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AMHS-HPE 2016-2017


GOVERNANCE & NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT The Governance and Nominations Committee has had a busy and productive year. The committee worked toward achieving the goals identified in our work plan with the main focus being the review and revision of the Governance Manual. Other highlights for 2016-2017 include the recruitment of Eric Muise to the Board, a Strategic Planning workshop in September 2016 and a relationship building Governance to Governance dinner meeting with the Part C agencies in March 2017. Governance Manual The committee has completed work on the Governance Manual. The committee held several working meetings to review all of the current Board Policies for relevancy. The group decided that the policies should be broad and general in nature supported by procedures that clarify how the policy will be implemented. To this end we have undertaken a significant restructuring of the Governance Manual that we hope will better serve the Board in years to come. A draft of the revised manual will be sent out to all Board Members for their input in August. Recruitment The nominations committee recruited one new Board Member during 2016-2017. We presently have one vacancy on the Board and the committee is working on a strategy to recruit a suitable candidate to fill this position next year. The committee has prepared a skills matrix to be completed by all current Board members at the fall retreat. The intent is to determine the skills we presently have as a Board and to identify skills that may be lacking which would benefit our Board. By using the skills matrix we can focus our recruitment efforts on candidates that provide skills that are needed by the Board. As part of the review of the Governance Manual, we have been working on refining our recruitment process and the board orientation process. Board Self-Evaluation Survey The committee conducted the annual board selfevaluation survey in April/May 2017. There were EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY GOVERNANCE SATISFACTION UNSATISFACTORY POOR 10% 54% 35% some technical issues with the on-line format which will be addressed for future surveys. Governance Development and Education A two day Strategic Planning Session was held in September 2016 to develop the Strategic Plan for the agency. ln March 2017, the Board held a Governance to Governance dinner meeting to build relationships between our Board and the Part C agencies. ln response to the results of the 2015-2016 Board Self-evaluation Survey, the committee reviewed educational options for Board Members including on-line webcasts and in person workshops/ seminars offered by the Centre for Governance Excellence and a fall retreat with presentations on governance and Board responsibilities. Based on our review the committee decided that an annual Governance Workshop retreat focused on our agency would be a better approach. The committee is working on providing a Governance Workshop and Agency Fair for Board Members this fall. Tentatively, this will include a one day workshop for Board members and an agency fair where Board members, clients and caregivers could talk with staff about the programs and services available through our agency and other service providers contracted by AMHS-HPE. 13