SACOME Annual Report 2012-13

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ANNUAL REPORT 20<strong>13</strong><br />




President’s <strong>Report</strong> ................................................................ 04<br />

Chief Executive’s <strong>Report</strong> ....................................................... 06<br />

Our Staff ................................................................................ 08<br />

Voice of the Resources Industry ........................................... 10<br />

Committees ........................................................................... 11<br />

Environment & Sustainability ............................................... 12<br />

Community Engagement ...................................................... 14<br />

Land Access .......................................................................... 15<br />

Indigenous Relations ............................................................ 16<br />

Federal Election Priorities .................................................... 17<br />

Infrastructure ........................................................................ 18<br />

Work Health & Safety ............................................................ 20<br />

Skills & Education................................................................. 22<br />

Marketing & Communications.............................................. 24<br />

Events .................................................................................... 26<br />

Sponsors ............................................................................... 28<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> Membership ........................................................... 30<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


“ Chamber<br />


As I reflected on <strong>SACOME</strong>’S<br />

initiatives and activities for the year<br />

under review, I began to wonder<br />

how well the Chamber’s diverse<br />

and multi–facetted activities are<br />

understood in the public arena<br />

and elsewhere. These activities<br />

encompass such a broad spectrum<br />

of services and issues that we tackle<br />

for (and on behalf) of the South<br />

Australian mineral and energy<br />

resources sector.<br />

I concluded that perhaps our<br />

overall activities are not all that well<br />

understood by the wider community.<br />

This <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> discusses our<br />

activities for the year under review<br />

and I will add some comments to<br />

demonstrate the diverse range of these.<br />

With all the above in mind I will begin by<br />

restating the Chamber’s Mission – this<br />

is to:<br />

“Support the achievement and<br />

promotion of a safe, enduring and<br />

profitable resources industry in South<br />

Australia.”<br />

The effectiveness of <strong>SACOME</strong> as a<br />

not-for-profit industry body is achieved<br />

through an engaged and passionate<br />

volunteer Council of approximately<br />

10 members. Consultation with our<br />

members is also an essential and<br />

continuous activity. Our dedicated<br />

Chief Executive brings all of the above<br />

together.<br />

Most Council recommended initiatives<br />

have developed into workable,<br />

permanent Chamber activities, with<br />

new initiatives regularly added to our<br />

portfolio in response to industry needs.<br />

One of our critical activities is the<br />

important lobbying we undertake<br />

in order to achieve acceptance by<br />

Governments and Regulators of<br />

industry issues and suggestions.<br />

Last year, <strong>SACOME</strong> was successful<br />

in regard to conditions of access into<br />

the large Woomera Prohibited Area<br />

(WPA), where we achieved a 66%<br />

adoption rate of our recommendations<br />

for changes to the draft WPA Deed of<br />

Access.<br />

Most Council recommended initiatives have<br />

developed into workable, permanent<br />

activities.<br />

”<br />

This year, extensive lobbying<br />

activities surrounding the industry’s<br />

Federal Election priorities resulted<br />

in a major win in regards to Federal<br />

Government support for the Exploration<br />

Development Incentive Scheme (EDI)<br />

which will provide taxation benefits<br />

to investors in legitimate exploration<br />

expenditure. <strong>SACOME</strong> has been a key<br />

proponent of the scheme for many<br />

years, and the sophisticated model the<br />

EDI is based on was developed by our<br />

Councillor and taxation expert Alice<br />

McCleary, specifically for the Australian<br />

Taxation System. Yet to be implemented,<br />

the scheme is now an official policy of<br />

the new Federal Government which we<br />

hope will apply from July next year. Well<br />

done to the <strong>SACOME</strong> team for years of<br />

persistent lobbying and many thanks to<br />

Alice.<br />

Some of the new initiatives developed<br />

during this past year included our<br />

Professional Development Program;<br />

our inaugural Environmental Open<br />

Day; collaboration on two very<br />

successful major State conferences;<br />

and establishment of a petroleum<br />

committee to identify and address<br />

the needs of our petroleum sector<br />

members. Increased activity in the<br />

petroleum industry in South Australia<br />

has meant an increasing role for the<br />

Chamber - as the only State body for the<br />

oil & gas industry.<br />

04 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

<strong>SACOME</strong> is involved in all five of the<br />

working groups to arise from DMITRE’S<br />

Roundtable for Unconventional Gas<br />

and commenced participation on these<br />

during the year.<br />

The Chamber relies heavily on the many<br />

committees we develop and facilitate,<br />

and these are described later in this<br />

report.<br />

On behalf of the Council and myself<br />

I thank each and every member of<br />

our <strong>SACOME</strong> team for another year<br />

of hard work and commitment under<br />

the excellent leadership of our Chief<br />

Executive – Jason Kuchel.<br />

I also would like to extend my sincere<br />

appreciation to our councillors for their<br />

wise advice and dedication and also to<br />

those who give generously of their time<br />

and knowledge on our committees.<br />

Our industry has a bright future and<br />

will continue to be an important part of<br />

South Australia’s economy.<br />

John Roberts<br />

President<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


“<br />

unnoticed,<br />


As <strong>SACOME</strong> continues to grow its<br />

membership and service offerings, a<br />

simple annual report seems less and<br />

less able of fitting in all the things we<br />

do for members as well as doing justice<br />

to our many key activities.<br />

The reality is that whilst we have major<br />

programs and significant service<br />

offerings, much of the value for many<br />

of our members are those things we<br />

don’t talk about. The reason for this<br />

is that many of those things can’t be<br />

expressed publicly, although our team<br />

certainly likes to talk about them with<br />

our members at any opportunity.<br />

Much of our lobbying involves<br />

confidential information from individual<br />

members or from another party such as<br />

the Government and so the hard work<br />

behind the scenes often goes unnoticed<br />

until there is a win. And this can take<br />

weeks, months or even years. There<br />

are often wins behind the scenes with<br />

Government that either the Government<br />

or <strong>SACOME</strong> prefers not to highlight to<br />

the public, if for no other reason than it<br />

may put the issue back on the table.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> also spends a large amount<br />

of time with the media. Although our<br />

media presence is quite significant by<br />

any standard, we spend more time off<br />

air and out of the headlines educating<br />

and assisting the media and in general<br />

establishing good and responsive<br />

working relationships with journalists,<br />

reporters and presenters.<br />

When a story becomes a non-story<br />

because we provide valuable context to<br />

the media, our members don’t get to<br />

see this, which is a good thing in terms<br />

of public perception, but simply another<br />

quiet achievement for <strong>SACOME</strong>.<br />

We also offer a very personalised service<br />

to our members helping with issues<br />

affecting one or a small handful of<br />

companies. These wins usually benefit<br />

the whole industry, particularly new<br />

entrants that follow, but once again we<br />

are usually not in a position to shout<br />

these from the rooftops. What we can<br />

say, is that in the past year these<br />

issues covered such diverse topics as<br />

rehabilitation, royalties and approval<br />

processes amongst others.<br />

The hard work behind the scenes often goes<br />

until there is a win.<br />

”<br />

Anyone wanting to know more is<br />

welcome to ask and we would be happy<br />

to fill an hour or three passing on<br />

examples of these wins and how this<br />

may translate to an existing or future<br />

benefit for your company also. Towards<br />

the end of this year we have prioritised<br />

trying to visit all members more often to<br />

ensure that we are personally hearing<br />

from you.<br />

On to those things we can crow about…<br />

Firstly I am pleased to say that our new<br />

Professional Development Program<br />

has been extremely well received and is<br />

powering on to provide an even greater<br />

level of support to our members. The<br />

new Sustainability and Petroleum<br />

Committees have also kicked off and<br />

are already proving valuable.<br />

Much work has also been done in<br />

the area of communication with an<br />

innovative news website collaboration<br />

and a new outreach program to school<br />

children to be announced from next<br />

year. We will update our members as<br />

developments progress.<br />

The Federal Election this year generated<br />

much lobbying with a tremendous level<br />

of input from our members on key<br />

Federal Election priorities with wins<br />

expected on many fronts, which stand<br />

to boost confidence and investment into<br />

the resources sector.<br />

A combination of hard work and the<br />

loyalty of our increasing membership<br />

has seen new initiatives such as the<br />

Environmental Open Day become a<br />

great success as well as some of our<br />

best ever events.<br />

06 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Feedback from our members rated<br />

this year’s Gala Dinner and Premier’s<br />

Awards as the best yet.<br />

Whilst there is more going on each year,<br />

our increased membership has enabled<br />

new services with minimum rises in<br />

membership fees and an excellent<br />

financial result of a small surplus.<br />

Obviously as a not for profit we don’t aim<br />

to make a large surplus, however the<br />

Council sees these surpluses as critical<br />

to ensure we have a strong financial<br />

balance sheet and the ability to access a<br />

fighting fund should the need arise.<br />

To read about our new and existing<br />

initiatives please read through the<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>, but if you really want to<br />

