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Issue 9

May 2017







I am a Dom/Master, Hear me


One thing that has become very

apparent to me is the amount of

common online myths associated with Ds

or BDSM experience but what can be

experienced in this medium?




A series of articles designed to provoke

thought and challenge! Follow Sir

Arithon as he tackles those unpopular

theories on a wide variety of topics.

The French


Shivers Down

my Spine

Simply Online


Letter from the editor


Flame Jie

Sir Arithon

Kaderin Luminos

This is a month of personal

change for me, finding my

level and peace, that

inherent onward march

towards change.


A. Sands

Chef Lew

Freelance Writers

Kacey Raines

It seems that often few

focus on the need to stand

naked, to let go of the

barriers, the societal

conditioning... to tap into

that place inside you that

makes you inherently

vulnerable to the person

you eventually consent to submit too.....the soul, the emotions

that connect Dominant and submissive, Master and

slave.....When i think of my past relationships and the marks

they have left on my soul i smile.....The marks that I wear on

my soul are marks that will stay with me forever. They have

become a part of me, a part of my growth, a part of my

journey in life. They will never fade...It takes a lot of bravery

for both Dominant and Submissive to find the space, to just


One of the draws of this lifestyle for me is the emotional and

intellectual energy, the intensity of the power exchange. The

moral, emotional nature and sense of identity that comes from

being totally in touch and at peace with myself.

This issue excites me as we are

having a free topic month,

encouraging the creative juices of our writers to

tease and tantalise you our readers.

Happy reading!

Flame x

In this Issue….


Thrown to the floor

Articles, by Sir Arithon. The

refreshing no holds barred

viewpoint on all things D/s.


Le thème du mois

d'avril tourne autour du

mot "Frenzy"

Article translated into

French for our

international readers


Our Introduction to second life

fashion D/s photography.

Whats on in second life

Our VIP section. This section will

introduce you to some of the

wonderful places you can visit and

enjoy in second life. Also some of the

educational groups you can join for

quality lifestyle and community


Kinky Kitchen

The Party (part two)

second part of the

drama, written by Kacey


Common online myths

myths/beliefs that for

some reason are very

prevalent online. ~Author



The third of 4

monologues describing

the journey to the collar

by Sir Arithon

Online vs. Real Life D/s

Once upon a time I lived

in a world online. ©

within Reality: danae

2000 - all rights reserved

Amazing recipe’s by Sir


In this Issue….



Information and advertisement for

venues and Shops online



Erotic art, Editor’s picks.

Useful links

like the web? Follow these

crumbs for fun and


Simply Online

Specific content for those of the

lifestyle who only practice in Second

life or other online platforms and how

you might manage relationships in

these spaces.

Coming up…

A sexy glimpse into all that is

new, hot and exciting in

Liberty & Restraint Magazine.



The third of 4 monologues describing

the journey to the collar

by Sir Arithon

A set of four monoluges

by Sir Arithon. Short

pieces in the journey to

the collar. Until recently

the set had not been

completed and i would

ask that you review them

and give an honest

critique of the content.

This series will appear

over the next month’s in

the magazine and will

also be available on our

blog and website.

Happy reading!

Submission (Part 3)

Finally he decides to

engage with that side of

him and embrace the


Next month will see

“Dominance” the fourth

in the series of the


The woman stands, she could be forgiven as being asleep if not for the restlessness of

her stance. Inside her mind tumbled. " him was it him?" had it always been him? .

He gave no sign before, her mind turning, bent on self doubt "no, no surely I would have

known ". She looked just briefly but those eyes captured everything. Each detail of the

prospect but.. .

Damn she thought there was always a but!!! She sighed. Wrestling inside as desire

mounted it's relentless attack on doubt. She must think. .

The woman stands - ok so things had not been perfect. This colourful world had not

delivered a wealth of peace and promise. .

Tilting her head as if to strain to hear that inner Voice calling from far away. Locked away

never trusted "it's him" She shakes it off no! conscious of her skin blushing yet whisper


The woman stands: frustrated now by her lack of action. "just ask him" her feet frozen in

place, throat dry and restricted. Words stumbling to form some sensible language. She

stamps her foot. damn!! Then a smile..

Memories fresh of how he moves his surety of foot. Never touched but ... Oh how she is

drawn. An invisible thread of compulsion tugging her toward him. .

The woman stands - oh the others pull and jostle for positions of importance within the

ranks. Always keen to offer advice but somehow she is sure that this has to be her

decision. .

Yet to make it will cost she knows. To do this thing.. This ultimate action A testimony to

her soul. To be so at risk. Oh the risk of it terrified her to the core and yet such

excitement boiled within. She smiles .

The woman stands - smile broadens the jigsaw of the ragged thoughts slips into the

beautiful tapestry of decision. It would be him. His ragged past no Obstacle to the future

she would offer..

Honesty and truth in the end would pave the way. She almost laughed. Doubt was turned

into the basis of trust. Sure would remain until time eroded it but more in herself, her

ability to overcome self doubt years of it. .

She was sure that this was the way she wanted to go. Giddy with it, alive with the

promise of it. Heart racing. Smile so wide. He's here... .

The girl kneels. Back straight eyes fixed on him. Hands on her delicate thighs. Slightly

spread, proud, elated. She shines with the peace of the moment. .

Decision made and committed into action. Offering herself but also accepting him. All his

faults all the mistakes erased. No that’s not right. He wouldn't allow that. .He would say

turned into lessons harsh lessons designed so they would not be ever repeated. She

sighs and submits to him.?


by A.Sands

Our Introduction to second life fashion

& D/s photography.

Plastic Paradise

Visiting Collabor88 I found again R2

fashion. It is one of those shops I loved

but that I do not how are forgotten into

my landmarks folder. I was really happy

to see their logo again and clicked to visit

their main shop. The next I knew was I

had found this month subject. R2 shop

has become into the plastic fetish

paradise. Most of the outfits include also

boots, and at least one also a cap, all for

Maitreya bodies, but as I always say, try

the demos, a dress made for another

skeleton could fit yours perfectly.


- r2 A/D/E shou [liquid purple].

- phedora. Andromeda Boots.


