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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!


Dance Team: Crushing Competition

Do tell about

AJ Deutel

Stellar Student:

BP Theatre Company

Hannah Philipps

Sets the Stage for Victory

January 2016

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Volume III - Issue II

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Bp’s Academic of the

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Philipps...... 5

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Article and Photos by

Mason Russell

It is still a new year and new school for many

of our proud freshmen here at Brooke Point. They

have reached the moment in their lives when they

must start working hard to do the best they can to

reach future career goals. Many current freshmen

at Brooke Point have enjoyed their first semesters

here. Freshman Jordan Pitt said, “I have really

enjoyed my time in high school so far. Meeting

new people and attending new classes has been

an enjoyable experience.” He’s not the only one.

When asked about favorite class, Freshman

Kaylan Aldner said, “NJROTC is one class I enjoy

the most because of how active and patriotic the

class can be.” There are many freshmen here who

are extremely excited for the new classes they’ll be

attending. Not only that, they’re also ecstatic about

sports and extracurricular activities. Freshman

Jake Mendoza, a member of the Brooke Point

football team, said, “If you want something, go for

it. Don’t be afraid to try.” Many freshmen are here

not only to learn, but to find out what their

futures will hold on the long road ahead.


Snow Storm Survival Guide...... 9

Winter Wipe Out &

Seasonal Slipups...... 10

Holiday Film review...... 11

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Kaylan Aldner(Left), Jordan Pitt(Top Right), Jake Mendoza(Bottom Right)

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By Nathaniel Bowman and Virginia Lusker

Many of Brooke Point’s students

have given various reports on the

school’s standards for homework

over break. When being asked if

homework over the holiday break was

common, majority of students said

yes; this includes students in AP and

IB courses. It was evident that AP and

IB classes were assigned much more

homework than your average class,

but nonetheless, almost every student

admitted to receiving homework over

the holidays.

We then asked students if they

thought homework over the break

was necessary. When asked, freshman

Gaby Hernandez replied, “Yes, because

we need to remember the information

we’ve learned.” On the other hand,

junior Tiavonte McLaughlin told us,

“No, because break should be a break

from school, and all work should be

left at school.”

To support both sides, as well as

state his own opinion, sophomore Alex

Regan said, “If you’re in an advanced

class then yes, but if not, then no.” After

asking senior Teagan Sullivan, she

agreed with Regan and shared with us,

“I feel that for some classes it is, just so

you don’t forget the material.”

Photo by Nathaniel Bowman

We then decided to ask the same

four students whether or not they’d

assign homework, and why, if they

were teachers themselves. Both

Regan and Sullivan agree that they

wouldn’t for the sole purpose that

they understand how stressing it is,

especially when you would like to



spend time with family. Hernandez

states, “It depends on how long break

is, just to make sure they wouldn’t

forget what they learned.” McLaughlin

also agrees he’d most likely assign

homework as well, and when asked

why, he admits, “I’d do it just to be


It also appeared that teachers had

different opinions on homework

during the holiday. When asked

if assigning homework seemed

necessary for their classes, AP World

History teacher Joseph Bailey told

the Hawkeye, “Yes, because there’s so

much information and we can’t take

Photo by Virginia Lusker

any time off before the big test.”

On the other hand, Earth Science

teacher Ginger Beach stated, “No, I do

not [give homework] because I need

a break, and they [the students] need

a break as well. I can’t speak for other

teachers, but for me, no.”

To switch roles once more, we asked

both teachers how they felt every time

they received homework over their

holidays. Beach automatically tells us,

“I hated it!” As for Bailey, he explains,

“With regular classes- no, but with my

AP classes, it gave me more time to

catch up.”

With what

you know now, do you

still feel homework over break is

all that unnecessary?

Tell us via social media!


Question of the Moment

What did you do

over winter break?


Jacinta Sanchez:

“Every year I go

to Connecticut

to visit my


Senior Alicia


“I went to the

Bahamas where

my stepdad was



Grace Nelson:


from school.”

Junior Tim


“I went to Busch


Teacher Mrs.


“I visited my

family, and

did not do any

school work!”




By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller, & Cody Ferdinand

Photos By Faith Jasso

LAST SEASON- overall record 9-15.

All-Conference Honors: Reggie Collins (Honorable

Mention), Kobe Butler (2nd Team), Marquis Wooten (2nd


NAIL BITING 2015 HOMEOPENER- On Friday, December

4th, the Brooke Point Varsity Basketball team hosted the

Garfield Indians. The game was close, but Brooke Point

came up with a win. The final score of the matchup was 52-

48 after Senior Marquis Wooten had the go-ahead bucket.

While the offense was productive, so was the defense.

Senior Kalyn Bentley had 6 of 17 steals for BP.

