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The Walking Wounded

Injured Athletes

Scooping Success

A look at lacrosse

Oh the thinks you can think!

A sneak peek of the Seussical

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April 2016

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The class of 2018 is finishing up

their second year of high school with

excitement for junior year. Students

of the 2018 class explained why they

are proud to be a part of Brooke Point

High School and what they are proud

of having contributed to the school this

year. Sophomores were also asked the

difference between their first and second

years of high school.

With only two years left of high

school, sophomores are making their

second year better than their last.

Sophomore Alanna Weatherspoon said,

“It’s been pretty good. It was much better

than my freshman year.” Some feel that

freshmen year was their most difficult

year so far, due to not knowing the school

very well. Others felt that their fellow

peers had grown in maturity.

As the year comes to a close,

sophomores are getting ready for junior

year. Some are excited for the benefits


What’s in a name? Juliet Montague’s


05The boys and girls lacrosse season’s



Allergies blow away Brooke Point




unique life as a Shakespearean


The walking wounded limp around


are in full swing as they hit the field

Spring cleaning: Schoool Renevations

Seussical: Find the inside scoop on

the BP Theater Company

Computer game ban put into play

QOTM: Promposals up for debate


of being an upperclassman, like prom,

and others just can’t wait to be closer to


Sophomores also gave advice

for freshmen becoming sophomores.

Sophomore Nick Pierce replied, “I would

tell them to challenge themselves, take

harder classes,” while sophomore Kalie

Myers also responded, “Just be nice to

everyone and be friends with everyone.

Don’t close your mind to certain people

because they can surprise you and

become a good friend.”

Sophomores feel that the “Be

Proud” quote unites the school and

makes them see their accomplishments.

Sophomore Skye Murdock is proud of

“the principals and the staff. Also... being

a part of volleyball and track.” Others

were proud of the school spirit and

another school quote, “As One,” which

means that the school comes together

and support each other.

Students take on Independent Studies

and Battle of the Books

Be Proud


By Kiara Neely

20 18

What’s in

Juliet Montague

By Isabella Taffera, Kassidy McCall and Sarah Moncure

The romantic and dramatic

relationship between Romeo

Montague and Juliet Capulet is

well known in one of William

Shakespeare’s famous plays. For

those who are not familiar with his

plays, here’s a rundown: Romeo

and Juliet have a forbidden

romance, leading to a

secret marriage.



“We always fought

over trying to decide on a




that Juliet killed

herself. Juliet wakes up

from an induced sleep, sees

that Romeo has killed himself,

and overwhelmed with grief, kills

herself as well. Their tragic love

affair is what many girls dream to

experience in their lifetimes.

Here at Brooke Point, we have

our own Juliet Montague. Although

she doesn’t have an extravagant

love story or even a “Romeo,” she

does have her own unique tale that

starts with her parents.

Her family last name sparked

the interest in naming her Juliet.

Kerren Montague, Juliet’s mother,

said, “We couldn’t decide on any

Photo by Isabella Taffera


The thought of naming her Juliet

was always in the back of her

parents’ minds. “We always fought

over trying to decide on a name,”

Juliet’s mother said. It wasn’t until

a few days before she was born

that someone suggested to name

her Juliet and they finally agreed to

name her Juliet Montague.

Now that Juliet understands

what her name means, she said, “I

like it.” She finds it unique and

original. With a name as rare

as hers, you can imagine all the

different and amusing responses she

has gotten to her


Her best friend,

freshman Ashley

Terczak said, “I

think it’s a pretty

name.” While

many people love

the idea of her

being named after

a Shakespearean

character, some

are completely

unaware of the

connection. When

freshman Tristan

Nickerson was

asked if he knew

anything about

her name, he said,

a name?

“I think it’s Italian or something.”

When we told him what the deal

with her name was, he said, “That’s

so crazy, man.”

A freshman in high school may

find it hard to compare themselves

to someone such as the Juliet in

Shakespeare’s play. When our own

Juliet was asked how her love life

compares to Juliet Capulet, she

said, “It doesn’t [compare], I don’t

have [a love life].”

Our Juliet doesn’t have a family

rivalry or a forbidden love, but

she is content without such drama.