know more, call us or come and visit one<br />

of our dedicated team.<br />

Lastly, I want to thank my mentor and<br />

President John Roberts for another<br />

year of dedicated service to the industry<br />

and to <strong>SACOME</strong>. I also wish to thank<br />

our Councillors; our many enthusiastic<br />

committee members; our wonderfully<br />

supportive industry and service provider<br />

members; and last but not least our<br />

fantastic team members.<br />

I believe this past financial year can truly<br />

be counted as successful, particularly in<br />

difficult times for much of the resources<br />

sector, but I am excited about the<br />

coming year which is already shaping up<br />

to be bigger, better and brighter.<br />

Jason Kuchel<br />

Chief Executive<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



Photos (from left to right)<br />

Back row:<br />

Middle:<br />

Front row:<br />

Lewis Stoll (HSEC Officer); Joel Callander (Manager Professional<br />

Development)<br />

Dayne Eckermann (Policy, Analyst Researcher); Nigel Long (Director<br />

Corporate Social Responsibility); Kate Fantinel (Communications Officer);<br />

Aleisha Sullivan (Manager Events); Margaret Donaldson (Finance Officer);<br />

Jonathon Forbes (Director Industry Development); Megan Andrews (Director<br />

Membership & Communications)<br />

John Cocks (Director Strategy & Governance); Emma Chesterman (Manager<br />

Careers Promotion); Jason Kuchel (Chief Executive); Paula LaForgia<br />

(Executive Assistant); Lisa Jeffery (Manager Indigenous Relations)<br />

Absent:<br />

Ewa Buscumb (Receptionist); Layla Mignone (Manager Member Relations)<br />

“<br />

South<br />

Our mission: To support the achievement and promotion<br />

of a safe , enduring and profitable resource industry in<br />

Australia.<br />

”<br />

08 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />




The <strong>SACOME</strong> Council represents the<br />

mining, petroleum, extractive, exploration<br />

and service provider sectors. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

acknowledges our Councillors who<br />

volunteer their time and expertise to<br />

the important task of strengthening the<br />

resources sector in South Australia,<br />

including those who resigned over the<br />

financial year: Graham Ascough; Stefan<br />

Buys; Mark McGeough; Michael Reed;<br />

Hans Umlauff and Nic Clift.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> Councillors as at 30 June 20<strong>13</strong>:<br />

John Roberts<br />

Mithril Resources<br />

(<strong>SACOME</strong> President)<br />

Terry Burgess<br />

OZ Minerals<br />

(<strong>SACOME</strong> Vice President)<br />

Alice McCleary<br />

Archer Exploration<br />

(<strong>SACOME</strong> Vice President)<br />

Darryl Cuzzubbo<br />

BHP Billiton<br />

Mike Flynn<br />

Santos<br />

Jim White<br />

Centrex Metals<br />

George McKenzie<br />

Finlaysons<br />

Terry Kallis<br />

Petratherm<br />

David Cruikshanks-Boyd<br />

Parsons Brinckerhoff<br />

Guy Roberts<br />

Penrice Soda<br />

John McRae<br />

Senex Energy<br />

Steven Olsen<br />

Rex Minerals<br />

Simon Parsons<br />

IMX Resources<br />

10 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy


<strong>SACOME</strong> has many of it’s own<br />

committees. Staff also participate<br />

on a large and diverse range of<br />

external boards, committees<br />

and working groups for thorough<br />

engagement with decision making<br />

- and to ensure the industry’s voice<br />

is heard on each and every issue<br />

that impacts on the South Australian<br />

mining and energy sector.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> extends its gratitude to all<br />

of its committee participants who<br />

generously donate their time and<br />

experience. As at 30 June 20<strong>13</strong>,<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s current committees are:<br />

Editorial- SA Mines & Energy Journal<br />

Committee<br />

Chaired by: Megan Andrews<br />

Contact: Megan Andrews<br />

The SA Mines & Energy Journal<br />

committee members include<br />

key members of our resources<br />

industry who are experienced and<br />

knowledgeable on various facets of<br />

the sector, ensuring journal content<br />

remains relevant, balanced and<br />

accurate.<br />

Executive Committee<br />

President: John Roberts,<br />

Mithril Resources<br />

Contact: Jason Kuchel<br />

The Executive Committee is a subcommittee<br />

of the <strong>SACOME</strong> council<br />

and meets to discuss and sign off<br />

on high level constitutional and<br />

administrative issues. The Executive<br />

Committee also performs the<br />

functions of the Finance and Audit<br />

Committee.<br />

Exploration Committee<br />

Chaired by: Nicole Galloway Warland,<br />

Phoenix Copper<br />

Contact: Jonathon Forbes<br />

The Exploration Committee is a<br />

valuable forum to bring out the<br />

issues impacting on exploration<br />

in South Australia and highlight<br />

where action and policy or process<br />

amendments are required. These<br />

outputs form a valuable tool for<br />

guiding <strong>SACOME</strong>’s policy and<br />

advocacy work.<br />

Occupational Health & Safety<br />

Committee<br />

Contact: Nigel Long<br />

The Occupational Health and Safety<br />

Committee exists to facilitate the<br />

improvement of the safety and<br />

health of all employees in South<br />

Australia’s resources industry with<br />

the objective of an industry free of<br />

fatalities, injuries and occupational<br />

disease.<br />

Sustainable Development Committee<br />

Chaired by: Catherine Davis,<br />

Hillgrove Resources<br />

Contact: Lewis Stoll<br />

The Sustainable Development<br />

Committee assists in developing<br />

policy and facilitating the<br />

improvement of the resources<br />

industry in the areas of<br />

environmental management<br />

and legislation, community and<br />

stakeholder engagement, and<br />

social inclusion.<br />

Petroleum Committee<br />

Chaired by: Michael Forrest,<br />

Fyfe Earth Partners<br />

Contact: Nigel Long<br />

As the only South Australian<br />

association representing the oil<br />

& gas sector, <strong>SACOME</strong> plays a<br />

vital role in policy development.<br />

The Petroleum Committee was<br />

established during the year to<br />

further the interest of this key<br />

sector in the State by identifying<br />

and addressing priority issues,<br />

maintaining awareness amongst<br />

decision makers of industry<br />

actions and concerns, and<br />

identifying projects and regulatory<br />

change to assist the industry.<br />

Its key tasks will be identifying<br />

and addressing priority issues<br />

across exploration, approvals<br />

processes, land access, public<br />

awareness, Native Title, and<br />

energy and climate change; both<br />

at State and national levels.<br />

The committee will also provide a<br />

forum for the exchange of relevant<br />

information and resources, and<br />

recognise and promote leading<br />

practice strategies.<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



Input into sustainability regulation<br />

continued to play a key role in<br />

day to day activities over the year<br />

and a new sustainability subcommittee<br />

was formed, ensuring<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> stays well-informed<br />

of industry issues. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

introduced a new community event<br />

to its calendar, the Environmental<br />

Open Day, providing essential<br />

information whilst promoting<br />

the environmental initiatives of<br />

member companies.<br />

Environmental Open Day<br />

In August <strong>2012</strong> <strong>SACOME</strong> held its<br />

inaugural Environmental Open Day<br />

at the Adelaide Convention Centre,<br />

coinciding with National Science<br />

Week activities.<br />

Opened by the Minister for<br />

Sustainability, Environment &<br />

Conservation, this was the first event<br />

of its kind in South Australia.<br />

The day provided an excellent<br />

opportunity to publicly showcase<br />

the environmental focus and<br />

achievements of our resources<br />

companies; to promote<br />

environmental career opportunities<br />

in the sector; and to educate and<br />

motivate students towards further<br />

study and careers in science.<br />

Primarily focussed towards high<br />

school students, the event also<br />

attracted members of the public and<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> members.<br />

