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Revenge comes in many forms:<br />

sex, drugs, porn and murder…


Written by<br />

Brett Butler<br />

A Screenplay

Table of Contents: <br />

Introduction: <br />

I came up with the idea for this story, one day at the coffee house (Java Boys) in Wilton <br />

Manors. I was watching and hearing young gay men talk about their hookups and making <br />

fun of others that do not fit into their perfect world. So, from this conversation, “Valley <br />

of the Barbies” was born. I made the guys I saw “The Barbies” and the rest of us, who do <br />

not fit in, the “Donalds” of the world. <br />

Synopsis: <br />

When a bitter, overweight gay man has a prank played on him by a group of men, known <br />

as the Barbies, he must overcome the all too perfect, conceited men, in order to get <br />

revenge, by losing weight, changing his identity to infiltrate the Barbies, and play his <br />

own pranks on each one of them. <br />

Act 1: <br />

Donald is the protagonist. He is overweight and does not fit into the perfect guy world of <br />

Wilton Manors. Donald has to pay for sex from a Barbie, Johnny, the town hustler. One <br />

night, Donald meets Blaze, the leader of the Barbies, who takes Donald home and has sex <br />

with him. Blaze makes a sex tape of this and posts it for everyone in town to see. This <br />

tape ruins Donald’s life and everyone now recognizes him, but for the wrong reason. <br />

Donald’s best friend commits suicide over a prank the Barbies play on him. Donald <br />

wants revenge and his nude housekeeper, Juan Pablo, offers him the help he needs to get <br />

it. <br />

Act 2: <br />

Donny must keep the Barbies from finding out his true identity, so he can get his revenge. <br />

Donny needs to keep Johnny quiet, before he tells the Barbies that he is really Donald. <br />

Donny must date a Barbie, in order to get into the Barbies. <br />

Donny is forced to perform a sex act, as the initiation into the Barbies. <br />

Act 3: <br />

Donny is being blackmailed by Jammer, one of the Barbies, and is forced to go to Casio, <br />

the leader of the rival gang the Bronies, for help. As more Barbies seem to be dying off, <br />

Donny is close to bringing down the remaining members. <br />

Donny exposes Blaze’s real age in public and causes the Barbies to fold. Casio confesses <br />

to killing the Barbies, as his way of helping Donny. Donny and Jesus, the detective, seem <br />

to be drawn to each other. As everything is falling apart, will these two walk off into the <br />

sunset together? Will Blaze and Johnny seek out revenge on Donny for what he has done <br />

to them? <br />

Favorite scene: <br />

Audiences will laugh when an 80 year old man, BJ Cobbledick, walks into Donald’s <br />

workplace to pick up his medication.” Mr. Cobbledick mistakes Donald’s woman boss, <br />

Stevie, as a man, by telling her she needs a shave. Then as Mr. Cobbledick looks at <br />

Donald, he recognizes him from his sex tape and calls him out on it, by offering some <br />

sage advice, “Leave the porn to the muscle boys.” Mr. Cobbledick makes another <br />

appearance at the very end of the script, offering similar sage advice.

FADE IN:<br />


DONALD (25), overweight, with thinning hair and bad skin,<br />

walks out of the ocean with seaweed stuck in his chest hair.<br />

DONALD (V.O.)<br />

I hate beautiful people. Beautiful<br />

people go into the ocean and come<br />

out with water glistening on their<br />

perfect bodies.<br />


Donald stands as a bus passes and his hat flies off. Donald<br />

chases it.<br />

DONALD (V.O.)<br />

When beautiful people wear a hat,<br />

it never falls off.<br />


The sign of the bar blinks with a giant, neon penis that goes<br />

from erect to flaccid. Donald stands under the sign as<br />

muscular, shirtless men walk by.<br />

DONALD (V.O.)<br />

I need to take one of the beautiful<br />

people home with me now.<br />


Donald sits on the side of the bed. Donald bends over and<br />

puts on his shorts.<br />

JOHNNY (21), hairless, muscular, with a large, cross tatoo on<br />

his back, stands. He pulls up his blue jeans and puts on his<br />

red, cut off tee-shirt that has “HOT” printed on it.<br />

DONALD<br />

You can take a shower if you want.<br />

Donald points to the bathroom.<br />

Johnny rolls his eyes, turns, looks into the mirror, and runs<br />

his hands through his hair.

2.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

My next trick is into sweat.<br />

Johnny lifts his right arm and smells his underarm.<br />

DONALD<br />

There’s something for everyone.<br />

Donald stands, opens his nightstand drawer, and takes out a<br />

hundred dollars. Johnny turns.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

You know I charge extra for<br />

chubbers.<br />

Johnny rubs his hand on Donald’s belly.<br />

Donald opens the drawer and takes out a fifty-dollar bill.<br />

Johnny takes it, and sticks it into his pocket.<br />


Come see me perform tonight.<br />

Johnny grinds his hips.<br />

DONALD<br />

Why do you hustle if you’re such a<br />

hot stripper?<br />

JOHNNY<br />

A boy has needs, fat boy.<br />

Donald looks at himself in the mirror as Johnny exits.<br />

DONALD<br />

I would sell my soul to the devil<br />

to be you for just one night.<br />


SNODGRASS (24), short, overweight, with asthma, wears a<br />

yellow, My Little Pony tee-shirt and blue jeans with green<br />

shoes. He takes out an inhaler and takes three PUFFS.<br />


Where the hell were you?<br />

Donald enters the line to get into the bar in brown pants and<br />

a white, button down shirt.<br />

DONALD<br />

Are you under the impression that<br />

just because you have no life...?

3.<br />


Not Johnny again? That bitch gave<br />

me genital herpes, and told<br />

everybody it was my fault.<br />

DONALD<br />

I have needs, and you got herpes<br />

from that Bronie, Mason.<br />

Snodgrass takes Donald’s hand and pulls him towards the<br />

entrance.<br />


Isn’t this a Brony bar?<br />


It’s open to everyone.<br />

DONALD<br />

You know they are a cult.<br />


Donald stands against the wall and Snodgrass stands next to<br />

him. My Little Pony videos play on the TV screens.<br />

HECTOR (23), a Cuban man, has short, black hair and a diamond<br />

earring in each ear. He has on long, black, gym shorts and a<br />

black, low cut, tank top. He walks over to Donald.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, what did you do, eat your twin<br />

to get that fat?<br />

Donald’s face turns red.<br />


Get out of here, you Barbie. Only<br />

Bronies are allowed at this bar.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Do you want to take this outside,<br />

little bro?<br />

CASIO (23) a tall, muscular, Spanish man has no shirt on,<br />

which reveals a My Little Pony tattoo on his chest. He wears<br />

leather pants and has a blond Mohawk.<br />

Casio walks over to Hector and runs his hand down the front<br />

of Hector’s chest.<br />

CASIO<br />

Your kind is not welcome here.

4.<br />

HECTOR<br />

What are you going to do about it,<br />

bro?<br />

Casio slides his hand down and grabs Hector’s groin. Hector’s<br />

eyes water.<br />

CASIO<br />

I will rip your baloney pony off of<br />

your body.<br />

Casio releases Hector’s groin. Hector turns to Snodgrass.<br />

Hector walks away.<br />

HECTOR<br />

I’ll get with you another time,<br />

little bro.<br />

Casio walks over to Donald.<br />

CASIO<br />

Do you want to ride the pony?<br />

Donald reaches out to touch Casio’s chest, but pulls his hand<br />

back.<br />

DONALD<br />

No! I can’t join a cult!<br />

Donald runs out of the bar.<br />

Snodgrass walks over to Casio.<br />


I will take a pony ride.<br />


Donald runs into the street and bumps into JAMMER (30), a<br />

muscular, hairy man, with a tattoo of a bull on his right<br />

shoulder. He wears all black leather with a black whip.<br />

Donald falls to the ground.<br />

Jammer’s black boot rests on Donald’s cheek.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Lick my boot, slave.<br />

DONALD<br />

Excuse me?<br />

Jammer whips Donald’s ass.

5.<br />

JAMMER<br />

I said lick my boot, slave.<br />

DONALD<br />

This is not my scene, dude.<br />

Jammer presses his boot down on Donald’s cheek and whips his<br />

ass again.<br />


OUCH!!! That hurts.<br />

JAMMER<br />

It’s supposed to hurt, porky.<br />

JESUS (29), a dark-skinned, muscular, Puerto Rican man, wears<br />

a blue suit. He has thick, black hair and a hairy chest with<br />

a gold badge around his neck.<br />

Jesus walks over to both men. He shows his badge to Jammer.<br />

JESUS<br />

Take it off the street, boys.<br />

Jammer steps back. Donald stands up with his shirt covered in<br />

dirt.<br />

DONALD<br />

Thank God you saved me from this<br />

crazy man.<br />

Jammer looks at Donald as he folds up his whip.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Crazy? A lard ass like you should<br />

be thanking the gay gods, a Barbie<br />

like me would take pity on you.<br />

Jesus steps in between the two men.<br />

JESUS<br />

Move it along.<br />

DONALD<br />

I need a drink.<br />

Donald walks down Wilton Drive, turns, takes a quick look at<br />

Jesus, and goes into another bar.<br />


Donald sits on a small barstool next to JUAN PABLO (39), a<br />

lean, muscular, hairless, dark skinned Brazilian man.

6.<br />

DONALD<br />

What does a guy have to do to get a<br />

drink around here?<br />


Be a Barbie.<br />

Donald looks across the bar and sees BLAZE (28), tall, lean,<br />

muscular, tan, with skinny jeans and a black, Hugo Boss shirt<br />

unbuttoned down to his navel. He has thick, blond hair.<br />

Johnny and Hector stand next to him.<br />

All the bartenders surround them.<br />

DONALD<br />

What about us?<br />


We’re just Midges. You know,<br />

Barbie’s ugly friend.<br />

Juan Pablo takes his tee-shirt off.<br />

DONALD<br />

I know they rule this town, and<br />

every guy in this place wants to be<br />

them.<br />


Not me, papi, they are all mean<br />

bitches.<br />

Donald gets off his bar stool. Juan Pablo turns to him.<br />


What are you doing?<br />

DONALD<br />

Don’t worry, you will see.<br />

Donald squeezes his way through the crowd and walks across<br />

the bar to the Barbies.<br />


Excuse me! I want to get a drink.<br />

Blaze turns to Donald.<br />

Johnny laughs.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You want a drink, sweetie? Let me<br />

buy it for you.

7.<br />

Donald turns red.<br />

DONALD<br />

No, I can get it myself.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Sweetie, please let me.<br />

SIMON (27), tall, lean, black hair, wears white glasses with<br />

a tight, yellow shirt and tight, white pants.<br />

SIMON<br />

Blaze, really, this again?<br />

Blaze looks at Simon. He waves his hand in the air.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I want to have some fun tonight.<br />

Whatever.<br />

SIMON<br />

BEAR (35), an overweight, hairy man with a long, thick beard<br />

wears overalls and walks over to Donald. Bear scratches his<br />

ass.<br />

BEAR<br />

My Cubs and I might want to join<br />

you.<br />

Blaze ignores Bear. Blaze strokes Donald’s cheeks and turns<br />

to the bartender.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Jordan, Sex on the Beach.<br />

JORDAN (21), shirtless, muscular, wears neon green, tight<br />

shorts. He nods his head, makes the drink, and hands it to<br />

Donald.<br />

DONALD<br />

Aren’t you going to pay for it?<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, sweetie. I never pay for<br />

drinks.<br />

DONALD<br />

Am I dreaming?<br />

Blaze takes Donald’s hand.

8.<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, sweetie. Tonight all your<br />

dreams will come true.<br />

Donald looks at Blaze and reaches out to touch Blaze’s tan<br />

chest. Blaze grabs Donald’s hand.<br />

BLAZE (CONT’D)<br />

You want to touch this? Let’s go<br />

back to my place and play then.<br />

Really?<br />

DONALD<br />

Blaze puts his arm around Donald.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Sweetie, this is your lucky night.<br />

I’ve been looking for someone like<br />

you all night long.<br />


In the middle of the room stands a large, gold, four post<br />

bed. Blaze comes from the bathroom in a black satin robe.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Get undressed, sweetie.<br />

DONALD<br />

With the lights on?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t be shy. I like big boys.<br />

Blaze reaches over to the nightstand, grabs a paper, picks up<br />

a pen, and hands it to Donald.<br />

DONALD<br />

What’s this?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Before we can do the deed, you need<br />

to sign this nondisclosure<br />

agreement. You know that I am very<br />

well known.<br />

DONALD<br />

Why, since we are just hooking up?

9.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Sweetie, people would kill to get<br />

into this room. I’m a very private<br />

person.<br />

Donald grabs the paper and signs it. He hands it to Blaze who<br />

places it on the nightstand.<br />

Blaze unbuttons Donald’s shirt. He then undoes Donald’s<br />

pants. Blaze takes off his robe to reveal his nude, hairless,<br />

muscular body. Donald drops to his knees.<br />


Johnny looks through the one-way mirror and takes out a video<br />

camera.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

I just had sex with that fatty.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, what a loser he is. I would<br />

never do a fat guy.<br />

SIMON<br />

I am getting bored with this.<br />


Donald stands at the counter, wears a blue robe, and drinks<br />

from a Mickey Mouse, coffee cup. He hears the front door lock<br />

CLICK and steps out of the kitchen.<br />


Juan Pablo enters, opens the closet door, and takes off his<br />

clothes. He takes out a feather duster, walks across the<br />

room, and dusts the bookshelves.<br />

DONALD<br />

Nice of you to show up. You’re<br />

late.<br />

Juan Pablo puts his hands on his hips.<br />


See this body, papi; many men want<br />

me to clean their house.<br />

Donald takes a sip of his coffee. He hears the doorbell RING<br />

and glares at Juan Pablo.

10.<br />

DONALD<br />

Aren’t you going to answer it?<br />


I am just the housekeeper, not the<br />

maid. Doors are extra, papi.<br />

Donald walks over to the door and opens it. Snodgrass enters,<br />

all out of breath. He takes out his inhaler and takes two<br />

PUFFS. He wears a green, My Little Pony, tee-shirt.<br />


Tell me that you did not have sex<br />

with Blaze last night.<br />

Donald leans against the wall.<br />

DONALD<br />

Yes I did and I didn’t even have to<br />

pay for it.<br />

Juan Pablo listens to the conversation as he dusts off the<br />

flat screen television.<br />


Those guys are evil. Remember what<br />

Hector wanted to do to me if he had<br />

taken me outside last night?<br />

DONALD<br />

Come on, I had a great time, and by<br />

the way he’s better than Johnny.<br />

Juan Pablo walks over to both of them.<br />


He’s right. If Mr. Blaze had sex<br />

with you, then it cannot be good.<br />

Juan Pablo points his finger at Donald’s head and then points<br />

downwards to Donald’s body.<br />

DONALD<br />

Hey, what do you guys mean?<br />

Snodgrass takes his cell phone out of his front pants pocket.<br />


See, they took a video and posted<br />

it for everyone to see.<br />

DONALD<br />

Oh my God! I am so fat in that.<br />

Where does my ass begin and end?

