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Government Security News February 2017 Digital Edition

Expansion of DMARC is

Expansion of DMARC is critical to reducing spread of malicious emails, says Global Cyber Alliance, calling on leading Cyber companies to improve email protections SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 14, 2017 – There is a fix that can prevent a great amount of email-born attacks on consumers and businesses. Unfortunately, the vast majority of public and private organizations globally, including leading cybersecurity companies, have not deployed DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) to prevent spammers and phishers from using an organization’s name to conduct cyber attacks, according to new research from the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). DMARC provides insight into any attempts to spam, phish or spear-phish using an organization’s brand or name. DMARC is supported by 85 percent of consumer email inboxes in the United States (including Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) and more than 2.5 billion email inboxes worldwide. However, DMARC adoption rates among enterprises and government remains low. The UK Government’s guidance for government agencies directs them to implement DMARC but as of December 2016 only five percent of UK public sector domains had done so. A mere 16 percent of the healthcare sector has adopted DMARC. The latest research from GCA, an international cross-sector organization dedicated to confronting systemic cyber risk, finds that adoption remains low in the cybersecurity industry as well. Only 15 percent of the 587 email domains (that were scanned) for companies exhibiting at the RSA Conference -- one of the world’s largest gatherings of cybersecurity experts -- use DMARC. Of the 90 RSA exhibiting organizations that do use DMARC, more than 66 percent use the DMARC policy of “none,” which only monitors for email domains, greatly reducing the effectiveness of DMARC. 36 It is time for the cybersecurity industry to lead the charge and push for DMARC use across the globe. GCA strongly advocates that organizations implement DMARC and has developed a free DMARC Setup Guide to make DMARC implementation easier ( The value of correctly implementing DMARC is clear as studiesiii have shown that organizations that use DMARC correctly receive just 23 percent of the email threats that those who do not use DMARC. “As world leaders in cybersecurity, we can do better. DMARC protects brands and preserves consumer confidence. While no security effort is cost-free, clear guidance and tools, such as the GCA DMARC Setup Guide, make DMARC implementation practical, and the benefits are considerable. DMARC is one of the cybersecurity protocols that can broadly reduce risk, and the more it is implemented, the more protection if offers for everyone,” said Philip Reitinger, President and

CEO of GCA. “I’m placing a stake in the ground and calling on the cybersecurity industry to lead the adoption of DMARC, with a goal that 50 percent of the companies that exhibit at the 2018 RSA Conference implement DMARC prior to the conference, and that 90 percent implement prior to the 2019 RSA Conference. Working together the cybersecurity industry can be a role model and make a difference.” About The Global Cyber Alliance The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to confronting cyber risk and improving our connected world. It is a catalyst to bring communities of interest and affiliations together in an environment that sparks innovation with concrete, measureable achievements. While most efforts at addressing cyber risk have been industry, sector, or geographically specific, GCA partners across borders and sectors. GCA’s mantra “Do Something. Measure It.” is a direct reflection of its mission to eradicate systemic cyber risks. GCA, a 501(c)3, was founded in September 2015 by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security. Learn more at Milestone release, enabling record-breaking performance for XProtect users, delivers highest performing VMS ever, complete with new Cybersecurity focus. COPENHAGEN – February 15, 2017 – Milestone Systems, the open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), has released XProtect 2017 R1. Milestone is committed to delivering three VMS product releases every year, in addition to bi-monthly device pack releases supporting third-party devices. This frequent release schedule will ensure Milestone’s rapid response to market and Milestone community needs. Highest VMS Performance Thanks to the true open platform technology in XProtect, Milestone can rapidly respond to community needs and enable cost-efficiency in large installations. For XProtect, this entails a recording server performance of 3.1 Gigabit/S. This high performance level enables Milestone community partners to offer large solutions using a reduced number of servers, or even smaller servers. This contributes to hardware costs savings and a simplified 37 infrastructure. In short, it significantly reduces the total cost of a Milestone solution. Pioneering Hardware Acceleration In the latest XProtect releases, Milestone has harvested the advantages of the close relationships with Intel and Microsoft by implementing hardware acceleration. The processor-intensive task of decoding (rendering) video is offloaded to the Bjorn Skou Eilertsen CTO dedicated graphics system (GPU) inside the processer, leaving the main processor free to take on other tasks. The GPU is optimized to handle computer graphics and video, meaning these tasks will be greatly accelerated. Using the technology in servers can save even more expen- More on page 43