Industry experts discussed<br />

environmental management<br />

in an engaging and interactive<br />

format, including presentations<br />

on environmental management,<br />

biodiversity, water, dust, vegetation<br />

restoration and mine site rehabilitation.<br />

Participating companies occupied stalls<br />

throughout the day where attendees<br />

could delve further into the presentation<br />

topics, acquire information on career<br />

pathways, and get their hands on a<br />

variety of interactive displays.<br />

Sponsors Beach Energy, Arrium Mining,<br />

EBS Ecology and OZ Minerals helped to<br />

ensure the event was a great success.<br />

Sustainable Farming Practices Enquiry<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> provided a written submission<br />

and appeared before an enquiry by the<br />

State parliamentary select committee<br />

on sustainable farming practices in<br />

South Australia.<br />

The parliamentary committee was<br />

established to investigate and report<br />

on land arrangements for primary<br />

production, mineral resources and<br />

regional development, focussing on<br />

planning for farming sustainability.<br />

The process resulted in an issues paper,<br />

which highlighted community concerns<br />

of resources industry development,<br />

including impacts on aquifers and<br />

productive land and landholder’s rights.<br />

The responses illustrated a lack of<br />

understanding on how the industry is<br />

regulated and the industry practices in<br />

place to address these issues.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s response centred on the<br />

perception that the rights of exploration<br />

companies exceed the importance of<br />

food and fibre production. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

reiterated the strong regulatory<br />

requirements on land access by<br />

explorers and miners and the protection<br />

to farming land within mining legislation,<br />

environment protection in respect of<br />

drilling and water management, and<br />

the capacity of the resources industry to<br />

provide significant social and economic<br />

benefits to regions, to the benefit of<br />

farming.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s commitment to engagement<br />

with communities was emphasised<br />

through the ‘Code of Practice<br />

for Community and Stakeholder<br />

Engagement’ and the ‘Code of Conduct<br />

for mineral and energy explorers’.<br />

A Final <strong>Report</strong> of the Enquiry with any<br />

recommendations is expected to be<br />

released by the end of 20<strong>13</strong>.<br />

Sustainability Committee<br />

The <strong>SACOME</strong> Sustainable Development<br />

Committee was established in January<br />

20<strong>13</strong> and held its inaugural meeting<br />

in March. Meeting bi-monthly, the<br />

Committee comprises both <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

industry and service members and is an<br />

effective mechanism for canvassing a<br />

broad range of resources industry views<br />

and concerns around issues such as<br />

environmental management, community<br />

and stakeholder engagement,<br />

community development, environmental<br />

approvals and Aboriginal relations.<br />

12 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Within the Committee three reference<br />

groups (environmental management,<br />

community engagement and native<br />

vegetation) have been established<br />

and tasked with undertaking specific<br />

projects such as the <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

submission to DEWNR on SEB<br />

Principles and Offset Calculations.<br />

Submissions<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> made the following<br />

submissions over the year in respect to<br />

environmental and sustainability policy:<br />

Select Committee on Sustainable<br />

Farming Practices (House of Assembly,<br />

SA Parliament)<br />

SEB Principles and Offset Calculations<br />

(DEWNR)<br />

Native Vegetation (Miscellaneous)<br />

Amendment Bill 2011 and Third Party<br />

Offsets (Native Vegetation Council)<br />

Amendments to the National Parks and<br />

Wildlife Act 1972<br />

Draft Management Plan <strong>2012</strong>: Yellabinna<br />

Reserves (DEWNR)<br />

Draft Management Plans for South<br />

Australia’s 19 Marine Parks<br />

Accreditation of Environmental Approvals<br />

under the Environmental Protection<br />

and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999<br />

(DEWNR)<br />

Consultation Paper: Final South-west<br />

Commonwealth Marine Reserves<br />

Network Proposal (SEWPaC)<br />

Signatories to <strong>SACOME</strong>’s Code of Practice for<br />

Community Engagement doubled over<br />

“the <strong>2012</strong>/<strong>13</strong> year.<br />

”<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



<strong>SACOME</strong> continued to support<br />

members in their community<br />

engagement activities by providing<br />

tools and support over the year.<br />

A community focus and strong<br />

awareness of the complexities<br />

involved in shared land use<br />

underlies all of the organisation’s<br />

external communications, including<br />

articles in the SA Mines & Energy<br />

Journal, other publications, and<br />

media liaison.<br />

Landholder Engagement Workshop<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> hosted a Landholder<br />

Engagement Workshop where members<br />

heard from a land owner with past<br />

experience dealing with resources<br />

companies, together with staff from Eyre<br />

Iron and Adelaide Resources who spoke<br />

of their experiences with landholder<br />

engagement and the practical application<br />

of the Code of Conduct for Mineral and<br />

Energy Explorers.<br />

Eyre Peninsula Field Days<br />

Code of Conduct<br />

In August <strong>2012</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> attended the<br />

In June 20<strong>13</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> released Eyre Peninsula Field Days. The event<br />

an updated Code of Conduct for provided an opportunity to meet with local<br />

Mineral and Energy Explorers. The residents, farmers and attendees curious<br />

Code continues <strong>SACOME</strong>’s input to to learn more about the resources<br />

the challenges surrounding mineral industry and Eyre Peninsula projects and<br />

exploration and production on rural have their queries addressed.<br />

land, by providing a guide and support <strong>SACOME</strong>’s attendance provided a<br />

to member companies, and by valuable opportunity to canvass a<br />

increasing public awareness of the variety of perspectives from residents<br />

commitment of the sector to best and landowners within the region to<br />

practice community engagement. help guide organisational activities and<br />

Endorsed by Primary Producers SA communications. It also enabled <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

(formerly the South Australian Farmers to witness the interactions of the<br />

Federation), the Code of Conduct acts community with Eyre Peninsula member<br />

as a framework for access to rural companies, facilitating an improved<br />

land, outlining the rights of landholder understanding of some of the issues<br />

and explorers, official notice of entry members need to deal with.<br />

requirements and exempt land<br />

provisions and is recognised as the Premier’s Awards for Community<br />

leading practice model for engagement Excellence in Mining and Energy<br />

between the resources industry and <strong>SACOME</strong> continued to be involved with<br />

landholders in South Australia. the Premier’s Awards for Community<br />

Excellence in Mining and Energy, now in its<br />

third year.<br />

The awards were promoted to<br />

members and the media, with<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> on the judging panel and<br />

also hosting the awards ceremony at<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s industry annual dinner in<br />

April.<br />

The awards are an excellent vehicle to<br />

showcase and role model best practice<br />

community partnerships and initiatives<br />

in the resources sector.<br />

In 20<strong>13</strong> there were four award<br />

categories and six winners. Excellence<br />

in Leadership – Women in Resources<br />

was jointly awarded to OZ Minerals<br />

and Beach Energy for their crossindustry<br />

initiative encouraging<br />

diversity across all organisation levels<br />

through their ‘Leading My Career<br />

Program’; Excellence in Environmental<br />

Management was awarded to Flinders<br />

Logistics for the development of<br />

dust minimisation using groundbreaking<br />

technology; Excellence in<br />

Social Inclusion was awarded to Iluka<br />

Resources for successful social<br />

inclusion and indigenous initiatives<br />

including its pre-employment<br />

programs; and Excellence in Supporting<br />

Community Participation was jointly<br />

awarded to PepinNini Minerals for<br />

its long-term work in encouraging<br />

the participation, involvement and<br />

contributions from local, communities<br />

in their operations; and Royal<br />

Resources for its range of community<br />

participation programs raising<br />

awareness of mental health.<br />

14 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy


Land access is a critical issue for<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>. Together with policy<br />

recommendations and submissions<br />

to government, land access is<br />

also an integral goal of <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

community engagement and<br />

Indigenous Relations activities.<br />

Native Title -Part 9b<br />

The part 9b process of the SA<br />

Mining Act 1971 continued to be a<br />

topic of high priority for <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

Indigenous Relations activities.<br />

A round table meeting was convened<br />

at DMITRE between SA Native Title<br />

Services, DMITRE and <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

during the year, with all parties given<br />

the opportunity to raise concerns and<br />

issues.<br />

The Exploration Committee<br />

continued to work through the<br />

issues, but despite <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

persistence a consensus between<br />

the three parties and an official<br />

policy is yet to be released.<br />

industry and active engagement<br />

with Government and the Woomera<br />

Co-ordination office (WPACO),<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> achieved a 66% adoption<br />

rate of our recommendations and<br />

amendments.<br />

In May 20<strong>13</strong> WPACO released<br />

the final stage in the three tiered<br />

approach to a co-existence<br />

model in the WPA. The final<br />

phase introduced the Legislation<br />

necessary to develop the Rules<br />

to allow permitted access to the<br />

Woomera Prohibited Area.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> and other industry<br />

stakeholders provided comment<br />

on the Defence Legislation<br />

Amendment (Woomera Prohibited<br />

Area) Bill 20<strong>13</strong> and Woomera<br />

Prohibited Area Rules 20<strong>13</strong>.<br />

At the end of June 20<strong>13</strong> the WPA<br />

Bill was deferred to a Senate<br />

committee and consequently<br />

stalled pending the outcome of the<br />

Federal election.<br />

Woomera Prohibited Area<br />

In 2010, the Federal Government<br />

announced a review of the Woomera<br />

Prohibited Area (WPA), led by Dr Alan<br />

Hawke, eventually culminating in a<br />

final report to the Government by the<br />

Hawke WPA Review Team.<br />

A new deed of access aligned with<br />

the recommendations from the<br />

Hawke review was drafted, and<br />

through effective coordination with<br />

“ land<br />

Registered ILUA’s cover 30% of South Australian<br />

- or over 300,000 km 2 .<br />

”<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



The part 9b process of the SA Mining<br />

Act 1971 continued as a priority area<br />

for <strong>SACOME</strong>’s Indigenous Relations<br />

activities (see Land Access), together<br />

with Indigenous Land Use Agreement<br />

(ILUA) negotiations and consultation<br />

on Federal legislation.<br />

ILUA`s<br />

The <strong>SACOME</strong> Council approved<br />

negotiations for two minerals<br />

exploration ILUAs to be negotiated with<br />

Ngadjuri #2 (Breamer Province) and<br />

Kokatha Uwankara (central Gawler<br />

Craton).<br />

The Ngadjuri negotiations progressed,<br />

albeit slowly, with <strong>SACOME</strong> awaiting<br />

input from SANTS and the group in<br />

regards to specific terms.<br />

Due to a number of other matters, the<br />

Kokatha Uwankara negotiation was<br />

delayed but is expected to progress<br />

through 20<strong>13</strong>/14.<br />

It is hoped that ILUAs across these two<br />

active regions will streamline access<br />

processes for both industry and the<br />

claim groups.<br />

Legislation and Industry Consultations<br />

The Federal government released an<br />

exposure draft for amendments to<br />

the Native Title Act 1993 with several<br />

key issues for industry identified.<br />

These included: the need to clarify the<br />

meaning of ‘good faith’ and associated<br />

amendments to the ‘right to negotiate’<br />

provisions; enable parties to agree to<br />

disregard historical extinguishment of<br />

native title in areas such as parks and<br />

reserves; and streamline Indigenous<br />

Land Use Agreement (ILUA) processes.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>, through its representation<br />