- r2 A/D/E shun suit[sheer] /

[green] (dress).

- r2 A/D/E shun suit[sheer] /

[green] (underwear).

- r2 A/D/E shun boots[sheer.

Manicure: Nailed it Vendor - All

in One - Bright Set.

Make-up: Zibska Ora Omega


R2 Fashion

Thrown to the floor…

Evocative articles by Sir


Over the years I have research into the more fictional works that touch on the

lifestyle of the Dominant and submissive but what was more interesting was

the sheer volume of discussion about what was wrong with these women. I

mean seriously it appears that regardless of consent which is the single most

important factor here, regardless of personal choice and based on nothing it

seems more tangible than "girls good Men bad!" there are literally hundreds

of what I once thought of as highly intelligent professional people suggesting

that unless the woman has full control of all aspects of the bedroom then

there simply must be abuse. Plus I staggered to discover that the whole

spectrum of submissive behaviour is not to be widely debated at all.

Submissive men do not even get a foot note compared to women. I can only

assume that the number of people in the world that understand the true

nature of relationships is much smaller than I had hoped. So for those people

so convinced that they are right and all people need to conform to their view

of the world I pose some simple questions and invite responses to several

simple truths. I say truths because facts are always from a certain point of

view Truth is Truth.

why is it so complicated for you to understand that some women or men just

don't want to prove to the world they are better than everyone else?

Why is a successful Woman or man at a senior level considered exceptionally

talented if they make it to the top and victimised and abused if they don’t?

why do you think it is ok to discriminate when you decide to put the word

positive in front of it?

Why do you assume that the private sexual rituals of any couple are any

concern of yours?

the truth is most relationships are about two people taking from one another

what it is they want from a relationship

the truth is that BDSM dynamics are about what two people can freely give to

each other

the truth is that the word dominate and the word abuse are not n the same

class of action. After all people can dominate the field of play in competition

and not be regarded as an abuser.

the truth is that in a BDSM community abusers are cast out when discovered.

Do I need to back fill.? ok let us surmise for a second that you whom are

reading this know very little of BDSM. or more specifically the branch of the

lifestyle that describes the deeper dynamic, the power exchange between the

Dominant and the submissive.

By way of introduction to this story you should know that there is in fact a

dynamic above and beyond the traditional marriage whether that be same

sex or heterosexual (referred to as vanilla). it is not a new phenomena either,

being in my view a returning to the natural order of things. you should know

too that this isn't about the well known Hollywood porn industry portrayal of

whips and chains, gimp masks and straps so many people naturally assume

is at the core of the lifestyle.. Oh and if I did like that? what business would it

be of anyone outside the bedroom?

Oh and please be clear I do not attempt to convert within these writings so

should you be reading them please at least offer those within the pages the

respect and courtesy of not being judged. My only other stipulations are as


1) Have an open mind.

2) Please don't try this at home.

I am a Dominant. A Dom holds the keys to his Submissives mind body and

soul. My Submissive gave me that power freely and with an open mind and

more importantly with full consent born out of a knowledge of all that it

entailed. Consent is the single most important factor here and it is wise for

everyone to remember that. It must be given and is never to be taken for


This joining is called a collaring. In most cases it involves the physical placing

of a collar around the neck of the submissive in a deeply personal ritual that

symbolises much much more than a traditional swapping of rings typical of

Vanilla marriages. At this point the submissive becomes the property of the

Dominant who placed the collar and yes that means exactly what it says.

Their life is no longer their own. Yet there is a freedom within this captivity

found in no other type of dynamic.

I can sense a few horrified glances at this so let me also say that before the

collaring the terms or ownership are always negotiated and consent is sought

for all aspects of this control. Oh and if you are considering it as a lifestyle

choice? Make sure you don't rush things at this stage.

What I will say is this. In my view if you seek a relationship that has a high

chance of standing the test of time, has resolution built into the framework to

handle all its problems, is built of 100% trust and never has issues of

infidelity, boredom or suspicion then the D/s is the only place you are

guaranteed to find it. I will warn you though it's not easy and requires a great

deal of commitment.

This is not to say that mistakes are not made. Gods I have made tons of

them. I am not perfect by and means and I do not always make the right

choices. This is about the type of relationship you want and the will to make it


Now for some unpopular stuff

No matter what your faith system, theological belief or spiritual mantra it has

to be said that we humans were not made equal. Nor was any one gender',

race or creed made better than any other. We are all different but we do have

inherent genetic code that compels us to fulfil what nature intended and not

what society dictates.

It is a fact that society actually works against this in many ways and is

perhaps a good indicator of why many people are unhappy. This section is

bound to get a few heckles up but the truth is that In our desperate scurry to

prove we are not like animals we have engineered our own set of snares

which have the undesirable effect of not only making the vast majority of

people miserable but also damaging us as a species.

Let me elaborate before the in crowd of pro all women short lists and positive

discrimination gurus set about getting a posse together. I am not in any way

saying that people should be curtailed in ability or opportunity what I am

saying is that should a person wish to offer themselves in submission then

society better well stop thinking something is wrong with them. A woman who

wishes of her own free will to enter a D/s relationship (Dominant/ Submissive)

should be given the same respect as the Lady vice president of Sears.

Those who believe in the creation myth or have a deep rooted faith in any of

the main stream religions are protected under hate crime laws in most of the

western world so I would argue those who believe D/s should be afforded the

same protection. If women who want to follow what they believe to be the

natural order of things give those champions of equality a tough time then ask

yourself this. If the price of your belief and your conviction comes at the cost

of another, who is the villain? If some women seek the security of knowing

they serve a man who loves them, protects and guides them then who the

blazes are you to judge them harshly? Remember to some people a man on

a cross was just a Roman execution and a burning bra simply a waste of

good underwear.

BDSM is a lifestyle choice and a such has every right to go about its business

unmolested. At its core is consent, trust and absolute respect. When a person

takes a collar it is every bit as deep, spiritual and emotional as any traditional

joining of couples.

Ok that's the introduction out of the way so here are a few more musings……

Follow Sir Arithon’s

popular column next

month, when he shares

those Dominant


Kinky Kitchen

Monthly recipe section by

the talented Sir Cheflew,

with theme driven, topical

writing on health issues.

