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GSN Magazine June 2016 Digital Edition

Winners’ Portraits:

Winners’ Portraits: GSN 2016 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awa contacted, due to the distance they must travel. Once again, PureTech’s technology enables early detection of suspicious activity, which affords security personnel the opportunity to 1) deter the intruder through the use of non-lethal loud hailers and strobe-lights, 2) automatically lock down critical access and equipment, and 3) notify law enforcement as early as possible. Transportation is another important market for PureTech Systems, which works with a number of Seaports including the Ports of Charleston, Seattle, and Tacoma. The company’s technology is also well suited to safeguard critical infrastructure including public transit railways and tunnels. Operating effectively in these environments is quite challenging since the system must cope with normal traffic while still detecting abnormal activities. Detecting persons who have fallen off a cruise ship is something else that PureTech Systems can handle, and in fact, the company was Winner in the Man-over board rescue category in GSN’s 2015 program. Protection of transit, railroad, utility, and bridge infrastructures are all logical applications for the Pure- Activ package, along with Coastal applications that include determining whether an incoming ship fits the expected profile or could pose a threat. The company also addresses safety applications such as one example that keeps people out of harm’s way of nearby moving machinery. To sum up (some of what we learned), PureTech Systems focus is on the creation of computer vision software. They specialize in long range applications, applying their patented video analytics and integrating with other surveillance sensors such as radar, gun-shot detection, fence sensors, and drone detection, as needed, to address a variety of surveillance and safety applications. Here are the bios of four of the company leaders who have contributed mightily to the company’s ongoing and growing success: LARRY J. BOWE, JR, FOUNDER AND CEO 40 Larry founded PureTech in March 2005. Prior to PureTech, Larry was Vice President of Business Development for Verint Video Systems, from 2001 to March 2005. In this role, Larry had overall responsibility for Product Management, technology licensing, acquisitions and their mobile digital video business. Prior to joining Verint, Larry had a 17 year career at Honeywell, where he held several technical leadership positions in both their Homes and Buildings and Avionics SBUs. Larry shared global responsibility for technology planning and budgeting for their billion dollar Homes and Buildings Solutions SBU. Larry was one of a select few to be nominated to participate in Honeywell’s 2-year Leadership training program, which he completed. Prior to joining Honeywell, Larry worked for Motorola’s government electronics group, whose focus was the manufacturing of satellite electronic systems. Larry holds a BS in Computer Science from Arizona State University School of Engineering and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. FEREYDOUN MAALI, CHIEF IMAGING SCIENTIST Fereydoun Maali, who joined PureTech Systems in March 2005, has worked in image processing and related areas addressing applications in robotic vision (2D & 3D) biometrical, automotive, de-

ds Program fense, electronics, semiconductor and analytics of surveillance since 1983. From 1985-1991 he was a Senior R&D Engineer at Robotic Vision Systems, Long Island, NY. He has a DIC, MSc, PHD from Imperial College U.K., where his doctoral focus was “Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Industrial Robotic Vision.” He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer (CEng) and a senior member of IEEE. He has received 18 US patents in image processing and related areas, with additional patents pending. WADE BARNES, VICE PRESIDENT ENGINEERING & CHIEF SOFTWARE ARCHITECT Wade Barnes, who joined PureTech in September 2006, has been in the information technology industry since 1977, having worked in the areas of distributed computing, large systems design and computer applications in diverse fields, including security, health care, financial and minerals industry. He is a winner of the 3M Technical Circle of Excellence Award and the Oblad Award from the University of Utah. Mr. Barnes has B.S. and M.S. degrees in mining engineering and an M.S. degree in computer sciences. ERIC OLSON, VICE PRESIDENT MARKETING Eric Olson joined PureTech in March 2006. Eric leads the marketing organization, with accountability for product positioning, media relations, trade shows and social media. Prior to joining the company, he spent over 18 years in the aerospace market, initially as an electrical engineer responsible for design, specification and test of critical flight systems, and later secur- 41 ing leadership roles in alliance management, competitive intelligence, program management and product management. Olson is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, trained and certified in the development of sales and marketing processes. He holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa, an MBA from Arizona State University and a Global Leadership Certificate from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. Govermment Security News congratulates PureTech Systems as 2016 Winner in he category the Best Video Analytics Awards and wishes the company many more years of brilliant success!