on the Mineral Council of Australia’s<br />

Indigenous Relations Working Group<br />

(IRWG), provided input from a South<br />

Australian perspective including the<br />

possible impacts on State legislation.<br />

Final submissions are due on the 19th<br />

of October and will be available for<br />

members to view after that date.<br />

Despite the Premiers commitment<br />

that the review of the South Australian<br />

Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 would<br />

be progressed by the end of <strong>2012</strong>,<br />

a consultation draft Bill was not<br />

forthcoming during the reporting<br />

period. <strong>SACOME</strong> continued to express<br />

its frustration through government<br />

meetings and correspondence at the<br />

constant delays in the process. It is<br />

hoped the draft Bill will be released by<br />

the end of 20<strong>13</strong>.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> participated in a consultation<br />

meeting and subsequently provided a<br />

written submission to the Department<br />

of Premier and Cabinet, Aboriginal<br />

Affairs and Reconciliation Division in<br />

regards to a draft Bill to replace the<br />

South Australian Aboriginal Lands Trust<br />

Act 1966. Further consultation on the<br />

Bill and proposed amendments as a<br />

result of submissions is expected in the<br />

first half of 20<strong>13</strong>/14.<br />

16 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy


With the Federal Election in mind,<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> focussed policy work<br />

in the final stages of the year on<br />

developing and lobbying for a range<br />

of issues identified as most critical<br />

to advancing South Australia’s<br />

mining and oil & gas sectors.<br />

Lobbying commenced in the <strong>2012</strong>/<strong>13</strong><br />

year and included consultation with<br />

industry, partnering with other<br />

state chambers to reinforce united<br />

messages, developing a program<br />

around meetings with Federal, State<br />

and opposition leaders and many of<br />

media releases.<br />

These priorities were:<br />

Implementing an exploration<br />

tax credit scheme (exploration<br />

development incentive).<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has been calling for an<br />

exploration tax credit policy for more<br />

than five years. The scheme would<br />

allow companies who are unable to<br />

access tax deductions as they accrue<br />

- given their lack of income - to issue<br />

shares with these deductions ‘flowing<br />

through’ to investors and make<br />

investment in these juniors attractive.<br />

In addition to promoting the scheme<br />

with government, opposition, DMITRE,<br />

other associations and the media,<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> took the initiative to develop<br />

an Australia taxation system friendly<br />

model and presented it to AMEC, the<br />

MCA and other state bodies to garner<br />

support. <strong>SACOME</strong> acknowledges the<br />

work of Councillor and taxation expert<br />

Alice McCleary in donating her time<br />

and expertise to develop this model.<br />

Addressing infrastructure needs for<br />

resources project<br />

These include the critical issues of<br />

South Australia’s lack of a cape-size<br />

vessel capable, multi-user port and<br />

the upgrade of electricity transmission<br />

network along the Eyre Peninsula to<br />

enable projects in the region to develop.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> lobbied for the use of bodies<br />

such as Infrastructure Australia and<br />

the Export Finance and Insurance<br />

Corporation (EFIC) to provide funding<br />

agreements to stimulate infrastructure<br />

where the market has failed to deliver<br />

a solution.<br />

Changes to the Petroleum Resources<br />

Rent Tax (PRRT)<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> lobbied hard for changes to<br />

the PRRT that included amending the<br />

tax so that profits below $50 million<br />

would not apply, and the inclusion<br />

of contiguous licences that allow for<br />

exploration expenditure deductibility<br />

relating to the same project from an<br />

adjoining lease.<br />

Rescinding the Mineral Resources<br />

Rent Tax<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> recommended the MRRT be<br />

rescinded due to the negative impacts<br />

upon emerging iron ore miners in<br />

South Australia, and in consideration of<br />

reports highlighting that the minerals<br />

industry already contributes its fair<br />

share to State and Federal taxes.<br />

Bilateral agreements<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> recommended revisiting<br />

policy development in favour of bilateral<br />

agreements for the Environmental<br />

Protection and Biodiversity<br />

Conservation Act, enabling<br />

reductions in green tape.<br />

Native Title Funding<br />

Increased funding for the Native<br />

Title Tribunal and Federal Court was<br />

identifies among <strong>SACOME</strong> members<br />

and Council as a high priority to<br />

efficiently resolve outstanding and<br />

ongoing native title claims.<br />

Carbon tax<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> recommended the move<br />

from Labor’s climate change policy<br />

to a market based mechanism to<br />

address climate change. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

lobbied for a set of seven detailed<br />

principles determined to provide a<br />

fairer carbon pricing scheme for the<br />

industry.<br />

Exploration expenses deductibility<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> demanded the immediate<br />

reinstatement of immediate<br />

deductibility for exploration<br />

expenses in the event of third<br />

party acquisitions to encourage<br />

investment back into the sector.<br />

Retaining the diesel fuel tax credit<br />

scheme<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> noted in its<br />

recommendations that the Fuel Tax<br />

Credit scheme must be retained.<br />

Fuel Tax Credits are not a “subsidy”,<br />

but reimburse taxpayers for tax<br />

paid on a key business input. The<br />

purpose of the scheme is to remove<br />

the effect of fuel tax on business<br />

inputs to ensure production<br />

decisions are not distorted.<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



<strong>SACOME</strong> continued to place the lack<br />

of infrastructure to enable industry<br />

growth at the forefront of government<br />

lobbying and industry discussions.<br />

With the challenge now to convert<br />

South Australia’s mining and petroleum<br />

exploration projects into long term<br />

sustainable growth, miners, renewableenergy<br />

providers and oil & gas<br />

operators will need to share commonuser<br />

infrastructure, including roads,<br />

rail, ports, water, airstrips, energy and<br />

transmission lines.<br />

Resources & Energy Sector<br />

Infrastructure Council (RESIC)<br />

Since <strong>SACOME</strong> recommended the State<br />

Government establish RESIC in the<br />

first Resources & Energy Infrastructure<br />

Demand Study commissioned by<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> in 2007, <strong>SACOME</strong> has had<br />

strong input to RESIC, with both the<br />

President and Chief Executive having<br />

seats on the Council.<br />

The 2011 Resources and Energy<br />

Infrastructure Demand Study,<br />

commissioned by RESIC and undertaken<br />

by Parsons Brinckerhoff, built on a 2009<br />

study to identify project infrastructure<br />

requirements for road, rail, ports, water,<br />

telecommunications, power and gas.<br />

The study led to RESIC making<br />

recommendations in February <strong>2012</strong>,<br />

followed by an independent community<br />

consultation report to State Government<br />

in June <strong>2012</strong>.<br />

The recommendations propose a range<br />

of priorities including investigating the<br />

development of strategic infrastructure<br />

corridors and utility hubs; investigating<br />

deep sea ports and transport<br />

infrastructure options; facilitating<br />

electricity transmission; and<br />

attracting investment to support the<br />

sector.<br />

The State Government has been<br />

supportive and is currently<br />

undertaking a Regional Mining and<br />

Infrastructure Planning Project<br />

(supported through $1.5 million of<br />

Commonwealth funding) to identify<br />

opportunities for collaboration<br />

and joint investment in delivering<br />

significant infrastructure projects<br />

across three regions:<br />

• Eyre and Western<br />

• Far North<br />

• Yorke and Mid North/Braemar<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> will continue its involvement<br />

and influence determining which<br />

projects will be identified as<br />

possessing the greatest ability to<br />

deliver wide-ranging benefits to<br />

South Australia, and when - and<br />

most importantly how – this may be<br />

accomplished.<br />

Funding for a Bulk Commodities Port<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has extensively lobbied over<br />

the past five years for a deep sea,<br />

cape-size vessel capable port at Port<br />

Bonython.<br />

In March <strong>2012</strong> the Minister for<br />

Planning declared the Port Bonython<br />

Bulk Export Port development a<br />

‘major development’ under the<br />

Development Act 1993 (SA). <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

has continued to lobby both State<br />

Government and the Opposition to<br />

consider underwriting tonnages for<br />

the first five years of operation to<br />

attract investment.<br />

18 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Without such a facility, the emerging<br />

iron-ore province in the north of the<br />

State goes without a cost-effective<br />

means of export.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> also strongly supports the<br />

development of at least one other<br />

cape-size vessel capable port in South<br />

Australia to service the needs of the<br />

expanding iron ore industry on the Eyre<br />

Peninsula and upper North regions.<br />

This topic has formed the basis for<br />

discussions with State and Federal<br />

Ministers and in media liaison<br />

throughout the year and will continue to<br />

rank highly on <strong>SACOME</strong>’s agenda until a<br />

solution is realised.<br />

Cooper Basin Infrastructure<br />

The unconventional gas potential of<br />

the world class Cooper Basin resource<br />

is inviting increased exploration in the<br />

region. Still at a very early stage of<br />

development, as with mining, much<br />

of the extensive leg work in realising<br />

the potential of this resource is<br />

being conducted by smaller oil & gas<br />

companies.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has representation on the<br />

