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OPEN<br />


When you arrive in <strong>Kalajoki</strong>, stop for a moment.<br />

Close your eyes.<br />

Breathe deeply.<br />

Can you feel it?<br />

Natural aromas of springtime awakening.<br />

Aromas of summertime pine forests and blue sea.<br />

The magic of the bright summer nights when daylight never really ends.<br />

Autumnal sea breeze on the islet.<br />

Arctic wintertime frost and fresh snow.<br />

Can you hear it?<br />

Springtime babbling brook and swan song.<br />

Midsummer waves, sounds of laughter and music.<br />

Bidding farewell to migratory birds as autumn sets in.<br />

Cracking sounds as frost bites trees, crunching snow beneath your feet.<br />

Open your eyes.<br />

See the glorious greenness of the tranquil river creek?<br />

Inviting sand dunes and the wide blue sea.<br />

Pure lingonberries, bilberries and mushrooms just waiting to be picked.<br />

Speed off across infinite expanses of ice to the ends of the Earth.<br />

What are you waiting for?<br />

Allow <strong>Kalajoki</strong> to capture your heart.<br />

Any time of the year.

Rovaniemi<br />

Oulu<br />

Umeå<br />

Kokkola<br />

Vaasa<br />


Tampere<br />



Take an imaginative stroll through <strong>Kalajoki</strong>’s old town of Plassi.<br />

Can you see and hear what life was like in the Middle Ages?<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> came from the sea, and from the sea it has lived.<br />

The log house timber shows its age, but listen as they whisper.<br />

There lived the fisherman’s wife, who always waited<br />

for her husband to return from seal hunting.<br />

That cabin was owned by the widow of a sailor,<br />

whose livelihood came from weaving linen cloth.<br />

Over there lived the sea captain with his wife and children who<br />

earned some extra bread by mending fishermen’s nets.<br />

The children of the sawmill workers played<br />

over there without a worry in the world.<br />

The sawmill owner looks over Plassi from<br />

the fine windows of his manor.<br />

Goods exchanged hands at the Plassi market.<br />

Plassi market was one of its kind in Finland!<br />

Centuries were lived this way.<br />

Until folk heard about the wondrous sea shores of <strong>Kalajoki</strong>.<br />

They called it the “Northern Riviera” as they set<br />

their picnic blankets down on the sand dunes.<br />

The dunes were also unique in Finland.<br />

Word of “fine sands and the health impacts of sea air” spread quickly.<br />

People arrived in droves for recreation and wellbeing by the sea.<br />

That was a century ago.<br />

Today, <strong>Kalajoki</strong> still attracts people to experience its wonders.



Sit on the sand and watch the glowing sun rising on the horizon.<br />

Please your eyes with the undulating sand dunes.<br />

Will they beckon you to lounge in the sunshine or search for geochahes?<br />

Or perhaps running wild along duckboards?<br />

Enter the green forest, so close.<br />

Will you choose to go on foot, by bike or canoe?<br />

See the forest trails full of pure natural treasures.<br />

Lingonberries and bilberries ready to eat.<br />

On a winter’s night you can enjoy the magical spectacle of the Northern Lights.<br />

Snowscapes glistening like millions of diamonds.<br />

The unbelievable ice plains that appear to extend into infinity.<br />

Here, in the heart of the forest. On coastal meadows.<br />

On rocky sea islets. In river creeks.<br />

Revitalising natural tranquillity surrounds you wherever you go.



Relax with yoga on the sea shore.<br />

Take a hike in nature along duckboard walkways.<br />

Go cycling, horse riding, fatbiking, standup paddleboarding, fishing.<br />

Alternatively, surf the waves or the frozen waters.<br />

Climb to new heights in the adventure park set in the heart of the forest.<br />

Fly down the zipline and scream with joy.<br />

Paddle a canoe along the meandering course of the Siiponjoki River.<br />

Alternatively, walk along its marvellous shores.<br />

Explore the sea at the Marine Nature Centre.<br />

Sail on a traditional vessel to the unique Maakalla Island.<br />

Witness ringed seals fooling around on the islets,<br />

and the fishing villages of the Rahja Archipelago.<br />

See how Ulkokalla Lighthouse Island stands proudly in the sea.<br />

Taste Finnish exoticism.<br />

Brave the sauna or smoke sauna.<br />

Lash yourself gently with a sauna whisk using<br />

a traditional whisk made from leafy birch twigs.<br />

Toughen yourself up with a dip in an ice pool.<br />

Bring out the child in you at the fun water park,<br />

or pamper yourself in the warm spa<br />

Meet great people at great events.<br />

Experience Finland’s most legendary Midsummer festivities.<br />

The twinkling of a thousand flames at the Venetian Festival.<br />

Christmas parties colour winter darkness.<br />

Go with the flow.<br />

Enjoy every moment.