11.<br />


Donald opens his refrigerator, pulls out a cake, grabs a fork<br />

from the drawer, and eats it.<br />


That won’t help.<br />

DONALD<br />

Come to daddy.<br />

Donald takes a bite of cake.<br />


I am so fat in that video. I look<br />

like a hairy, beached whale.<br />


Put it down.<br />

DONALD<br />

This makes me feel good.<br />

Donald points to Snodgrass’s tee shirt.<br />


Did you ride that hot guy’s pony?<br />


No, I didn’t. I walked home after<br />

you left.<br />

DONALD<br />

You know, if you do it with any of<br />

them, you become part of their<br />

cult.<br />

Snodgrass nods his head.<br />


What’s with you and cults?<br />

Donald puts the cake down and walks out of the room with<br />

Snodgrass.<br />


Donald looks at the clock on the wall.<br />

DONALD<br />

Balls! I’m late for work.

12.<br />


You need to pay me. Go to work.<br />


You can deal with the video later.<br />

Donald walks towards the bedroom door.<br />

DONALD<br />

I’m not worried. Who wants to watch<br />

this fat guy have sex anyway?<br />


Amen to that!<br />


Donald stands at the counter. MR. COBBLEDICK (80), comes up<br />

to the counter.<br />

DONALD<br />

Are you here for a pick up?<br />

Mr. Cobbledick adjusts his glasses.<br />


Yes, it’s under B.J. Cobbledick.<br />

DONALD<br />

Did you say B.J?<br />


Yes, is there a problem? How many<br />

B.J. Cobbledick’s can there be in<br />

Wilton Manors?<br />

Donald turns around, goes through a white box, and pulls out<br />

a small, white bag. Donald hands it to Mr. Cobbledick.<br />

DONALD<br />

Do you have any questions?<br />

Mr. Cobbledick looks at the bag and looks at Donald.<br />


Yeah, I have a question? Aren’t you<br />

that fat guy in the video.<br />

Donald’s face turns red. Sweat from his forehead pours down<br />

his face. STEVIE (32), comes out from her office. She has<br />

short, black hair and a thin mustache. She wears green scrubs<br />

and a long, white lab coat.

13.<br />

Mr. Cobbledick adjusts his glasses. He looks at Stevie’s<br />

mustache.<br />


You need a shave, man.<br />

STEVIE<br />

Excuse me! I’m a woman, sir.<br />


Women, men, you can’t tell the<br />

difference now a days, unless they<br />

are naked. A dick is always a dick.<br />

Stevie puts her hand on Donald’s shoulder.<br />

STEVIE<br />

Finish up with this customer and<br />

come back to my office.<br />

Stevie walks away. Donald rings up Mr. Cobbledick.<br />

DONALD<br />

That will be eight dollars.<br />

Mr. Cobbledick reaches into his pocket and counts out the<br />

money. He hands it to Donald.<br />


Stick to your day job, kid. Leave<br />

the porn to the muscle boys.<br />

Mr. Cobbledick laughs and leaves. Donald runs his hands<br />

through his hair.<br />


Donald walks in and sits in a small chair. Stevie looks at<br />

her computer screen. She laughs, but hides it from Donald.<br />

STEVIE<br />

What’s this?<br />

Stevie turns the computer screen around. It plays the video<br />

of him and Blaze’s sex act, with Blaze’s face a blur.<br />

DONALD<br />

Some guy I hooked up with posted<br />


14.<br />

STEVIE<br />

It’s against company policy to have<br />

something so disgusting posted for<br />

the public to see.<br />

Donald looks at the video play. He sees his fat jiggle in the<br />

video.<br />

DONALD<br />

I will get him to take it down.<br />

Stevie looks at the video. She laughs as Donald’s belly<br />

wiggles in the video. She composes herself and turns the<br />

computer monitor back towards her.<br />

STEVIE<br />

I am sorry, I have to let you go.<br />

DONALD<br />

Please, I will get it removed<br />

today. Just don’t fire me.<br />

Donald puts his hands on Stevie’s desk.<br />

STEVIE<br />

It’s too late. Punch out. I will<br />

pay you for today.<br />

Donald stands as tears fall from his eyes.<br />

DONALD<br />

You know what? That customer was<br />

right. You do need a shave.<br />

Stevie puts her hand on her mustache.<br />

Get Out!<br />

STEVIE<br />

Donald walks out with his head held down.<br />


Donald sits at the bar with a small box of his work items<br />

next to him. Donald picks up a glass and takes a drink.<br />

RICKEY (21), blond hair, blue eyes, wears tight, white shorts<br />

and a tight, blue, sleeveless shirt that has LIFEGUARD<br />

written across it. Rickey sits next to Donald.<br />

RICKEY<br />

You look like your life is over.

15.<br />

Donald puts his drink down. He looks at Rickey and smiles.<br />

DONALD<br />

It is. I did something stupid.<br />

Rickey leans forward, across the bar, and grabs a remote<br />

control.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Something stupid like make a porn<br />

video?<br />

Rickey points the remote control at the video screen.<br />

Donald’s sex video with Blaze plays on all the video screens<br />

in the bar.<br />

DONALD<br />

Make it stop! Why are you so cruel?<br />

Donald grabs Rickey’s forearm.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Let go, fat boy. I’m a Barbie.<br />

Donald lets Rickey’s forearm go. Donald gets up. All the men<br />

in the bar laugh. Donald takes his box and runs out of the<br />

bar.<br />


That’s right, run home and cry,<br />

fatso.<br />


Donald runs down Wilton Drive. Everyone on the drive points<br />

and laughs at him. Cars honk their horns at him.<br />


Donald hears a KNOCK at his door. He wears a blue bathrobe<br />

and opens the door. ERIC (25), with red hair wears a<br />

sleeveless shirt and gym shorts. Eric walks in and Donald<br />

closes the door.<br />

ERIC<br />

You called for a massage?<br />

Eric winks his eye at Donald.<br />

DONALD<br />

Yeah, the bedroom is through there.

16.<br />

Eric walks up to Donald. He studies his face.<br />

ERIC<br />

You’re the fat guy in that porn<br />

video.<br />

DONALD<br />

No, no, not me. I don’t do porn.<br />

Eric runs his hand against Donald’s cheek.<br />

ERIC<br />

No, you’re him. God, you look even<br />

fatter in person.<br />

Donald pushes Eric away.<br />

DONALD<br />

Get out! This isn’t going to<br />

happen. Go please!<br />

Eric walks towards the door.<br />

ERIC<br />

You still need to pay me.<br />

Donald reaches into his robe pocket and pulls out money and<br />

throws it at Eric. Eric bends down and picks up the money.<br />

DONALD<br />

Go already!<br />


Blaze stands with a white towel around his waist. He has four<br />

gold chains around his neck. Donald walks in.<br />

BLAZE<br />

No humongo’s allowed. This party is<br />

by invitation only.<br />

DONALD<br />

You don’t remember me?<br />

Blaze looks at Donald.<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, I think I’d remember a Tuba<br />

Luba like you.<br />

DONALD<br />

We had sex, and you posted a video<br />

of it online. I’m Donald.

17.<br />

A group of muscular men walk in. All of them have white<br />

towels around their waist and push Donald over to the side.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Oh, that video, sweetie.<br />

DONALD<br />

Yes, that video ruined my life.<br />

Blaze looks toward the living room at all the men. Blaze<br />

licks his lips.<br />

Blaze laughs.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You know that little video is so<br />

popular. I could do another one,<br />

pay some twink to co-star, and I<br />

can make you a plus-sized star.<br />

DONALD<br />

I don’t want to be a porn star. I<br />

want my life back. Take the video<br />

down.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Can’t do that, sweetie. It has too<br />

many followers. It’s good for my<br />

business. You understand. Now get<br />

out!<br />

Donald raises his arm. Blaze pushes Donald out to the front<br />

of his house, and SLAMS the door shut.<br />


DONALD<br />

I am going to sue you for this!<br />

Blaze’s front door swings open.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You can’t, sweetie. You signed a<br />

waiver.<br />

Blaze SLAMS the door shut. THUNDER sounds in the background.<br />

Balls!<br />


18.<br />


Donald sits and waits. Jesus walks in holding a file marked<br />

Snodgrass. He puts the file on his desk and sits behind the<br />

desk.<br />

JESUS<br />

How can I help you?<br />

Donald wipes the sweat from his forehead.<br />

DONALD<br />

There’s this video that I need<br />

taken down.<br />

Jesus leans back in his chair. He takes a deep breath.<br />

JESUS<br />

What type of video?<br />

Donald looks at the floor.<br />

DONALD<br />

A sex one.<br />

Jesus stands up and walks over to Donald.<br />

JESUS<br />

You made a sex video and someone<br />

stole it from you?<br />

DONALD<br />

No, it wasn’t stolen. This group of<br />

men, known as the Barbies, tricked<br />

me by video taping me having sex.<br />

They posted it for everyone to see.<br />

Jesus sits on the edge of his desk.<br />

JESUS<br />

The Barbies again?<br />

Donald looks at Jesus.<br />

DONALD<br />

Again? Has this happened before?<br />

Jesus runs his hand through his thick, black hair.<br />

JESUS<br />

I just got done with another guy,<br />

before you came. The Barbies seem<br />

to prey on guys like you.

19.<br />

DONALD<br />

You mean losers?<br />

Jesus stands and walks back to his chair and sits.<br />

Jesus smiles.<br />

JESUS<br />

No, not losers, just guys with low<br />

self esteem.<br />

DONALD<br />

You have to be able to stop them. I<br />

need that video taken down.<br />

JESUS<br />

Did you sign anything before you<br />

had sex?<br />

Donald looks at the floor.<br />

DONALD<br />

Yes I did, but...<br />

JESUS<br />

Did you read it first, or even stop<br />

to think that it was a little weird<br />

to be asked to sign a contract<br />

before having sex with someone?<br />

Donald looks at Jesus. He wipes sweat from his face.<br />

DONALD<br />

No, I didn’t. I was horny and just<br />

wanted to do it. There has to be<br />

something you can do. They can’t<br />

keep ruining people’s lives.<br />

JESUS<br />

Look, I’ve been investigating the<br />

Barbies. They do these videos by<br />

the book. Did they force you to<br />

sign it?<br />

DONALD<br />

No, no, I did it willingly.<br />

JESUS<br />

Then there is nothing I can do.<br />

Take this as a lesson learned.<br />

Donald stands, turns, and heads to the office door.

20.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

I have some words of advice for<br />

you.<br />

Donald stops, turns, and looks at Jesus.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

Stop hooking up with these pretty<br />

boys. Find a nice guy who will make<br />

you happy and settle down.<br />

DONALD<br />

In this town? Nice guys are few and<br />

far between.<br />

Donald turns and leaves. Jesus leans back in his chair.<br />


Donald walks in. Juan Pablo sits on the sofa and sobs. His<br />

feather duster is on the floor next to his foot. Donald goes<br />

over to him.<br />

DONALD<br />

Did someone die on your telenovela?<br />

Juan Pablo looks up at Donald.<br />


Mr. Snodgrass is dead.<br />

Donald sits next to Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

What? How?<br />


The Barbies made a video of him,<br />

just like yours.<br />

Donald puts his arm around Juan Pablo.<br />


Don’t touch me, papi. I will have<br />

to charge you extra for that.<br />

Donald walks over to the computer. He looks at the video on<br />

Blaze’s website. The video shows Snodgrass have sex with a<br />

Barbie, who wears a Bronie tee-shirt as a disguise.<br />

Donald looks over at Juan Pablo.

21.<br />

DONALD<br />

Why would he kill himself? It’s<br />

just a video like mine.<br />

Juan Pablo stands and puts his hands on his hips.<br />


Because the Bronies threw him out<br />

of their cult for having sex with a<br />

Barbie.<br />

DONALD<br />

He told me that he wasn’t part of<br />

that cult.<br />


He was always at the Dirty Pony bar<br />

with those whore Bronies.<br />

Donald walks over to Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

I’m his best friend. He could have<br />

come to me.<br />


Mr. Snodgrass had many secrets. He<br />

suffered from depression and this<br />

video pushed him over the edge.<br />

Juan Pablo walks back to the sofa and sits. He picks up his<br />

feather duster.<br />


I cannot believe this has happened<br />

again.<br />

DONALD<br />

What do you mean again?<br />

Juan Pablo taps his right foot.<br />


The Barbies are responsible for the<br />

death of my Fairy Drag Mother,<br />

Norma Thrills.<br />

Donald walks over to the couch and sits next to Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

Fairy what?

22.<br />


They made a video called Norma,<br />

She’s No Thrill. It ruined her<br />

career as a drag queen.<br />

Donald stands up and walks over to his large picture window.<br />

DONALD<br />

Those bitches have to pay for what<br />

they’ve done.<br />

Juan Pablo walks over to Donald.<br />

Donald turns.<br />


I agree, papi. You must get revenge<br />

on them.<br />

DONALD<br />

But how? Look at me. I am a fat<br />

loser. How can I take down the<br />

Barbies?<br />

Juan Pablo runs back to the closet, reaches into his shorts,<br />

pulls out a white card, and turns to Donald.<br />


You become one of them, papi.<br />

DONALD<br />

What? Do you or I have a magic wand<br />

that will make me thin and hot?<br />

Donald falls onto the sofa and runs both hands through his<br />

thinning hair.<br />


How could I be so stupid and sign<br />

that contract?<br />


No, papi, don't let them win. Mr.<br />

Snodgrass and Norma took the easy<br />

way out.<br />

Donald looks at Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

If I looked like you, I could fight<br />

back.<br />

Juan Pablo puts his arm around Donald.

23.<br />


You’re not charging extra are you?<br />


No, papi, but I can help you become<br />

thin, lean, and muscular.<br />

Donald starts to sob.<br />

DONALD<br />

I’ve tried everything to lose<br />

weight, from Weight Watchers to<br />

Jenny Craig, but nothing works.<br />


No, papi. I know a place that you<br />

can go to lose the weight and they<br />

have a support group that motivates<br />

you to get into shape.<br />

Donald stands and walks across the room.<br />

DONALD<br />

Like a fat camp?<br />

Juan Pablo stands and puts the card on the coffee table.<br />


This place works. Even J-Lo lost<br />

her baby fat there.<br />

DONALD<br />

Really, it’s that good? So if it<br />

works, then what?<br />

Juan Pablo walks over to Donald and puts his hands on his<br />

shoulders.<br />


I suggest plastic surgery, this way<br />

they won’t recognize you. Then, you<br />

make those bitches pay for what<br />

they did to you and Mr. Snodgrass.<br />

DONALD<br />

I can change who I am and become<br />

someone new?<br />

Juan Pablo walks back across the room and picks up his<br />

feather duster.