As a Chef, routinely shy but serious questions have been softly spoken in whispers as to

what spices in a kitchen can help their love life. Generally, it’s because they are trying to

find ways to excite their play partner in whatever dynamic they are into. As with any food

you want to wash it first as you never really know where or what was used to preserve

that food item. Course for those not as daring you could put the food item into a condom

which would prevent any of it from touching sensitive exposed skin. Spices can and will

cause irritation so I recommend the oil extract type of spices. Two reasons 1.) A little

goes a long way and 2.) You can dilute with oil/water. If you or your partner are unsure

its ok to take small steps as I say to mine often. Test the oil/spice with a cotton swab on

an area of skin prior to play. If you are allergic do not use the item. Another caution is

make sure that you do not use on a cut or whip marks abrasions unless you are into that

extreme sensation. Some items list below has made the list of Spices/oil’s that can be

used on libra, penis, balls/testicles, nipples and anus.

Opens kitchen pantry and looks with a grin;

Cinnamon oil – Cause a nice hot reaction or feeling when

used in libra. One should dilute with oil or water – 1 spice

oil/20 Drops oil rule to start then experiment down to 5 or

even straight. Can be used on libra and or anal. Nipples

are a great place to use for oils like this and well I have

heard not use tiger balm on nipples. Course Ice is my

preference so adding a drop of oil per ice cube to start

then 2 drops making each cube a bit stronger.Peppermint

Oil – Provides a nice cooling sensation and can be used

just as above.

Speaking of peppermint as your partner to enjoy a

peppermint candy and lick your most sensitive areas I am

sure you both will be surprised at the results it has. Goes

both for male and female and why eating a Altoids

became so popular and still are and you can always use

a TicTac to do the same. (Adding a hard candy recipe to bottom of this post)

Wintergreen oil – Very close to same results as peppermint oils but a slightly different


Now if you want hot sensation, picks up Jalapeño oil and looks at it this will do the trick.

Course there are a number or Oriental oils that run hot but seem to increase in heat over

time instead of decreasing so those well are not for beginners. Imagine putting tabasco

sauce on your masters/mistress sensitive area or vice a versa. Steak sauce has some

unique effects as well.

Good test is to put oil on fingertip and lightly touch tongue. Stay away from dry spices as

they can cause issues that oil does not in those nice sensitive areas.

Eyes a box of Jell-O, can be used as an item to lick off body and oh so many flavours.

Sprinkle over body and well you could have your submissive lick off to help them find the

areas you wish them to discover and holds true for submissive to their Dominate.

As will anything, be safe but have fun in the kinky kitchen. Love to hear your thoughts.

Peppermint Hard Candy (or the flavour you like best) You will need the following


1 tablespoon butter

2 cups sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons peppermint extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 to 8 drops food colouring, optional to you favourite colour

(Powder sugar)


Line a 13-in. x 9-in. pan with foil. Grease the foil with 1 tablespoon butter; set aside.

In a large heavy saucepan, combine sugar and corn syrup. Bring to a boil over medium

heat, stirring occasionally. Cover and cook for 3 minutes to dissolve sugar crystals.

Uncover; cook over medium-high heat, without stirring, until a candy thermometer reads

300° (hard-crack stage).

Remove from the heat; stir in extracts and food colouring. Pour into prepared pan. Cool;

break into pieces. Store in airtight containers. Yield: about 1-1/4 pounds. I use powder

sugar to keep them from sticking together and highly recommend you do the same.

The French Connection

Le thème du mois d'avril tourne autour du

mot "Frenzy"

J'ai du étudier la définition de près...

Traduit, cela donne:

1. Un état d'agitation mentale violente, de

très grande excitation

2. Une forme de folie temporaire, de délire

3. un état maniaque

En français, j'ai aussi trouvé: se mettre dans tous ses états. J'utiliserai parfois "frenzy"

dans ce texte... Je crois que j'ai adopté le mot. J'ai écrit ce texte en pensant en

anglais, je le traduis donc et c'est parfois difficile. Je découvre des passages où

j'aimerais être plus précise, moins simpliste. Mais je m'en tiendrai à la traduction.

Un mot qui semble donc dépendre un état émotionel assez extrême. En même temps,

remis dans un contexte de D/s et sur SL, j'ai repensé à des situations où je me suis

malheureusement reconnue.

Pourquoi SL et pas RL? Je ne sais pas si j'ai saisi toutes les nuances de la définition

de "Frenzy", mais dans mon cas.. Je pense que RL, j'ai des gardes fou qui me

préservent de ces états très émotionnels, qui les gardent en quelque sorte en laisse.

Cela ne veut pas dire que, RL, je ne crie jamais, je ne perds jamais patience ou ne

laisse pas échapper certans mots que je regrette, mais je ne pense pas avoir jamais

atteint ce niveau "frenzy" d'agitation mentale et émotionelle.

Comme beaucoup, j'utilise SL pour explorer ma facette soumise, parce que RL en a

décidé autrement et j'y suis plus Dominante. J'ai quelques expériences RL en tant que

soumise, mais elles ont toujours été limitées dans le temps et représentent plus des

"bulles où le temps s'arrêtait un moment" qu'un véritable mode de vie.

Il y a une notion de violence dans cette définition de "frenzy".. Violence émotionelle, soit,

mais violence quand même. Violence dirigée contre les autres, au travers de simples

mots ou actions, mais aussi violence contre soi même. Une forme d'auto punition pour

être à ce point demandeuse et émotive.

C'est à mon sens à ce niveau, où le comportement des

Dominants est crucial. Je ne peux parler que de mon cas,

mais si l'on admet que mes écarts sont "frenzy"... J'ai

rencontré des gens merveilleux, qui m'ont aidée à résoudre

ces crises rapidement, mais aussi d'autres qui ont agravé la

situation, volontairement ou pas. Et, so l'on excepte de rares

personnes, qui semblent prendre plaisir à faire du mal aux

autres, je dirais que, la plupart du temps, c'est seulement...

difficile de comprendre une soumise qui entre dans une

spirale de sentiments négatifs, qui se répercutent sur des

actions tout aussi négatives.

