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2017 04 The Light April 2017

monthly Journal of the Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam. Presenting Islam as a tolerant, liberal and peaceful religion as practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s).

2017 04 The Light April

ْ م ِ اہللِ‏ الرَّْحم ٰ سب ِ ی م الرَّحم ن ِ The Light International Organ of the Centre for the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam 2017 April April 2016 The only Islamic organisation upholding the finality of prophethood. Webcasting on the world’s first real-time Islamic service at This issue is dedicated to the memory of P.C Keith Lambert, who died so that we may live. Editors Shahid Aziz & Mustaq Ali – UK; Zainib Ahmad – USA; Gowsia Selim - India Contents The Call of the Messiah 2 Islamophobia, Real or Contrived 3 By Mr Ebrahim Mohamed What is Enlightenment in Islam? 5 By Muqtedar Khan World Interfaith Harmony Week 10 By HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad Broadcasts (UK time) 1. Skype Urdu lecture: Sunday 09:00 2. Live on ‣ Friday Sermon 13:00 ‣ First Sunday of month lecture 15:00. 3. Radio Radio Virtual Mosque Websites 1. International HQ 2. Research and History 3. The Woking Mosque and Mission 4. The Berlin Mosque and Mission 5. Quran search 6. Blog Our Recent English Broadcasts ‣ Charity in Islam Mr Nasir Ahmad discusses the concept of charity in Islam and points out that it is not only a religious, but also a social obligation of every Muslim. ‣ Equal Opportunities for all Mankind. Mr Mustaq Ali discusses chapter 107 of the Holy Quran to show that there is no discrimination on any basis in providing citizens with opportunities in education or employment. ‣ Spiritual Advancement Through Good Deeds. Mr Talha Adnan discusses spiritual advancement in Islam. He explains that, in Islam, doing good to others is a very important part of seeking closeness to Allah. ‣ The Jinn in Islam Dr Jawad Ahmad looks at the concept of the Jinn and explains the correct interpretation from the Quranic precepts. Interesting external links ‣ In the US, a Muslim soldier is refused a gun! ‣ Following Orders and what Stanley Morgan did. ‣ Which is the Zero Eco-foot Print Parliament? ‣ Women at the Top - Rather a Lack of Them ‣ King David's clothes discovered. I Shall Love All Mankind.

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