24.<br />


You would not be the first, papi.<br />

Do you really think I was born a<br />

nude housekeeper?<br />

Donald walks back to his picture window and looks out on the<br />

Drive.<br />

DONALD<br />

I can transform myself and join the<br />

Barbies, so I can get my revenge on<br />

each one of them. That just might<br />

work, but how do I join them.<br />

Juan Pablo starts to dust the coffee table.<br />

Donald turns.<br />


The only way in is to date one of<br />

them.<br />

DONALD<br />

I can become one of them and rid<br />

this town of those dolls.<br />


Papi, let’s not get crazy.<br />

Donald walks over to the coffee table and picks up the card.<br />

DONALD<br />

I will do it for losers like me and<br />

for Snodgrass.<br />


Don’t worry, papi. Your secret will<br />

be safe with me.<br />

Donald walks over and hugs Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

You’re more than just my<br />

housekeeper. You’re my Fairy<br />

Godmother.<br />


I would cry, but I just had Botox,<br />

and my tear ducts don’t work.<br />

Donald walks to his pink phone.

25.<br />


The chapel has large, stained glass windows with scenes from<br />

the Bible, all with My Little Pony in them.<br />

Donald stands in the back in a black suit. He walks down the<br />

aisle to Snodgrass’s coffin. He kneels down in front of it.<br />

DONALD<br />

I promise you buddy; I will make<br />

them pay for what they have done to<br />

you.<br />

Donald stands and walks back up the aisle. He bumps into<br />

Jesus.<br />

JESUS<br />

You’re paying your respects?<br />

DONALD<br />

You could have stopped this.<br />

JESUS<br />

I told you that I cannot do<br />

anything if unsuspecting persons,<br />

such as yourself, or even this guy,<br />

sign a contract with them.<br />

Jesus kisses his gold cross.<br />

DONALD<br />

How many more will die in the hands<br />

of those Barbies?<br />

JESUS<br />

We don’t know if the video was the<br />

reason he killed himself.<br />

Donald wipes the sweat from his forehead.<br />

DONALD<br />

Wake up! There’s no other reason.<br />

This guy was my best friend.<br />

Jesus folds his arms.<br />

JESUS<br />

Well, did you know that his<br />

boyfriend over there dumped him the<br />

day before his death?<br />

Donald turns and sees Casio.

26.<br />

DONALD<br />

No, you’re wrong. They were not<br />

dating.<br />

Jesus’ cell phone RINGS. Jesus looks at the screen.<br />

JESUS<br />

I’ve got to take this. Stop by my<br />

office and we can talk about it<br />

further.<br />

Jesus walks outside. Donald goes over to Casio.<br />

DONALD<br />

Were you dating Snodgrass?<br />

CASIO<br />

Yes, my big boy from the other<br />

night, he was one of my ponies.<br />

Casio gets close to Donald. He strokes Donald’s cheek.<br />

CASIO (CONT’D)<br />

Do you want to take his place? My<br />

offer still stands.<br />

Juan Pablo comes over and pulls Donald away. Donald looks at<br />

Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

I’ve never seen you in dress<br />

clothes before.<br />

Juan Pablo walks Donald up the aisle.<br />


Yes I know, but you don’t have much<br />

more time for this. You’ve got a<br />

plane to catch.<br />

Casio steps in the aisle.<br />

CASIO<br />

There’s always room in my stable<br />

for a big boy like you.<br />

Donald turns and looks at Casio as Juan Pablo pulls him<br />

outside.<br />


Donald turns and looks at the chapel.

27.<br />

DONALD<br />

I hate cults.<br />

A bird flies by and shits on Donald’s suit jacket. Donald<br />

looks at his suit jacket.<br />

Balls!<br />


Juan Pablo takes out a handkerchief and wipes Donald’s suit<br />

jacket.<br />


I never get a day off. I always<br />

have to clean something.<br />

Donald looks at Juan Pablo.<br />

DONALD<br />

Maybe he killed himself over his<br />

breakup with Casio?<br />

Juan Pablo stops wiping Donald’s suit jacket.<br />


No, papi, Hector set this whole<br />

thing up for revenge from the other<br />

night, when you were both in the<br />

bar.<br />

DONALD<br />

How do you know that?<br />


I hear a lot of things when I<br />

clean.<br />

A cab pulls up. Donald and Juan Pablo walk over to it and get<br />

inside.<br />



Donald lies in bed with his face in bandages. He has no shirt<br />

on and PETER (22), a young, thin man with brown hair in<br />

tight, blue scrubs gives him a sponge bath.<br />

Dr. HOLLIS (55), tall, stocky, with grayish, black hair<br />

enters the room. He waves at Peter to leave the room.

28.<br />

DR. HOLLIS<br />

Well Donald, today we will remove<br />

the bandages. Your six-pack and<br />

buttock implants look good too.<br />

Dr. Hollis removes Donald’s bandages. Dr. Hollis gives Donald<br />

a mirror.<br />


How do you like the new you?<br />

Donald looks at his new face and his hair, which is now thick<br />

and blond. Donald rubs his hands against his new face.<br />

DONALD<br />

I can’t believe it. I look like a<br />

new person.<br />

DR. HOLLIS<br />

Well Donald, isn’t that what you<br />

wanted? You worked so hard to lose<br />

all that weight and now you have a<br />

new face and a full head of hair.<br />

DONALD<br />

I wouldn’t be here without the<br />

support of the guys from the fat<br />

camp. I had such a tough time and<br />

they helped me stay motivated.<br />

DR. HOLLIS<br />

Remember, beauty is only skin deep,<br />

Donald.<br />

Donald takes Dr. Hollis’ hand.<br />

DONALD<br />

Please call me Donny. That’s who I<br />

am now.<br />

Donny gets out of his bed, walks over to the sink, and looks<br />

into the mirror.<br />

I’m hot!<br />

DONNY<br />

Peter enters the room.<br />

Donny looks at him.<br />

PETER<br />

I am here to finish your bath.

29.<br />

Sure.<br />

DONNY<br />

Donny gets back into the bed. Peter unties Donny’s hospital<br />

gown exposing his muscular body. Peter picks up the sponge<br />

and goes down Donny’s chest and lingers at his groin.<br />


Donny leaves the hospital in skinny jeans and a tight, white<br />

tee-shirt. He turns to Peter, kisses him on the lips, and<br />

then enters the taxicab.<br />

Dr. Hollis comes out and waves goodbye as the taxicab drives<br />

away.<br />


Juan Pablo enters the apartment and takes off his clothes. He<br />

reaches into the closet and pulls out a feather duster. He<br />

dusts the tops of all the bookcases.<br />

Donny enters the room with a white towel around his waist.<br />


Who are you?<br />

DONNY<br />

It’s me, Donald.<br />


Papi, I thought you were dead.<br />

Thank goodness you’ve come back.<br />

The cookie jar you left with my pay<br />

was almost empty.<br />

Donald walks into the middle of the living room, and he<br />

twirls around.<br />

DONNY<br />

In a way, I did die. Donald is<br />

dead. All hail Donny!<br />


Papi, I will get on my knees for<br />

that.<br />

DONNY<br />

No need for that right now. I need<br />

to start my plan.

30.<br />


How can I help?<br />

Donny walks across the room.<br />

DONNY<br />

Are the Barbies still running this<br />

town?<br />


Yes, they are stronger then ever,<br />

papi.<br />

DONNY<br />

What’s my best way into the group?<br />

Juan Pablo looks at the ceiling, then the floor, and then at<br />

Donny.<br />

Donny laughs.<br />


Dating Mr. Simon is your best way<br />

in. Papi, you look nothing like<br />

your old self. Are you really<br />

Donald?<br />

DONNY<br />

Of course I am Donald. Who else<br />

would I be, you silly maid?<br />

Juan Pablo continues to dust, but glances at Donny as he sits<br />

at the computer.<br />

The doorbell RINGS. Donny looks at Juan Pablo.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Are you going to get that?<br />


I am still just the housekeeper,<br />

papi, not the maid.<br />

Donny gets up, walks over to the door, opens it, and Jesus<br />

comes in. He checks out Donny in his towel.<br />

JESUS<br />

I am looking for Donald. I just got<br />

a tip that he lives here.<br />

Juan Pablo looks at Donny, who turns, and looks at Jesus.

31.<br />

DONNY<br />

Sorry, he does not live here any<br />

more.<br />

JESUS<br />

Do you have a forwarding address or<br />

a way I can contact him?<br />

Donny adjusts his towel.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, but what is this in reference<br />

to?<br />

JESUS<br />

I can only tell you that it is<br />

about a case I’ve been working on.<br />

Juan Pablo walks over to Donny and Jesus.<br />


Is this about Mr. Snodgrass’ death?<br />

JESUS<br />

I can’t talk about it with you two.<br />

Jesus reaches in his pocket, pulls out a card, and hands it<br />

to Donny.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

If you hear from Donald, have him<br />

call me.<br />

Jesus turns and walks out the door.<br />


You should have told him that<br />

you’re Donald to find out more<br />

about his investigation.<br />

Donny grabs Juan Pablo’s arm.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, he cannot know the truth and<br />

nobody can find out my true<br />

identity.<br />

Donny releases Juan Pablo’s arm.<br />


You sure are strong now, papi. I<br />

think you may have bruised me. I<br />

will have to charge you extra for<br />


32.<br />

Donny walks to his bedroom door and leaves the room.<br />


Donny stands up and looks down at Johnny, who lies nude in<br />

bed, with the blanket strewn across the floor. Donny searches<br />

around on the floor and picks up a pair of white briefs.<br />

Get out.<br />

DONNY<br />

Johnny jumps.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

We’re done, trick.<br />

Johnny stands and grabs his red underwear.<br />

I’m not.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

Johnny walks over and hugs Donny. Donny pushes him away.<br />

Johnny stumbles back.<br />

DONNY<br />

Leave! I got off, so now it’s time<br />

for you to go.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

Let’s take a shower together. You’d<br />

be surprised what I can do with a<br />

bar of soap.<br />

Donny picks up Johnny’s shirt and pants, and throws them to<br />

him. Johnny catches his pants, but his shirt falls to the<br />

floor.<br />

DONNY<br />

No shower, just get dressed and<br />

leave, trick.<br />

Johnny slips on his white tee-shirt that has Floppy Cock<br />

written across it.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

What’s your deal? All the guys in<br />

this town want me. Most pay big<br />

money for some of this.<br />

Johnny points to his body.

33.<br />

DONNY<br />

Well I had you and you left a bad<br />

taste in my mouth.<br />

Fuck you!<br />

JOHNNY<br />

DONNY<br />

You don’t live up to your<br />

reputation.<br />

Johnny walks over to Donny and pushes him. Donny spits on<br />

Johnny’s face. Johnny wipes his face with his hand.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

You’re going to wish you never did<br />

that, bitch.<br />

Johnny turns and storms out of the room. Donny takes a deep<br />

breath and runs both hands through his hair.<br />


Donny has blue, latex gloves on both hands and a black bag.<br />

Donny uses the bottle of Visible Detection Paste, and rubs<br />

the gel all over the toilet seat.<br />


Donny puts Floc all over the floor of the stage, and around<br />

Johnny’s stripper pole.<br />


Donny sits at a table and drinks a cup of coffee. Johnny<br />

comes in and sits at his table.<br />

DONNY<br />

What do you want, trick?<br />

Donny picks up his coffee and takes a drink. He puts the<br />

coffee cup down.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

You’re that beached whale who used<br />

to pay me for sex. You’re Donald. I<br />

had sex with him in your apartment.<br />

I thought I had been there before.<br />

Donny raises his eyebrows.

34.<br />

Donny stands.<br />

DONNY<br />

Do I look fat to you? Do I even<br />

look like him?<br />

JOHNNY<br />

I just know you’re him. I can’t<br />

wait to tell everyone that you’re<br />

the lard ass in Blaze’s video.<br />

DONNY<br />

Who’s going to believe a dirty,<br />

little whore like you?<br />

JOHNNY<br />

I am a Barbie.<br />

Johnny stands and pushes Donny. Donny falls back.<br />


Nobody rejects me.<br />

Donny comes forward in front of Johnny.<br />

DONNY<br />

It didn’t feel very good to get<br />

rejected, did it, trick.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

You should talk. You’re still<br />

paying for sex. Can’t you find<br />

someone to have sex with you for<br />

free?<br />

Donny gets in Johnny’s face.<br />

DONNY<br />

Watch it, trick, you’re on thin<br />

ice.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

You should be scared, doughboy. The<br />

Barbies will run you out of this<br />

town.<br />

Donny picks up his cup of coffee and throws it on Johnny’s<br />

chest. Johnny steps back.<br />

Jesus enters.<br />


It’s time for you to get a beat<br />

down, and not the kind you pay for.

35.<br />

JESUS<br />

Is there a problem, boys?<br />

JOHNNY<br />

No, just having coffee with an old<br />

friend.<br />

Jesus looks at the coffee stains on Johnny’s shirt.<br />

JESUS<br />

Looks to me like you’re wearing it.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

I’ve got a show to do.<br />

Johnny turns and walks away. Donny sits back down.<br />

Jesus goes over to Donny’s table.<br />

JESUS<br />

I’d stay away from that one.<br />

Donny looks at Jesus.<br />

DONNY<br />

Why is that?<br />

Jesus sits at the table.<br />

JESUS<br />

Look, I get it that you’re new<br />

here. That guy will bring you<br />

nothing but trouble, or an STD.<br />

Donny plays with his napkin.<br />

Donny stands up.<br />

DONNY<br />

What kind of guy should I go for,<br />

someone like you?<br />

JESUS<br />

Would that be such a bad idea?<br />

However, this is not about me. I am<br />

just trying to steer you in the<br />

right direction.<br />

DONNY<br />

Thanks for your advice. I know what<br />

I have to do now.<br />

Donny walks away. Jesus turns and watches him walk out the<br />


36.<br />


Donny sits on a barstool. Jordan walks over.<br />

Donny smiles.<br />

JORDAN<br />

Hey, you want to hook up later?<br />

DONNY<br />

Maybe, let’s see how the night<br />

goes, hottie.<br />

JORDAN<br />

You on vacation or new to town?<br />

I’ve never seen you around here<br />

before.<br />

DONNY<br />

I little of both, actually.<br />

Jordan makes a drink and puts it in front of Donny.<br />

Jordan smiles.<br />

JORDAN<br />

I can show you around town and<br />

maybe even teach you a thing or two<br />

about the locals.<br />

DONNY<br />

Thanks just the same, but I didn’t<br />

order a drink.<br />

JORDAN<br />

It’s on the house. Think of it as a<br />

welcome gift from me to you.<br />

DONNY<br />

Aren’t you sweet. Thanks a lot.<br />

Donny picks up the drink and spills some of it on his shirt.<br />

Jordan rolls his eyes and walks away.<br />

Donny looks at the stage. A tall, thin, Asian man, FILBERT<br />

(30), comes on stage with torn blue jeans and no shirt on. He<br />

holds a gold microphone.<br />


Please welcome to the stage, our<br />

star attraction, Johnny!<br />

Filbert steps back behind the red curtain as Johnny comes<br />

out. Johnny pulls down his pants and moons the audience.