Mais... Qu'est-ce qui

fonctionne avec moi?

Au moment où la crise se produit, rien,

malheureusement. Et le plus important est de ...

simplement m'empêcher de parler. Et je sais combien

c'est dangereux, d'essayer de faire cela à qualqu'un

comme moi qui souffre de diarhée verbale quand je me

sens au plus bas. Je dirais juste qu'il y a une commande

dans mon collier, qui stoppe les IMs, le chat, les TP...

Littéralement, l'idée est de m'arrêter. Et je sais combien

c'est difficile pour un Dominant de prendre cette

responsabilité. Mais, accompagné par un court message

"Je sais que tu te sens mal, nous ennse que pour moi,

c'est le plus efficace.

Maintenant... Ce qui se passe après....

Je pense réellement que mes moments "frenzy" me frappent quand je me sens

incomprise, insécure, minuscule.... Minuscule comme un être puéril, mais aussi dans le

sens où tout, tout à coup, semble difficile à atteindre. Je m'appitoie sur moi même, en


En fait, quand je dis que j'utilise SL pour explorer, il serait plus juste de dire qu'année

après année, sur SL, j'ai construit une forme d'équilibre entre deux facettes de moi

même, la personne heureuse et relativement sereine, RL, mais avec beaucoup de

responsabilités, y compris émotionelles, et la même, en plus fragile, sur SL, qui montre

un aspect quasiment secret RL: la soumise.

J'ai fini par accepter il y a maintenant longtemps que cette part de moi est très

émotionelle sur SL. Pourquoi? Parce qu'elle ne

contrôle pas ses émotions comme dans la vie RL, au

contraire, elle les vit pleinement. Elle donne beaucoup

d'elle même, mais en retour, elle est très demandeuse,

très dépendante. Elle fait plus confiance, elle montre

ses besoins et ses émotions, voire les monte en

épingle, mais elle a aussi un incroyable besoin

d'attention et de compréhension, à un tel point que... si

elle se sent trahie... Elle peut justement devenir

"frenzy"... Je peux devenir "frenzy"...

Je pense que je ne suis pas la seule qui se trouve

soudain impliquée sur SL dans des conflits fous,qui

perd patience, finit même parfois par en pleurer RL, se

sent blessée, et quand un nouveau jour RL se lève, se

demande "Comment est-ce possible que ça m'affecte

tant, quand, dans la même situation RL, j'aurais résolu

ce conflit facilement, je serais sereine et là, en

repensant à ce conflit SL, je me sens nerveuse et


Je pense que pour moi, me sentir parfois "frenzy" et rechercher parfois désespérement

des paroles rassurantes et consolantes après.... sont des travers directement liés au

nombre d'émotions et sentiments que je libère quand je rentre dans cet état de

soumise sur SL. Je me fais parfois l'effet d'être un enfant, un sentiment puéril qui me

pousse à rechercher à donner une confiance aveugle à quelqu'un, à rechercher une

autorité, mais aussi, une forme de compréhension et d'indulgence. Cela peut me

perturber parfois.. Moi, une femme capable de bien mener sa RL, qui apparait souvent

même comme un roc, se sent comme une enfant capricieux, à la recherche d'un

mélange de domination et de compréhension, au point de parfois tomber dans un état

émotionel d'agitation et de folie (frenzy!) qui peut même la mener... à se blesser elle

même. Naturellement, pas une blessure physique (à part finir la bouteille de vin si une

crise fait rage, en sachant pertinemment que ce n'est qu'une vengeance contre ma

propre stupidité! :) ) Non... Mais à certains moments, j'ai pris des décisions sur SL qui

n'allaient blesser que moi même et qui étaient loin d'être matures et réfléchies:

supprimer tous mes amis, m'enfermer dans une cage pendant des jours et quasiment

m'hypnotiser en regardant les barreaux, etc.

Cela veut dire que la gestion post-crise est cruciale, j'ai besoin de Domination, mais

aussi tellement de sécurité. A ces moments, c'est un équilibre à recréer. Le moment

terrible est passé.. Les racines du mal doivent être traitées... Cependant, même dans un

cadre D/s... Ces crises sont tellement douloureuses... que je pense qu'une "punition"

n'est pas une bonne idée. Ca ne veut pas du tout dire que cela doit êter oublié... Mais

une discussion sérieuse à propos du "problème", une note décrivant mes sentiments sur

tout cela, un encouragement ou un ordre pour m'excuser si j'ai dépassé les bornes avec

certains, ou au moins une note pour m'expliquer... Je

pense que c'est plus adéquat. Pourquoi? Je pense que

ces moments "Frenzy" sont directement liés à des

sentiments de souffrance, des souvenirs de situations

semblables, des blessures que je croyais oubliées et qui

s'ouvrent comme ça... Par surprise. Ces émotions

négatives peuvent en fait frapper n'importe quelle

personne équilibrée et, quand nous sommes sur SL...

Nous n'avons pas les filtres que nous utilisons

habituellement RL. Ces moments "frenzy" peuvent être

incroyablement violents, mais aussi resserrer de

nombreux liens, de confiance et de soumission.

Ce ne sont naturellement que mes sentiments... Merci de

m'avoir lue.

“I took a deep breath my body finally calm against him. He ran his hand up my

neck and into my hair, pulling my face to his kissing me. Groaning as his lips

took mine, his tongue darting between my lips, kissing me urgently”.

The Party part 2 by Kacey Raines

Shivers down my spine…

The Party Part 2

I took a deep breath my body finally calm against him. He ran his hand up my neck and

into my hair, pulling my face to his kissing me. Groaning as his lips took mine, his tongue

darting between my lips, kissing me urgently. His grip in my hair getting a bit tighter, as he

took the kiss deeper, toying with my tongue hungrily, I could feel his need as we kissed.