DMITRE led working group to address<br />

the need for shared infrastructure<br />

in the Cooper Basin. Consultation<br />

and discussions surrounding the<br />

need for smaller companies to share<br />

infrastructure (such as airstrips, service<br />

hubs and facilities) to enable their<br />

activities to grow and investment in the<br />

Cooper to expand, have commenced.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> will continue to act as a united<br />

voice for the South Australian petroleum<br />

industry in lobbying at a State and<br />

Federal level in regards to these needs.<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


20 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy<br />

The 20<strong>13</strong> Emergency Response<br />

Competition at Prominent Hill


<strong>SACOME</strong> kept on top of regulatory<br />

changes to WH&S over the <strong>2012</strong>/<strong>13</strong><br />

year, ensuring members were up to<br />

date with critical changes through<br />

seminars and various member<br />

communications.<br />

New WH&S Legislation<br />

The new Work, Health and Safety Act<br />

and Regulations commenced on 1<br />

January 20<strong>13</strong>, aligning South Australia<br />

with the other states and territories<br />

who have implemented the model WHS<br />

legislation.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> held a number of seminars<br />

to assist members understand and<br />

work within the new workplace<br />

safety framework and kept members<br />

informed of issues and requirements<br />

as they made the transition to the new<br />

arrangements.<br />

SA Mines Emergency Response<br />

Competition<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> held it’s fourth South<br />

Australian South Australian Emergency<br />

Response Competition in collaboration<br />

with a team of dedicated volunteers.<br />

The competition’s goal is to promote<br />

and continuously improve resource<br />

sector workplace safety skills, with<br />

an added benefit of providing a<br />

venue for relationship building -and<br />

friendly rivalry- between sites.<br />

A wide range of skills were applied<br />

by each team as they negotiated<br />

their way through a host of<br />

accident scenarios at OZ Minerals’<br />

Prominent Hill mine. In addition<br />

to the practical scenarios, each<br />

team completed a problem-solving<br />

exercise which required innovative<br />

thinking, leadership and teamwork.<br />

In a closely fought contest between<br />

Olympic Dam, Prominent Hill,<br />

Cooper Basin ERT (Santos) and<br />

Perilya Resources, individual<br />

category awards were shared evenly<br />

amongst competing teams.<br />

The Olympic Dam Emergency<br />

Response Team was the overall<br />

winner of the 20<strong>13</strong> competition.<br />

“<br />

Emergency<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> held it’s fourth South Australian<br />

Response Competition<br />

”<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



<strong>SACOME</strong> broadened its skills and<br />

education activities over the year<br />

to include a new Professional<br />

Development program, following<br />

a report commissioned to identify<br />

sector training gaps.<br />

The careers program was extended<br />

to include additional regional visits,<br />

the Treasure Hunt was another<br />

sell out success, and <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

commenced its representation on an<br />

oil & gas working group to address<br />

skills requirements.<br />

Careers Program<br />

The Careers Promotion Program<br />

continued to deliver its message to<br />

primary and secondary students across<br />

the state. Workshops and presentations<br />

delivered as part of the program are<br />

booked by primary and secondary<br />

school teachers to compliment units<br />

of work currently being studied. The<br />

program gives teachers access to<br />

resources and specialist knowledge<br />

that allows them to tackle earth science<br />

or resource industry careers as part<br />

of the curriculum. Many thousands of<br />

students have been reached this year in<br />

both metropolitan and regional South<br />

Australia.<br />

Iluka sponsored three separate trips<br />

to the Far West Coast during Term 1<br />

as part of an ongoing relationship to<br />

take the Careers Promotion Program<br />

to schools in the area of the Jacinth-<br />

Ambrosia Mine on a biennial basis.<br />

Joint presentations were delivered to<br />

schools in Ceduna, Penong, Koonibba<br />

and Yalata.<br />

OZ Minerals supported <strong>SACOME</strong> to<br />

visit secondary schools in the Upper<br />

Spencer Gulf. Joint presentations with<br />

OZ Minerals and the Resources and<br />

Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA)<br />

were delivered to high school students<br />

at Whyalla High School, Port Augusta<br />

Secondary School and John Pirie High<br />

School highlighting careers in the<br />

industry and giving insights into lifestyle,<br />

locations and salaries.<br />

The Eyre Peninsula Mining Alliance<br />

partnered with <strong>SACOME</strong> in its second<br />

year of running a careers road show<br />

across the Eyre Peninsula. The objective<br />

was to provide information on the<br />

diversity of direct and indirect jobs which<br />

would be created through a mining<br />

industry on the Eyre Peninsula and the<br />

education and training pathways available<br />

to qualify for those positions. Over 450<br />

people attended across the week.<br />

Other initiatives included supporting the<br />

Royal Institute of Australia with their<br />

STEM Careers initiative by organising<br />

filming opportunities with Hillgrove<br />

Resources (Kanmantoo Operation) and<br />

the University of Adelaide and presenting<br />

to first year mining engineering<br />

students.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> acknowledges RESA for its<br />

generous sponsorship of the careers<br />

program.<br />

Professional Development<br />

In its first year, the <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

Professional Development Program ran<br />

11 successful courses with attendance<br />

of nearly 150 attendees. Along with<br />

providing in house training, the program<br />

seeks to identify skill and training gaps<br />

within the sector and encourages local<br />

Registered Training Organisations<br />

(RTO’s) to provide timely, appropriate and<br />

cost effective solutions.<br />

Some of the courses conducted over the<br />

year included:<br />

Mining for non-Miners: A two day course<br />

aimed at introducing individuals to the<br />

fundamentals of mining operations,<br />

including an understanding of current<br />

locations, an overview of legislative<br />

requirements, exploration, feasibility and<br />

exploitation techniques, right through to<br />

mine closure. The course concludes with<br />

a field trip to a working mine - which,<br />

with the support of Terramin’s Angas<br />

Zinc and Hillgrove’s Kanmantoo sites -<br />

was the highlight for many.<br />

Cultural Awareness: <strong>SACOME</strong> ran<br />

courses on Indigenous Culture and<br />

working with (and in) China, throughout<br />

the year. Focussing on diversity and<br />

inclusion, these were designed to bring a<br />

level of transparency and understanding<br />

in dealing with stakeholders from<br />

diverse cultural, economic, and social<br />

backgrounds.<br />

Resource Leadership Series: The<br />

Resource Leadership Series was<br />

designed to support key areas of<br />

leadership in the resources sector by<br />

providing both accredited and nonaccredited<br />

training in strategic areas of<br />

influence. Commercial Acumen centred<br />

on teaching leaders to focus on budgets<br />

and procurement models in their<br />

activities. The Workforce Strategies for<br />

the Next Decade Seminar brought in key<br />

leaders in areas of workforce planning,<br />

attraction and retention, culture, and<br />

development of staff. With assistance<br />

from Santos, the University of South<br />

Australia and the University College of<br />

London, <strong>SACOME</strong> introduced a resourcespecific<br />

MBA that includes a Graduate<br />

Certificate in Energy and Resources.<br />

22 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Emma Chesterman with students on a<br />

regional visit in 20<strong>13</strong><br />

Discussions commenced with the<br />

Resources and Energy Skills Alliance<br />

(RESA) to run collaborative courses<br />

over the 20<strong>13</strong>/14 year including<br />

Diploma and Advanced Diplomas in<br />

areas such as Management, Project<br />

Management, and WH&S.<br />

Treasure Hunt<br />

The <strong>SACOME</strong> Treasure Hunt aims<br />

to inspire and educate children on<br />

resources. The 20<strong>13</strong> event took<br />

place in April on the University of<br />

Adelaide campus with 233 parents<br />

and children (aged 9-11 years)<br />

attending. DMITRE, the University<br />

of Adelaide, Robogals and the<br />

Gemmological Association of South<br />

Australia delivered geosciencebased<br />

and engineering workshops<br />

to the participants with a sausage<br />

sizzle provided at the conclusion of<br />

the hunt.<br />

Careers DVD project<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> identified a need to update<br />