WHAT’S TO COME- “As a returning Blackhawk, we have

to win this year,” said Senior Kobe Butler. Butler knows

that Brooke Point did not have the winning season

they wanted last season, but he understands that a

new season comes with new breakthroughs. Butler

said, “The key to team bonding is winning, and when

we start winning, basketball becomes more fun.”

Joe Kania, who has been coaching the blackhawks

since 1993, was a coach at West Virginia University

Institute of Technology for 12 years before Brooke

Point. While Kania was a new addition to the team

22 years ago, Sophomore Zavien Pressley is a new

addition this season. Pressley, who is the youngest

person on the team, said, “I’m looking forward to playing

in front of everyone. It feels good to play a varsity sport

for our school.”

Do Tell About: AJ Deutel

By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller, & Cody


Photos By Faith Jasso

Although knee problems have

been an issue for freshman AJ Deutel,

his teammates and

coach have high

expectations for

him this wrestling

season. “I expect

him to be one of the

best,” Sophomore

pushes everyone in the room,” Johnson


While Deutel performs well as

a motivating teammate, his skills as a

wrestler are without

a doubt amazing. “He

has great athletic

abilities, pretty much

the same as upper

classmen,” Pierce,

who also wrestled

varsity as freshman,

his meniscus a bit, and he’s working

extremely hard to get back,” Kaiser

said. “I do expect him to be one of the

best as well because though there are

challenges, he has had that experience

in the past and that will definitely help

during his high school career.”

Despite his past experience,

Deutel himself doesn’t think he’s hit the

peak of his career quite yet. He shares,

“I’m only a freshman, and my goal

for the future is to be a multiple time

Paul Pierce said,

said. Because Pierce state champion and maybe to wrestle

“He’s had a lot

“Work hard and be

in college.” Deutel

of wrestling


also admits that his



motivation comes

dedicated to what

Deutel, who is a seven time it feels to wrestle as a

from the people

state champion for elementary and freshman, he knows

around him, including

middle school, is highly praised by

you set your mind

AJ will face challenges

his brother, Cody, his

fellow teammates and his coach. “AJ along the way. “He’ll be

coaches, partners and

impresses me on and off the mat. He’s facing older and more


his parents. Deutel

a great student and athlete,” Coach

Jake Johnson said who is impressed by

Deutel’s capability to perform at a high

level. “There’s never a moment that I’m

not proud of him, seeing him involved

as an athlete and as a person. His work

ethic makes him a great teammate. He

developed people than

him which most of the time is hard,”

Pierce said.

Fellow freshman Jason Kaiser

also understands the challenges Deutel

will face in his first high school season.

“His knee will be a challenge. He tore

explains, “My advice

to anyone wanting to be a wrestler is to

listen to those coaches and teammates

around you. Most importantly, work

hard and be dedicated to what you set

your mind to.”


Hannah Phillips

By Regan Flieg

Photo by Julie Gazzoli

Academic achievement is a

major value at Brooke Point

High School. BP is the home of

many outstanding scholars, and

one of these stellar students is

junior Hannah Phillips, a full IB


At only 16-years-old, Phillips

already has an impressive

résumé. With a GPA of 4.486,

she is ranked 2nd in her class.

“Right now, I’m in all IB

classes except Physics. In the

past, I’ve taken AP and honors,”

Phillips said.

Additionally, she is an active

participant in extracurriculars.

She is a member of the National

Honor Society, FBLA, and the

Academic Team. Phillips is also

president of the Key Club and

Junior Concul of the Latin Club.

She then finds time to play

varsity lacrosse and golf.

According to Phillips, “honors

classes…are pretty easy, but

IB is very extraneous.” She

says that the IB program

provides “a different

approach to learning.”

This approach better

prepares students

for college by exposing

to them to the style and

structure of college courses.

However, the IB program is

a lot of work. Phillips says she

definitely spends a few hours

on homework daily. Despite the

amount of work she has to do,

Phillips is “glad to be IB.”

Addressing her fellow

students that aspire to achieve

academic success, Phillips

says, “Time management is

very important… If you’re an

underclassman, really focus

on your grades… It only gets


Academic success is no

easy feat, but, as Phillips has

demonstrated, it is attainable.

How to ace your

AP exams:





1. Eat a nutritious meal

2. Get a good nights sleep

the night before

3. wear comfortable clothes

4. Don’t cram the night




1.Several sharpened pencils

and a good eraser

2. A black or blue pen

3. A clear water bottle (no


4. A jacket

5. A positive attitude!

What BP Black-Hawks

suggest for AP success:

. . .

. .

Quick Review


Rest Exams






4 to this issue’s Academic of the Moment! 5

As the season for winter activities

continues, basketball is not the

only activity preparing for a VHSL

competition. The Brooke Point Theatre

Company, under the guidance of

Directors Lisa Cover-Tucci and Mary

Southall, is rehearsing a one-act play

to perform in hopes of bringing a new

award back to the Hawks’ Nest.