Juliet hopes that she “finds the

one,” that her

love story

doesn’t end

with herself

and her

lover dying

and that

her family

doesn’t have

a dramatic


with her




By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller and Cody Ferdinand

Playing a sport has numerous physical risks. While some

injuries are worse than others, any incident can affect an athlete’s

career. Some of our fellow blackhawks have experienced the pain

of gruesome injuries. These are the Walking Wounded.

According to, the anterior cruciate ligament,

known best as the ACL, is one of the four major ligaments in the

knee. It controls excessive motion by limiting joint mobility. Out

of the four ligaments in the knee, it is the easiest to injure. Any

ACL injury requires an intense recovery process. Seniors Hannah

Infanti and Harrison Weinfeld, both soccer players, have both torn

their ACLs at least once. Infanti said, “I got injured freshman and

junior year, and freshman year, my knee just popped. During junior

year, a girl ran into me, and I went down hard. I was screaming

in pain. I had to get surgery, and I have a nine month recovery

including seven months of physical therapy.” Weinfeld said, “I’m

still in my recovery process, and I am not allowed to play soccer

for a minimum of six months. It is one of the hardest things for an

athlete sitting on the bench to not be able to play with your team.

You feel so hopeless, even though you’re struggling.”

One of the most well-known injuries this year belonged to BP’s

starting quarterback, Junior Brock Carnes. Carnes, who was playing

football during the North Stafford conference game, got his foot

caught in the turf. Carnes said, “I had a broken tibia and fibula. My

immediate reaction was the amount of pain I was in.” As stated by, a tibia/fibula (tib/fib) fracture is a common fracture

of the ankle bones. The tibia (shin bone) and fibula (bone on the

outside part of your ankle) are located in the lower leg and help

form part of your ankle joint. Carnes explained, “I am going to

Photos by Faith Jasso and Courtesy of Brock Carnes

physical therapy twice a week, and I check with my doctor every

two week to do x-rays to see what it looks like. I’m still in my

recovery process, but I should be able to walk after three months:


Sophomore Bryce Roth, who participates in track and football,

broke his arm during football practice while playing defense. Roth

said, “I didn’t know it was broken until I tried to lift it up, and I

couldn’t move it. I went to the hospital and had surgery. They put

rods in my arm.” Although Roth is now cleared to play, he was out

for the whole season. Sitting from the sidelines is never easy. Most

injured athletes wonder, If I were in the game, would the outcome

of the game have been different? Roth concludes, “I was sad

watching my team play without me. I wanted to be in the game.”

These Brooke Point athletes have

been through a difficult time with their

injuries. The best thing you can do

when you are injured is to follow your

doctor’s protocol and work hard to get

back in shape. Roth added, “It’s all in

your head. You’ve got to get better. You

can’t just get injured, and do nothing

about it.” If it’s really, really bothersome,

don’t ignore it because it could be

serious, but don’t rush it. Infanti

concludes, “Don’t give up, try your

hardest, and when you get discouraged,

just know that you can make it through.”


As the spring athletic season begins, the

boys’ and girls’ Varsity Lacrosse teams are in

it to win it. They have been doing off season

conditioning for a couple weeks to get ready

for their first games, for which they are very

excited. Senior Shawn Monaghan said, “I’m

looking forward to taking it to every team we

play and going out hard and just having fun

with the team.” Though the students are excited

for the new season, some feel as though their

sport doesn’t get enough appreciation. Senior

Mitchell Fleming stated, “It’s not a popular

sport like basketball or football, but we do get

at least some recognition.”

Although players feel they don’t get enough

recognition, teammates support one another

in attempts to achieve their goals. Sophomore

Jacob Infanti responded, “I knew most of the

players but we are really close now. We all

got a group chat and we communicate really

well. It feels great and we bond a lot!” The

team bonding gives the team leverage when

communicating during the games.

The boys had a really good season last year.

They lost a few games, but this year they are

definitely going to try to create a new record.

Infanti said, “We are always talking about

going to state championships. That’s our


Scooping Success

By Jasmine Sutton-Banks

Photos by Julie Gazzoli

Layout by Regan Flieg

goal every year. We all feel that we will be able to beat

the record that we had last year.”

As for the girls, senior Danielle Dias stated, “I think

everyone is going to try and work together to improve

our record from last year. All the players we have are

going to make it a lot better, and we are going to do a lot

better than last year.”

