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Hume cover 1.qxd 12/10/04 11:26 am Page 1 Design & Artwork Book covers Illustration Graphics Posters Cartoons Photography Doodles Early Responses to H 'This ten-volume series is among the most i to Hume scholarship since E.C. Mossner pu Hume several decades ago' Andrew Cu Edited and introduced by Jame University of Tennessee at Martin The moral theory of David Hume (1711–76) is o the history of philosophy both for its originality a on later moral theories. Hume introduced the te vocabulary, and his theory is the immediate forer utilitarian views of Bentham and Mill. He is famou cannot derive ‘ought’ from ‘is’. Some contempora as an early proponent of the meta-ethical view th principally express our feelings. In 1741 Hume published his Essays, Moral and Poli followed the model of informal essay writing. He collection, making a lasting impact in political, eco This collection gathers together over seventy imp Hume’s moral theory and Essays. Each selection i specialist James Fieser, who has also written a sub to the set. THOEMMES CONTINUUM 11 Great George Street Bristol BS1 5RR, UK Philosophy, Economics and Politics ISBN 1 84371 117 6

ume mportant contributions blished The Life of David nningham, Boston University s Fieser, f lasting importance in nd for its influence rm ‘utility’ into our moral unner of the classical s for the position that we ry philosophers see Hume at moral judgements tical in which he consciously continually added to this nomic and aesthetic theory. ortant early responses to s introduced by Hume stantial general introduction 01 EARLY RESPONSES TO HUME’S MORAL, LITERARY AND POLITICAL WRITINGS I 01 EARLY RESPONSES TO HUME’S MORAL, LITERARY AND POLITICAL WRITINGS I ISBN 1-84371-117-6 FIESER Edited and introduced by JAMES FIESER 9 781843 711179

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