Although this competition is one of

the most rigorous ordeals the theatre

company will face, many students are

unaware of the impact that the theatre

company itself can have on the school.

Sophomore Keegan Pursley, who

recently moved to the area, says that

the club was intrumental in helping

him find new friends. Southall agrees

that the theatre company is one of the

most welcoming and diverse clubs in

the school. She says, “Everyone just

comes in and is welcomed. It’s nice

because people you’d never expect to

see working together are doing just


However the welcoming atmosphere

is not the only attraction for the theatre

company. Assistant Principal Laura

Sullivan says, “The theatre company is

a huge part of our community outreach

as far as their perceptions of who we

are. They can see that we’re proud of

who we are.”

Photo by Michele Jahimczuk


Setting the Stage

For Victory:


prepares for


By Grace Rolle

Anyone following the productions

closely this year might recognize

that the theme “Be Proud” is highly

prevalent throughout the plays that

have been chosen. Pursley agreed

that “The Adding Machine,” this year’s

competition piece, also aligned with

that theme. He added, “I think [it] helps

people learn to look past differences

and accept others for who they are.”

Sullivan remarked on the school’s

theme when she said, “The best way for

it to become a way of life is to integrate

it into every part of the building we

can.” She adds, “It’s inspiring to see

how all the talent in the building shines

through.”.... “It’s great to see students

doing something they feel successful


Each of the actors expresses

personal pride being associated with

the theatre company and seem excited

about its future. After the competition,

which will hopefully result in

the theatre company gaining the

recognition they’ve worked hard for

and deserve, the directors, actors and

crews will turn their attention toward

the spring play, where they hope to

express their pride in the earth through

innovative means. Interested? You’ll

just have to go see for yourself.




of the Moment

By Jasmine Sutton-Banks

How do you prepare for

your auditions?

Senior Travis Morgan: “I

print out my monologue and

I highlight and underline

the words that I want to

emphasize. Then I tape

my monologue to the wall,

stand back, and practice my

script because it helps me

memorize my lines.”

When did you decide you wanted to act? How

did you get into it?

Junior Calie Bain: “I think I was watching the

Oscars in middle school and I decided that I

wanted to be up on that stage. So, my freshman

year, I auditioned for my first play and I’ve been

a part of every play


How many plays

have you been in?

Travis: “I have been

in ten plays. The

crane wife where I

played the neighbor,

In the play 1984,

I played O’Brien

who is tough and

aggressive, and in

Canterbury Tales, I

played the Reeve.”

How do you get

over stage fright?

Calie: “I take some

deep breaths. When Travis

I’m not in character

I’m nervous, but Morgan

when I start performing, the scary feeling goes

away after a while.”

What do you do to prepare before you go on

stage? Rituals? If

so, what do you


Travis: “Usually I

do a prayer group

with the other

cast members

and I do a shake

down to calm the

nerves. I also do a

prayer to myself.

I pray instantly

before I go on


Burning Up the Dance Floor

By Kiara Neely

Photos by Giselle Namata

The Brooke Point Dance Team has made

its mark throughout the years and once more

they plan on making our school proud. The

school dance team is best known for its fun

and energetic dances. From hip hop to jazz,

the dance team makes the crowd get involved

in Brooke Point spirit. This year the dancers

are mostly looking foward to Nationals.

Senior Riley Ritchie said, “Well we start our

competition season this weekend and I’m really

excited to compete because we have a really

strong team this year.”

Through dance, the team has grown

closer as a family. Many girls on the team are

returning members who enjoy encouragement

from their fellow dancers. Some girls have been

dancing since they were younger, which is one

of the reasons they joined the team.

Every team has its struggles and the

dance team is no different. Sophomore Itzabella

Santana said, “The practices are kind of

hard, but it’s worth it in the end. Like during

Nationals, it shows how hard we work.” To

other dancers, the trouble is time management

between school and home.

A closer look at BP Dance

Through the long practices and the tough

dances, the dance team still remains one big

family. Coach Amanda Baker-Foley said, “These

girls are like kids to me. I love them, I see them

all the time. They drive me crazy, but we work

together and accomplish things.”

Junior Cassie Nector explains, “The dance

team has taught me perseverance definitely

because I know that sometimes during practice

I feel like leaving but you can’t do that. You have

to keep going.”

The dance team learns more than just

dancing. Some dancers take life lessons, from

their years of dancing with the team. Junior

Ahne Folwaczny said, “[Dance has] taught me

leadership, patience, and just overall how to

work with other people.” while Senior Natalie

Malstrom said she learned “how to work in

teams, handling pressure.” In a sport known for

individuals, dance has brought a group of girls,

who are very different dancers, together. In the

end, Brooke Point is proud of our dance team

and the hard work they do to entertain our

school. Brooke Point wishes our dance team

good luck at Nationals this year!