When asked about what games they look forward to,

Fleming replied, “Probably the games between North

Stafford and Forge, They are both home games and such

big rival games, and I’m really excited for them coming

up in April.” Sophomore Brittany Baity also responded,

There isn’t really a specific one, I like all the


There are many things to look forward

to this season, from games to making

new friends. Some players like

Senior Sierra Smizer said, “I’m

looking forward to all the

team bonding, games,

and playing our

hearts out.”


Brooke Point expands and renovates

By Giselle Namata

Brooke Point has undergone some major

structural changes within the past two years, but the

improvements to the school, founded in 1993, have

just started. Principal Scott McClellan and librarian

Dee Ryan are behind the scenes as the construction

continues throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

Renovations to the school will be completed over the

summer of 2016 and will be ready for the upcoming

freshmen during their 2016-2017 school year.

Brooke Point was built to accept attachments,

knowing that the school would need more room in

years to come. The project, costing nearly $5 million,

includes new health rooms, an extended culinary arts

section, and the already completed weight room. The

academic wing is being expanded to accommodate three

classrooms per floor, bathrooms for students and staff

to utilize, and a fully equipped Chemistry lab on the 3rd


McClellan is excited for all the renovations and new

facilities for students. He explained, “It’s a combination

of allowing for an increase in student enrollment as

well as enhancing existing programs.” In general,

McClellan hopes to “[provide] Brooke Point with more


The remodeling of BP within the past year has been a

project that McClellan has been working on for several

years. “It has been a long process. The Culinary Arts

facility has been several years in the works,” McClellan


Mountain View High School and Colonial Forge

High School are implementing similar additions to

their schools. This county-wide renovation project has

allowed for Stafford Senior High School to abandon

and tear down the previous building in order to

construct a brand new school directly next

door. McClellan explained, “Stafford is the

oldest school in the county and it would

have been much more expensive to


During this school year,

Brooke Point opened its

doors to the new library

facility that was the first

step to the Brooke

Point renovation

project. Ryan



“It is a more welcoming place. We see more teachers

coming to our library, as well as students, enjoying the

many resources we have.”

On average, daily walk-ins are increasing by 1,000

students each month, meaning that more and more

students are utilizing the space whether they need to

check out a book, print out a paper or need somewhere

to relax. In November 2014, only 24 teachers reserved

library space for instructional use. In this school year,

the new library has allowed for 127 classes to visit the

new facilities.

Ryan hopes to use the extra counter space within the

library as a “café area.” The concept includes students

and staff bringing in their own K-Cups, mugs, or

cups to use in the new Keurig machines.

As the library is utilized to its maximum

capacity, students and staff can look

forward to the new renovations

happening around them. The 2016-

2017 school year will bring

countless opportunities for the

Freshmen Class of 2021, but

also be a great addition

to Brooke Point life as

it is already known

to many.

Photos from,


It’s spring, flowers are blooming,

the days are longer, the air is

warmer, and allergies are among us.

When your allergies strike, you need

to know how to deal with them.

Many students, including freshmen

Carlyn Fogarthy and Jamila Parker,

avoid nature as their main tactic

to battle allergies. Keeping the

windows shut tight is a tip all

allergy combatants must know. For

when going outside is unavoidable,

the school nurse Andrea Mason

recommended, “After going out

remove your clothes, which could

have pollen on them. Taking a bath

is also a smart decision.”

While your allergies won’t go away

permanently, there are ways to ease

your symptoms. Freshman Jye Layson

said, “I take medication that I was

prescribed. If you see a doctor they can

prescribe you medicine to take.” Mason

stressed, “Just because you feel okay, if

you don’t keep using your medicine your

symptoms will come back. Take your

medicine!” To help build immunity to

pollen, try to integrate local honey into

your diet.

Spring is often unbearable for those

with allergies. The constantly running

nose and watery eyes, paired with

the incessant sneezing and coughing,

causes endless suffering. Hopefully, with

these tips, you can power through this

horribly beautiful season.

DIY Decorations For Organization

By Colleen Parker and Shelby Baird

Organization is an important part of daily life. When you think of organization, yearly spring cleaning may come to mind.

With the sudden change of weather and beautiful flowers blooming, it is easy to want to organize your closet. The warm weather

may cause you to want to bring a fresh twist to your life as the seasons change. Here are some ideas a student or even a teacher

can implement to his or her daily life:

Junior Amara Bottlesom said , “I made a magnet board

to help organize my desk at home. We also had to make

fabric pockets to put our supplies in for math class.”

