2 years ago

CBJC Festival Magazine 2016

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium produces a Jazz Festival every year. 2016 brings our 17th Annual Festival. The Brooklyn grassRoots festival this year runs from April 15th until May 15. This years event was fantastic. View our magazine for a look inside.


DISTRICT OFFICE 1360 FULTON STREET, SUITE 500 BROOKLYN, NY 11216 TEL: (718) 919-0740 DISTRICT OFFICE FAX: (718) 1360857-2555 FULTON STREET, SUITE 500 BROOKLYN, NY 11216 CITY HALL OFFICE TEL: (718) 919-0740 250 BROADWAY, SUITE FAX: 1743 (718) 857-2555 NEW YORK, NY 10007 CITY HALL OFFICE TEL: (212) 788-7354 250 BROADWAY, SUITE 1743 FAX: (212) 788-8951 NEW YORK, NY 10007 TEL: (212) 788-7354 FAX: (212) 788-8951 THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNCIL THE CITY OF NEW YORK OF ROBERT THE E. CITY CORNEGY, OF NEW YORK JR. COUNCIL MEMBER, 36 TH DISTRICT, BROOKLYN ROBERT E. CORNEGY, JR. COUNCIL MEMBER, 36 TH DISTRICT, BROOKLYN CHAIR SMALL BUSINESS COMMITTEES CHAIR CIVIL SERVICE & LABOR SMALL BUSINESS FINANCE CO-CHAIR HEALTH BLACK, LATINO AND HOUSING ASIAN CAUCUS PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEES CIVIL SERVICE & LABOR FINANCE HEALTH HOUSING PUBLIC SAFETY April 15, 2015 April 13 th , 2016 Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium (CBJC) 1958 Fulton Central Street Brooklyn Jazz Consortium Brooklyn, NY 11233 Members of CBJC, I want to I congratulate am always proud the to Central support the Brooklyn Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium, Jazz Consortium’s an organization (CBJC) quest to committed keep jazz to the development music alive and this preservation year is no exception. of jazz As music we embark and related upon the art 17th forms, Annual as Central they Brooklyn celebrate Jazz Festival, we celebrate CBJC as extraordinary asset to the community. Congratulations on our borough’s contributions to the African inspired art form called Jazz. CBJC, since emerging into a hub that provides an invaluable artistic experience that brings together an 1999, has enriched the lives of the people in Central Brooklyn and beyond. From April 17 to May 17, 2015, New Yorkers will celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month woodwinds come together. By sharing the African inspired art form called Jazz with the through the nearly 50 events taking place during the 16th Annual Central Brooklyn Jazz community, CBJC does more than entertain, it inspires. This is a vital contribution to Brooklyn Festival (NYC’s and beyond, longest as its impact continuously the community running is irreplaceable. grassroots festival dedicated to Jazz), in venues throughout the city. I am proud to give my continued support to this worthy organization On behalf and the of the services residents it of provides the 36 th district, to the I thank 36th you Council for your District. continued service, your cultural Sincerely, 1958 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11233 Dear Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium, intergenerational audience. Youth, adults, and seniors alike, all benefit when the sounds of strings, brass, percussion, and significance, and your historical impact on the arts community. Sincerely, Robert E. New Cornegy, York City Jr. Council Member NYC Council 36 th District Member, – Brooklyn 36 th District – Brooklyn 26 Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

City Council Member Darlene Mealy 27