Summer bummer

By Shelby Baird and Colleen Parker

Think about it: are you happier in summer

or winter?! Why is this? Lack of school? Warmer

weather? The Hawkeye Staff asked people around

school what seasons they fancy. Of course, most

people love the warmer weather. You’re out of

school, pools are open, and the possibilities of

summer are endless. Winter is pretty dreary

compared to the summer’s heat and awesome

waves. But its

important to

remember that

winter has its

perks, such

as snow days,

hot chocolate

and building


See what BP

students have

to say about

which they


Would you want a luau in December? Would it

go along with the

it seem even

snowy weather or make

colder? We asked,

Senior Austin Miller

seems to think it

would not be so

great. He explains ,“You

do not wear many clothes during

Luaus, I don’t think you would be ready

for winter if you had one.” Miller may be correct

in saying this. However, Sophomore Shane Butler

disagrees, “I think wearing a coconut bra and grass

skirt would be fun in winter.” Megan Kleinshans

exclaims, “Sure why not? It might be fun.” Perhaps

BP should have a winter luau next year!

What would you bring from summer to winter?

Kleinshnas responded, “I would bring the summer

flowers.” Butler enthused, “I wish that the pools

would stay open because that would be really cool,

you could slide down the slides, and it would be

great!” It would be pretty amazing to slip down


It’s no

slides in the snow ,

although you might


get frostbite! Miller

said, “The heat and the

freedom you


get during the

summer are

some things

I would

the sun



to the

winter.” People do have more freedom in summer to go

to pools and summer barbeques. Winter you can keep

you stuck inside with a

sudden blizzard giving

you time for a nice

movie and hot chocolate.

Summer’s heat is like

no other here in

Virginia, winter can

be very chilly! It

makes people miss

the summer’s rays and

beautiful rivers and

streams. Kleinshnas

stated, “I miss summer

during winter because

I miss all of the beautiful colors. In the winter the colors

are dull.” Butler said, “You have more free time during

summer than winter.” With school, after school activities,

and family during winter, it does

seem that you have more time in summer to do whatever it

is you really want to do.

Miller stated, “I was originally raised in Texas, so the

winter here makes me miss the winter I used to have over

there in Texas.”

Whether you revel in the heat or cringe in the snow,

extreme weather tends to displease most.

With winter still in full swing,

the BP community

is dying for a little

bit of sunshine in the

cold corner of Stafford,


Photos from and

BP’s Declassified

Winter Survival Guide

By Grace Duckworth, Kayla Hilado, and Jane Pierce

Winter is coming.

Which means snow, cold,

and snow days. Even

though this happens

every year, it still comes

as a shock. So, how

can you survive when

winter comes and

smacks you in the

face? Relax; we

have your


Just like Adele’s

newest album, the

temperature is dropping,

so it’s

Sophomore Brook


winter essentials

“My Scooby Doo

blanket, hot chocolate,

and my TV…but it has

to be a Charlie Brown


important to

keep warm.

“I have

to have


and warm clothes,”

explained junior Brenna

Rodgers. Wearing layers

and scarves is an easy

way to staying stylish

and cozy. Though they

may not be fashionable,

fuzzy socks and slippers

are a must have for cold


With the cold,

comes dry air, which

sucks all the moisture

out of you. Keeping your

skin hydrated is really

important to staying

comfortable and

looking good. “I use

chapstick and lotion,”

freshman Tori Del

Toro commented

when asked how

she combats winter

air. Not only does

lotion work as

a moisturizer, it

also doubles as a static

neutralizer for hair.

Then come snow

days, a gift from the gods.

They are a surprising

break from school when

you get to relax, but what

is there to do besides

just sitting around? You

could make the best of

your time and catch

up on homework or

sleep. Many students

including Del Toro,

Rodgers, and Brook

Atteberry mentioned

that they like to

watch movies or play

videogames on their

days off. It might also

be fun to put down the

screens and just

head outside and

enjoy the snow. Try to

get outside and enjoy

the snow, maybe have a

snowball fight with some


One of Virginia’s

biggest snowstorm

was the knickerbocker

storm on January 27

and 28 in 1922. It

snowed as much as



winter is a struggle.

Luckily for you, you have

these tips that ensure

that you will make it



DIY Gift Ideas

By Emma McElwain

and Cassidy Hoff

Cocoa in a jar

1. Gather a jar

or container of


2. Fill bottom with

hot cocoa mix

3. Top with


candy canes, or

topping of choice

4. Add gift tag and

Picture Puzzle

1. Print a picture

you would like to

be on your puzzle

2. Glue it to

a piece of

cardboard and let


3. Using an exacto

knife, cut into

Sharpie Mug

1. Get a plain

white mug

2. Using Sharpies,

draw what you

want on your mug

(initials, lyrics, etc.)

3. Bake in the oven


Winter Wipeouts

Everyone has a little slip-up every once in a while. Some are

embarrassing and some are just plain hilarious. The Hawkeye collected

the good, bad, and the ugly stories from fellow Black-Hawks. Have a funny

story from this holiday season? Share it with the Hawkeye via social media!


