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A Tales From Wilton Manors Publication

Evil Trees And

Little Children

Evil trees and little children often

drink fruits of the sea.

I know to you this is bewildering

but not so if you were me.

Boys and girls trying to grow

through cracks in the cement while

Father Charles and Mrs. Brown

scream they must repent.

Everyone walking barefoot

chewing their gum with glee yet

they’re frowning in the mirror

wondering who they’ll see.

James Dean is “Dead”, Madonna

is “Old” and moved away from the

city. Nobody really wants to be

John Lennon anymore. Isn’t that a


Yet evil trees and little children

often drink fruits of the sea.

I know to you this is bewildering

but not so if you were me...

Featuring the Writing and Photography of Brett Butler

Stories: Evil Trees and Little Children / What Shall I Do Today, Dear Rebecca / Homesick

for The Valley of the Damned / Bok Choy / Beefy Daddy / Wilton Landing / Alternative

Nation (Part 1) The Sweet Smell / Catholic School Boys in Trouble (Part 1) / Father of the

Year (Part 1) / I Was His Slave / eBooks for Sale on our Website

What Shall I Do

Today, Dear


Homesick for The Valley of the


Shall I go amongst the gypsy

dancers seeking forgotten answers

to questions that don’t exist


Lost then in a dream of illusion

reaching no clear conclusion.

Searching a face I often sought


Shall I go forth with pain that

numbs me finding he who then

becomes me speaking words I

swore I’d speak no more?

Shall I chase the night in search of

laughter carefully side stepping

disaster never quite reaching what

I’m after?

Knowing not who keeps score

“or” what then shall i do dear


All was quiet as cars and buses

came to a halt. People froze and

turned into statues.

There was no wind, and far in the

distance, very far, two months

three days away, he faintly heard

the oriental flute and gypsy


He pictured the cool zombies

dancing around the golden horse,

laughing at the straights that

would hide their children behind

paper shields.

He was sixteen when they pushed

him into The Valley of The

Damned and periodically his

mother and his distant telephone

father threw him a rope of thorns.

Then they went off cleaning their

fingernails, always saying, "Why

doesn't he come home?"

He died two times only to be

reborn. He could not die again. He

walked on his fingernails, two

months three days, to the land of

the straights. He was only to find

that everyone was away on

vacation, and his mother had

forgotten his name. He went in

sixteen, spent a thousand years

and came out three quarters past


Now he is nineteen, wishing he was

twelve. Three years means so

much. He knew pawing and lust,

and stood naked for a golden vein.

He did not know love. Is there


Where are my three years?

The straights mistrusted him and

hid their jewelry out of his sight.

The cool zombies call to him at all

hours of the night, and he is so

incredibly alone.

Is there no love?

No love at all...

Bok Choy

If you find Bok Choy in your refrigerator, then it’s the end of your relationship. I

saw it and I did not know what it was. I mean we had been together for eighteen

years. If it weren’t covered in chocolate, then Max would not have eaten it. So, this

little slice of health food raised my eyebrow, when I gently asked, “What the fuck is

this?” He kindly responded, “I want to eat a little healthier.” Healthier? I thought.

I met this man at McDonalds eating a McRib when he was 22. He just turned 40,

and I am now in my 50’s. Health food has never gone into his mouth. So, I have this

fuckin’ Bok Choy in my house now. Well, it wasn’t long after, that our relationship

began falling apart. Don’t get me wrong, my friends told me we were in trouble

long before the Bok Choy incident. We stopped having sex a while back and

everything, I mean everything, he did was getting on my last nerve. Now I am no

angel either. I am kind of a neat freak and he is kind of a slob. Like after he takes a

shower, he leaves the towel on the floor, and if I don’t pick it up, it will sit there

forever. I also do everything for him. I make his breakfast and pack his lunch for

work. I take care of him when he is ill, but when I am sick; he lets me lay in the bed

for eight hours, without ever checking on me or asking me if I need anything. One

time, when he did come in and ask, it still took another 45 minutes to get the water

I requested. I did not see those signs, but I did see the Bok Choy. We stopped going

out and would sit for hours not saying a word to each other. So I decided not to

pick up his wet towel after his shower and to not make his breakfast or lunch, so

you know what, he got upset and called me a bitch. We had been together so long. I

just wanted to save our relationship, so I went back to being that Stepford

boyfriend. I went back to picking up the towel, cooking, and even then he made me

wash his back in the bath. One night I washed his back and neck and thought

about fuckin’ choking him, but I kept doing it anyway. I remember what a lost

lamb he was at 22 and now at 40 he was a successful businessman. I pushed him

and paid for him, to get a college degree as I painted and sold my paintings to make

him the spoiled Bok Choy eating man he is today. The fighting increased and I

prayed and prayed for guidance. The Bok Choy finally did it for me, so I lost it and

moved out, until my best friend reminded me that I own the house. Three months

later I walked into the house. It was clean. I was expecting flies in the air and rats

running through the house, but it was cleaner than the way I kept it. I ran to the

bathroom expecting to find a mountain of towels, but there was none. I ran to the

refrigerator and opened it only to find even more Bok Choy. At that point, I

snapped and threw his shit out on the lawn. I changed the lock and moved back in.