Spring time sniffles:

coping with allergies

By Kayla Hilado, Grace Duckworth and Jane Pierce

photo by Julie Gazzoli

Photo from

photo by Julie Gazzoli

Art teacher Stephanie Athenasaw said, “ We use creamer

bottles for diffrent paints and we have our art work sorted

in pizza boxes.


By Isabel Cox and De’Jah Saunders

The spring musical is in the early

stages of production. This year the

Brooke Point Theatre Company has

selected “Seussical.”

The Hawkeye collected Black-

Hawks’ opinions of what they

thought ‘Seussical’ was about.

Freshman Faith Bundy tells, “I think

‘Seussical’ is about a mixture of Dr.

Seuss books coming together.”

“I think ‘Seussical’ is about a

general story with many different

stories. Also having individuality,

expressing yourself from this play,

and that everyone is equal and

should be treated equally,” Senior

Travis Morgan explains.

Freshman Jacob Rogers replies, “I

think ‘Seussical’ is about positivity,

not feeling alone in the world, and

making the best of each situation.”

Did you ever wonder why

“Seussical” was choosen as the spring

production? Drama teacher Mary

Southall explains, “I had been thinking

about ‘Seussical’ and chorus teacher

Stephen Shelburne came to me and he

had the same idea. I was also familiar

with ‘Seussical’ since my child was in

the play. It also demonstrated the ‘Be

Proud’ theme for this year. ‘Seussical’

is open to different interpretations

as well as exciting possibilities about


Behind the scenes

costumes, music, set, and make-up.”

Southall also shares, “I am excited to

be working with Ms. Sutherland, Mrs.

Cover-Tucci and Mr. Shelburne. I have

an idea for the pre-show, which will

be a surprise show in the commons

while the parents and audience

come in. I hope this play will grow

our after school theatre company

and entertain, as well as leave the

audience feeling special about


For auditions, students had to

perform a prepared piece which

Photos by De’Jah Saunders

included a minute of a song. Auditions

were three days long.Day one

included music, day two was filled

with dancing, acting, and singing, and

day three was callback day.

Bundy says, “To prepare myself I

make sure I pick a song and practice

by myself and then preform in front

of other people. Musicals are different

because you sing and move around

more than actual plays.”

Morgan states, “When preparing

for a play, I find an audition piece

and practice it a lot. Then I present

it in front of my family, but when I

prepare for a musical I pick a song

and find the most important part,

while sticking to the story of the


Rogers remarks, “To prepare, I

go over the song a lot and drink tea.

I block everything out before the

audition, then I walk on stage to get

the nerves out. In a musical singing

and being a character with your

voice is more difficult than just a

monologue in a play.”

What do you think “Seussical”

is about? Tell The Hawkeye on

social media. Refer to the table of

contents for our social media.


Computer Games

By Virginia Lusker and Nathaniel Bowman

Photos by Nathaniel Bowman

Stafford County has banned the use of

computer games, and Brooke Point Gamers’

Club participants have got some things to

say. Due to the use of computer games during

class time, especially without permission,

Stafford County has cut off the use of

computer games only. When asked about his

thoughts on the matter, freshman Nathan

Hilty said, “To be honest, I think it’s stupid.

Why should we be punished for something

we didn’t do?” To explain the ban’s effect,

sophomore Chase Martin stated, “It makes

playing video games more difficult.” Junior

Allynah Thomson also pointed out, “You can’t

have Gamers’ Club without games.” Other

students illustrated their opinions on the

computer game ban; senior Nolan Roberts

responded with, “I believe it’s ridiculous,

and we should still be allowed to use the

computers.” Not only are the students of

Brooke Point High School sharing their views

with us, but teachers have also shared their

thoughts. Teacher and VA Star Activities

Director Jeffery Timmerman feels that “it’s a

misunderstanding.” Along with the negative

impacts of restricting games, it is arguable

among the students whether or not the ban is

necessary. Martin said that it was necessary,

“because people can now get out more.” Also

agreeing with the ban, Hilty

claimed, “Yes,


necessary, but just not here at BP; it [the

incident] didn’t happen here.” Not everyone is

able to agree with the ban though.