He smiled as he pulled his lips from mine. “You did very well little one, I was concerned

your nerves would inhibit you, and I’m beyond pleased that they did not.” “Now how much

of my conversation with Samantha did you grasp in your climaxing state.” I blushed very

bright once more, “I think I got the meaning of it quite well Sir.” “And how do you feel

about it little one?” he asked watching my face as I thought about it, “I’m not certain Sir,

I’m not sure I’d how comfortable with another person doing things to me, and I can’t say I’d

be overly comfortable watching you do them to another person either Sir, I’ll not say that I

will never be comfortable with it, especially if it is something that would please you, but for

the moment I think it would be a touch overwhelming.” He smiled brushing my cheek

softly “A very good answer little one, thank you for being honest with me, I know that it’s

difficult for you, to say something that you think will disappoint me. I’m very proud of you.

And yes the idea of watching you with another excites me a great deal, far more than you

watching me with another to be honest, but it’s something we can discuss in the future as

you become more comfortable sexually.” “Thank you, Sir.” I said softly, smiling into his


“Now little one I have to say that you have me quite aroused and I have been since we

started dancing.” He stood me on my feet, standing up next to me. He undressed

himself quickly and carefully, laying his suit over the back of the lounge, before pulling

me in for another deep kiss, our tongues tangling, as he unzipped my dress slipping it

from my shoulders and down my waist, pulling from my lips to slip it down my legs and

allow me to step out of it, then slipping my panties from me just as gracefully and easily

as he had my dress. He laid it over the lounge with his suit, taking my hand as he sat

back on the lounge, this time placing both feet firmly on the ground, his ass near the

edge of the lounge, leaning back just a bit as he turned me once more.

He backed me up to his lap, parting his knees slightly placing my legs on either side of

them guiding me down to a hover just over his lap. My body and face, towards the crowd

once more instead of facing him. I cringed a little. His tip teased between my lips

brushing my clit, then to my entrance pushing softly against it, then back to my clit

teasing it once more. I gasped trembling a little over him. He brought his arm up

wrapping it around my waist his other hand firmly on my hip. This time when his tip

pressed to my entrance he pressed me down, nice and slow, easing himself into me. I

put my hands firmly on his thighs digging my fingers in as he slid deeper and deeper,

inhaling sharply as the remainder of his long shaft settled deep inside me. He let it rest

there a moment letting me adjust to his size once more, before he guided me up just a

slow, his cock inching out of me. He pulled me back a bit more, resting my back against

his chest as I started to thrust back down on him, moving just a bit quicker letting him

sink between my slick tight walls. He groaned loudly in my ear, moving his hand from my

hip, across my waist and between my legs, massaging my clit softly, his other arm still

tight around my waist.

He started nibbling and licking my neck as I moved back up his length, pressing back

down firmly, letting his cock fill me in a smooth quick thrust. I paused just a moment,

trying something new, I closed my muscles softly squeezing his shaft. With this he

growled loudly in my ear “FUCK WOMAN” his arm pulling me hard back against him. He

took over, no longer content with my steady pace, he pulled his tip from me ramming it

back in forcefully, my tight walls stretching around him as he slid between them. I yelped

as he bumped my inner wall, whimpering as my fingers digging in to thigh more. I

squeezed again, getting another loud growl and hard thrust. He closed his finger and

thumb tightly around my clit pinching it as he slammed me again. His grasp on me so

tight, his body already trembling against mine. The thrusts kept coming, his thick cock

ramming between my walls, his fingers holding my clit tight, moving it from side to side, I

wailed loudly, panting as he pushed up hard once more, his cock buried deep inside me,

my walls closing tight around him again, this time involuntarily. I moaned loudly “OH

GOD SIR!!!” as my muscles went tense, quivering in his arms. He bit down on my neck

as he slammed me a few more times, his cock forcing it’s way between my spasming

walls, another loud, deep, animalistic growl escaping him as he started to throb, filling me

with his seed, his teeth still tight to my neck, arm still holding me very tight.

Once our bodies started to relax he put me on my feet again, turning in the lounge his

legs spreading out along it, his back against the arm. He pulled me into his lap, cradling

me in his arms kissing me deeply, as his fingers worked into my hair. He pulled his lips

from mine, caressing my cheek, as he looked in to my eyes. “you know little one you are

an incredible lover, you’re very observant of how I react to everything, changing things to

please me even more, and you’re going to drive me quite wild if you learn any more little

tricks like that one.” I giggled a little and as he held me in his arms cuddling me up

relaxing, I started looking over the crowd a bit more closely, watching the other couples.

“enjoying the show little one” he whispered in my ear. I turned to face him, looking him

square in the eye. “You Sir, are a fucking giant.” He looked a bit surprised and then

laughed very loudly, pulling me to his lips kissing me. He wrapped his fingers in my hair,

enjoying my mouth, and as he pulled away he smiled into my eyes chuckling a bit more.

“I’m so very glad you’re amused Sir, I had nothing to compare to before you know, but

looking around the room, it’s true you’re a fucking giant.” He laughed again “I may be a

bit above average little one.” He smiled very wide giving me a sly wink. “A bit Sir?” he

chuckled even more “God I love you woman,” he whispered softly in my ear.

More people were standing around now, visiting as others played around them. I looked

Sir in the eye, my hand brushing over his chest softly. I wasn’t sure the time, but I

suspected it was getting late. “Sir?” I asked, he smiled as he looked in to my eyes.

“Yes, little one?” “Do we have time for another event Sir, or will be leaving soon?” “I’m

not sure little one, what did you have in mind?” I smiled as I looked up at him, “I thought

perhaps I could practice what I learned on Monday Sir, if it would please you?” “Oh, I’m

certain we can make time for that, and it would please me a great deal little one.” I

smiled up at him starting to slip from his arms, and he wrapped me up tight holding me,

“Little one?” “Yes Sir?” I asked waiting, “You are far braver than I ever expected you to

be, you’ve taken me by surprise repeatedly since we met and you continually amaze me,

and I thought you should know.” “Sir?” I waited again, “Yes little one?” he answered

looking in to my eyes. “I’m not brave Sir, I have honestly been near terrified, since I

introduced myself Saturday evening. I’ve been quite insecure, and second guessing

everything I’ve said and done the entire time as well. It’s just that for some reason, that I

cannot quite explain Sir, I have a very deep desire, and need to please you, and things

that I would normally not do, I will for you, because the desire to please you is actually

greater than the fear of doing whatever it may be.