Blake Brandes’

story ends in a mess. He explains,

“I was seven years old on a December

night, and I saw Santa Clause in my house, but I

knew it wasn’t really Santa Clause it was my dad.

Santa Clause, aka my dad, had also put my dog in a

stocking? I didn’t like the fact that he was dressed up

as Santa Clause, so I threw up on him!”

By De’Jah Saunders & Isabel Cox

Photos by De’Jah Saunders & Isabel Cox

History teacher

Carly Hegna’s story went

downhill. She shares, “Last winter, I went

sledding with my mother and daughter. The hill in my

backyard was pretty okay, but we wanted to try out

another hill. So my mother and I went to a longer hill. My

mom went sledding once down the hill to test it out and all you

could hear was our neighbor’s dog barking. Then we saw her

come down her driveway to yell at us and say ‘Did I just see

you go sledding down my yard?’ I just wanted my

daughter to have a good first sledding experience.

If I had the chance to change anything, I

would’ve still gone sledding down the

hill, because she had already yelled

at us.”


Raegan Flanagan’s

story took a split! She explains,

“When I was eleven years old my family

and I went bowling four days after Christmas.

It was just a normal day, until my mom went up

to bowl. My mom was walking up to take her

bowl. Then it happened. My mom bent

down to bowl and her pants


Photo from

Holiday Film Reviews

By Isabella Taffera, Sarah Moncure, Kassidy McCall

Krampus (2015) is a mix of a horror, comedy,

and fantasy. This is definitely a new take on a

traditional holiday film. A little boy named Max and

his family are having a lot of their wacky relatives

over for Christmas and nothing seems to go as

planned. Max feels like Christmas is not like it used

to be and he gets very upset. A massive blizzard

triggers many strange events to occur. People go

missing, strange snowmen are randomly appearing,

and many creepy creatures cause many problems

for the family. An evil creature named Krampus has

come for them.

Love the Coopers came out this past November

13. It is a comedy movie about Christmas starring

Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Wilde.

The Cooper family and all their relatives get together for Christmas. This

family experiences many wild adventures and unexpected turns of events.

According to IMDB, “Love the Coopers” has a 5.7 rating out of 10.

The Night Before (November 13,2015) is a new Christmas comedy film,

perfect to see with a group of friends this holiday

season. Directed by Jonathan Levine, “The Night

Before” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen,

and Anthony Mackie. These three men are the best

of friends. They decide to go on a mission to find

the best Christmas parties in New York City. This

hilarious movie was given a 67 percent by Rotten


Arthur Christmas (2011) is a more recent

addition to your holiday film collection. This

adorable film is an animated comedy and

adventure movie. James McAvoy voices Santa’s

clumsy son Arthur. This film is about a little girl’s

her before she wakes

up. Join Arthur on his

journey to save a little girl’s Christmas.

Prep and Landing (2009) is a movie about

Christmas spirit and friendship. When an elf loses

the spirt of Christmas, he messes up his mission

and gets his picture taken by a human. Now all

the elves must do everything they can to erase the

photo and stay hidden. The elves must remind

him the importance of being a part of Santa’s team.

According to IMDB, “Prep and Landing” is rated a

7.8 out of 10.

gift that gets misplaced and Arthur must get it to

Pictures from,,



A Christmas Story

Classic Comedy

Rated PG|1983|1Hr43Min

Home Alone

Classic Adventure

Rated PG|1990|1HR43Min

Its A Wonderful Life

Classic Drama

Rated PG|1947|2HR10Min


Running in a Winter

Junior Merritt Peterson has

been running track at Brooke

Point for three years. She

usually runs only distance

events, including the mile

or the 1,000. According to

Peterson, winter and spring

track are pretty similar.

Winter track runs from mid-

November until February

and meets are held inside.

Peterson explains, “The

season goes much faster than

you’d think.” She is looking

forward to the spring season.

She says, “Everyone has been

working and training hard.”

Peterson stays in shape during

the winter months by using a

tredmill and doing a lot of leg

and ab workouts. She claims

to like the spring season more

because more people come

out to their events. This three

year runner says “there’s

alot of talent on our team

and we have great coaches!”



By Cassidy Hoff and Emma McElwain


Winter Track


Tuesday January 12th: 3:30 Boys

and girls indoor meet at NSHS

Friday January 15th: Boys and

Girls varsity invitational at St.


Saturday January 16th: Boys and

Girls varsity invitational

Friday January 29th: Boys and

Girls varsity meet

Friday February 6th: Boys and

Girls varsity meet

Monday February 8th: Boys

and Girls Varsity Conference

tournament. BPHS

Wednesday February 17th:

Boys and Girls Varsity Reigon

Tournament. Prince George


Friday February 26th: Boys and

Girls States. Boo Williams Center

Saturday February 27th: Boys and

Girls States. Boo Williams Center

While runners are practicing

inside, Addison Phillips is

practicing shotput in the cold.