On the other hand, Thomson opposed the

idea, “It’s not necessary. If you ban games,

you might as well ban the club.” More on the

total downside of the Stafford County ban,

Roberts replied with, “I find it necessary to

pay attention and monitor what they’re [the

students] are doing, but not ban computer

games altogether.” Also disagreeing with the

ban, as well as giving insight, Timmerman

explained, “No, absolutely not. The ban

is because students were playing during

instructional time and that’s when students

should be learning.” Even though many

people in Brooke Point’s Gamers’ Club have


opinions on

this matter,

all agree

that it might

decrease the


of students

that attended

the club


Aside from the decrease in students, active

Gamers’ Club students have other ideas on

how the club may be affected. Hilty plainly

stated, “It makes Gamers’ Club a little

boring.” Thomson chose todescribe it as,

“It’s like playing football, but not being able

to tackle.” Looking at the overall picture,

Martin specifies, “It limits the experience.”

Similar to Martin’s claim, Roberts responded,

“It certainly gives people less options.” Even

though he believes that the ban hasn’t really

affected the club at all, in order to remove

it, Timmerman suggests, “We just continue

being respectful, responsible, and just be

patient. It’ll eventually get

sorted out.”


Anticipated Games

Of 2016


By Mason Russell

These were chosen from a

select of random students

Photo by by popular demand.


“Great gameplay and fun environment!”

- Sophomore Zachary Jetson


“Beautiful graphics and fantastic


- Senior Andrew Strong

Photo by

“Very unique puzzle game!”

- Junior Ben Quinn

Photo by

The new game mechanics and

environments look great!”

- Freshman Caden Carruthers





The closest thing to real-life Poke’mon!”

- Freshman John McCully






Question of

the Moment:

Katie Young (10), Sam Williams (11), Alex Casiano (12), Josh Crowe (12)

Yes of course!

No, I dont like all the attention

on me.

Personal and heartfelt, really

extravagant would be cute, but

small and personal is good


If I go, yes. I would have a

poster and ask in the parking


No, its a pointless tradition and a

waste of time. Everyone does the

same thing. Its meaningless.

Would you like a promposal?

What would be your ideal


Are you planning on

promposing? How?

By Cassidy Hoff and Emma McElwain


The Hawkeye


The Hawkeye


The Hawkeye

By Grace Duckworth , Jane Pierce and Kayla Hilado

A Sharp Mind:

Ian Logan

Battle of the Books!

By Kassidy McCall, Sarah Moncure and Isabella Taffera

On April 13 after school, our own

Brooke Point Battle of the Books

team will be competing to defend

its title as the county champion.

Battle of the Books is a county-wide

competition, in which every school

has a team.

At the beginning of the school

year, the teams are given a list of 10

books and then must decide if the

members should each read all ten or

to specialize in a couple. They have

until competition day to learn those

books inside and out. Advisor Dee

Ryan says students receive “a deep

knowledge of a book you wouldn’t

get in, say, a book club.”

Many sharp

minds at Brooke

Point pursue Independent

Study to showcase their

talents or focus on their

passions. Independent

Study is a class where selfmotivated

students design

their own curriculum in

order to study a subject in

a different way.

One particular student

is junior Ian Logan.

Dewey Reynolds, the class

advisor, has described

Logan’s project as being

unique, something he

doesn’t see very often.

Logan is studying the

During the competition students

are asked questions from one of

three categories, Category one

asks questions like, “in which

book does… happen?” Category

two consists of short answer

questions. The final category has

character-related questions.

Senior Yessica Bonilla, a member

since her freshman year, said,

“Battle of the Books is just a

group of people reading books,

getting to know them really well

and hoping that you know

them better than everyone

else in the county.”

As previous champions

recording and production

of music by composing his

own album. The album

will feature eight tracks

of the indie genre, and

it is Logan’s goal to have

it completed by the end

of the year. He is unsure

whether or not he will

publicize the album on a

music sharing platform,

but keep an eye out for it!

As for why Logan

decided to take on

independent study, he

explained, “Ever since I

heard about [Independent

Study] in sophomore year,

I’ve wanted to do it. Just

because I want

to go into music

with more



believes that in

the time that he

has taken this

class, he has

learned time management

as he has had to create his

own lesson plans.

