Christmas is coming with the Jingle Bell’s song played at every corner of the capital. In the early morning, I walk to the post office, holding some handmade cards filled with sweet wishes for my loved ones. Christmas is always the best time to spread love and I feel like a young child waiting for it. People wait in long lines at the post office. I join the line, waiting for my turn to send some postcards abroad. In front of me are two cute boys nestling behind their mother. The younger one, about 9 years old, is telling his brother “Santa Claus will give gifts to me because I am nicer than you. You haven’t prepared gifts for dad, not to mention that your letter doesn’t have a stamp on it.” The little boy loses his train of thought, holding his letter higher to see where the stamp is. He keeps it for a while that I see his lovely writing “To my bearded dad”. Perhaps, the stamp has been lost somewhere on the way here or his mother forgot to stick it on his letter. “Hey boy, it’s for you”, I put my hand in my pocket, found a stamp and gave it to the boy. The two boys looked at me and hesitantly took it after their mother nodded to them. They expressed their gratitude and smiled happily, knowing that their letters would be delivered to their beloved dad. Leaving the post office, I still hope that their father could come home to celebrated Christmas with his family. After all, the most valued Christmas gifts are sharing moments with friends and family. Travellive would like to express our gratitude to our partners and readers for being a part of our journeys. We wish you a merry Christmas!

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