37.<br />

Donny walks through the crowd that laughs at the outline of a<br />

purple, toilet seat on Johnny’s ass. Johnny looks at his ass,<br />

slips, and falls head first into the stripper pole.<br />


Donny stands in the crowd and watches as the paramedics wheel<br />

Johnny, who is not responsive, into an ambulance and drive<br />

away. Donny bumps into Simon.<br />

DONNY<br />

Sorry, dude.<br />

Simon adjusts his black, horn-rim glasses.<br />

SIMON<br />

I’m not. Bumping into you is the<br />

best thing that’s happened to me<br />

tonight.<br />

Donny runs his hands through his hair.<br />

SIMON (CONT’D)<br />

You want to go to my place for a<br />

drink?<br />

DONNY<br />

I’m not that easy. Maybe for just<br />

one drink.<br />

Simon removes his glasses.<br />

SIMON<br />

Everyone’s easy in this town.<br />

You’re in the Island City. Sexual<br />

desire is pumped into the air here.<br />

Simon takes Donny’s hand.<br />


Donny stands in an all white room with white furniture and<br />

fixtures. Simon walks over and hands him a drink.<br />

DONNY<br />

You like white?<br />

SIMON<br />

It’s minimalist dear. You know,<br />

like art on a blank canvas.

38.<br />

Donny takes a sip of the drink. Simon walks over to the<br />

stereo and puts on some SOFT MUSIC.<br />

Donny puts his drink on the end table. Donny walks over to<br />

the stereo then stands behind Simon.<br />

DONNY<br />

What other music have you got?<br />

Simon turns, and kisses Donny. Donny pulls away.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Hey, I’m not some trick.<br />

SIMON<br />

No, you’re not. If you play your<br />

cards right though, you can become<br />

one of us.<br />

Donny gets close to Simon.<br />

Who’s us?<br />

DONNY<br />

Simon strokes Donny’s cheek.<br />

SIMON<br />

Only the most exclusive group of<br />

men who rule this town.<br />

DONNY<br />

What do I have to do to join?<br />

SIMON<br />

To start with, have sex with me.<br />

Donny grabs Simon. They kiss. Donny pulls off Simon’s shirt.<br />

He sucks Simon’s nipples. Donny gets on his knees and undoes<br />

Simon’s pants.<br />

DONNY<br />

Is this the start of my membership?<br />

SIMON<br />

We’ll see.<br />


Simon shaves at his black marble vanity. Donny showers behind<br />

him in an all-glass shower.

39.<br />

SIMON<br />

I want you to meet the others<br />

today.<br />

Others?<br />

DONNY<br />

Simon shaves the right side of his face.<br />

SIMON<br />

The Barbies, the group I told you<br />

about.<br />

Donny rinses the soap from his body. He puts some shampoo in<br />

the palm of his hands.<br />

DONNY<br />

Sure, but how should I act?<br />

Simon bends over and turns the water on. He washes off the<br />

leftover shaving cream from his face. He stands and looks at<br />

himself in the mirror.<br />

SIMON<br />

Just be yourself.<br />

Donny rinses the shampoo out of his blond hair.<br />

DONNY<br />

Can you come do my back?<br />

Simon turns and drops his towel to the floor. He opens the<br />

glass door to the shower. Donny hands Simon a blue bar of<br />

soap.<br />

Simon scrubs Donny’s back.<br />

SIMON<br />

You didn’t get enough last night?<br />

Donny turns and kisses Simon.<br />


Donny sits at the table. Juan Pablo comes in and carries a<br />

tray of fruits and orange juice. Juan Pablo puts the fruits<br />

and orange juice down in front of Donny.<br />

DONNY<br />

I thought you were only a<br />

housekeeper and did not do this<br />

sort of service?

40.<br />


I am the maid here, papi.<br />

Simon wears a white robe with white slippers. He sits next to<br />

Donny and kisses his cheek. Simon looks at Juan Pablo.<br />

SIMON<br />

That’s all for now. You can clean<br />

up the master bath though. We made<br />

a mess in there.<br />


I bet! Clean this, get that, that’s<br />

all you ever talk about. You never<br />

ask me how I am or anything else.<br />

SIMON<br />

Did you say something, Juan Pablo?<br />


No, Mr. Simon.<br />

Juan Pablo leaves the room. Simon and Donny eat their<br />

breakfast.<br />

Rickey enters. He wears white, cut off jeans and a blue, cut<br />

off shirt.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Did you hear about Johnny’s<br />

condition?<br />

SIMON<br />

How did you get in here?<br />

Donny picks up his orange juice and drinks it.<br />

RICKEY<br />

I used the key you gave me.<br />

SIMON<br />

Leave that key before you go.<br />

Rickey puts the key on the table.<br />

SIMON (CONT’D)<br />

So tell me about Johnny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

He is in a coma.<br />

Simon wipes his mouth.

41.<br />

SIMON<br />

What this time, one too many<br />

tricks? Well, too bad. So sad to<br />

hear it, but come on, he has one<br />

foot in the gutter already.<br />

Rickey looks at Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Who’s this?<br />

SIMON<br />

Mind your manners, young man. This<br />

is Donny.<br />

Donny looks at Rickey and nods. Donny puts his hand out to<br />

give Rickey a handshake. Rickey ignores Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Are you taking him to Blaze’s<br />

barbecue today?<br />

Yes.<br />

Whatever!<br />

Watch it!<br />

SIMON<br />

RICKEY<br />

SIMON<br />

Rickey puts his hands on his hips and stares at Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Donny,<br />

is it?<br />

Donny picks up a white napkin and wipes his mouth.<br />

DONNY<br />

Yes, that’s my name.<br />

Rickey ignores Donny.<br />

SIMON<br />

Don’t you need to go now? I am sure<br />

Blaze needs your help getting the<br />

barbecue ready.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Good luck, Donny. You’re going to<br />

need it.

42.<br />

Rickey turns and leaves. Simon bends over and kisses Donny on<br />

the cheek.<br />

SIMON<br />

Don’t let him upset you. He just<br />

feels threatened by you.<br />

Why?<br />

DONNY<br />

SIMON<br />

He just does. He’s just a silly<br />

boy.<br />

Simon drinks his orange juice. Donny eats his bowl of fruit.<br />

Fruit falls into Donny’s lap.<br />


Donny walks hand and hand with Simon. He has on a black<br />

Speedo, and Simon a red Speedo. They walk over to Blaze who<br />

has on a white Speedo and three gold chains around his neck.<br />

SIMON<br />

This is Donny.<br />

Blaze turns and lifts his white sunglasses.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Impressive.<br />

Donny and Blaze shake hands.<br />

DONNY<br />

Simon talks highly of you.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Really? Well he just texted me all<br />

about you.<br />

Simon puts his arm around Donny.<br />

SIMON<br />

He wants to become a Barbie.<br />

Blaze walks over to the pool and looks at Rickey as he lies<br />

on a float, glistening in the hot sun, in a yellow Speedo.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Sweetie, we don’t just let anyone<br />

join our little family.

43.<br />

SIMON<br />

He belongs with us.<br />

Blaze turns. Rickey rolls off the float and swims over to the<br />

edge of the pool.<br />

DONNY<br />

I really want to be part of the<br />

family.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Everyone in this town wants to be<br />

one of us.<br />

Rickey gets out of the pool, walks over to Blaze, and looks<br />

at Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

What does he have to do to become<br />

part of the family?<br />

Hector comes up in a thong. He walks over to Blaze.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, let me do his initiation. I’d<br />

like to mess up that blond hair.<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, no, I think he’d enjoy that too<br />

much.<br />

Donny looks at Simon.<br />

DONNY<br />

What’s he talking about? You never<br />

mentioned that there is some kind<br />

of initiation.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Yes, Simon always skips over that<br />

part. Don’t you Simon?<br />

HECTOR<br />

Simon is our best recruiter.<br />

Simon looks at the Spanish floor tile, and then at Donny.<br />

SIMON<br />

Sorry about that, babe. But Blaze,<br />

he does not need to prove himself.<br />

Blaze walks over to Simon and strokes his cheek.

44.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I’m the leader, darling. I decide<br />

who stays and who goes.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I don’t want to perform some<br />

random act to prove myself.<br />

Juan Pablo comes out nude and carries a tray of Sushi. Donny<br />

reaches out to get one, Blaze grabs his hand.<br />

BLAZE<br />

If you’re not going to play by our<br />

rules, then you can leave now. This<br />

is a private event.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Yeah, private, bro!<br />

Rickey walks over to the pool, jumps in the water, swims to<br />

his float, and climbs on it.<br />

SIMON<br />

Come on Blaze, don’t be such a<br />

bitch.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Dear, dear, foolish Simon. You know<br />

you will be bored with him in a<br />

week.<br />

Donny steps back. Juan Pablo walks over to Donny.<br />


Just do what they want, papi, or<br />

you will never be able to be in the<br />

inner circle.<br />

DONNY<br />

You’re the maid here too? How many<br />

jobs do you have?<br />


Just do what Mr. Blaze wants or<br />

your plan ends now.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Hey maid, get me a drink.<br />

Juan Pablo puts the tray down and goes over to the bar. He<br />

gives Hector the finger as his back is turned to him.<br />

Donny walks over to Blaze.

45.<br />

DONNY<br />

Okay. I will play by your rules.<br />

SIMON<br />

You don’t have to. I will keep<br />

seeing you if you’re not part of<br />

the family.<br />

Blaze takes Donny’s hand and leads him into the house. Donny<br />

turns his head and looks back at Simon.<br />


Blaze points to a red door.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Go in that room where Bear and his<br />

Cubs are playing and join in. If<br />

Bear likes you, you’re in.<br />

DONNY<br />

But I am not into bears or group<br />

sex.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I could tell that, but this is your<br />

test. Take it or run home and cry<br />

into your pillow.<br />

Donny turns the door handle as he looks back at Blaze.<br />

DONNY<br />

Why are you such a bitch?<br />

BLAZE<br />

It’s who I am, sweetie. Get used to<br />

it.<br />

DONNY<br />

What happened in your childhood to<br />

make you this way?<br />

BLAZE<br />

I didn’t have a childhood. I was<br />

born this way.<br />


Donny enters the room. Bear lies on a king size bed with FOUR<br />

YOUNG NUDE BOYS (CUBS) around him. He looks at Donny.

46.<br />

BEAR<br />

Lose the suit and join me and my<br />

Cubs.<br />

Donny removes his suit, walks over to the bed, and Bear<br />

reaches his hand out. Donny takes Bear’s hand and Bear pulls<br />

him onto the bed.<br />

Donny kisses Bear. The Cubs kiss Donny and lick him all over<br />

his body.<br />


Juan Pablo puts three pitchers of beer on a cart. Donny walks<br />

over and drops his towel. Donny urinates into each pitcher.<br />


Papi, you’re bad.<br />

Donny picks up his towel and wraps it around his waist.<br />

DONNY<br />

It’s time for payback.<br />


Are you sure that they won’t find<br />

out?<br />

DONNY<br />

They won’t. Put more ice in and<br />

stir it.<br />

Donny leaves the kitchen.<br />


Donny comes out of the house. He walks over to Simon who<br />

grabs him and hugs him.<br />

DONNY<br />

I think I am going to be sick.<br />

Donny steps back. Blaze comes out with Rickey.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You passed! It wasn’t that bad, was<br />

it? I have steel wool if you need<br />

it.<br />

SIMON<br />

See, you’re one of us now.

47.<br />

DONNY<br />

I need another shower to get that<br />

man’s smell off of me.<br />

Simon grabs Donny and kisses him.<br />

Juan Pablo comes out with the pitchers of beer on a cart.<br />

Hector swims to the pool ladder and runs over to the beer. He<br />

pours beer in his glass.<br />

Rickey walks over and grabs a glass. Hector takes a drink.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Blaze, bro, where did you get this?<br />

It has a familiar taste to it.<br />

Donny steps back and laughs.<br />

SIMON<br />

What’s so funny, babe?<br />

Rickey takes a drink.<br />

RICKEY<br />

You’re right. I’ve tasted this<br />

somewhere before, but I just can’t<br />

place where.<br />

Donny falls into Simon’s arms and laughs hysterically. Simon<br />

looks at Blaze.<br />

SIMON<br />

I told you, Blaze. Sex with Bear<br />

was more than he could handle.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t be such a drama queen!<br />

Bear walks out in a white towel that barely fits around him.<br />

His Cubs follow. Bear grabs a glass of beer and drinks it.<br />

BEAR<br />

This is good. I love that odd<br />

taste, but can’t place it.<br />

Donny laughs louder. The Cubs all take a glass.<br />

Simon takes Donny into the house.<br />

Jammer comes out of the house. Blaze walks over to him. He<br />

waves his hand at Hector, who joins them.

48.<br />

BLAZE<br />

That Donny, I think I’ve seen him<br />

before, but I can’t place where or<br />

when.<br />

JAMMER<br />

I will check him out when I get<br />

back from my business trip.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Good. Hector, in the meantime, I<br />

want you to get close to him and<br />

find out any information you can.<br />

Hector puts his arm around Blaze. He takes a drink of beer.<br />

HECTOR<br />

You’re going to pay me my usual<br />

fee?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Of course, sweetie. Do whatever you<br />

have to.<br />


Simon and Donny sit on a long, black, leather sofa. An eighty<br />

inch flat screen television takes up the wall.<br />

DONNY<br />

Blaze must watch a lot of movies in<br />

here.<br />

SIMON<br />

No, this is where he watches porn.<br />

He heads a studio that films and<br />

produces them for him.<br />

DONNY<br />

So, it’s a porn studio then?<br />

Simon puts his arm around Donny.<br />

SIMON<br />

Yes, but don’t worry, he’s not<br />

going to film us. You’re one of us<br />

now and he will respect that.<br />

Simon kisses Donny. Donny pulls away.<br />

DONNY<br />

So he does amateur porn films as<br />


49.<br />

SIMON<br />

I don’t really know. Blaze’s<br />

business is private.<br />

Simon kisses Donny’s neck.<br />

DONNY<br />

I want to know all about you and<br />

the Barbies.<br />

Simon looks at Donny.<br />

SIMON<br />

In good time. I am going to Cuba<br />

for business in a few days, but the<br />

guys will take good care of you.<br />

DONNY<br />

What does that mean?<br />

SIMON<br />

Once you date one of us, you date<br />

all of us.<br />

Simon kisses Donny, pulls Donny’s towel off, and throws it<br />

across the room. The towel hits the television.<br />


Donny enters and sees Johnny with several IV tubes and<br />

monitors that surround him. Donny closes the curtain, takes<br />

out a syringe, and puts it down on the tray table.<br />

DONNY<br />

You can never wake up and expose<br />

me, trick.<br />

Donny looks at the syringe and then looks at Johnny.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

You deserve to die, trick, for all<br />

your crimes, but... I just can’t do<br />

it.<br />

Donny opens the curtains and leaves the room.<br />

A MAN IN PINK SCRUBS (23), walks in the room. He takes the<br />

syringe from the tray table and injects Johnny’s IV bag. The<br />

man leaves the room as the medical alarms on Johnny’s<br />

monitors go off.