He explains that he prefers

spring track because it is much

harder to throw in the winter.

He says, “It’s more difficult to

be fluid with your movements

and you can’t throw as far.”

Phillips expects to qualify for

conference later on this year.

The History of Valentine’s Day

By Regan Flieg

You know that Valentine’s Day is the

designated holiday for expressing love,

but do you know where it comes from?

According to, Valentine’s

Day’s origins stretch back to the Ancient

Roman feast of Luperci, the festival of

fertility. As a part of this celebration,

Roman priests sacrificed dogs and goats.

They proceeded to dip strips of goat hide

into blood and slap fields and women

with them. This was gratefully recieved

as it was believed that this action would

increase fertility. To end the festival of

Luperci, bachelors drew the names of

single women out of an urn and were

randomly paired with them for the year.

In an attempt to override Luperci,

the Catholic Church placed the feast of

Saint Valentine on Feb. 14, one day before


According to Catholic Online, not

much is known about Saint Valentine, but

one of the stories depicts the saint as a

priest administering Catholic weddings

to couples despite this action being

illegal. He was put to death for his crime,

and he is believed to have sent a letter

to the daughter of his jailor signed “Your

Valentine” before he died.

According to, the

holiday of Valentine’s Day didn’t take

a definite turn toward romance

until the Middle Ages when it

was believed that February

marked the beginning of mating

season for birds. Charles,

Duke of Orleans, was the writer of the

oldest Valentine still in existence. It is

a poem written to his wife during his

imprisonment in 1415.

The mass-production of Valentine’s

Day cards began in the 1840s when Ester

A. Howland began selling her creations.

With approximately 1 billion Valentine’s

Day cards sent a year, it is the second

most popular holiday for card sending,

ranked only below Christmas.


Is BP feeling the love?

Brooke Point students and staff express their love for Valentine’s Day

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

We asked the BP students and staff if they loved,

loathed, or lacked an opinion about Valentine’s

Day. Despite the wide variety of views and

opinions, the majority of the questioned people

are in favor of Valentine’s Day and love it!

How do you feel about PDA?

An overwhelming number of people are

okay with or do not mind seeing Public

Displays of Affection around the school.


By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller, and Cody Ferdinand

Chocolate or flowers?

To all the boys who are still wondering

what to get their significant other,

chocolate has shown to be the sweetest

gift you can get!, ,,, ,,

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, those who need last minute date and gift

ideas, here’s the place to be! Here are some of our BP Blackhawks’ opinions

on their ideal Valentine’s Day dates, share yours with The Hawkeye on social

media. Freshman Raechel McDonald says “going out for a nice lunch followed

by going to the beach and watching the sunset.” Freshman Tiana Hall says

“cuddling and watching movies.” Freshman Taylor Hamilton says “dinner and

watching movies.”


-A night out at Government Island,

with cupcakes from The Icing

Baking Co. and hot chocolate

-Take a walk through history at The Marine Corps


-Go roller skating at the Cavalier Family Skating

-Dinner date ideas: Bella’s Café, Outback Steakhouse,

Chili’s, Applebee’s


- Grab a pair of skates and go ice skating at the

Prince William Ice Center

- Strikeout a date at the AMF Dale City Lane


Date Night


- Dinner and bowling at Splitsville

- A walk down memory lane in Old

town Fredericksburg and enjoy donuts from

Paul’s Bakery

-Dinner date at Olive Garden

Stay at home:

By Isabel Cox and

De’Jah Saunders

-Watch a movie with popcorn and snuggling

-Make a dinner for you and bae



You Float My Boat:

Grab some vanilla ice

cream, straws, root

beer and put in a

basket. Don’t forget to

personalize it with a

cute note!

52 Reasons Why...

Take an old deck of

cards and a sharpie,

then write down a

reason on each card.

Last Minute Gifts:

Go to any store of your

choice, set a price limit,

give each other a time

limit, and meet back up

to exchange gifts.



Sophomore Timothy Daley:

“Lauren London because

shawty bad.”

Who is your



Sophomore MJ Maire:

“Alex Morgan because she

is extremely attractive

and athletic which makes

her even more attractive.”

By Kiara Neely and Jasmine


Sophomore Karah Andrews:

“Bryson Tiller because his

voice is sexy.”


Junior Kelsey Harris:

“Micheal B. Jordan

because he’s attractive.”

Crushin’ on You

I must have sneezed

because God has blessed

me with you

- Chelsea Littles (10th)

Catch the eye of the

one you admire with a

witty line!

Are you from Tennessee

because you’re the only

10 I see?

- Chris Gervacio (12th)

If you were a fry

you’d be a hot fry

- Kimmie Hilliary


Junior Christian Smith:

“Megan Fox because

her smile and she has a

spontaneous look to her.”