”He smiled very big, caressing my cheek softly again, looking deep into my eyes. “Didn’t

anyone ever tell you little one, that’s what bravery is, it’s not the lack of fear little one, it’s

doing things despite the fear.”

He let me slip from his lap this time, and he turned on the lounge placing his feet on the

ground again, opening his legs for me. I kissed him against the lips softly, looking in to

his eyes, as he leaned back making himself comfortable. He watched as I went to my

knees between his legs, groaning softly as I did. I slid my hands up his inner thighs as I

started to lean in, my right hand wrapping around his base firmly as I moved in just a bit

more. I looked up into his eyes, which were watching me intently, whispering in a very

breathy voice, “I love you Sir” the warm air from my mouth brushing against his soft skin.

He shivered just a little whispering back “Good god.” My hand started moving up his

shaft slowly, holding him tight enough to drag his soft skin along his hard shaft with it as it

moved to the tip. A soft smile formed on my lips as I slid my tongue from between them,

dragging it slowly across his balls as my hand worked back down to his base. He let out

a deep groan as I pulled one of his balls between my lips very carefully, just holding it in

my warm mouth a moment as my hand started to move back to his tip. I released the

first, moving to the other, pulling it in just as carefully, my hand moving back down to his

base, giving a soft squeeze. Another loud groan his hands slipping into my hair, grasping

it tightly.

I sighed softly as his hands tangled in my hair, the breath from my lips against his skin

causing him to shiver once more. I moved up just a bit slipping my tongue around his tip

eagerly, then kissing down his shaft to my hand, as it stroked him keeping its firm grip

around him. I continued to play taking my time, and by his little twitches and noises he

was enjoying it very much. My tongue glided softly over his skin, then around the tip

once more. I kept my eyes on him as I toyed with him, enjoying the feel of his soft skin,

how hard he was in my hand, how our combined taste lingered on him, and it’s quite

good I that I watched him so closely actually because we had gathered quite the crowd

of on lookers.

was still effective, I twisted it gently up and down his shaft, as I slipped my lips over his

tip, pulling it into my mouth working my way down to my hand. I moaned around him

once I had him as deep as I could comfortably take him, the vibrations from my mouth

running through him. He growled loudly “FUCK WOMAN!” I closed my mouth a little

tighter as I slid my lips back to his tip nice and slow, savouring every bit of him. I twirled

my tongue around his tip once more, before pulling him back in, I let my lips hold him

tightly as they moved down his length quickly this time, the warmth of my mouth

wrapping him up, I moaned again as I held him deep between my lips, and he groaned

loudly his hips starting to move softly against my hand and mouth. I moved my other

hand under my chin, holding his balls softly as my head and hand started to thrust

together, my hand still twisting softly as it moved, both holding tight around him. He

leaned back against the lounge, groaning again, the look on his face amazing to me. I

could feel his pulse running through his shaft, and felt as it grew just a bit more, getting

thicker between my lips.

I tightened my grip with everything a bit more, making a bit smaller hole for him to slide

between, my head bobbing now, quickly moving over his length, pulling him in again and

again. He growled again, loud and long, his body tensing, and this time he did not try

and pull me off him, instead he held me in place, as he started to cum, coating my

tongue and throat with his seed. I held him in my warm, moist, mouth till he was ready.

He looked in to my eyes now “Fuck me woman you can do amazing things with your

mouth.” I blushed softly as he pulled me off him, swallowing and licking my lips my eyes

still on him.

He pulled his fingers from my hair grabbing my wrists helping me from the floor and back

to his lap, this time pulling me onto him facing him, I put my legs around him wrapping

him up tight with them, followed by my arms. It was then that I got a glimpse of the

crowd that had gathered. Apparently, we were the last couple to finish up, I quickly put

my face against his shoulder hiding, and he chuckled softly. He leaned in whispering in

my ear “you should not be hiding little one, you put on the best show of the night.” I

blushed further, and he moved a hand under my chin, “no little one I will not allow you to

hide now, you’ve done so well all night” and he pulled my head back lifting my face to

look in to his eyes. He spoke again although I don’t think it was for me even though

directed to me. “Little one, I’m pretty certain your mouth may be the death of me, and I

will die a very happy man.” My face turned bright red once again, and I knew he would

not let me hide against his shoulder but I hoped to hide a bit by kissing him instead. I

caught a most unhappy glare from his friend Ruby, as I leaned in, I took his lips greedily,

kissing him passionately, letting my tongue twist eagerly around his. I suspect he was

fully aware of my plan however he allowed it, moving his hand to the back of my head,

holding it tightly. I moaned around his lips moving a hand to his cheek, and as we parted

lips I whispered a soft “I love you,” in his ear, “I love you very much little one, thank you

for a fabulous evening.” I opened my eyes to find Ruby in ear shot of us with a most

unpleasant look on her face. “Oh, that Sir was my pleasure.”

Now that we were relaxing a few more people came by to speak with Sir. It would seem

he’s quite popular. As he was talking to an older gentleman, his eye caught my fingertips

brushing against the thin leather necklace once more. When the gentleman wandered

off he eyed me “Ready for that to come off now little one? You’ll be safe at this hour of

the party.” I looked at him a moment before replying “No Sir, not particularly, I rather

enjoy it to be honest, however I have kept a very tall, dark, handsome, highly motivated

man, who likes to win, out far past a reasonable hour, on account of he wakes at way to

fucking early am.” I leaned forward, positioning my neck so he could remove the small

leather band. “Perhaps someday we’ll find something a bit more official for you, in the

future, little one and for the record, I really enjoy you wearing it.” He slipped it from my

neck and we stood and dressed.

He took my hand and we wandered, finding William and Vivian. “Thank you both for the

invitation we’ve had a fabulous night.” Sir said taking William’s hand firmly, and then

hugging Vivian tight. “We are quite pleased to see you out again Zachary.” William said,

as Vivian pulled me in for a tight hug “Yes we are, and quite pleased to see you in such

beautiful company as well, you take very good care of her Zachary.” She said letting me

go giving him a stern look. Sir smiled very wide to this “Oh I intend to,” he said softly

wrapping his arm around my waist and leading me to the door. “Do we need to stop for

food little one? Are you hungry?” “No Sir it’s far too late, I’m fine thank you.” We chatted

as he drove, and when we arrived he walked me to my door pulling me to his chest.