50.<br />


The bar is full of shirtless men in shorts. Donny has on<br />

tight, blue jeans with no shirt. Blaze comes over to him in<br />

tight, white shorts. Blaze pulls out a couple of cards.<br />

DONNY<br />

What are these?<br />

BLAZE<br />

I made an appointment for you with<br />

my hair stylist. You need to get<br />

the color right and get a better<br />

cut.<br />

DONNY<br />

I spent a lot of money to look this<br />

way.<br />

Donny runs his hands through his hair.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Well, you need to be perfect,<br />

because everyone judges us.<br />

Blaze points to the crowd in the bar.<br />

BLAZE (CONT’D)<br />

Also, I made an appointment for you<br />

with my dentist, so you can have<br />

your teeth whitened.<br />

Simon comes over in a pair of green, biker shorts.<br />

SIMON<br />

Hey babe, you look hot!<br />

Simon kisses Donny. Blaze rolls his eyes.<br />

DONNY<br />

Well, Blaze thinks otherwise.<br />

SIMON<br />

What do you mean, babe?<br />

Donny shows Simon the appointment cards.<br />

SIMON (CONT’D)<br />

Hey, it’s just to make you look<br />

your best, babe.<br />

Jordan comes over and hands Simon a drink.<br />

Blaze puts his arm around Donny.

51.<br />

BLAZE<br />

All the Barbies have to look their<br />

best, sweetie.<br />

Casio walks over to Blaze and gets into Blaze’s face.<br />

Blaze steps back.<br />

CASIO<br />

Don’t mess with us Bronies again!<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t threaten me, you horse<br />

fucker!<br />

Simon gets between them and pushes Donny aside.<br />

CASIO<br />

You mess with us again, and you and<br />

your little Barbies will pay.<br />

Casio shoves Simon out of the way.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I thought you Bronies were all<br />

about love and friendship?<br />

CASIO<br />

We are, but when you mess with one<br />

of us, you mess with all of us.<br />

Casio walks away through the crowd.<br />

SIMON<br />

I told you not to mess with them.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Really? You’re afraid of some guys<br />

that worship a cartoon horse?<br />

SIMON<br />

You should be. They also have power<br />

in this town.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Not as much as we do.<br />

Simon reaches for Donny’s hand and pulls him over to him.<br />

SIMON<br />

Just keep them off limits with the<br />

games you play.

52.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Will do, sweetie.<br />

Simon kisses Donny on the cheek.<br />

SIMON<br />

Are you okay?<br />

DONNY<br />

Yeah, I’m okay. That guy is scary<br />

though.<br />

SIMON<br />

Let me put it this way, he’s not<br />

put together all that well.<br />

Donny squeezes Simon’s hand. Donny looks at Casio as he<br />

dances with the rest of the Bronies on the dance floor.<br />

DONNY<br />

I thought the Bronies had their own<br />

club to dance at?<br />

SIMON<br />

They do. Crashing ours is their way<br />

of warning us to stay away.<br />


Donny stands in front of the mirror and dries his hands.<br />

Casio walks in and stands behind him.<br />

CASIO<br />

You’re not really one of them, are<br />

you?<br />

DONNY<br />

Yes I am. I am a Barbie.<br />

Casio grabs Donny’s shoulder and turns him. Casio gets closer<br />

to Donny and their bodies touch.<br />

CASIO<br />

I can tell you hate them, just as<br />

much as I do.<br />

Donny caresses Casio’s chest.<br />

DONNY<br />

I don’t know what you are talking<br />


53.<br />

Casio takes Donny in his arms and they kiss. Casio’s hands<br />

slide down to Donny’s jeans. Donny pushes Casio away.<br />

CASIO<br />

We can destroy them together.<br />

DONNY<br />

Why would I want to destroy them?<br />

They are my friends.<br />

Donny walks to the bathroom door.<br />

CASIO<br />

They are friends to nobody. They<br />

will use you up and then throw you<br />

away. Your secret is safe with me.<br />

Donny turns and looks at Casio.<br />

DONNY<br />

What secret?<br />

Casio walks over to Donny and whispers in his ear.<br />

CASIO<br />

I can help you. We are brothers and<br />

together we can make them pay.<br />

Casio kisses the back of Donny’s neck. Casio grabs Donny and<br />

pulls him into the stall.<br />

CASIO (CONT’D)<br />

Get on your knees and join us.<br />

Casio undoes his pants. Donny pulls them down and laughs at<br />

Casio’s My Little Pony underwear. Donny stands.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I don’t need your help this<br />

bad.<br />

Casio grabs Donny and kisses him. Donny pushes him away.<br />

CASIO<br />

Come on, my brother, let’s finish<br />

what we started.<br />

Casio looks down at his groin. Donny walks out of the stall<br />

and exits the bathroom.<br />


Jesus sits at a metal desk and looks at his computer screen.

54.<br />

MUFFY (36), enters. She wears a blue, police uniform and her<br />

black hair is tied back. She drops a file on Jesus’ desk.<br />

JESUS<br />

What’s this?<br />

MUFFY<br />

That stripper who fell on stage is<br />

in a coma and now someone tried to<br />

kill him.<br />

Jesus grabs the file.<br />

JESUS<br />

Someone injected Pentobarbital in<br />

his IV bag.<br />

MUFFY<br />

Poor guy, and now he’s on a<br />

respirator. Sounds like someone<br />

does not want him to wake up.<br />

Muffy walks over behind Jesus and rubs his shoulders.<br />

JESUS<br />

That feels good!<br />

Muffy reaches her hand down his chest.<br />

MUFFY<br />

So muscular!<br />

JESUS<br />

Hey, stop that.<br />

Jesus pushes her hands off of his chest.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

Yeah, I’ve got to find out who and<br />

why someone wants this guy dead.<br />

Jesus stands, walks over to his small, office window and<br />

looks out on the Drive.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

This guy has a long rap sheet for<br />

drugs and hustling. I am sure he’s<br />

made some enemies in his travels.<br />

Muffy licks her lips as she stares at Jesus.

55.<br />


Donny walks through Bear’s yard. He walks up the wooden steps<br />

to the small deck and KNOCKS on the door.<br />

Casio stands shirtless in the distance.<br />

Bear opens the door in dirty underwear. Donny walks inside.<br />


Donny looks around the living room that is full of old,<br />

broken furniture. Donny takes his shirt off. Bear walks over<br />

and twists Donny’s nipples.<br />

BEAR<br />

I am surprised that you called me.<br />

You didn’t seem to enjoy our last<br />

hookup.<br />

Bear releases Donny’s nipples. Donny rubs Bear’s fat, hairy<br />

chest.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, that’s not it; I just wanted<br />

you all to myself.<br />

Donny kisses Bear on the lips and then their tongues touch.<br />

Donny grabs Bear’s fat ass. Bear kisses Donny’s neck.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Let’s go into the bedroom.<br />

Bear pulls away and points to a hallway.<br />

BEAR<br />

Better yet, you go to my bear room,<br />

and get naked and I will meet up<br />

with you shortly.<br />


Donny walks into the small room where a full size bed has no<br />

sheet on it, just a pillow. Donny pulls out a condom, and<br />

puts it on the nightstand.<br />

Donny kicks off his shoes, takes off his pants, and<br />

underwear. He lies nude on the dirty mattress.<br />

The door opens and Bear enters. He takes off his dirty, white<br />

underwear and throws them in Donny’s face.

56.<br />

BEAR<br />

Smell them! Smell Bear!<br />

Donny smells the underwear. Bear climbs onto the bed, on top<br />

of Donny, and they kiss. Donny runs his hands across Bear’s<br />

body. Bear then grabs Donny and puts him on all fours.<br />

BEAR (CONT’D)<br />

Don’t move. You know you want it,<br />

boy.<br />

DONNY<br />

Yeah, give it to me, daddy.<br />

Bear slaps Donny’s ass. He grabs a bottle of BOY BUTTER and<br />

puts it on Donny’s ass. Bear grabs the condom. He rips it<br />

open and places it on his hard member.<br />

Take me!<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Bear penetrates Donny, but then he pulls out.<br />

Donny turns.<br />

BEAR<br />

It’s burning!<br />

DONNY<br />

What’s burning, daddy?<br />

Donny gets off the bed.<br />

BEAR<br />

My pork sausage. It’s on fire.<br />

Bear pulls off the condom and throws it on the floor.<br />

BEAR (CONT’D)<br />

I am not playing. It feels like<br />

it’s on fire. Ouch!<br />

Bear runs out of the room.<br />


Bear reaches into the dirty shower, turns on the water, walks<br />

in, and then rinses off his burning sausage. He then takes a<br />

dry bar of soap, with pubic hair stuck to it, and cleans it.<br />

Donny enters the bathroom and gets into the shower.

57.<br />

DONNY<br />

Feel better, daddy?<br />

BEAR<br />

What the hell did you do?<br />

Donny takes the soap from Bear and scrubs Bear’s hairy back.<br />

DONNY<br />

Me, I didn’t do anything. I wanted<br />

you to take me, but then you<br />

stopped.<br />

Bear turns around and grabs Donny. Donny drops the soap.<br />

BEAR<br />

No, that condom wasn’t mine. You<br />

brought it here. You must have done<br />

something with it to make it burn<br />

me like that.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I don’t know what made that<br />

happen to you. I still want you<br />

though, daddy.<br />

Bear pushes Donny against the back of the shower.<br />

BEAR<br />

Blaze is right. There is something<br />

about you that’s just not right.<br />

Bear raises his right hand and slaps Donny’s face. Donny<br />

pushes Bear and Bear slips on the soap on the bottom of the<br />

shower. He falls back THUD.<br />

Donny jumps out of the shower. He looks at Bear’s body on the<br />

floor of the shower. Donny picks up a dirty towel and dries<br />

himself off.<br />


Donny walks in, puts on his underwear, his pants, then his<br />

shoes. His cell phone RINGS, he looks at the screen, but he<br />

does not answer it. He proceeds to the living room.<br />


Donny walks through the living room, puts his shirt on, grabs<br />

a dirty rag from the floor, turns the front door handle, and<br />


58.<br />


Casio comes out and walks up to Bear’s front door. Casio<br />

turns the handle and walks inside.<br />


Donny soaks in a bubble bath. He takes the washrag and scrubs<br />

his arms. The bathroom door opens.<br />

Hector walks in the room in white brief underwear.<br />

DONNY<br />

What are you doing here?<br />

Hector stands over the bathtub.<br />

HECTOR<br />

I was working out, bro.<br />

DONNY<br />

Where’s Simon?<br />

HECTOR<br />

He’s in Cuba, bro. He asked me to<br />

keep you company.<br />

Hector pulls down his underwear.<br />

DONNY<br />

What are you doing?<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, I want to clean up.<br />

DONNY<br />

I will be done in a few. It will be<br />

all yours then.<br />

Hector takes his underwear off.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Let’s save time. Simon told me to<br />

make you happy, bro.<br />

Hector climbs into the tub. Donny approaches him to kiss.<br />


I don’t kiss on the mouth. I’m<br />

straight, bro.<br />

Hector stands up and the bubbles cover him. Donny grabs him<br />

and pulls him back into the tub.

59.<br />

DONNY<br />

Come on, I’ve never done it with a<br />

straight boy.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Oh no? Straight boys do it better,<br />

bro.<br />

Water from the bathtub spills onto the floor.<br />


Blaze wears plaid, board shorts and stands against the bar.<br />

He sips on his drink as Hector and Donny walk in.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Are you ready for the shoot<br />

tomorrow?<br />

Donny looks at Hector.<br />

Shoot?<br />

DONNY<br />

BLAZE<br />

Didn’t Hector tell you? He works<br />

for my porn studio. He does all my<br />

straight boy videos.<br />

HECTOR<br />

I am a plumber for most of the<br />

year, and then I come here and make<br />

some films to earn enough money to<br />

support my family.<br />

Jordan brings Hector a shot glass.<br />

DONNY<br />

Family? You’re married?<br />

Blaze walks over to Donny.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Isn’t it a shame? He has a wife and<br />

kids.<br />

Hector drinks the shot and SLAMS the glass down.<br />

Donny turns and signals Jordan at the bar. Jordan brings<br />

Donny a shot.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Where’s Bear tonight?

60.<br />

BLAZE<br />

He told me he was going to be late,<br />

since he has a hot ass to tap.<br />

Donny turns. He drinks his shot.<br />

DONNY<br />

Late for what?<br />

BLAZE<br />

A little game I am going to play.<br />

Blaze points to MASON (30), a tall man, with long, blond<br />

hair, and a tattoo sleeve of My Little Pony on his right arm.<br />

HECTOR<br />

That’s the guy you want me to play<br />

the game with, bro?<br />

Jordan refills Hector’s shot glass.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Yes that one, sweetie.<br />

Hector drinks his shot and SLAMS the glass down on the bar.<br />

Hector walks over to the blond.<br />

Donny turns toward Blaze.<br />

DONNY<br />

What are you up to?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Saving that poor guy from getting<br />

married.<br />

DONNY<br />

Isn’t he a Brony?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t worry. I can handle the<br />

Bronies.<br />


Mason lies in bed. Hector, climbs over his body.<br />

MASON<br />

I am getting married, I can’t. I<br />

shouldn’t be here.<br />

Hector licks Mason’s armpit.

61.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Do you want me to stop?<br />

Mason grabs Hector and pulls him closer to his body.<br />

MASON<br />

No. I can’t resist you. I’ve never<br />

done it with a straight boy.<br />


Blaze adjusts the video camera as Donny stands behind him.<br />

DONNY<br />

Why are you doing this?<br />

BLAZE<br />

The Bronies don’t need to marry.<br />

That group is weird enough already.<br />

DONNY<br />

Have you ever loved someone?<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, love is something made up. Only<br />

fools like you and the Bronies<br />

believe in it.<br />

DONNY<br />

Come on, I want to find love. I<br />

want the white picket fence too,<br />

maybe even some kids.<br />

Blaze turns and caresses Donny’s face.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You won't get that from Simon. When<br />

he comes back, you will be old news<br />

to him.<br />

DONNY<br />

What do you mean?<br />

BLAZE<br />

I hope I did not make a mistake in<br />

making you one of us.<br />

Blaze turns and watches Mason and Hector.<br />

DONNY<br />

Simon’s not going to like you<br />

messing with the Bronies.