Junior David Tignor:

“Scarlet Johansson because

she is really attractive, she is

a good actress, and she’s in

shape- body goals!”

Junior Amber Kohl:

“Shawn Mendes

because he’s a great

singer and attractive.”

Sophomore Katie Harris:

“Justin Bieber because

he’s beautiful and can

sing to me.”

Are you a


Because you’re

hot and I want


- Cora Haney


By Julie Gazzoli

Are you my appendix cause the

way you make me feel makes

me want to take you out

- Bailey Birks (10th)

I’ve lost my

phone number

can I have


- Lorelei



16 17

photo from

Are you lacking in

a relationchip this

Valentine’s Day? All

the single ladies (and

gentlemen) here is how

to be the best single

pringle you can be in the

season of love.

1) Identify yourself

as a single pringle. The

first step to being happy

as a single person is

acknowledging the fact

that you are single. Most

people are ashamed or

embarrassed to admit

that they’re alone.

The Best Way to be a Single Pringle

For when you’re not in a Relationchip

By Grace Duckworth, Kayla Hilado, and Jane Pierce

Even people like senior

Reuben Levin and

sophomore Alex Regan

are hesitant to embrace

the title. It will be better

in the long run to accept

your relationship status

and learn to love your

single lifestyle.

2) Find other single

people in your area.

It’s easier for single

people to be date-less

when they have another

like-minded person to

relate to. Levin says

that on Valentine’s Day

he reaches out to other

friends that aren’t in

relationships and hang

out. Keep in mind that

this step isn’t about

seeking a relationship,

but a friendship. You

don’t need a significant

other to be happy.

3) Take up ‘single’

hobbies. A great way

for someone to get

passed the negatives

of being single is to

distract yourself.

“I like to watch

movies and cry, and

cry, and cry,” junior

Elisa Valesquez says

jokingly. It’s also

great to learn to like

being independent, don’t

be ashamed to be alone.

Try knitting, watching

Friends reruns, and

taking in multiple cats.

Whatever you do, make

Teachers’ love advice

sure it’s enjoyable for


4) Accept and

love the single life. A

romantic relationship

isn’t always the best for

everyone. Sometimes

photo from

you just need to

recognize that your value

and personal worth isn’t

dependent on whether

or not you’re dating

someone. Eventually.

Paws-itively in (Puppy) Love

By Colleen Parker and Shelby Baird

Dear Most Beloved Pet,

You’re the greatest companion that anyone could hope to have. You’re loving and

fun and oh so comforting in my time of need - all the things I wish were in

my past relationships. Pet, I truly believe you’re my one true soul mate. Stay with

me forever, so we can watch Netflix.


Your Sappy Human Friend

Gabe Rouse (10) and his dog, Kai, like

to go on long walks at Government

Island and ocassionally share a

peanut butter. From the same spoon.

George Yuschak (9) is shown

here with his cat. Yuschak and his

feline friend, Tealva, like to share

intimate kisses on their couch.

photos from,

Will Macecevic

“Don’t let drama consume your

relationship. If there’s a lot of

drama in your relationship

then it’s probably not a good

relationship to be in.”

“I started dating my husband in

high school, so I think I would

know about love. Love is about

the way that you treat people, not

about the things you say or buy

for them. It’s about respecting

them and enjoying being with

them. It’s not about needing them

but wanting to be with them.”

Jason Liebel

“Don’t take it all so seriously.

There’s a lot of life to live. Just

go out and live it.”

“DON’T! DO NOT! Buddha,

in essence said, there is nothing

good in women. Ladies,

gentlemen will break your

heart. Gentlemen, ladies will

break your heart. And this

is coming from a man that’s

been married twice, but I love

my wife. My current wife.”

photos taken by Grace Duckworth

Drake Kennedy (10), and his

cats Hagus, and Noah. “They do

whatever they want, wheather

you wan’t them to or not.”

Amara Bottlesom (11) loves her cat,


Laurie Cooke


Akula. Akula loves to sit on Bottlesom’s

lap, preventing her from doing homework

or from completing her artwork.


Semester in review

By Isabella Taffera, Kassidy McCall, Sarah Moncure

The first semester of the 2015-2016 school year, for many, will be

memorable. For the first time, freshmen were tossed into the lion’s den

some may call high school, while the rest of us reveled in the joy of being

an upperclassman. Not only did we welcome freshman to high school life,

but we also got to experience countless fun school activities including

homecoming and its spirit week, exciting football games, and the infamous

Student Expression Night.

The few days leading up to homecoming night were filled with eccentric

outfits and plenty of spirited students. The electrifying days we all know as

Spirit Week, will be remembered for the exciting, pulsing energy throughout

the school. The highly anticipated homecoming night was cleverly themed:

“Under the Big Top.” For many, the fun-filled evening was filled with dancing,

playing games, and hanging out with friends.