the careers promotional material<br />

for the sector in South Australia.<br />

With support from DMITRE, RESA<br />

and industry, filming is currently<br />

underway to produce material<br />

for use by <strong>SACOME</strong>, Government<br />

and schools to promote career<br />

opportunities. Aimed at younger<br />

high school students, footage will<br />

feature young people explaining how<br />

they obtained work and what it’s like<br />

to be part of a growing and exciting<br />

industry.<br />

Geoscientist Assistance Program (GAP)<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> successfully applied for the<br />

extension of the GAP program. Funded<br />

by the State Government, the program<br />

provided companies with salary<br />

subsidies and training grants to employ<br />

and retain geoscientists within the<br />

State. 33 people were placed into roles<br />

as a result.<br />

Petroleum Skills Needs<br />

Arising from the release of the<br />

‘Roadmap for Unconventional Gas<br />

Projects in South Australia’, DMITRE<br />

established five working groups to focus<br />

on high priority issues. One of these<br />

focusses around skills and developing<br />

a regional hub for training. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

commenced its participation on this<br />

group, and is represented on all five of<br />

the working groups.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s Careers Promotion program visited 80<br />

schools accross the state over the financial year,<br />

“reaching approximately 3,200 students.<br />

”<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



<strong>SACOME</strong> promotes the industry<br />

and it’s benefits to the community<br />

through a wide range of initiatives.<br />

These include the annual<br />

Environmental Open Day, Treasure<br />

Hunt and careers promotion<br />

activities, together with a presence<br />

at regional field days and various<br />

external events.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> also promotes the mining<br />

and energy sector through regular<br />

stakeholder communications and by<br />

being always available to the media<br />

and maintaining a strong media<br />

presence.<br />

SA Mines and Energy Journal<br />

The SA Mines and Energy Journal,<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s official publication, continues<br />

to be valued by a diverse readership<br />

including <strong>SACOME</strong> members, people<br />

working in the public sector and<br />

government, and interested members of<br />

the community.<br />

Content for the journal is sourced with<br />

the assistance of an editorial committee<br />

comprising <strong>SACOME</strong> members from<br />

the mining, exploration and oil and gas<br />

industry sectors. Stories are researched<br />

and written by <strong>SACOME</strong> staff, Solstice<br />

Media (who publish the journal) and<br />

members. <strong>SACOME</strong> retains strong<br />

control over the publication through the<br />

magazine’s Editor, <strong>SACOME</strong>’s Director<br />

of Membership & Communications.<br />

A wide range of articles of interest to<br />

the magazine’s diverse readership<br />

were published over the year. These<br />

included updates on the mining and<br />

energy sector in South Australia<br />

together with case studies on various<br />

aspects of local mining and energy<br />

projects and articles focussed on<br />

regulation, unconventional oil & gas,<br />

community engagement, land access,<br />

sustainability, business and finance,<br />

innovation; procurement; workforce;<br />

Indigenous issues; education and<br />

many other topics.<br />

E-news<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s fortnightly newsletter<br />

was renamed Mining and Energy SA<br />

to reflect its focus on local mining<br />

and energy industry information<br />

and events. It continued to disburse<br />

valuable information to members on<br />

sector regulation, issues, consultation<br />

and events. <strong>SACOME</strong> also established<br />

a Professional Development<br />

newsletter during the year to share<br />

information on its new Professional<br />

Development program.<br />

External Media<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s media relations have<br />

strengthened in recent years, with<br />

Chief Executive Jason Kuchel<br />

regularly contacted for comment on a<br />

wide range of sector issues. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

maximised this opportunity by<br />

increasing its media release output to<br />

24 releases over the <strong>2012</strong>-<strong>13</strong> financial<br />

year - up from 14 in the prior year.<br />

Every story released over the year<br />

was picked up by a variety of regional,<br />

State and national media.<br />

Media releases focussed on a range of<br />

topics, including:<br />

- Promotion of the industry -<br />

including external research<br />

supporting mining’s positive effect<br />

on communities and the economy,<br />

extensive sector investment in<br />

training, recognition of community<br />

excellence through the Premier’s<br />

mining and energy awards, and the<br />

sector’s emphasis on workplace<br />

health and safety.<br />

- <strong>SACOME</strong> events to share<br />

information and promote the<br />

sector – such as the Treasure<br />

Hunt, Environmental Open Day,<br />

Emergency Response competition,<br />

annual dinner and lunch events<br />

- <strong>SACOME</strong> initiatives - including the<br />

new Professional Development<br />

program, Geoscientist Assistance<br />

Program and signing of a new MOU<br />

with China.<br />

- Lobbying messages – to ensure<br />

the industry’s voice is pushed to<br />

the media for coverage on a range<br />

of Federal and State policies,<br />

regulation and submissions.<br />

24 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Jason Kuchel and Federal Labor Minister<br />

for Resources and Energy, Gary Gray<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> also provided articles<br />

to various external publications<br />

including the Stock Journal and<br />

Advertiser on a range of issues.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s Chief Executive spends<br />

much time developing and<br />

maintaining relationships with the<br />

media to ensure a positive industry<br />

message can be put forward at every<br />

opportunity.<br />

Social Media<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> increased its use of<br />

twitter; tweeting numerous times<br />

a week to its 1,678 followers which<br />

include a large number of members,<br />

politicians and the media. Tweets<br />

included new member introductions,<br />

comment on sector issues, events<br />

and news, and our ‘fun facts’ Friday.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>TV<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> expanded its You Tube<br />

channel to cover more events, with<br />

plans underway for more diverse<br />

additions over the coming year.<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


EVENTS<br />

The corporate events program<br />

continued to deliver valuable<br />

information and opportunities to<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s membership and other<br />

industry stakeholders in <strong>2012</strong>/<strong>13</strong>.<br />

Breakfast Briefings<br />

Attendance at breakfast briefings<br />

remained steady with an average of<br />

165 guests attending each breakfast.<br />

Representatives from South Australia’s<br />

most prominent industry companies<br />

provided members with insights into<br />

their operations, future plans and<br />

potential procurement opportunities,<br />

along with valuable networking<br />

opportunities and time to ask<br />

questions.<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Resources Industry Dinner<br />

This year’s annual resources industry<br />

dinner saw around 560 guests<br />

celebrate Our Gifted State; themed<br />

with various gifts and fabulous<br />

entertainment.<br />

In a first for <strong>SACOME</strong>’s annual dinner,<br />

the focus was clearly on celebration<br />

and the only formalities of the evening<br />

were the presentation of The Premier’s<br />

Awards for Community Excellence in<br />

Mining and Energy, which is now in its<br />

third year. This year there were four<br />

award categories and 6 winners – see<br />

page 14 for details of all the winners.<br />

Lunch series<br />

Attendance at <strong>SACOME</strong> lunches<br />

remained strong over the past 12<br />

months with an average of 257 guests<br />

at each lunch.<br />

The financial year kicked off with Dr.<br />

Paul Heithersay providing an industry<br />

overview from DMITRE; Beach Energy’s<br />

Reg Nelson provided a great insight into<br />

the future of the company in August; Libby<br />

Lyons from WA based Atlas Iron focussed<br />

on Community Relations and Atlas’s<br />

experiences moving from exploration into<br />

production; Dr. Ian Gould AM, Chancellor<br />

of the University of South Australia spoke<br />

candidly about the year that was, together<br />

with his opinion on the outlook for 20<strong>13</strong>.<br />

The 20<strong>13</strong> events calendar commenced<br />

with the Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP<br />

covering a range of topical industry<br />

issues, including access to the WPA and<br />

addressing the RESIC recommendations<br />

released late last year, rounding out<br />

the financial year in May saw Nigel<br />

McBride from Business SA give a thought<br />

provoking and animated presentation on<br />

Our State at a Cross Road.<br />

Seminars<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> held a range of seminars and<br />

workshops over the 12 months including<br />

topics on the Mining Act and Regulations;<br />

Managing Risks and Liabilities; WHS<br />

Legislation; Chinese relations; <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

Code of Practice and Maximising<br />

business potential. All were well attended<br />

and provided topical information and<br />

networking time.<br />

Conferences:<br />

Collaboration continued on two high<br />

value conferences during the year.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> continued its prominent role<br />

assisting with the organisation and<br />

administration of the South Australian<br />

Exploration and Mining Conference<br />

held in December at the Adelaide<br />

Convention Centre. This conference<br />

is put together by volunteers from<br />

industry associations <strong>SACOME</strong>,<br />

AusIMM, GSA, AIG, ASEG together with<br />

DMITRE and the University of Adelaide<br />

with the sole purpose of sharing<br />

share information on the mining and<br />

exploration activities of the year. The<br />

<strong>2012</strong> event attracted a record number<br />

of delegates at 560.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> joined together with Global<br />

Maintenance USG to bring the<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>/GMUSG Resource Industry<br />

