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AMHS-HPE 2016-2017


QUALITY IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT (CONT’D) 2. Waitlists are a significant issue in all areas of the two counties, some more than others, but a concern none the less. This is not new to the agency and efforts continue to be made to resolve it. However it was mentioned many times throughout the focus group sessions. It is important to add that clients did not know what to expect once they got accepted on the program. There appears to be a gap in information, while people wait for service. 3. It is worth noting the importance of groups throughout the region. AMHS provides a number of groups out of each area, that are both therapeutic and social, and people really appreciate them. In fact, they want more. Offering groups to people on waiting lists was suggested as a way of providing interim support. It was hoped that all groups could be offered in all areas since some were only offered out of Belleville. This is a service that AMHS could enhance significantly throughout the two counties, since it met the needs of many clients. 4. In every focus group, the staff of AMHS- HPE were highly thought of and the service they provided was exemplary. Clients really appreciated the holistic role that workers practiced. Counselling was the primary service, but they also were advocates for ancillary services; such as ODSP, employment, transportation, housing, primary care services, etc. They helped get clients to appointments or events and would even attend appointments if necessary. They provided groups, or arranged for people to take part in groups offered by others. 5. AMHS counsellors provided a crisis lifeline to many clients. We heard many stories about how workers went the extra mile to ensure the safety of clients. This included connecting by text, phone, and in person. It was awesome to listen to how the counsellors demonstrated, what some clients referred to as “big hearts”, when they needed them the most. Communications The committee continued to ensure that communications was an integral component to the organization, through newsletters; a problem gambling campaign; refreshed and revised brochures; public presentations; service cards; continued expansion of the portal; web site; etc. Through the newly designed Regional Back Office, AMHS-HPE received funding to contract with a Communications Lead who will focus attention to branding the organization here in HPE as well as work with the other Communications Leads in the South East to ensure consistent messaging. The new fiscal year will experience a refresh to all of the aforementioned as well as initiate communications into the social media world as a ways and means to ensure all demographics have access to who we are, what we do and for whom. Appreciative Inquiry & Staff Satisfaction Survey Annually, the human resources are requested to complete a survey/questionnaire. This year we expanded the reach and facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry event in order to have a face to face and yet confidential opportunity for staff to share their thoughts and opinions based on four questions. The results of the inquiry were very similar to the staff satisfaction survey that was returned from 35 staff at the beginning of March. The staff were extremely happy to have had the opportunity to have their voice heard at the Appreciative Inquiry as well as being able to share a little more extensively through the electronic staff survey. We surpassed our own work plan expectations and we look forward to furthering our commitment of quality and excellence which is imperative to ensuring the Ideal Individual Experience. 16

JOB SATISFACTION 100% (EXCELLENT + GOOD) EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY 43% 23% 17% 34% UNSATISFACTORY Agency effectiveness in meeting client needs. POOR 54% 57% 60% 69% (EXCELLENT + GOOD) 89% (EXCELLENT + GOOD) My job provides me with a personal sense of accomplishment The level of support I received from my supervisor Effectiveness of client services Agency Teamwork Workplace Safety There is an air of genuine care and positivity that is very special which emanates from everyone here at AMHS. I feel privileged and happy to be a part of this team. I enjoy coming to work everyday and AMHS-HPE is an excellent place to be employed! 17