“Tonight, was absolutely amazing little one thank you, and see I told you, you’d be the

envy of every woman that saw you.” I smiled softly touching his cheek “Well Ruby at the

very least.” I said giggling a little, he laughed quite loudly to this “indeed, sweet dreams

my little one, I’ll speak with you very soon, and I love you very much.” He kissed me

now, very tender and soft his lips just brushing against mine, and he closed his eyes,

which was completely new. Only for a moment and a little noise escaped him as he

leaned back looking me in the eye. “I love you very much as well Sir, and I hope you rest

well even if it’s short, and I’m very much looking forward to talking to you soon.” He

smiled softly pressing his lips to my cheek just as soft, letting me go. I went in locking

the door behind me, and I heard him heading down the stairs.

“Tonight, was absolutely amazing little one thank you,

and see i told you, you'd be the envy of every woman

that saw you”

Simply online….

Common Online Myths

One thing that has become very apparent to me is the amount of common online myths

associated with Ds or BDSM. Some of them annoy the hell out of me, some of them want

to make me cringe. But I will attempt to go through some of the myths/beliefs that for

some reason are very prevalent online, and hopefully explain why they do not apply to


I am a Dom/Master, Hear me Roar

Sending an instant message to me on ICQ or other, and claiming to be a Dom, and

expecting instant respect. I have to ask. Why??? Anyone can cap their name, or type in

all caps, it doesn't make them a Dom, it doesn't even make them an adult. It simply, till

proven otherwise, makes them someone with an ISP, ICQ, and some small ability to

type. I say small ability, because most of those who seem to use this method replace you

with u, I see with IC, etc. Shouting face to face wouldn't make you a Dom, so why do

people think the online equivalent makes them a Dom online. It doesn't. I could easily

walk into a chat room with my name capped and claim to

be a Domme, it wouldn't make me one, but the odds are I

could pull it off better than most who contact me this way.

Name Calling

"kneel, bitch."

I don't understand what it is that would make someone think that greeting a total stranger

as bitch, whore, slut etc would make them welcome. Call me that to my face, and I'll

probably slap you, or throw a drink over you. Its not polite, its out right rude. I haven't

acted in any way shape or form that warrants such words being thrown at me. I am

human, not canine, so the term bitch doesn't apply to me. I am not a prostitute, so the

term whore doesn't apply to me. I do not and never have slept around, so the term slut

doesn't apply to me. The ONLY person who ever has the right to call me by those names

is my Master. That is His right, something we have agreed upon in long discussion

before the collar ever went on, and never something He would call me in public.

Kneel and Worship Me

The other part of the 'kneel, bitch' message. Submission isn't something that is given

away to some stranger on ICQ. I am not saying (before anyone emails me about this)

that online Ds collars mean nothing, what I am trying to say is this. Be it online or in real

life, submission isn't given away to a complete stranger just because He greets you by

the phrase kneel bitch/slut etc. You talk,

perhaps for many months, perhaps only a few days, but something is felt within the

submissive, a need, a desire to submit to this one. There are those we can meet,

normally face to face, where this submission is felt instantly. From those I have spoken to

this is RARE. And even when felt it is simply not wise to instantly submit to that person.

Kneel to show respect if that is something you feel towards them, kneel and beg for a

collar from a stranger, not wise. Potentially dangerous, in fact. So contacting someone on

ICQ or in a Chat room and expecting them to kneel instantly to you, is a joke. At least to


You are not worthy

Of what?

And Why?

And who are you to judge me?

ahhhh yes, of course, they mean of their presence online. This one always makes me

laugh. Yes there are some submissives that serve their Dom/mes out of a feeling of not

being worth anything. I am not one of them. I am very proud of being strong enough to

admit that I am submissive to my Master. My Master is very proud of me. Yes some subs

are into humiliation, I am not. Its not something that is written in stone that all subs must

enjoy. We are NOT all alike, that is part of being Human.

If you are a submissive You MUST Obey Me

I have one question to ask about this..


I have read everything I can (though by no means as much as some people), talk to as

many people who live this way as I can possibly talk to, and I have to find this mysterious

contract that I am supposed to have signed somewhere down the line that says I have to

obey everyone who claims to be a Dom. So I have come to the conclusion it doesn't

exist. A submissive obeys the Man or Woman He or She is collared to, or has been told

to obey by his or her Master or Mistress, if their lifestyle includes temporarily extending

that obedience to another. And not all Ds collars/relationships include this. You cannot

command a submissive that is in someone else's collar without at the very very least,

permission from that subs Master/Mistress, it would be like taking someones car without

permission. Its a form of Theft, and shows extreme lack of respect for the collar.

I am Your Masters Master

Yes, I have actually had some people claim this. And after I clean up the coffee, juice etc

and stop choking, my normal response is this. My Master does not have a Master, He

has never been a sub, never worn a collar, and I don't appreciate liars. Yes, there are

those Dom/mes that have at one time or another been a submissive, or slave.

Sometimes it is because this is how they learned. (I have been told this was in some

ways common in the Old Guard and Leather brigade) That Dom/me may still have a lot

of respect for the person they were once collared to, but I have yet to hear them still call

that person Master. I am not saying it doesn't happen, simply that I have never come

across it. My Master didn't learn that way, so does not have a Master.

All Masters share their subs/slaves


Some do , some don't. Some Ds couples are Monogamous, they don't play with others,

or serve others. Some are Poly, it is something the couple discuss before the collar ever

goes on. And they don't normally share with complete strangers. Would you give your

brand new, prized sports car away to a complete stranger off the street to drive away

with it..?? If the answer is yes, I would truly suggest that you either have more money

than sense, or you simply don't care what happens to it. If you don't care, why bother

having it in the first place.?

Real Slaves don't have limits


And what do you define as limits?

I am a slave, my Masters slave. I have limits. What makes me a slave is my Masters

wish. Not someone else's beliefs, rules or regulations. I have never met someone who

doesn't have some form of limits, what often seems to happen is the sub finds a Dom

whose limits match their own, or close enough that there is not a problem.

