town of Cicero and the City<br />

of Berwyn, as well as an onerous sprinkler matter in Lyons.<br />

Looking Ahead - 2016 Predictions<br />

ear it sierale sal turmil ill itesif as ar<br />

voters and business groups will have the opportunity to vote on<br />

candidates at the state and federal level in the primaries, and<br />

te aai i emer less a mar aial sluti fr te<br />

state and city pension problems emerge, debates will continue<br />

on how much additional tax our economy can handle. Evaluation<br />

f te riae prpsal a te effetieess r impat<br />

of ARO will be front and center. On the positive side, the City of<br />

Chicago will be looking at REALTOR ® -advocated construction<br />

cost reform as likeminded housing and real estate groups<br />

advocate together for solutions.<br />



You’ve been asking for it, and we made it happen. This fall,<br />

City Clerk Susana Mendoza introduced the Professional<br />

ari ermit i alleiates siiat arriers i<br />

REALTORS ® ’ ability to bring services to their clients in areas<br />

where there is zone parking. The pass comes with a fee,<br />

and is available only to licensed brokers in order to prevent<br />

abuse. We believe that this will make it easier for clients to<br />

get REALTOR ® assistance when buying or selling a home.<br />

Approved by the City Council in October, the program will<br />

rst lau as a t-ear pilt r mre ifrmati isit<br />

our website.<br />

Calls for Action –<br />


As an industry, we are being challenged like never before,<br />

and we’re under substantial pressure at the local, state and<br />

national levels. While we’ll continue to be at the forefront<br />

of issues, we can’t do it alone. We need your help. We need<br />

your voice.<br />

It’s quick and easy!<br />

1. Keep an eye out for our emails.<br />

2. Click and enter your name and address to autosend<br />

a letter to your legislative representatives.<br />

3. Tell your peers to do the same!<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 47

E<br />

V<br />

E<br />

N<br />

T<br />

S<br />

2016 Calendar<br />

7 JAN<br />

13 JAN<br />

28 JAN<br />

3 FEB<br />

17 FEB<br />

18 FEB<br />

24 FEB<br />

10 MAR<br />

11 MAR<br />

30 MAR<br />

5 APR<br />

Market Outlook<br />

InterContinental Chicago<br />

3 PM – 7:30 PM<br />

CommercialForum Networking Breakfast<br />

Maggiano’s<br />

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM<br />

ic-ie<br />

Cuvée Chicago<br />

6:30 PM – 9 PM<br />

Global Mixer<br />

Morton’s The Steakhouse<br />

4 PM – 7 PM<br />

West Towns Meet & Greet<br />

Skylite West Banquets<br />

8:30 AM – 11 AM<br />

CoecialouCCoundtale<br />

Morton’s The Steakhouse<br />

2 PM – 5 PM<br />

YPN Breakfast<br />

Manny’s Deli<br />

9:00 AM – 11 AM<br />

Sales Awards Networking Reception<br />

The Drake Hotel Chicago<br />

5:30 PM – 9 PM<br />

ointoenentaioetanageentoueeting<br />

C.A.R. Central Office, Classrooms 1 & 2<br />

9:30 AM – 11 AM<br />

YPN Breakfast<br />

Manny’s Deli<br />

9:00 AM – 11 AM<br />

IAR Capitol Conference<br />

President Abraham Lincoln Double Tree Hotel, Springfield, IL<br />

10 AM – 7 PM<br />

E<br />

D<br />

U<br />

C<br />

A<br />

T<br />

I<br />

O<br />

N<br />

48 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine

Education Highlights<br />

Roadmap of a Transaction<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

9 AM – 12 PM<br />

“Very informative look at the process of buying/selling.<br />

A great map to carry in my journey.”<br />

– Joshua Novy<br />

Turning Your Mobile Device<br />

into Your Mobile Office<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

9 AM – 4 PM<br />

“Wonderful teacher, well-versed and inspiring to use<br />

apps and products!”<br />

– Randy Jorgenson Lancaster<br />

Accredited Buyer<br />

Representative<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

9 AM – 5 PM<br />

“This course is a good refresher for experienced agents<br />

who may need an injection of new ideas, and a must for<br />

new agents.”<br />

– Saudra Amani<br />

The Power Negotiator’s<br />

Playbook<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

9 AM – 5 PM<br />

“Class is very informative, as well as entertaining.<br />

Everyone’s involved in the group discussions and<br />

people learn to work together to develop their ideas.”<br />

– Eve Heffer<br />

Income Property Analysis<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

8:30 AM – 5 PM<br />

“This class was even more useful than I hoped! As an<br />

agent trying to expand my reach into income producing<br />

property, I would consider this a must! I plan to take<br />

it again to keep my skills sharp and I think the tools I<br />

learned today will help me be a better resource for my<br />

clients. Chip was a great instructor and kept us involved<br />

from start to finish!” – Grace Goro<br />

Sales Skills Workshop<br />

C.A.. Central ce<br />

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM<br />

“Chip masters the sales skill subject. His course is very<br />

much in technique and very helpful. I would strongly<br />

recommend this course to brokers who are interested in<br />

their sales skills.”<br />

– Paul Harb<br />

Registrations may be completed online at<br />

www.chicagorealtor.com/realtors-real-estate-school/<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 49

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> Millie Rosenbloom with<br />

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Hotel: Photo with Brian Hopkins,<br />

Alderman 2 Ward, at the Chicago<br />

Association of REALTORS Inaugural<br />

Gala last night!<br />

find us online @<br />

ChicagoREALTORS ChicagoREALTORS Chicago Association of REALTORS<br />

50 Chicago REALTOR ® Magazine



C.A.R. MEMBERS<br />

The Chicago Association of REALTORS ® wants to take the stress out of<br />

CE season, and help you get off to the right start in 2016. We’re investing in you<br />

to make 2016 your best year yet! It’s a win-win — get your required courses<br />

out of the way early, so you can focus on advancing your real estate career!<br />

Complete your CE with us between November 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016<br />

and we’ll cover the cost!<br />

This includes select classroom, self-study and downloadable options.<br />

How to Take Your Complimentary Classes:<br />




Register for Continuing Education<br />

courses scheduled between<br />

November 1, 2015 and February<br />

29, 2016 on a first-come, firstserved<br />

basis and your member<br />

price of $ 0 will display. We want to<br />

make classes available to as many<br />

members as possible, so please<br />

only register for the classes you will<br />

attend. There will be a $ 26 no-show<br />

fee invoiced to your account for each<br />

class missed.<br />

*Note Hot Topic and Designation courses<br />

are not included.<br />

Order your Continuing Education<br />

Self-Study courses between<br />

November 1, 2015 and February 29,<br />

2016, and you will not be charged.<br />

You then have 3 months to complete<br />

your tests.<br />

Download your Continuing<br />

Education courses at any time! Tests<br />

must be taken between November 1,<br />

2015 and February 29, 2016.<br />

Registrations may be completed online at<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com/MemberCE<br />

www.ChicagoREALTOR.com 51

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