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Government Security News February 2017 Digital Edition

Abandoning priorities

Abandoning priorities will make immigration enforcement work much harder Continued from page 32 ty, or in the case of recent border crossers, whose unauthorized presence undermined efforts to secure the border. At each step of the way, the emphasis was on assessing individual equities. Balancing equities is hard work, and the series of memos issued from 2010 to 2014 on enforcement priorities and the exercise of discretion were attempts to ensure that people did the hard work of individually reviewing and thinking through the implications of each case. Many officers will continue to make their decisions to arrest and detain based on a belief that exercising favorable discretion is part of their job. But some, especially those who didn’t like the idea that they were being told how to prioritize their work, may not do so. In fact, some will see it as their duty and obligation to arrest everyone, no matter the compelling circumstances. And that is what can lead to chaos. Does guidance serve as a constraint on power? Of course, but that isn’t a bad thing. Everyone needs guidance to do their jobs, especially when their jobs have Salient CRGT Announces Agreement to Acquire Information Innovators, Inc. Continued from page 25 firm based in Chicago. The firm focuses on investing in lower middle market buyout transactions in the food, industrial, and services industries. Frontenac works in partnership with proven operating leaders, through our executive-centric approach called CEO1st®, to identify, acquire, and build market leading companies through transformational acquisitions and operational excellence. The firm has built a leading franchise working with over 225 owners of mid-sized businesses, almost always families or founders, as they address complex transition issues of liquidity, management enhancement, and growth planning. For more information, please visit life and death implications for others. By stripping away much, if not all, of the guidance of the last eight years, and offering nothing in its place, DHS just made its officers’ jobs harder, not easier. 42 New memos reveal harsh and unforgiving immigration road map as DHS implements President Trump’s Executive Orders Continued from page 30 United States. They even include individuals simply charged or suspected of having committed crimes. Creation of a deportation force. The memos order the hiring of 5,000 additional Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and 10,000 additional Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. They direct a massive expansion of 287(g)—a law that allows DHS to deputize state and local law enforcement officers to perform the functions of immigration agents. And, they reinstate Secure Communities and terminate the Priority Enforcement Program, which expand the ways in which local police collaborate with ICE. This approach will have devastating consequences for immigrant communities and undermine public safety rather than make our nation more secure. Plans to bypass immigration courts and short-circuit due process. The memos indicate that many people in the interior of the country – not just those at the border – could be subject to expedited deportation without

going before a judge, the details of which DHS said will be forthcoming in a notice in the Federal Register. This expansion of “expedited removal,” will allow the government to bypass the backlogged immigration courts in order to deport people rapidly and with little-to-no due process. While the feasibility of many of these policies depends on Congressional willingness to fund them and whether they pass muster in the courts, undeniably, these policies are thin on humanity and thick on punishment. They will separate families, cultivate fear among immigrant communities, and destabilize our economy. Facial biometric boarding solution by Vision Box being tried at Schipol Airport Continued from page 38 digital video analytics solutions, intelligent biometric and biographic data management engines and danger management functionalities. Vision-Box operates over 1200 Automated Border Control solutions in more than 70 international airports and has over 3000 electronic identity systems deployed across the globe. Milestone release delivers highest performing VMS ever for XProtect users Continued from page 37 sive computer muscle. Hardware-accelerated video motion detection is new in XProtect 2017 R1 - another industry first for VMS software. Customers can have twice as many cameras on the same server with the same CPU load, or experience up to 90 percent reduction in the CPU load with the same number of cameras on the server*. This use of hardware acceleration lets mid- to large-scale installations experience improved performance at a lower hardware cost. Hardware acceleration was already implemented in the XProtect 2016 Smart Client. This provided an 80 percent reduction in the processor load on computers with selected Intel processors, firmware, drivers and Microsoft operating systems. This paves the way for the use of 4K cameras and processing-intensive video compressions like H.265. New Cybersecurity Features As video management systems are becoming more and more businesscritical, cybersecurity is a natural focus. In 2016, Milestone launched several initiatives aimed at strengthening security in Milestone software. Like the Hardening Guide that details how an XProtect installation 43 can be better secured against cyber threats and the Kerberos strict userverification in XProtect. The XProtect 2017 R1 update includes several security enhancements for improved cybersecurity, including two-step verification and greater control when granting user permissions for the Milestone Advanced VMS products. Two-step verification is an industry-first security feature for XProtect 2017 R1. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the VMS when a password is compromised, as a code from the user’s mobile phone is needed to complete login. Keeping VMS systems isolated from the Internet is one important element when it comes to keeping a high security level. XProtect Smart Maps (introduced last year) now include support for OpenStreetMap offline maps: This means that customers with offline installations can take advantage of improved situational awareness by using maps, without exposing their XProtect system to online threats. “We take cybersecurity very seriously. Milestone is constantly adding security features to XProtect software and helping the Milestone community focus on VMS security,” Eilertsen says. XProtect 2017 R1 is available to the Milestone community now.