Conference and Trade Expo – the first<br />

ever conference that <strong>SACOME</strong> has<br />

co-convened. The regional conference,<br />

held in Whyalla, was a sell-out success<br />

with 380 delegates registered. The<br />

conference’s focus is on exploring,<br />

developing and profiting SME’s within<br />

the Upper Spencer Gulf region.<br />

1 - Attendees at <strong>SACOME</strong>’s Art of Networking Seminar<br />

2 - Gavin Hobart & Ron Hardman, Arrium Mining, at the 15 February 20<strong>13</strong> lunch<br />

3 - Greg Clothier, St John SA, Renee Preece, BP, and Ray Bliske, Morton Philips<br />

4 - Layla Mignone, <strong>SACOME</strong> & Wayne Hutton, Statewide Super at the May 20<strong>13</strong> lunch<br />

5 - Loreto students at <strong>SACOME</strong>’s Environmental Open Day<br />

6 - Jason Kuchel with Premier Jay Weatherill at the GMUSG <strong>SACOME</strong> Conference<br />

7 - McMahon Services Ryan Brown and Atlas Iron’s Libby Lyons at the 12 October <strong>2012</strong> lunch<br />

8 - Premier Jay Weatherill presenting the Women in Resources award to Carly Taylor, OZ<br />

Minerals & Rachel Kennett, Beach Energy, at the <strong>Annual</strong> Dinner<br />

9 - RFDS raffle at the <strong>Annual</strong> Resources Industry Dinner 20<strong>13</strong><br />

10 - Marc Twining, Rex Minerals, presenting at the SA Exploration & Mining Conference<br />

11 - Tim Pillion, Big Sky, Peta Conley & Chris Rowe (KSB Australia) at the June 20<strong>13</strong> breakfast<br />

26 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



<strong>SACOME</strong> members have the<br />

option to support <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

corporate lunch series and other<br />

events via sponsorship. With<br />

an outstanding reputation for<br />

promoting and connecting the<br />

resources industry, <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

provides Sponsors with targeted<br />

industry exposure.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> expanded and improved<br />

the sponsorship offering on<br />

the previous year by presenting<br />

innovative packages and tailoring<br />

solutions. <strong>SACOME</strong> is very<br />

appreciative of the support from its<br />

valued sponsors.<br />


Bureau Veritas<br />


Iron Road,<br />

KJM Contractors<br />


Basetec Services,<br />

Finlaysons, PWC,<br />

Street Fleet<br />


ADT Security, Aggreko,<br />

Aquenta Consulting,<br />

Lend Lease (previously<br />

Baulderstone), Investigator<br />

Resources, McMahon<br />

Services<br />


Alexander Symonds, Golder<br />

Associates, O’Loughlins,<br />

Oz Minerals, Piper<br />

Alderman, Rex Minerals<br />


The following member<br />

companies have sponsored<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> on an event basis<br />

during the <strong>2012</strong>-20<strong>13</strong><br />

membership year.<br />

Aggreko<br />

Arrium<br />

Ashurst<br />

Basetec Services<br />

Beach Energy<br />

DMITRE<br />

EBS Ecology<br />

Fyfe<br />

Hitachi Construction<br />

Machinery Australia<br />

IronClad Mining<br />

Leibherr<br />

Maloney Field Services<br />

Migration Solutions<br />

Minotaur Exploration<br />

ODT Australis<br />

OZ Minerals<br />

Serafino<br />

SRA Information<br />

Technology<br />

Statewide Super<br />


BP, Lincoln Minerals<br />

28 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

<strong>SACOME</strong> thanks its 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> Sponsors:<br />







<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


<strong>SACOME</strong> MEMBERSHIP<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>’s membership is made up<br />

of organisations that either work<br />

directly as mining, exploration,<br />

extractive or energy companies in<br />

the South Australian minerals and<br />

energy sectors, or provide services<br />

to the industry.<br />

As at 30 June 20<strong>13</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> had 365<br />

financial members, comprising 74<br />

industry members and 275 service<br />

providers, with associate members<br />

totalling 16.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> industry members either<br />

have exploration or production projects<br />

in South Australia or own tenements<br />

or acreage in the State. Exploration,<br />

production and processing projects can<br />

encompass, minerals, petroleum, gas,<br />

renewables and energy production.<br />

Tenements and acreage held may or<br />

may not be active at present.<br />

Service provider members include<br />

companies committed to servicing<br />

and supporting the South Australian<br />

resources and energy sector. Service<br />

companies are essential to the State’s<br />

resources industry and are highly<br />

valued <strong>SACOME</strong> members with voting<br />

rights and representation on the<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> council.<br />