Even with all the taxing

work, Logan would still

recommend the class

for other students. He

comments, “It’s a lot of

fun and it lets you study

whatever you want, which

the Brooke Point team members

are under a lot of pressure this

year to retain their title.

The event is surprisingly

more competitive than

most would think.

Although winning leads

to another trophy for

the school, the team is

more concerned with the

bragging rights it brings

against the other teams.

is really big in high school.

Through his work and

studies, it is easy to tell

that Ian Logan has a great

love for music. On the

proposition of pursuing

music as a career, Logan

reflects, “I hope to, but

it depends on how it all

works out.”


Photo by Kayla Hilado

2016 Prom Trends



Prom is coming soon and so are the

prom trends for 2016! From tuxedos to

crop top dresses, prom is a time to show

off your style whether you’re a boy or a


For girls, sheer, flower-print, and

lace are the main fabrics to go. Concerning

styles, there are beautiful ball gowns,

classy mermaids, and modern crop tops

for the 2016 year.

Trends for boys are timeless styles

with a modern twist. For 2016, boys are the

rocking cool tuxedos, hipster bow ties, and

colorful suits.

By Kiara Neely






Junior Alyssa Keller said, “I think they’re cute and should

be done more often! Boys should ask girls because that’s


Senior Ian Brown said, “I did one last year, and they’re fun. As

long as they don’t go overboard, I think they’re cool. I don’t think

it matters who asks who to prom. Some girls will ask the guys

because that’s what their personality is like.”


By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller and Cody Ferndinand

Photos by Cody Ferndinand

Photos from Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse


A Student-Free Week

By Virginia Lusker and Nathaniel Bowman

Photos by Virginia Lusker

Stephen Shelburne

Companies Greatest Mistakes

in Gaming!

By Mason Russell

Wondering what your teachers did for spring break? The BPHS Hawkeye has the

Since the late 1970’s, gaming has

Lastly is EA with their failed attempt

answer. Chorus teacher Stephen Shelburne responded, “I plan to sleep, do work around

my house, and clean my office here at school.” We also asked what he believed other

been considered one of the greatest pieces at making a great “Star Wars Battlefront” and

teachers here at Brooke Point would be doing for their spring vacation, which he

of entertainment in the world. Even after the “Tetris” game. Junior Drew Witalec says, “Along

replied, “I think the other teachers are going to find some kind of vacation to go on,

infamous Game Crash of ’83, gaming continues with EA’s controversial work labor, they also

or even if it’s local, they’ll find something to go out and do to just relax and be with

to be something everyone from all ages enjoys. have released “Star Wars Battlefront” and

their family; that’s what I think.” Not to mention, what if money wasn’t such a big

influence on the things we like to do? If money were not an issue, Shelburne has a

However, when companies that merely create “Mobile Tetris” in poor conditions.” The release

clear picture of what he would have liked to do, “I would like to... travel to Florida, or

their games not for their quality and just on of “Star Wars Battlefront” wasn’t as promising

New York, or out west somewhere- maybe the Grand Canyon.” Even though Shelburne

their value, people eventually begin losing hope as we had hoped and neither (surprisingly) was

had an exciting week planned ahead of him, there were tons more to be discovered.

in the gaming industry. Companies such as EA, the release “Mobile Tetris”. Both were sold to

343 Industries, UbiSoft, Konami, and Activision the public lacking in quality and quantity. With

have made terrible decisions in the past decade. Battlefront taking away campaign and having

Teri Baca

Experimenting with a different branch of teachers, we decided to look to Earth Science

With games like “Destiny” being released with multiplayer only, and “Tetris” with frame rate

and Geology teacher Teri Baca. She told us all about her well-planned week when she

little to no content story wise and even “Star issues and abundance of micro-transactions,

explained, “I’m packing in as much as I can for the whole week, my husband and I

Wars Battlefront” (one of the most anticipated which many students believed have greatly

are going to spend two nights in a bed and breakfast, and then we’re going to come

back and we are going to be doing a lot of yard work, and a lot of hiking. We’re going

games of 2015) released with a multiplayer damaged the gaming industry.

up on Skyline Drive and doing a very large backpacking trip.” Baca was also quite

ONLY and couple short game modes.

set on her plans for the week. When presented with the idea of a cost-free spring