I think I was so mad, because he acted like a helpless child all those years and I

thought he needed me, but in reality maybe I was the problem wanting to take care

of that helpless child. I did see him at one of my art shows and my friends all

growled at him for showing up there. He was with an older man, even older than

me. He looked happy, but I felt sorry for his new boyfriend. I am sure he is picking

up his wet, smelly towels every day. As for me, maybe I will find love again or

maybe not. I will keep on painting and know if I do start to date again and see Bok

Choy in the refrigerator that I will have to run, run like hell…

Beefy Daddy

I saw him on the drive. I didn’t even know his name, but when I saw

him he was like a drug. I had to have this big, Beefy Daddy. I did all my

poses to show off my best assets. I could tell he was interested, so I

followed him into the bar. Oh, did I forget to tell you, I was on a date. I

really just wanted to hook up and get fucked, but my date wanted to get

to know me and for me to get to know him. That was bullshit, since all I

wanted to know tonight was what Beefy Daddy looked like naked. I

dragged my date into the bar. He just went on endlessly about his job

and life. I was drooling over the sight of Beefy Daddy. I wondered how

hairy his chest was or if he had a hairy ass. My date was still going on

about family and other shit that I could care less about. If he were

smart, he would have taken me home and fucked me instead of this

holding hands and talking shit. Beefy Daddy was finally checking me

out. I gave him a smile and he gave me a nod. Then that fucking date

guy took my hand, so Beefy Daddy turned away. Dam, how do I get rid

of this guy. He just wants me to go for coffee and talk. Who does he

think he is, my therapist? Can’t he tell that I am cruising some guy

right in front of him? I wondered how big Beefy Daddy’s dick was and

what he smelled like. I kept looking at him, but he did not seem

interested, since he realized that I was with someone. I couldn’t fake

getting sick, since I would have to leave and lose Beefy Daddy’s trail. I

smiled at my date as I watched Beefy Daddy’s every move in the mirror

on the wall. Does this guy ever shut the fuck up? He goes on and on. Oh,

by the way, I already forgot his name. Doesn’t he know I am just a big

whore? I saw Beefy Daddy head toward the bathroom. This was my

chance. I followed him in. He was washing his big hands as I leaned

against the sink. He smiled and I smiled back. He grabbed me and we

started to kiss. I ran my hand down to his cock, which I felt through his

jeans. We left the bar together as what’s his name watched in shock.

Beefy Daddy took me to his place, took off all his and my clothes, and

had his way with me. In other words, we fucked like two dogs in heat.

He was everything I could ever imagine. When we were done, I was

covered in his sweat. I just wanted to lay next to him all night and talk.

But the next second he grabbed my clothes and threw them at me and

told me to get out. I was shocked. I had sex with Beefy Daddy and he

wouldn’t even let me take a shower. I did the walk of shame, but I

wasn’t ashamed. Two weeks later, I walked into the bar and saw Beefy

Daddy. He was on a date with that same guy I dumped to have sex with

him. They were holding hands and both of them gave me attitude. All I

can say is that Beefy Daddy’s dick wasn’t that big and I’ve had better.

Ok, I am lying. The sex was so good. Oh, wait, there’s a guy at the bar

with a thick beard. I have to have thick beard guy…

Wilton Landing

“Ira, get out of here”, Robert yelled, standing in front of the living room


“What? I’m trying to do my hair here”, Ira said, holding a tube of hair

gel and a comb in his hand.

“Look at that little twink whore, Devon. His boyfriend just left for work

and Juan the maintenance man is doing him.”

“Stop being so nosey”, Ira said. Robert turned to Ira.

“Why? If they wanted it to be a secret they should have closed the

blinds. God, that Juan is hot. Juan’s a nice guy Rob.”

“God Ira, he sleeps with anyone who bends over.” Ira sat on the white

leather sofa and rubbed some gel in his hands and applied it to his short

black hair. “So you have a coffee date tonight”, Ira asked.

Robert turned around. “Indeed I do and he’s a doctor. My mother’s

friend knows this doctor’s aunt who lives next door to his mother.”

“That sounds complicated. What’s his name?”

“Josh Grossman”

Ira laughed ,“Grossman?”

“Hey, he’s a nice Jewish boy.”

“What about Juan”, Ira asked, trying to fix his hair.

“Ira, I don’t like muscle guys with tattoos.”

“Really, what about last summer in South Beach?”

Robert ran over to Ira and put his hand over Ira’s mouth. “We never

speak about last summer.”

The doorbell rang. Ira opened the door to see Juan covered in sweat

and holding his toolbox.

“I got a request to fix the shower”, Juan said, as he entered the living


Yeah, the one in my room which is down the hall on the left”, Robert

told him.

Juan walked towards Robert’s room.

“God, would you look at my hair”, Ira said pointing to his head.

“Who cares, he’s only the maintenance man.”

Ira and Robert both watch as Juan entered the bedroom.