Ds = S&M

I think this is one of the most misunderstood things online. That being involved in Ds

means I must enjoy pain. It doesn't mean that at all. It doesn't mean there isn't any pain

in our relationship, only that its not

the b all and end all of what we do. My Master doesn't like inflicting pain, and I am not

overly into receiving pain, so it works out very well for us. Ds = Dominance and

submission S&M = Sadism and Masochism. The Giving and receiving of pain for

pleasure of one or both. No where does it say that Ds has to include S&M or the S&M

has to mean a Ds relationship.


submissive doesn't mean doormat. It takes a great amount of courage to admit you feel

submissive to someone, and to be willing to take that first and subsequent steps into this

life. Either in play to 24/7 or

anything in between. My Master and I talked long and hard about doing this. I wasn't

forced, coerced, threatened into it. And He doesn't want a 'yes Master, anything you say

Master' He wants a strong confident woman that just happens to be submissive to Him.

This seems to surprise some of the 'Doms' online when they are politely told to sod off

when they have tried to order me around.

There are many more

online myths, more than I

have had the chance to

write about yet, but I am

sure I will sooner or later.

What saddens me is those

that actually think this is

the Way it is in Real Life.

That they can, after

proclaiming themselves a Dom, walk up to any sub, insult her, slap her or order her

around. It takes the whole idea of Consent out of Ds , and puts it in the reams of abuse.

When you tell them this, they get astounded, often replying with the.."But subs like to be

abused don't they, thats what this is all about..isn't it" And the fact they truly don't get it, is

the saddest thing of all. There are some wonderful people online, that don't act like this at

all. That have helped me learn, encouraged me, and in some rare cases become very

good friends. So before anyone thinks I have a problem with online, I don't, just with

some of the myths here.

Simply online….

Online vs. Real Life D/s

Once upon a time I lived in a world online. Where what happened to me, online seemed

to be my real life. However, I was awakened by a Dominant and brought to real life. I am

very thankful that he took me and showed me real life Dominance and submission.

The road to real life has not been very fun always. It has been hard work and lots of hurts

have happened but even with those real life hurts there still healing, I would never go

back to the online fantasy world.

Online is intense but not real. Real life is intense and effects are lasting. Real life is like

seeing things in a full spectrum of colour and online is like seeing things only in Black

and White.

The same things that thrilled me in an online setting don't now that I have experienced

them real life. There are things online I wanted so much, that I thought I would love that I

hate now. I set things as online limits that in real life were amazing, once I encountered


Online is a Fantasy. Real life is experiencing and living.

An online collar is meaningful and shows some sense of ownership, but it cannot fully do

the job a real life ownership based relationship does. Once that real life collar is placed

around the neck of the submissive - it changes things forever. Submissive say that they

are owned mind, soul, heart and body online but really the only way that is possible is by

living D/s real life. So that collar in real life is like a capturing of so much more then words

can express online. It is feeling that are shared between the Dominant and submissive

real life as they look into each others eyes, as the fingers sliding the collar around the

submissives neck touch her and touch her in ways that online cannot.

Punishment is hard to do. It is something that is hard to figure out what the punishment

should be and what is the best way for the submissive to learn from this punishment. It

might take a Dominant one hour or several days to think of a "good" punishment that will

help the submissive learn from her mistakes as well not harm her emotionally or


Online, Long Distant Relationship, and 24/7 punishments are very different. An

assignment is given to a submissive - it is to write a story. The submissive forgets - just

totally blows it off, how this punishment is handled in each setting is different.

In all settings the assignment should be made up or done as soon as possible. The

Dominant should talk to the submissive to find out why she did not do it and explain how

prevent that from happening in the future and then what will be done to make it right.

If the Dominant and submissive are 24/7, the Dominant might bind the submissive and

leave her in her binds for 20 to 40 minutes to think about what she has done. And then

come in and talk to her about how she could prevent it in the future and what will be done

to make it right. The punishment then could be that the submissive has a switch used on

her and has to say "I will not forget my Master's orders, Thank You, may I have another,

Master?" between each slap of the switch.

In a LDR, the Dominant could have the submissive kneeling for 20 minutes before he

calls and then talks to her about how she can prevent this from happening again and

what her punishment will be. One appropriate punishment for forgetting the Dominants

order would be making the submissive keep a diary of each day - each hour of each day

for a week. This would have the submissive thinking of her Master more, insuring that

every hour of the day she is thinking of him and not forgetting orders, wishes, and/or

requests that he wants. It will show her how important her Master and his orders are for

her as a submissive.

Online is a fantasy land so the punishment will be just online - in an online persona using

words that just effect the moment in fantasy but not real life.

Orders can be given in all settings also. Orders in 24/7 Dominance and submissive effect

real life always. It covers all aspects of the Dominance and submisisves lives. It requires

the Dominant to have total control real life, where online and in LDR that is impossible.

LDR relationship can be a real life D/s experience. The small reality-based bits and

pieces of life can be shared with the Dominant in a LDR as well as a 24/7 that will give

the Dominant control. The submissive can inform the Dominant of her day or routine in

her life, such as when she is going to the grocery store, going to get her hair done, and/

or going to lunch with a friend. Informing the Dominant of these things before they

happen so he can be aware and can have a say. The dominant expects to be told of

these things then and can make additions to them or comments of them.

Such as she is going to the store and he is wanting her to eat more healthy so he has

her add more vegetables to her diet by having her buy more while at the store, if she is

going to get her hair done he then can say he wants it I certain style, and if going to

lunch with a friend maybe he wants her to wear a dress instead of pants - all those things

are given to the Dominant as areas he can control from a long distance. These are not

"big" things, they are everyday things that the submissive is giving up control and the

Dominant is taking them and the responsibilities that go along with them.

A LDR and 24/7 D/s relationship is not just about controlling the submissive in the fun

kinky things. (One thing that is evident and different from online).

Just because people live in the online fantasy land does not make them bad or wrong, it

is just that I do not want to live there anymore. I have experienced real life and I suggest

all that live online try D/s real life. Open your lives up to a way of feeling truly alive and


© within Reality: danae 2000 - all rights reserved

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