Come together with friends, family or group.<br />

Savour local culinary delights in cosy restaurants.<br />

Alternatively, enjoy a hot cup of coffee brewed over<br />

the campfire on a canoeing trip.<br />

Fall in love with cold-smoked salmon on rye bread.<br />

Piquant lingonberry jam accompanying meat stew.<br />

Special meals prepared from mushrooms gathered<br />

from the surrounding forest.<br />

Everything tastes better in <strong>Kalajoki</strong>!<br />

Go out on a date with yourself and take time out just for you.<br />

Sit in the idyllic cafeteria and sip on a cup of tea and get “a clap<br />

around the ears”, which is the affectionate name for a Finnish<br />

cinnamon bun. Spend a while people watching.<br />

Let yourself be pampered in the spa, with treatments,<br />

or a visit to the hair salon. You’ve earned it.<br />

Go shopping. Discover quality Finnish design.<br />

Jewellery, ceramics or even a new pair of shoes made by local handicraft artisans.<br />

Pure locally sourced delicacies, tasty fish catches from the sea.<br />

Something adorable for yourself, something lovely for home,<br />

something great for a friend.<br />

As evening sets in, choose to stay in a luxurious villa on the seashore.<br />

Or perhaps a traditional Finnish log cabin in the countryside?<br />

How does camping under the starry skies sound?<br />

Wherever you decide to stay,<br />

you will sleep the best nights of your life.


ALLURE<br />

In the future, you can expect to experience more wonders in <strong>Kalajoki</strong>.<br />

The new and magnificent Marina that serves tourists and boaters by the sea.<br />

A new wooden-built shopping village where you can try a spot of activity<br />

in the adventure park just as well as finding some great luxury brands.<br />

A thriving town centre and its brand new shopping centre<br />

with its own cultural offerings.<br />

Although we have many new features,<br />

the most important values remain the same.<br />

Sea glistening in the sunshine, the nightless night of<br />

the Midnight Sun and the sand dunes full of life.<br />

The sparkling winter snowscapes of the Arctic<br />

and the seemingly endless ice plains.<br />

Nature changing into springtime splendour.<br />

Forest of wild berries and hiking trips appeal in the autumn.<br />

Captivating activities throughout the year.<br />

Everything you need for perfect relaxation,<br />

winding down and savouring gastronomic delights.<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> has it all.<br />

Now and forever.


<strong>Kalajoki</strong>, a small, idyllic town by the sea on<br />

Finland’s western coast is renowned for its sand dunes,<br />

archipelago and lighthouse island, and much more.<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> has over 15 kilometres of coastline.<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> even has 20 lakes and forest as far as the eye can see.<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> actually has more sea than land:<br />

Sea area accounts for 1462 m²,<br />

whereas land area covers only 922 km².<br />

Rest assured it will never be overcrowded in <strong>Kalajoki</strong>.<br />

There is one square kilometre of space for every<br />

14 people.<br />

The 12,500 inhabitants of <strong>Kalajoki</strong> feel that <strong>Kalajoki</strong> is<br />

one of the best places in the world for living and<br />

enjoying tranquil free time.<br />

This feeling is also shared by the number of tourists to<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> exceeding 1.5 million each year.



<strong>Kalajoki</strong>, an idyllic town by the sea in western Finland,<br />

attracts people because of its wonders.<br />

Unique sand dunes.<br />

Spectacular islands and islets.<br />

Northern Lights dancing above the sea in winter.<br />

Ice plains stretching out into infinity.<br />

Natural produce: wild berries, mushrooms and catches of fish.<br />

Revitalising, thrilling and relaxing activities.<br />

Shopping opportunities, pampering and special restaurant dishes.<br />

Happy events that will always make you smile.<br />

Conquer <strong>Kalajoki</strong> and let it conquer you.<br />

Any day of the year.<br />

Welcome to the land of wonder!<br />

<strong>Kalajoki</strong> Tourism Association | matkailu@visitkalajoki.fi | visitkalajoki.fi<br />

Graphic Design: NTRNZ media oy | Text: Helmiteksti | Photos: Harri Tarvainen, Vesa Rönty, Terho Männistö, Metsähallitus, Hanna Rautio, Hannu Vallas, Tuukka Luukkonen

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