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Government Security News February 2017 Digital Edition

Supreme Court hears case

Supreme Court hears case on shooting of 15-year old by U.S. Border Patrol Agent Continued from page 31 short, this is an extreme example of a system lacking even the most basic mechanisms of accountability. And now, the Trump administration’s Executive Order and subsequent implementation memo on border security and immigration enforcement would amount to a “surge” of 5,000 new Border Patrol agents with very few checks on their behavior in dealing with any non-U.S. citizen, particularly if that non-citizen has the misfortune to be standing in Mexico. Moreover, the drive to grab every unauthorized immigrant in sight without regard for any reasonable enforcement priorities—as reflected in the Executive Order—is a recipe for the use of excessive force. Pouring more resources and personnel into a dysfunctional system is not going to make that system any more functional. It’s just going to create an even bigger dysfunctional system. CBP—and the Border Patrol in particular—is already out of control. Even in cases where CBP officers injure or kill someone, they rarely suffer any serious consequences. This case speaks to a broader, systemic problem within CBP—an organizational culture in which anything goes. GSN’s 2017 Airport/Seaport/Border Security Awards Opening for Entries on March 15 with Many New Categories All Winners in this program are entitled to a Full-Page Advertisement (8.5” x 9.0”) in your choice of GSN’s Digital Magazine or Leaderboard in any edition of the Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly Newsletter. Adrian Courtenay Managing Partner, CEO Government Security News 917-696-5782 NEW IN 2017: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A NOMINATION All Finalists are entitled to a Half- Page Advertisement (8.5” x 4.5”) in your choice of GSN’s Digital Magazine or Leaderboard in any edition of the Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly Newsletter. Steve Bittenbender Managing Editor Government Security News 502-552-1450 Gerry O’Hara Designer OHDesign3 203-249-0626 44

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