62.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I do what I want. I own this town<br />

and that little shit, Casio, needs<br />

to know about it.<br />

Donny turns, opens the door, and leaves the room.<br />


A nude Juan Pablo cries as two police officers stand next to<br />

him. Jesus walks in. Muffy walks over to him.<br />

JESUS<br />

What do we have here?<br />

MUFFY<br />

Looks like this guy slipped in the<br />

shower, hit his head, and died.<br />

JESUS<br />

So, why am I here?<br />

MUFFY<br />

We think he was not alone. CSI<br />

found a used condom.<br />

Juan Pablo walks over to them.<br />


It’s strange, because Bear only<br />

showers on Sundays.<br />

JESUS<br />

So you’re telling me he showered<br />

only once a week?<br />


Yes, his Cubs like his body odor,<br />

so it was, how you might say, his<br />

mating call.<br />

JESUS<br />

Okay, Muffy have CSI send their<br />

findings to my office and put a<br />

towel around that guy.<br />

Jesus walks to the bathroom door and sees the body in the<br />

tub. Dried blood is on the tiles where Bear’s head hit.

63.<br />


Jesus enters and looks around the bathroom. He studies the<br />

cracked, bloody tiles.<br />

JESUS<br />

Muffy, come in here.<br />

Muffy enters the bathroom.<br />

JESUS (CONT’D)<br />

I think you’re right. He wasn’t<br />

alone. Look, he was facing away<br />

from the showerhead. Look at where<br />

his head hit the tiles.<br />

Muffy looks at the shower tiles.<br />

MUFFY<br />

You’re right.<br />

JESUS<br />

I think he may have been pushed or<br />

someone pounded his head into the<br />

wall. This could be murder.<br />


Donny walks in with his black suit on. He sits in the front<br />

row next to Hector, Rickey, and Blaze.<br />

Bear, in his open coffin, wears blue overalls. Thirty young<br />

men wear cut off overalls and surround his coffin. They all<br />

sob.<br />

Blaze gets up to the podium.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Bear was a good friend. We will<br />

miss him greatly, and I know his<br />

Cubs will mourn their great loss.<br />

Six of the young men pick up Bear’s coffin and carry it up<br />

the aisle as the other young men follow.<br />

Hector turns to Donny.<br />

HECTOR<br />

You want to hook up, bro?<br />

DONNY<br />

Now? We are at a funeral to honor<br />

Bear, not to cruise.

64.<br />

Donny stands and walks up the aisle.<br />


Donny watches as the Cubs put Bear’s coffin into the hearse.<br />

Jesus walks over to Donny.<br />

JESUS<br />

Have you heard from Donald?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I really don’t know the guy.<br />

JESUS<br />

You knew this guy?<br />

DONNY<br />

Kinda, he was a friend of a friend.<br />

You?<br />

Jesus scratches his head.<br />

JESUS<br />

I am investigating his death.<br />

DONNY<br />

I was told that he fell in the<br />

shower.<br />

JESUS<br />

I think that he wasn’t alone.<br />

Donny sweats. Hector comes out and walks over to Donny.<br />

DONNY<br />

Hector, lets go back to my place.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Okay bro, let’s party Bear style.<br />

Jesus grabs Donny’s arm.<br />

JESUS<br />

I’d like to talk to you about Bear.<br />

DONNY<br />

Sure, call me.<br />

Donny walks away with Hector. He turns and looks at Jesus.<br />

Jesus’ cell phone RINGS.

65.<br />

JESUS<br />

(on phone)<br />

Yeah, Muffy. I will be right there.<br />

Jesus puts the cell phone in his coat pocket. He opens the<br />

door to his black BMW, gets in, and drives away.<br />


Muffy enters the office and hands Jesus a file.<br />

JESUS<br />

Spearmint oil was in the condom<br />

they found? So why is that so<br />

important?<br />

MUFFY<br />

When you add this oil to any<br />

lubricator, it will heat up. So<br />

Bear’s penis felt as if it were on<br />

fire.<br />

Jesus walks over to his desk and falls back in his chair.<br />

JESUS<br />

So that’s why Bear took the early<br />

shower. He was washing it off.<br />

Muffy walks over to the desk and puts both hands on it.<br />

Muffy steps back.<br />

MUFFY<br />

Whoever was with Bear wanted to<br />

hurt him.<br />

JESUS<br />

This person must have gotten into<br />

the shower with him and then pushed<br />

him causing the slip and fall.<br />

MUFFY<br />

Can I assist you in questioning<br />

those Cubs? One of them must have<br />

had an ax to grind.<br />

Jesus leans back in his chair.<br />

JESUS<br />

Sure, I’m going to need all the<br />

help I can get, in getting<br />

information from those boys.

66.<br />


Blaze and Rickey come out of the pool. Hector walks over to<br />

them.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Did you find out anything?<br />

HECTOR<br />

Can I get a drink first, bro?<br />

Blaze turns to Rickey.<br />

Rickey walks over to the outdoor bar, bends down, takes a<br />

glass, fills it with ice, and then pours Vodka. He walks over<br />

to Hector and hands it to him.<br />


I can’t find out anything, bro. He<br />

seems like a normal, or whatever<br />

you might like to call, a normal<br />

guy.<br />

Hector gulps his Vodka, hands the glass back to Rickey, and<br />

points to it to get him some more.<br />


I’ll tell you one thing; he’s good<br />

at the old in and out. You should<br />

put him in a porn film with me.<br />

Blaze nods his head no.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Find out where he grew up, where he<br />

went to school, and who his last<br />

boyfriend was.<br />

Rickey comes over with a full glass. Hector drinks it and<br />

hands it back to Rickey.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Sure, but you got my money now,<br />

bro?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Come in the house and I will pay<br />

you, but I want something personal<br />

from you, before Simon gets back.<br />

Blaze and Hector walk into the house and Rickey follows.<br />

Juan Pablo stands nude in the shadows.

67.<br />


Blaze hands Hector his money. Hector counts the money and<br />

puts it in his shorts.<br />

Hector falls back onto the black leather sofa.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You want to see the cover to your<br />

new DVD?<br />

HECTOR<br />

Nope bro, as long as I get paid, I<br />

don’t care.<br />

Blaze sits next to Hector.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You’re so fucking good in it. I<br />

don’t get how you’re married.<br />

Rickey walks in. He sits next to Hector opposite Blaze.<br />

HECTOR<br />

I like pussy first, you guys<br />

second.<br />

Rickey rubs Hector’s chest. Hector looks at Rickey, takes his<br />

shirt off, and throws it across the room. Rickey licks<br />

Hector’s chest.<br />

Blaze runs his hands down to Hector’s shorts. Hector extends<br />

his head back.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Let’s all have some fun, straight<br />

boy.<br />


The BANG of a fist is heard on Donny’s front door. Donny runs<br />

to the front door. He opens the door, and Juan Pablo comes<br />

in.<br />


Papi, you’ve got to be careful.<br />

Donny stands next to Juan Pablo.<br />

DONNY<br />

What do you mean?

68.<br />


Blaze is paying Hector to have sex<br />

with you to get information about<br />

you.<br />

Donny walks over to a black, leather chair and sits in it.<br />

DONNY<br />

That little bitch.<br />


Blaze thinks he knows you.<br />

Donny stands and walks across the room.<br />

DONNY<br />

I can’t let him figure out who I<br />

really am.<br />


Be careful, Hector may seem dumb,<br />

but he’s really not.<br />

Donny walks over to Juan Pablo and puts his hand on his<br />

shoulder.<br />

DONNY<br />

I will take care of Hector.<br />

Donny goes over to his computer and turns it on.<br />


What are you going to do? Don’t<br />

kill him. His fans would be<br />

devastated.<br />

DONNY<br />

The less you know the better.<br />

Donny pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.<br />


Hector leans against the bar and drinks a tall glass of<br />

Vodka. He wears white briefs.<br />

Blaze stands next to him and watches Rickey dance.<br />

BLAZE<br />

It’s good to be the Kings.<br />

Blaze and Hector high five each other.

69.<br />

Mason walks over to Hector and gets into his face.<br />

MASON<br />

You fucking taped us having sex and<br />

sent it to my fiancee?<br />

Hector takes a sip of his Vodka.<br />

HECTOR<br />

If you were so in love with him,<br />

why did you suck me off?<br />

Mason pushes Hector. Hector puts his drink down on the bar.<br />


You want to take this outside, bro?<br />

Hector pushes Mason.<br />

MASON<br />

Let’s go. You don’t mess with a<br />

Brony and get away with it.<br />

Sabrina (23), a Spanish woman wears a red sundress with long,<br />

straight, black hair and stands behind Hector.<br />

Hector turns.<br />


(in Spanish; subtitled)<br />

Hector, what the hell!<br />

HECTOR<br />

Baby, what are you doing here?<br />

Sabrina points to Hector’s white briefs.<br />


Me! What are you doing here? What’s<br />

going on? You’re in this place in<br />

your underwear.<br />

Sabrina reaches up and grabs Hector by the ear.<br />


This is what you do? You’re on a<br />

business trip and you’re playing<br />

with men? I’m not woman enough for<br />

you?<br />

HECTOR<br />

It’s not cheating. I don’t do<br />

anything. The guys do it to me.

70.<br />

Sabrina releases Hector’s ear and slaps Hector’s face.<br />


That’s gross. I am your wife. I<br />

should be all you need, not these<br />

guys. What about our boys?<br />

HECTOR<br />

How do you think I pay for<br />

everything to keep you a princess?<br />

Sabrina spits in Hector’s face. Hector wipes his face.<br />

Sabrina grabs Hector’s ear again and pulls him outside. The<br />

crowd cheers.<br />


Sabrina releases Hector’s ear. Hector rubs his hand across<br />

his red ear.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Baby, it’s not cheating. I do it<br />

for you and the kids.<br />


No, I did not sign on for this.<br />

It’s over. Don’t bother coming<br />

home.<br />

Hector gets on his knees.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Please baby, I love you. I will<br />

give all this up for you.<br />


I am going to tell everyone.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Not my Mother!<br />


I am going to call her from the<br />

car. We’re finished. You might as<br />

well make this ghetto your new<br />

home.<br />

Hector grabs Sabrina’s hand. She looks at him as she pulls it<br />

away from him.<br />


(in Spanish; subtitled)<br />

I put a curse on your cum gun!

71.<br />

Sabrina waves her hand and points to Hector’s penis.<br />

HECTOR<br />

NO! Not that! Please!<br />

Sabrina storms away. Hector, on his knees, cries as crowds of<br />

men pass and laugh at him.<br />


Blaze walks over to Mason.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You Bronies are lowlifes, but<br />

telling his wife?<br />

MASON<br />

I didn’t know he was married.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t lie, sweetie. You’re banned<br />

from this bar.<br />

Mason pushes Blaze. Blaze waves his hand at Jordan. Jordan<br />

runs over and grabs Mason and pulls him to the exit.<br />

MASON<br />

Casio won’t be happy when I tell<br />

him about this.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Go home and cry in your pillow,<br />

Brony.<br />

Jordan pushes Mason out the door. Jordan walks over to Blaze.<br />

JORDAN<br />

No problem. He’ll never set foot in<br />

here again. In fact, all Bronies<br />

are now banned from this bar.<br />

Blaze looks at Rickey dance.<br />


Rickey takes Johnny’s hand. An overweight NURSE (40), enters<br />

the room in white scrubs. She checks Johnny’s IV.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Is he getting any better?

72.<br />

NURSE<br />

He’s breathing on his own and he<br />

said some words, but they don’t<br />

make any sense to me.<br />

The nurse turns and leaves the room.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Come on Johnny, tell me who did<br />

this to you.<br />

Johnny’s lips move. Rickey puts his ear to Johnny’s mouth.<br />

Rickey pulls away.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

Donald, Donny. Donald, Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

What are you trying to tell me?<br />


Donny sits and eats fruit cup. Rickey comes in and sits.<br />

DONNY<br />

I got your text. What’s the<br />

problem?<br />

RICKEY<br />

Do you know someone named Donald?<br />

Donny chokes on his fruit.<br />


Are you okay?<br />

DONNY<br />

Donald’s the guy I sublet my<br />

apartment from. Why?<br />

RICKEY<br />

Johnny said Donald, Donny today.<br />

DONNY<br />

Johnny’s awake?<br />

RICKEY<br />

Barely, he’s saying things that<br />

don’t make any sense.<br />

Donny takes Rickey’s hand.

73.<br />

DONNY<br />

Let’s go to my place and I’ll give<br />

you Donald’s information.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Sure, let’s do that.<br />

Donny stands, Rickey follows, and they leave together.<br />


Donny is at his desk and he goes through some papers as<br />

Rickey sits on the sofa.<br />

Rickey stands.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Did you find that information on<br />

Donald yet?<br />

DONNY<br />

I’m looking right now. You look<br />

like you need a shower.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Yeah, I only showered twice today!<br />

Rickey walks out of the room.<br />


Donny sees Rickey’s clothes on his bed. He goes through his<br />

shorts and finds his wallet. Donny finds a driver’s license<br />

from Ohio. Donny goes to the computer.<br />


Rickey pulls the shower curtain back and sees Donny in the<br />

bathroom.<br />

RICKEY<br />

You’ve got the information?<br />

DONNY<br />

Yes, I do. I will handle the Donald<br />

situation.<br />

Rickey wraps the towel around his waist.<br />

RICKEY<br />

What do you mean you'll handle it?

74.<br />

DONNY<br />

Come on, you’re busted. You are<br />

only seventeen, not twenty one,<br />

and a runaway.<br />

Rickey walks over to Donny.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Please don’t tell Blaze or the<br />

others. They will throw me out on<br />

the street.<br />

Donny walks out of the bathroom.<br />


Donny stands by his bed. Rickey follows him.<br />

DONNY<br />

Get dressed.<br />

Rickey puts his clothes on.<br />

Rickey cries.<br />

RICKEY<br />

What are you going to do now?<br />

DONNY<br />

Call your parents.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Please, anything but that. They<br />

will send me to some camp to make<br />

me straight.<br />

Donny walks over to Rickey and hugs him. Donny steps back.<br />

DONNY<br />

Well, how about this? I will buy<br />

you a ticket to New York, give you<br />

some money, and you can make a<br />

fresh start.<br />

RICKEY<br />

I can’t, I’m in love with Blaze.<br />

Donny looks at himself in the mirror and he fixes his hair.<br />

DONNY<br />

Blaze can go to jail for having sex<br />

with you and using you as a backup<br />

dancer for Johnny.