Along with homecoming, Friday night football games were a highlight for

many BP students this fall. Head Varsity coach, Tommy Buzzo, was admirably

awarded “Coach of the Year” by The Freelance-Star. He felt honored and appreciated receiving it.

Adding to the many 2015 Brooke Point accomplishments, the drama department opened the year with their

commendable performance of “The Laramie Project”. Freshman Katie Monaghan, said, “It was powerful and inspiring.”

The student body basked in Brooke Point’s newly remodeled library at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. In the

cherished moments before the start of school, students utilize the highly equipped facility to its maximum. On the exterior

walls of the library, students and staff can walk by and be reminded of our shining new school motto: “Be Proud”.

Despite the many exciting events of 2015, Brooke Point was sad to see Cathy Van Valzah, a social studies teacher whose

career started at the opening of this school, retire from her impactful position as a member of the staff. Scott McClellan said,

“She brings a lot of experience, a lot of wisdom that we’re gonna miss.”


Spirit Week

Photos by Jasmine


Pep rally





Coach of the Year:

Coach Buzzo


& More!!


Upcoming in 2016

By Nathaniel Bowman and Virginia Lusker

Are you looking forward to 2016? You should

be, because we’re giving you a road map to a

successful and entertaining new year. Ending the

month of January, we have exams! We know it

can be difficult to find excitement in those, but

remember, it means you’ve made it halfway down

the road. Right after exams, we jump right into

February with many basketball games and track

events. Kicking off March, we have our Dare

Basketball Game right here at Brooke Point on

Friday, March 4. Five days later on March 9, we

also have another Student Expression Night! For

those of you who did not go to the first one, The

Hawkeye strongly suggests you attend it. As for

the following weekend, March Twelve and

Thirteen, the Fine Arts Festival will be taking

place also here at Brooke Point. And let’s not

forget that we will be ending the wonderful

month of March with spring break starting

on the twenty-eighth. That’s the start to your

successful and exciting new year.

Weekdays to Look Forward to

• January 27-29: EXAMS-Early Release

• February 1: No School

New Movies in 2016

• Deadpool

• Kung Fu 3

• Sherlock

The Divergent Series:


• Batman v Superman:

Dawn of Justice

New Music in 2016

•Ariana Grande: Moonlight

•Drake: Views from the 6

•Iggy Azalea: Digital Distortion

• February 15: Presidents’ Day-No School

• March 25: 2 Hour Early Release

• March 28-April 1: Spring Break!

•Kanye West: SWISH

•Rihanna: Anti

20 21



By Mason Russell

What an odd winter this has been. The weather

couldn’t have been more random during the month

of December. According to federal weather officials,

“December’s wild El Nino pushed 2015 in the United

States to near-record levels for heat, moisture and

downright extreme conditions.” December 2015

was on record for the being the second warmest

and even the third wettest in 121 years of record

keeping. We’ve even experienced some of that

warmth here in Stafford. With Christmas Day

meeting a high of 75 degrees, and here we are

expecting snow to come. From what it looks like, not

until the end of January.

Image by Rick McKee

Image By Brian Brettschneider

Hawkeye’s Holiday Playlist

1.All I want for Christmas is you Mariah Carey

2.White Christmas Bing Crosby

3.Last Christmas wham!

4.Mary, did you know Pentatonix

5.Here comes Santa Claus Elvis Presley

6.Mistletoe Justin Bieber

7.Baby its Cold Outside India Menzel and Michael Bublé

8.Santa Tell Me Ariana Grande

9.Little Drummer Boy Pentatonix

10.Jingle Bell Rock Bobby Helms

11.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Pentatonix

12.The Dreidal Song Julie Silver


Image By David McCue

The warm weather in December definitely weirded out

many people last year. Senior Nolan Roberts says, “He’s

bummed out to know he could out into the Christmas

weather in his t-shirt and shorts.” He says, “I’m glad it’s

finally getting cold again, even though it should’ve been

here sooner. Not looking forward to snow as much as

most people though, I just want the nice chilly weather.”

Other students have also told me they’re wishing for

snow to fall or for the cold weather to come back.

From what we’ve all been hearing in the news and on

the weather channel, the snow is here and coming soon.

For the east coast, it seems to just be a waiting game for

now. Just a week ago, we had ourselves a short wave of

flurries. All we can do now is hope.



Hawkeye’s Songs for the heart

1. “Perfect”- One Direction

2. “Words”- Jacob Whitesides

3. “Thinking Out Loud”- Ed Sheeran

4. “She Keeps Me Warm”- Mary Lambert

5. “Boom Clap”- Charli XCX

6. “Never Gonna Give You Up”- Rick Astley

7. “Clarity”- Zedd

8. “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”- Meghan Trainor

9. “Pretty Brown Eyes”- Cody Simpson

10. “If I Ain’t Got You”- Alicia Keys

11. “Locked Away”- Maroon 5

12. “Falling in Love With You”- Elvis Presley



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