These aren’t the only mess ups that

break, she claimed that her idea would be, “backpacking still, it wouldn’t matter,

that’s what I’d want to do.” Backpacking isn’t quite what she spent her spring break

gaming companies have committed. Freshman

on in high school though; instead she revealed, “I went to the beach.” Baca wasn’t

John McCully says, “Sega Sonic Team has done

the only Brooke Point teacher with fun, outdoor plans for the relaxing week off.

absolutely nothing to help the continuity of

the Sonic series.” Agreeably it has become

a downhill franchise. “Sonic the Hedgehog”

Mike Smoot

was first release by Sega in 1991 for the Sega

Physical Education, and ninth grade health, teacher Mike Smoot had also agreed to share

with us his plans for the week off. He explained, “I’m going to take my kids trout fishing,

Genesis. It was an amazing game as were the

and then once we get back we’ll spend the night at our house, and then we’re going down to

others that followed. However, a new Sonic was

my sister’s house on the Chesapeake Bay. We’re going to try to catch some early croaker.”

released in 2006, and it came out in the worst

After he had pondered the idea of a priceless spring vacation, Smoot tells us that he

would, “probably go fishing, and probably go to Alaska, because that’s on my bucket list of

possible condition. Since then, the next several

things to do.” This isn’t the only time Smoot had been busy during his spring break. When

games up to “Sonic Boom!” came out in bad

questioned on his idea of spring break plans in high school, Smoot responded, “Me and my

condition, leading to the slow downfall of the

friends would go out, and borrow canoes, and we’d catch nice bass. Then we’d hang out at

the beach and play volleyball.” Smoot appeared to have some pretty enjoyable and relaxing


plans for the break, but he wasn’t the only teacher with an action-packed week ahead.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

Senior George Booth says, “Steam Greenlight

has been the cause of several bad games being

Jennifer Caley

released for PC.” Sadly this is very true. Steam

Jennifer Caley, one of the language teachers here at Brooke Point, told us all about her busy

Greenlight helps allow independent gaming

week as well, “I’m going to go see my mommy and daddy, and I’m going to go to their candy

store and eat lots of candy. I’m going to clean, I’m going to get my car washed, I’m going

developers make their own game and sell on the

to go shopping. I’m also going to cook a lot of food, a lot. I will cook for eight days straight

Steam Store Page. The problem with this system

with a smile on my face. I’ll also go to a park maybe; play with my kids.” Caley also gave us

is that many “developers” have been making

her best guess at what other teachers would be doing, and shared, “Cleaning their houses,

and playing with their kids.” Set on the idea of going home, Caley expressed to us her

games with complete disregard to the quality of

dream vacation when she said, “I’d be in Spain, for the whole week.” We also learned that

their product and merely focused on the amount

Caley had a pretty sweet idea of spring break when she was in high school; she explained,

of money they’ll make at the end of the day.

“I never went anywhere. I probably cleaned my house, and helped my mom in her cake

business.” In short, many teachers had excellent things planned for spring break this year.

Games such as “The Slaughtering Grounds” and

“Day One: Gary’s Incident” being released in the

14 condition of game still in it’s early alpha stage. 15

Hawk hacks


ke Point through the eyes of


By: Colleen Parker

and Julie Gazzoli


cross out words with letters

instead of scribbles

photo by:


Use the tab of a coke can

to hold your straw in the


photo by:


Roll clothes instead of folding

them when packing

photo by:


Use a bread tie to keep

headphones untangled


photo by:

Cut open the middle of a

popcorn bag so you won't

have to reach inside

photo by:

By Emma McElwain and Cassidy Hoff

16 17

Upgrade Challenge

By Isabel Cox and De’Jah Saunders

The throwback to when you looked like a little kid to the present, the now, the 21st

Century where you look like a mature, good-looking human being. The transformation

from who you used to be to the new you is amazing because you just got upgraded.


2 0






With Prom approaching, students hurry to get their dates,

Senior Joe Nelson- “Ask yourself

everyday ‘in ten years will I

remember something from

today?’ If not you need to be more


dresses and plans together. 150 students answered a few


going to



forward to


How do you feel about prom?

questions about prom.




Who are you going with?




Photo curtesy of Joe Nelson

Freshman Josh Frost- “Live life to

the fullest.”

Photo by De’Jah Saunders




How much do you plan to spend?

Are you going to prom?



How long do you plan to get ready?


Photo curtesy of Josh Frost

Photo curtesy of Josh Frost




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