75.<br />

RICKEY<br />

Can I say goodbye to him then?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I will tell him that you met<br />

some old queen and left town.<br />

RICKEY<br />

What about this Donald guy?<br />

DONNY<br />

Don’t worry. I will take care of<br />

Donald and keep an eye on Johnny<br />

for you.<br />


A DJ plays dance MUSIC. Hector lies back in a chair with a<br />

bottle of Vodka on the floor next to him.<br />

Simon stands across the room with Blaze. Donny goes over to<br />

them and kisses Simon.<br />

Donny laughs.<br />

DONNY<br />

You were gone a long time.<br />

SIMON<br />

Someone called the airport and told<br />

them I was trafficking drugs.<br />

DONNY<br />

I bet the body search was a bitch.<br />

SIMON<br />

You don’t want to know the hell I<br />

went through. Who would want to do<br />

this to me?<br />

Juan Pablo walks over with a tray of food. Simon takes some.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Show him what you brought back from<br />

Cuba, Simon.<br />

Simon walks out of the room.<br />

BLAZE (CONT’D)<br />

You’re going to love this, Donny<br />


76.<br />

Simon comes back with a young, lean, Cuban boy. IGOR (21),<br />

wears a white, baseball cap and a white, tank top with white<br />

pants.<br />

SIMON<br />

Donny, meet Igor, a new artist I<br />

discovered.<br />

DONNY<br />

This is what you brought back with<br />

you from Cuba?<br />

SIMON<br />

Yes, I am always looking for new<br />

artists for my art gallery.<br />

IGOR<br />

(in Spanish; subtitled)<br />

I want to dance.<br />

Igor pulls Simon onto the dance floor.<br />

Blaze walks over to Donny.<br />

BLAZE<br />

See, I told you. You’ve been<br />

replaced. In with the new and out<br />

with the old. Your days as a Barbie<br />

are numbered.<br />

Blaze walks away. Juan Pablo, nude, comes over with a platter<br />

of fruit.<br />


Papi, be careful, Blaze still wants<br />

Hector to find dirt on you.<br />

Donny takes a piece of pineapple.<br />

DONNY<br />

Don’t worry. Look at him over<br />

there. I am the last thing he has<br />

on his mind these days.<br />


Yeah, you took care of him but<br />

good, calling his wife to expose<br />

his cheating ways.<br />

Donny looks across the room.<br />

Jammer wears a blue tank top and white jeans.<br />

Donny walks over to Jammer.

77.<br />

DONNY<br />

I have not seen you before at any<br />

of these parties.<br />

JAMMER<br />

I do a lot of work for Blaze,<br />

outside of town.<br />

Juan Pablo brings the platter of fruit over to Jammer.<br />


Christ! Why can’t Blaze ever have<br />

real food?<br />

Donny strokes Jammer’s back.<br />

Jammer laughs.<br />

DONNY<br />

I want to know why they call you<br />

Jammer.<br />

JAMMER<br />

I know who you are, Donald.<br />

Donny falls back against the wall.<br />


You look a little ill, Donald.<br />

DONNY<br />

So you’re going to expose me?<br />

JAMMER<br />

Let’s go to my place and talk terms<br />

and conditions.<br />

Blaze holds a drink and watches Jammer and Donny talk. Donny<br />

looks at Simon and Igor.<br />


Jammer and Donny are in the shower together. Jammer has a<br />

large tattoo of a skull and crossbones on his hairy back.<br />

DONNY<br />

You want sex from me? How original.<br />

Jammer kisses Donny’s neck.

78.<br />

JAMMER<br />

You could say that. You’re mine now<br />

and you will do what I want or I<br />

will expose you.<br />

DONNY<br />

So you’re blackmailing me for sex?<br />

You want to do me in the shower?<br />

JAMMER<br />

I like my boys clean. Scrub up,<br />

boy.<br />

Donny rinses the soap off of his body.<br />

Jammer turns and shuts the water off in his black tile<br />

shower. Donny and Jammer dry off together.<br />


Jammer, nude, walks over to his black dresser and takes out a<br />

pair of white briefs. He turns and throws them to Donny.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Put them on, boy.<br />

Jammer sits in a red chair in the corner and watches Donny.<br />


Now come over here, boy.<br />

Donny walks over. Jammer grabs him and bends his body over<br />

his knee.<br />

Jammer spanks Donny’s ass. He then pulls down the white<br />

briefs and spanks Donny’s ass even harder.<br />

DONNY<br />

Stop, you’re hurting me!<br />

Jammer reaches down to the floor, grabs his belt, and beats<br />

Donny’s ass with it.<br />

JAMMER<br />

No, bad boys need to be punished.<br />

Jammer pushes Donny onto the floor and watches him squirm. He<br />

then grabs Donny by his hair, pulls him up, and throws him<br />

onto the bed.<br />

Jammer lies down on the bed next to him. Donny rolls onto his<br />

stomach and Jammer spanks Donny’s ass again.

79.<br />

DONNY<br />

I get it! I am bad!<br />

JAMMER<br />

Shut up, boy. I own you.<br />

Donny stands. His ass is raw and red.<br />

DONNY<br />

If I do what you want, you won’t<br />

tell Blaze and the others who I am,<br />

right?<br />

JAMMER<br />

Yeah boy, until I get bored with<br />

you.<br />

Donny jumps onto Jammer’s bed.<br />

DONNY<br />

Then let’s be bad together.<br />

Jammer smiles and jumps onto the bed next to Donny.<br />


Donny walks in, goes over to Casio, and pulls him into the<br />

bathroom.<br />


Donny checks the stalls and then locks the bathroom door.<br />

Casio leans against the sink.<br />

CASIO<br />

Do you want to see my jackhammer<br />

now?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I need your help.<br />

Casio walks across the bathroom.<br />

CASIO<br />

Now you need my help? I don’t know<br />

about that, Bronies are only<br />

supposed to help Bronies.<br />

Donny walks over to Casio and kisses him. Donny pulls Casio’s<br />

shirt off. Casio steps back and undoes his pants.

80.<br />

CASIO (CONT’D)<br />

If we finish what we started the<br />

last time, I will help you,<br />

brother.<br />

DONNY<br />

Show me your baloney pony.<br />

Casio laughs. Pounding fists BANG on the bathroom door.<br />


Donny walks along the Drive. Jesus comes out of a bar.<br />

Donny?<br />

JESUS<br />

Donny stops.<br />

DONNY<br />

I didn’t take you for the party<br />

type.<br />

JESUS<br />

I am looking for love like everyone<br />

else.<br />

DONNY<br />

Love or a hook up?<br />

Jesus wipes his forehead.<br />

JESUS<br />

I don’t hook up. I only have sex<br />

with someone I like. You should try<br />

it sometime.<br />

Donny puts his hands on his hips.<br />

DONNY<br />

Are you calling me a whore?<br />

Jesus puts his finger on Donny’s lips.<br />

JESUS<br />

No, but let’s go out to dinner<br />

sometime. I like you.<br />

Jesus removes his fingers.<br />

DONNY<br />

I don’t know if you can handle<br />


81.<br />

Jesus walks away.<br />

JESUS<br />

If this date happens, make sure to<br />

get a Penicillin shot, so I don’t<br />

catch anything.<br />


Donny puts on his shirt. Juan Pablo enters with a vacuum in<br />

his hand.<br />


You look worried.<br />

Donny sits on the bed and runs his hands through his hair.<br />

DONNY<br />

Jammer knows who I am.<br />


What are you going to do?<br />

DONNY<br />

I made a deal with a Bronie to help<br />

me.<br />

Juan pablo drops the vacuum.<br />


You can’t trust them.<br />

Donny’s cell phone RINGS. Donny looks at the screen.<br />

DONNY<br />

Yuck, it’s Jammer.<br />


Donny stands in his underwear. Jammer lays in the bed.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Open the nightstand, boy.<br />

Donny pulls the drawer open. He pulls out a huge, pink dildo.<br />

DONNY<br />

I can’t handle that, sir.<br />

Donny backs away towards the bathroom.

82.<br />

JAMMER<br />

You leave and I will expose you,<br />

boy. That dildo is not for you<br />

anyway.<br />

Donny walks over to the bed with a grin on his face.<br />


Stick it in me, boy.<br />

Donny takes out a small bottle of lube. He lubes the dildo<br />

with it. Jammer lifts his legs up over his head.<br />

Donny inserts the dildo.<br />

DONNY<br />

You like it, daddy?<br />

Jammer’s body jerks.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Faster boy, or I will beat your ass<br />

again.<br />

DONNY<br />

Whatever you want, daddy.<br />

Donny’s arms move faster as he rolls his eyes.<br />

JAMMER<br />

Don’t stop, I am cumming. Oh yes,<br />

yes, yes.<br />

Jammer’s body goes limp and his eyes roll back. Donny pulls<br />

the dildo out.<br />

Daddy?<br />

DONNY<br />

Jammer’s body does not move. Donny climbs over him on the<br />

bed. He slaps Jammer’s face.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Just my luck, he’s dead.<br />

Juan Pablo enters. He has a feather duster in his hand.<br />


Papi, what did you do, kill him?<br />

Juan Pablo drops the feather duster on the floor.<br />

DONNY<br />

You’re already done at my place?.

83.<br />


Ay Dios mio, you are killing all my<br />

clients.<br />

Donny gets off of the bed and walks over to Juan Pablo. He<br />

bends down and picks up the feather duster and gives it to<br />

him.<br />

Juan Pablo leaves.<br />

DONNY<br />

I didn’t kill him. He had a heart<br />

attack. Go home. I will pay you to<br />

forget what you saw.<br />


Papi, this is getting out of hand,<br />

but you are paying me double for<br />

this one. I have bills to pay.<br />

Donny runs and gathers his clothes. Donny runs out of the<br />

room.<br />


Donny takes Jammer’s MacBook. He looks through all of the<br />

files and finds the one on him and also the one on Blaze.<br />

Donny takes the MacBook with him and leaves the apartment.<br />


Donny wears a nurse’s uniform. He has on a black wig and<br />

glasses.<br />

DONNY<br />

You need to shut up, trick. So I am<br />

going to do it for you.<br />

Donny pulls out a syringe.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

I just can’t do it. I’m not that<br />

type of person! I just need you to<br />

sleep a little longer, so I can get<br />

my revenge.<br />

Donny leaves the syringe on the tray table and runs out of<br />

the room.<br />

The Man In Pink Scrubs enters, takes the syringe, and injects<br />

it into Johnny’s IV bag.

84.<br />


Donny looks at all the pictures and magazine covers of Blaze.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Have you heard from Rickey lately?<br />

DONNY<br />

Nope, we were not really friends.<br />

So, why would I?<br />

Donny walks over and looks at a Playgirl cover with Blaze on<br />

it.<br />

Donny turns.<br />

BLAZE<br />

So what about you and Jammer? Is he<br />

going to be your new boyfriend now<br />

that Simon has dumped you?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, he’s not my type.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Really sweetie, you have a type? I<br />

thought you hook up with anything<br />

with a ten inch pole connected to<br />

it.<br />

DONNY<br />

You’re so wrong about me.<br />

Blaze turns and looks at a cover of himself from College<br />

Dudes magazine.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Sweetie, once a whore, always a<br />

whore! You should charge for it<br />

though, then you can be my new<br />

Johnny.<br />

DONNY<br />

I may have made some poor choices<br />

in my lifetime, but at least I am<br />

not....<br />

Blaze’s cell phone RINGS and he answers it.<br />

BLAZE<br />

(on phone)<br />

What? How?<br />

Blaze disconnects the phone.

85.<br />

DONNY<br />

What’s wrong?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Jammer’s dead.<br />


Donny watches as six young, lean boys put Jammer’s coffin<br />

into the hearse. Jesus walks over to him.<br />

JESUS<br />

You knew him too?<br />

DONNY<br />

He’s also a friend of a friend or<br />

something like that. Such a shame.<br />

You?<br />

JESUS<br />

I think the same person that was<br />

with Bear was with him as well and<br />

just let him die.<br />

Donny sweats. He sees Hector leave the chapel with Simon and<br />

Igor. Simon puts his arm around Igor.<br />

DONNY<br />

Really? Is there a killer loose?<br />

JESUS<br />

Could be, but I did not come here<br />

to talk to you about Jammer or<br />

Bear.<br />

Donny reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out his white<br />

sunglasses and puts them on.<br />

DONNY<br />

Then what do you want to talk to me<br />

about?<br />

JESUS<br />

So what about our dinner date?<br />

DONNY<br />

I haven’t gotten that shot yet.<br />

Jesus puts his hand on Donny’s shoulder.<br />

JESUS<br />

Let’s go out tonight. I just want<br />

to get to know you.

86.<br />

DONNY<br />

I have to wash my hair.<br />

JESUS<br />

You really don’t like me.<br />

DONNY<br />

It’s called playing hard to get,<br />

detective.<br />


Hector lies nude on the lounge chair and drinks from a bottle<br />

of Vodka. Blaze walks out as Simon walks behind him.<br />

SIMON<br />

How long is he going to be like<br />

this?<br />

Simon points to Hector. Hector picks up the bottle and takes<br />

a drink.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Well, his soon to be ex-wife told<br />

him that she put a curse on him.<br />

SIMON<br />

Straight people!<br />

Simon walks over to the pool and jumps in. Blaze walks over<br />

to Hector and kicks the lounge chair.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You need to get your shit together.<br />

I have a lot of money riding on<br />

you.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, I lost my family and now I<br />

have a curse on me. What else do<br />

you want me to do about it, but<br />

drown my sorrows?<br />

BLAZE<br />

Go see a witch doctor! I need you<br />

to get it together. Now that<br />

Jammer’s dead, I need you back, to<br />

find out more on Donny.<br />

Hector stands and gets on his cell phone as Blaze stands<br />


87.<br />

HECTOR<br />

(on the phone)<br />

Come on Babe, I am so sorry. I can<br />

be home in a few days, come on.<br />


Don’t bother. Just tell me where to<br />

send the divorce papers.<br />

Hector throws the cell phone onto the lounge chair and cries.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Trouble at home?<br />

HECTOR<br />

None of your business, bro. Well<br />

that didn’t work. I’ll have to get<br />

dressed and make an appointment<br />

with that witch doctor then.<br />


Simon puts face cream on. Simon falls to the floor. Igor gets<br />

out of the shower.<br />

IGOR<br />

Are you okay?<br />

Igor slaps Simon’s face.<br />

IGOR (CONT’D)<br />

Wake up! HELP!<br />


Donny hears a fist POUND on his front door. Donny opens the<br />

door and Hector comes in.<br />

DONNY<br />

Do you know how early it is?<br />

Donny follows Hector into the living room.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, Simon’s dead.<br />

DONNY<br />

What? How did that happen?<br />

Hector sits in the black chair.