Membership Categories<br />

Core industry members<br />

Level 1A: Global Revenue >$50bn<br />

Level 1B: Global revenue >$10bn - $50bn<br />

Level 1C: Global revenue >$2bn - $10bn<br />

Ind Level 1D: Global revenue >$500m - $2bn<br />

Ind Level 1E: Global Revenue >$100m - $500m<br />

Ind Level 1F: Global Revenue >$50m - $100m<br />

Ind Level 1G: Global Revenue >$20m - $50m<br />

Ind Level 1H: Global Revenue >$0m - $20m<br />

Level 2: Explorer or early production with production outside of SA<br />

Level 3: Early production<br />

Level 4: Junior explorer or extractive

<strong>SACOME</strong> Members<br />

Industry Members<br />

Adelaide Brighton Limited<br />

Adelaide Resources<br />

Ahava Resources Pty Limited<br />

Alinta Energy<br />

Alliance Resources Limited<br />

Altona Energy/Arckaringa Energy Pty<br />

Limited<br />

Arafura Resources Limited<br />

Archer Exploration Limited<br />

Areva Resources Australia<br />

Argonaut Resources NL<br />

Arrium Mining<br />

Barrick (Australia Pacific) Limited<br />

Beach Energy Limited<br />

BHP Billiton<br />

BioSyngas Limited<br />

BP Developments Australia Pty<br />

Limited<br />

Carpentaria Exploration Limited<br />

Centrex Metals<br />

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Cooper Energy<br />

Drillsearch Energy Ltd<br />

Epic Energy<br />

Exco Resources<br />

Eyre Iron Pty Limited<br />

Gypsum Resources Australia<br />

Havilah Resources NL<br />

Heathgate Resources<br />

Hillgrove Resources<br />

Iluka Resources<br />

IMX Resources Limited<br />

Investigator Resources Limited<br />

Iron Road Limited<br />

IronClad Mining Limited<br />

Kingsgate Consolidated Limited<br />

Linc Energy Limited<br />

Lincoln Minerals Limited<br />

Marathon Resources Limited<br />

Marmota Energy<br />

Maximus Resources Limited<br />

Metals X Limited<br />

Minotaur Exploration<br />

Mithril Resources<br />

Mungana Goldmines Ltd<br />

Murray Zircon Pty Ltd<br />

Musgrave Minerals Limited<br />

Nyrstar Port Pirie Smelter<br />

OZ Minerals<br />

Penrice Soda Products Pty Limited<br />

PepinNini Minerals Limited<br />

Petratherm Limited<br />

Phoenix Copper Limited<br />

Polymetals Group Pty Limited<br />

Renaissance Uranium<br />

Rex Minerals Limited<br />

Rio Tinto<br />

Royal Resources Limited<br />

Santos Limited<br />

Senex Energy Limited<br />

Sinosteel PepinNini Curnamona<br />

Management Pty Limited<br />

Straits Resources Limited<br />

Strike Energy Limited<br />

Sundance Energy Australia Limited<br />

Tarcila Resources<br />

Tasman Resources NL<br />

Teck Australia Pty Limited<br />

Terramin Australia Limited<br />

Thor Mining PLC<br />

Toro Energy Limited<br />

Torrens Energy<br />

Trafford Resources Limited<br />

Uranium Equities Limited<br />

Uranium One Australia<br />

UraniumSA Limited<br />

WPG Resources<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


Service Provider Members<br />

Adelaide Airport Limited<br />

Adelaide Control Engineering<br />

ADT Security<br />

Advanced Projects<br />

Adventure 4WD<br />

AEC Environmental Pty Limited<br />

AECOM Australia Pty Limited<br />

Aggreko<br />

Ahrens<br />

Alere<br />

Alexander & Symonds<br />

Alliance Airlines<br />

AMC Consultants<br />

Ancorloc Earth Systems<br />

ANZ<br />

APB Modular<br />

Aquamate<br />

Aquenta Consulting<br />

ARUP Pty Ltd<br />

ASC Training & Development Pty Ltd<br />

Ashurst<br />

Asiaworld Shipping Services<br />

Atlas Copco Mining and Rock<br />

Excavation Australia<br />

Atsys Pty Ltd<br />

Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ausco Modular<br />

Ausenco Services<br />

Auspace<br />

Australian Camp Services<br />

Australian Civil & Mining Training<br />

Australian Cultural Heritage<br />

Management<br />

Australian Groundwater Technologies<br />

Australian Industrial Rental<br />

Australian Mines and Metals<br />

32 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Association<br />

Australian Saltworks (Previously<br />

Mulgundawa Salt)<br />

Australian Satellite Communications<br />

Pty Ltd<br />

Australian Training Alliance<br />

Australian Water Environments<br />

Austwide Mining Title Management Pty<br />

Limited<br />

Aztec Analysis<br />

B.L. Shipway & Co<br />

BankWest Business<br />

Basetec Services<br />

Battery World<br />

Baulderstone - Engineering<br />

BDO<br />

Big Sky Building Society<br />

Bonacci Group Pty Ltd<br />

Brown and Pang<br />

BRS<br />

Bureau Veritas Minerals<br />

Buschutz Engineering Pty Limited<br />

Caledonia Scaffolding<br />

CAPS Australia Pty Limited<br />

Career Employment Group<br />

Cavill Power Products<br />

Chandler MacLeod<br />

Chinese Language and Cultural Advice<br />

Coffey<br />

Color On Demand<br />

Colour Tech Copying<br />

Commonwealth Bank of Australia<br />

Community Engagement Group<br />

Australia Pty Limited<br />

Complete Personnel<br />

Connexion Australia Pty Limited<br />

COOE (Care of Our Environment)<br />

Cor Cooling<br />

Corporate Conversation<br />

Corporate Protection Australia Group<br />

Corporate Traveller<br />

CQR<br />

CRC Care Pty Ltd<br />

Cryogenic Blasting Solutions<br />

Cummings Optical<br />

D.J. Coughlan Drilling<br />

Dalkeith Plastics<br />

Datanet Asia Pacific Pty Ltd<br />

David Moss Corporation<br />

Deep Exploration Technologies CRC<br />

Degremont<br />

Dialight ILS Australia<br />

Direct Workshop Supplies<br />

Dixon Partnering Solutions<br />

DMAW Lawyers<br />

Doconade Legal & Migration<br />

Doherty Remote Trade Services<br />

Downer EDI Mining<br />

Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Limited<br />

DriForce<br />

E & A Limited<br />

EBS Ecology<br />

Ecology and Heritage Partners<br />

Electranet<br />

EMAC Systems<br />

Emeco International Pty Limited<br />

Enterprise Connect Resources<br />

Technology Innovation Centre<br />

Environmental Projects<br />

EQAS Business Development<br />

Ernst & Young<br />

Evans & Peck<br />

Exact Mining Services Pty Ltd<br />

Finlaysons<br />

Fire Safe Services Pty Ltd<br />

FirecorpSA Pty Limited<br />

Flight Safety Foundation<br />

Flinders Port Holdings Pty Ltd<br />

FMG Engineering<br />

Fox Tucker Lawyers<br />

Frazer- Nash Consultancy<br />

Fugro Spatial Systems<br />

Fyfe Pty Limited<br />

Genesee and Wyoming Australia<br />

Geofabrics Australasia<br />

Georg Fischer Piping Systems<br />

GHD Pty Limited<br />

GLH Contracting<br />

Golder Associates Pty Limited<br />

Government Relations Australia<br />

Advisory Pty Limited<br />

Government Relations Solutions Pty<br />

Ltd (GR Solutions)<br />

Grundfos Pumps Pty Limited<br />

Hallett Concrete Pty Ltd<br />

Hawker Britton Group<br />

Health Safety Environment Australia<br />

Pty Limited<br />

Hender Consulting<br />

Hills Holdings Limited<br />

Hitachi Construction Machinery<br />

Australia Pty Limited<br />

Hughes Public Relations &<br />

Communication Counsel<br />

Hunt & Hunt<br />

Icon Recruitment<br />

Vative<br />

Integral Triple Bottom Line Leadership<br />

& Results<br />

Integrity Sampling<br />

Intract - Indigenous Contractors<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


Ironbark Heritage & Environment<br />

J & H Williams Holdings Pty Ltd<br />

Jardine Lloyd Thompson<br />

Jean Cannon Consulting<br />

JM Gilligan Consulting<br />

John Nitschke Drilling<br />

Joie Creative<br />

Kadego<br />

Kelly & Co<br />

Kempe Fluidpower & Engineering<br />

Services<br />

Kerry Logistics<br />

KJM Contractors<br />

KPMG<br />

KSB Australia Pty Limited<br />

Lawson Risk Management Services<br />

Pty Limited<br />

Leadership Management Australia -<br />

Bettcher<br />

Leske Transport Pty Ltd<br />

Lester Franks Survey & Geographic<br />

Pty Limited<br />

LHD Group Australia P/L<br />

Liebherr Australia Pty Limited<br />

LogiCamms<br />

LR & M Constructions Pty Limited<br />

Lucas Earthmovers Pty Limited<br />

Macmahon Holdings<br />

Macquarie Drilling<br />

Maloney Field Services<br />

Maritime Constructions Pty Limited<br />

Marlow Communications Pty Limited<br />

MAV Media Pty Limited<br />

Max Crane & Equipment Hire<br />

McConnell Dowell<br />

McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers<br />

McMahon Services<br />

Mental Illness Fellowship of SA<br />

(MIFSA)<br />

Migration Solutions<br />

Mine & Quarry Service Co Pty Ltd<br />

Minecorp<br />

Mining & Construction Safety<br />

Specialists<br />

Mining One<br />

Mining People International<br />

Mining, Energy & Engineering<br />

Academy<br />

Minter Ellison Lawyers<br />

Modular Building Systems<br />

Momentum Partners<br />

Morton Philips<br />

National Australia Bank<br />

Nedrill Blasting Contractors<br />

Nextgen Networks<br />

Normet Asia Pacific Pty Limited<br />

Nova Systems<br />

OAMPS Insurance Brokers<br />

ODT Australis Pty Limited<br />

O’Loughlins Lawyers<br />

Opposite Lock Adelaide<br />

Osmoflo<br />

OTEK Australia<br />

Outback Ecology<br />

Parsons Brinckerhoff<br />

Paydirt Media Pty Limited<br />

Peter Kittle Motor Company<br />

Phoenix Project Management Pty<br />

Limited<br />

Phoenix Society Inc.<br />

Piper Alderman<br />

Port Adelaide Football Club<br />

Port of Melbourne<br />

Powranna Consulting Pty Limited<br />

Priority Management South Australia<br />

PT Hydraulics Australia Pty Ltd<br />

PwC Services<br />

(PricewaterhouseCoopers)<br />

Qube Logistics (SA) Pty Ltd<br />

Qube Ports & Bulk Division Pty Ltd<br />

Red Appointments Pty Limited<br />

Red Earth Training Solutions<br />

Red Mulga<br />

Rema Tip Top<br />

Renfrey Plant Hire Services<br />

Resources & Engineering Skills Alliance<br />

(RESA)<br />

Revenue by Design<br />

Rexco People Pty Limited<br />

Ripple Recruitment<br />

Rob Savory Environmental Audits<br />

Robin Johnson Engineering Pty Ltd<br />

Roxby Serviced Offices<br />

RPS Aquaterra<br />

Rural Solutions SA<br />

SA Power Networks<br />

SCF Group Pty Limited<br />

Sharp Airlines<br />

Sims Metal Management S.A.<br />

Sinclair Knight Merz<br />

Sitemed (O.T. Private Pty Ltd)<br />

SJ Cheesman<br />

Skills DMC<br />

Slade Industries Pty Ltd<br />

SLC Pty Limited<br />

SME Gateway SA/NT<br />

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Smith & Georg<br />

Southwick Goodyear<br />

Sparke Helmore Lawyers<br />

SRA Information Technology<br />

St John Ambulance Australia SA Inc<br />

Statewide Financial Management<br />

Services Limited<br />

Stramech Engineering<br />

34 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

Street Fleet Pty Ltd<br />

Telstra<br />

The University of Adelaide Faculty<br />

of Engineering Computer and<br />

Mathematical Sciences<br />

Thiess Pty Limited<br />

Thinc Projects<br />

Thrifty<br />

Tingira Pty Limited<br />

Tonkin Consulting<br />

Training Materials Consultancy<br />

Training Prospects<br />

Trainway<br />

TRILITY Pty Limited<br />

UCL School of Energy and Resources,<br />

Australia<br />

UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd<br />

University of South Australia<br />

URS Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Value Adviser Associates<br />

Vipac Engineers & Scientists Pty Ltd<br />

Watpac Civil and Mining Pty Limited<br />

Watsons Lawyers<br />

Wattyl Industrial Coatings<br />

Wave Rider Energy Pty Limited<br />

Wealth on Track<br />

Wendy Perry & Associates Pty Limited<br />

Westpac Banking Corporation<br />

Whitham Media Australia<br />

Willis Australia Ltd<br />

Wilson People Management<br />

WorkPac Central Pty Limited<br />

WorleyParsons<br />

Xceptional Recruitment Pty Limited<br />

Yaran Business Services Pty Limited<br />

York Resources Pty Limited<br />

ZEN Commercial Energy System<br />

Zinfra Pty Ltd<br />

<strong>2012</strong> - 20<strong>13</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


South Australian Chamber Of Mines & Energy<br />

Mines & Energy House<br />

290 Glen Osmond Road Fullarton, SA 5063<br />

Telephone +61 8 8202 9999<br />

Fax +61 8 8202 9900<br />

Email sacome@sacome.org.au<br />


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