88.<br />

HECTOR<br />

They think that Igor poisoned him.<br />

Donny sits on the sofa across from Hector.<br />

How? Why?<br />

DONNY<br />

HECTOR<br />

That detective said he put<br />

something called Aconitine in his<br />

face cream, bro.<br />

The front door opens, Juan Pablo enters and sobs. Donny<br />

stands.<br />


Mr. Simon is dead. Now I’ve lost<br />

another client.<br />

We know!<br />

DONNY<br />

Juan Pablo goes to the closet and takes off his clothes. He<br />

takes out his feather duster and cleans the coffee table.<br />

HECTOR<br />

I need a stiff drink.<br />

Hector walks over to the bar and pulls out a bottle of Vodka<br />

and drinks from the bottle.<br />


Isn’t it a little early for that?<br />

Hector puts the bottle down.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Just do your job, bro.<br />

DONNY<br />

I’ve got to get ready for work.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, Simon’s dead. You are just<br />

going to go to work like nothing<br />

has happened? He was like your<br />

boyfriend.<br />

DONNY<br />

Maybe for five minutes he was my<br />

boyfriend. I feel bad, but I have a<br />

real job, not just fucking guys on<br />


89.<br />

Donny leaves the room. Hector takes a drink from the bottle.<br />


Donny is in the shower. Hector pulls the shower curtain back<br />

and steps in.<br />

DONNY<br />

Christ! Can I ever shower alone?<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, suck me off please. I saw a<br />

witch doctor who told me that you<br />

are the only one that can break the<br />

curse.<br />

DONNY<br />

Me! What curse?<br />

HECTOR<br />

My soon to be ex-wife put a curse<br />

on my man meat so I haven’t been<br />

able to get it up since. Please, I<br />

need it to do my job.<br />

Hector grabs the bar of soap and starts to scrub Donny’s<br />

back.<br />


Bro, she said someone named Donald<br />

can break it, but she must have<br />

meant you.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, my name is Donny, not Donald. I<br />

can’t help you.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Please, I’m begging you, please<br />

break my curse, bro.<br />

Hector puts his arms around Donny and kisses his neck. Donny<br />

closes his eyes and leans back against Hector’s body.<br />

DONNY<br />

Okay bro, I will break the curse<br />

for you, just stop begging. It’s<br />

pathetic to see you like this and<br />

that your man meat is wilting.

90.<br />


JESUS<br />

You heard about your ex, Simon,<br />

being dead?<br />

DONNY<br />

Yeah, so sad, I heard that little<br />

twink, Igor, killed him.<br />

JESUS<br />

You’re far hotter than he was.<br />

DONNY<br />

Are you flirting with me?<br />

JESUS<br />

Please, why don’t you come over to<br />

my place tonight? I would really<br />

like to have that date with you.<br />

DONNY<br />

Alright already. I’ve heard enough<br />

begging for one day. Text me your<br />

address.<br />

Donny and Jesus exit the building out onto the Drive.<br />


Donny comes in and walks over to his desk. Juan Pablo comes<br />

over.<br />

Donny unlocks the desk drawer and pulls out Jammer’s MacBook.<br />


Now you can stop this revenge on<br />

the Barbies, what’s left of them<br />

anyway.<br />

DONNY<br />

I just have to finish off Blaze,<br />

and then I will be done.<br />

Juan Pablo turns and walks across the room.<br />


Papi, you have an evil grin on your<br />

face. What’s up with that?<br />

DONNY<br />

I have something that will make<br />

Blaze wish he was dead.

91.<br />


What is that, papi?<br />

DONNY<br />

Everyone will find out at Hector’s<br />

premiere party.<br />


Blaze lies in bed in the arms of Jordan.<br />

BLAZE<br />

After Hector’s video launch<br />

tonight, we will take Simon’s ashes<br />

to Cuba and spread them. That’s<br />

what he wanted. He loved it there.<br />

JORDAN<br />

He was so young, and to be killed<br />

by face cream, how sad.<br />

Blaze kisses the top of Jordan’s head.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Don’t worry. I will take good care<br />

of you.<br />

JORDAN<br />

I’ve always liked you.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Everyone likes me. Everyone wants<br />

something from me, even you.<br />

Jordan sits and looks at Blaze.<br />

JORDAN<br />

No, I really do like you. Look at<br />

what you’ve done for me. You took<br />

me out from behind the bar.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You will get bored with me soon<br />

enough, just like Rickey and the<br />

others, and then leave me.<br />

Jordan licks Blaze’s chest. He licks down to his waist. Blaze<br />

takes his hand and shoves Jordan’s head under the blanket.<br />

BLAZE (CONT’D)<br />

Earn your keep, sweetie.

92.<br />


The bar has posters up, of Hector’s new DVD cover, entitled<br />

“I am here to Clean Your Pipe”.<br />

Hector sits behind a table with stacks of his new DVD. Donny<br />

sees Blaze and Jordan together. Jordan is shirtless with his<br />

arms around Blaze.<br />

Donny makes his way to the main stage. Donny gets on stage<br />

and takes the microphone.<br />

DONNY<br />

Can I have everyone’s attention?<br />

The crowd looks at Donny on stage.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

I just want to thank Blaze for<br />

making this night possible for my<br />

friend Hector over there.<br />

Donny points to Hector across the room at the table.<br />

Blaze looks at Jordan.<br />

BLAZE<br />

What’s this bitch doing?<br />

JORDAN<br />

Giving a speech in your honor.<br />

Donny walks across the stage.<br />

The crowd cheers.<br />

DONNY<br />

What can I say about Blaze? He’s a<br />

model who helps others with their<br />

careers.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

Yes, he’s helped so many of us,<br />

including myself, but what do we<br />

really know about Blaze’s<br />

beginnings.<br />

Blaze starts to walk to the stage, when Jordan grabs him, but<br />

Blaze pushes him away.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Stop this Donny. Shut it down.

93.<br />

DONNY<br />

Many of us do not know that Blaze<br />

got his start in Hot College Boy<br />

Magazine at the age of sixteen.<br />

Here’s the cover of it.<br />

A screen in the back of the room projects the cover of Hot<br />

College Boy Magazine with a young Blaze on the cover.<br />

Blaze runs on stage and blocks the image.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

What’s wrong Blaze? You don’t want<br />

anyone to see that the date on the<br />

cover is clearly nineteen eighty<br />

five?<br />

BLAZE<br />

You bitch!<br />

DONNY<br />

That would make you forty-five<br />

years old, not twenty-eight.<br />

Blaze runs over to Donny, grabs him, and pushes him up<br />

against the wall.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I will kill you for this.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, you’re finished old man, and so<br />

are the Barbies.<br />

Donny pushes Blaze, who falls onto the stage floor. Blaze<br />

sits up and looks at the angry crowd. Jordan runs out of the<br />

bar.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

You know the rules. Once you hit<br />

forty, you have to go to Tropics.<br />

The crowd starts to cheer “TROPICS, TROPICS.”<br />

Blaze gets up, runs backstage, and Donny follows him.<br />


Blaze sits in a chair, looks into the mirror, and stares at<br />

his face. Donny walks in. Blaze spins the chair around.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Why did you do this to me?

94.<br />

DONNY<br />

Because you were right.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Right about what?<br />

Donny walks over to Blaze.<br />

DONNY<br />

About me. Look at me. Really look<br />

at me.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I don’t understand.<br />

DONNY<br />

My real name is Donald. I used to<br />

weigh three hundred pounds. You<br />

made a video of me and posted it on<br />

the Internet.<br />

Blaze takes a closer look at Donny.<br />

Blaze stands.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You were that fat pig I did last<br />

year. Wow, you’ve really pulled<br />

yourself together. So this was<br />

revenge? You should be thanking me.<br />

DONNY<br />

Thanking you? You ruined life as I<br />

knew it, with that video.<br />

BLAZE<br />

No, that video turned the ugly<br />

duckling into the swan or better<br />

yet, a Barbie.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, don’t turn this around on me.<br />

You are also responsible for my<br />

best friend killing himself.<br />

BLAZE<br />

So, this whole time you’ve been<br />

planning to get back at me?<br />

DONNY<br />

Yes, I wanted all of you to pay for<br />

what you did to the guys in this<br />

town who are just like me.

95.<br />

Blaze CLAPS his hands.<br />

BLAZE<br />

So, you killed Bear, Jammer and<br />

Simon?<br />

DONNY<br />

Bear fell in the shower. It was an<br />

accident. I didn’t kill Simon<br />

either. I just put some dye in his<br />

face cream to discolor his skin.<br />

Blaze sits in the chair and looks in the mirror. He pulls his<br />

forehead back with two fingers.<br />

BLAZE<br />

The only way you could have found<br />

out about my real age was from<br />

Jammer, so you killed him?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, he had a heart attack from the<br />

most intense orgasm of his life. If<br />

I were a killer, I would have<br />

killed you a long time ago.<br />

Blaze turns the chair around and pulls out a post card.<br />

DONNY (CONT’D)<br />

What’s that?<br />

BLAZE<br />

It’s a postcard from Rickey. He’s<br />

in New York warning me about you.<br />

DONNY<br />

I saved him from you.<br />

Blaze stands and slaps Donny’s face.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You stupid boy. You ruined<br />

everything.<br />

DONNY<br />

So what, I got back at you and the<br />

Barbies, that does it for me.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I will survive the loss of the<br />

Barbies.<br />

Blaze walks over to Hector’s DVD poster and looks at it.

96.<br />

DONNY<br />

There’s a barstool at Tropics<br />

waiting for you.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I am off to Cuba in the morning<br />

anyway. You, my friend, however<br />

have to live with what you’ve done.<br />

Blaze turns toward Donny.<br />

BLAZE (CONT’D)<br />

What is that detective going to say<br />

when he finds out the truth about<br />

you? I know that he has taken a<br />

liking to you.<br />

DONNY<br />

He does not have to know anything<br />

about this.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You’re a fool, Donny, if you think<br />

that’s true. I must say you really<br />

are a Barbie though. Bravo!<br />

Blaze sits in the chair and looks in the mirror. He pulls his<br />

cheeks back.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, I am not a real Barbie. What I<br />

did was to protect the others like<br />

me from you.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Good luck convincing others of<br />

that. I hope we never meet in this<br />

life again.<br />

Out of the darkness CLAPPING starts. Casio walks in shirtless<br />

with torn jeans on.<br />

CASIO<br />

You both almost make me want to<br />

cry.<br />

BLAZE<br />

What do you want, Brony?<br />

CASIO<br />

To confess!<br />

DONNY<br />

Confess to what?

97.<br />

CASIO<br />

You see, I killed Bear, Simon and<br />

Jammer! I also tried to kill<br />

Johnny.<br />

Blaze and Donny look at each other.<br />

You! Why?<br />

BLAZE<br />

CASIO<br />

I warned you not to mess with the<br />

Bronies.<br />

DONNY<br />

No, Bear was dead in the shower<br />

when I left his house. Jammer had a<br />

heart attack.<br />

CASIO<br />

No, when you came out, I went in.<br />

Bear was coming to, so I just<br />

slammed his head some more until he<br />

was dead.<br />

Casio spits on the ground.<br />

Casio laughs.<br />

CASIO (CONT’D)<br />

As for Jammer, I put a high dose of<br />

pain medication in his drink that<br />

caused that so-called heart attack.<br />

BLAZE<br />

And Simon?<br />

CASIO<br />

Easy, after I saw Donny put the dye<br />

in, I put poison in his face cream.<br />

Casio paces back and forth.<br />

DONNY<br />

But Johnny’s still alive, right?<br />

CASIO<br />

I know, but I tried to overdose him<br />

with the syringes you left in his<br />

room. I’m the Man In Pink Scrubs.

98.<br />

DONNY<br />

You’re a murderer! I asked for your<br />

help to prank the Barbies, not kill<br />

them. This is on you now.<br />

Casio walks over to Donny.<br />

CASIO<br />

If it weren't for me, Bear, Jammer,<br />

and Johnny would have exposed you.<br />

I just killed Simon to even the<br />

score. I kept your secret, brother.<br />

BLAZE<br />

You two were in this together?<br />

DONNY<br />

No, has-been!<br />

Blaze pulls his cell phone from his pocket.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I am calling the police.<br />

Jesus and Muffy enter.<br />

JESUS<br />

No need to. We heard everything.<br />

Muffy, arrest him.<br />

Jesus points to Casio. Muffy pushes Casio against the wall<br />

and cuffs him. She pulls Casio out of the dressing room.<br />

CASIO<br />

My only regret is not making you a<br />

Brony, Donny.<br />

DONNY<br />

This is why I hate cults!<br />

BLAZE<br />

Aren’t you going to arrest him too?<br />

Jesus walks over to Blaze.<br />

JESUS<br />

No, he did nothing wrong. You on<br />

the other hand...<br />

Blaze falls back in the chair.<br />

BLAZE<br />

Me? I did not murder anybody.

99.<br />

Jesus turns and looks at Donny.<br />

Blaze gets up.<br />

JESUS<br />

Donald, I was looking for you,<br />

because there is a class action law<br />

suit being filed against Blaze. I<br />

want you to be part of it.<br />

BLAZE<br />

I have a team of lawyers to take<br />

care of this. You both make me<br />

sick.<br />

Blaze adjusts his clothes and walks out.<br />

Donny walks over to Jesus.<br />

DONNY<br />

I guess I should have told you the<br />

truth about who I really am sooner.<br />

Jesus strokes Donny’s cheek.<br />

JESUS<br />

Let’s go on this date now. I want<br />

to get to know Donald.<br />

Donny takes Jesus’ hand. Juan Pablo runs in.<br />


Oh papi, I am a sucker for happy<br />

endings.<br />

Juan Pablo pulls out a tissue and blows his nose.<br />

Hector runs in.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, without the Barbies I will<br />

have to become a Brony!<br />

Hector grabs Juan Pablo’s tissue and sobs into it.<br />


With your man meat, you should come<br />

work for me.<br />

HECTOR<br />

Bro, everyone wants this piece of<br />

meat.<br />

Hector drops the tissue. Hector grabs his groin.

100.<br />


Police cars and news vans surround the bar. Donny and Jesus<br />

walk down the Drive hand in hand.<br />

Mr. Cobbledick walks by. He turns and looks at Donny.<br />


Young love. In my day, we would<br />

have had a quickie in an alley,<br />

like that one!<br />

Donny and Jesus laugh.<br />

Johnny comes out of the alley. He sees Donny and Jesus.<br />

JOHNNY<br />

Payback’s a bitch Donny!<br />

Johnny trips and falls into a puddle.<br />


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