Nation (Part 1)

The Sweet Smell

Our story begins somewhere in the suburbs, where the sweet smells of

fruit filled the street on Pepper Hill Lane. All the children walked to the

bus stop as the husbands and wives vacated their homes. The sweet

smells filled the neighborhood. A muscular, dark-haired man named

Jason, stepped out of his house. He was wearing his black suit. He took

a deep whiff of the sweet smells of the neighborhood. He loved Pepper

Hill Lane and it was his Utopia. He had it all; the perfect wife, twin

boys and he loved it. He got into his BMW and drove off, passing the

other homes. The palm trees blew in the sweet smelling wind. As Jason

drove onto I-95, the sweet smells of Pepper Hill Lane were gone. Now

the smells of the real world came Jason’s way. He could not wait to get

to work. He stepped on the gas pedal, since he had to get to work early,

before anyone else came in. Jason pulled off of I-95 and drove down the

street passing a red light to get to work. He pulled into the parking lot

and into his parking space. He hurried into Med Search Laboratories.

Jason opened his office door, turned on his computer, and looked out at

the parking lot. The door to his office opened and he heard the door

lock. The room suddenly had a sweet smell, but not the sweet smells of

Pepper Hill Lane. Jason turned and saw Tommy wearing a white lab

coat with his blond hair slicked back. Jason walked over and grabbed

him and kissed him. “I missed you,” Jason said. Tommy kissed Jason’s

neck. Jason threw his head back. “You smell so good baby.” Tommy

pulled away. “What are we doing?” “We care for each other Tommy,”

Jason said hugging Tommy and taking in his sweet smell. Jason peeled

off Tommy’s lab coat and pulled off his scrubs. Tommy got on his knees

and undid Jason’s pants. Tommy looked up at Jason. “We have to hurry

before the staff gets here,” Jason said as he leaned against the desk.

Jason took in the sweet smells of his office as he grabbed Tommy by the


Catholic School

Boys In Trouble

(Part 1)

My name is Blair and this is how my story began. It could only happen

in Wilton Manors. I saw him at the Gateway theatre. There was a

special showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I couldn’t believe

Luke Roberts was playing Rocky on stage. See, I thought I knew all the

gay boys at Sister Bertrille’s School for Boys. But Luke was my

straight-boy shower room masturbation fantasy! He was the guy I

wanted, and when I saw him on stage running around in gold

underwear (don’t think I didn’t check out his basket), I had to have

him! That Monday at school, I passed a note to Pickles, my best friend

in Bible Study class. Let me tell you about Pickles. He is a wonderful

guy and I love him. He knew I was gay before I did.

I remember we were at lunch, and of course, I was drooling over Luke in his tight skinny jeans

standing in line. Pickles looked at me and said, “Girl, you’re a queer boy.” I hate it when he

calls me girl. Pickles’ real name is Drew, but no one calls him that, not even the nuns. I told

Pickles about Luke at Rocky Horror. “It doesn’t shock me at all. Have you seen the way he

walks?”, Pickles said as he was fixing his hair in the mirror. “Should I go after him?”, I asked.

Pickles turned and looked at me. “Well we have to know for sure. I wouldn’t want you to get

your ass kicked.” “I might like that, Pickles.” “Don’t go there. Anyway, I’ll ask Stevie”, Pickles

replied. A note about Stevie: she is known as the Lesbian Loan Shark in Wilton Manors. I once

borrowed two hundred and ninety five dollars for a black Diesel jacket. I was late with one

payment and she beat the shit out of me. However, Stevie knew all the gay boys at school, no

matter how far in the closet they were. Pickles had to go to the one place he hated, the softball

field where Stevie hung out with her lesbian gang. I couldn’t go with him because the bitch held

a grudge about that damn jacket. I waited for Pickles at Java Boys, where they have the cutest

waiters. It seemed like hours, but Pickles came in and I ran to him like a dog with a bone.

“Pickles, is he gay?” “Not here, the walls have ears”, Pickles said, looking at Eric, the school

gossip. Pickles took me to his house. His parents are so cool about him being gay. Not like my

parents who were in denial. Pickles has this cool purple and black room, with a vague disco

theme. I sat on the edge of the bed on top of his Cher blanket waiting to find out if Luke was

gay. Pickles went on to tell me how hard it was to get the 411 from Stevie. “Pickles!”, I shouted.

“Don’t have a spaz, dear. Yes he’s a queer boy, but he’s in the closet”, Pickles informs. “So I can

bring him out.” Pickles rolled his fake blue eyes at me. “It’s not that easy. He doesn’t go out

with high school boys; in fact he doesn’t go out with any boys.” “Oh, he has a fag hag posing as

a girlfriend”, I responded. Pickles ran his hand through his thick blond hair. “No not that

dramatic, he wants to be a priest.” “Well you know I like wearing crucifixes, Pickles.” “Girl,

you're Jewish!” Pickles took me by the hand and we walked to Java Boys. I was on my third

Java Chip Frap when Luke Roberts walked in. He is a god! But there was something wrong. He

was with a girl and they were holding hands. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom where

Pickles was piercing our friend Hector’s ear. He is one of those cute waiters at Java Boys.

“Ouch!” Hector yelled out. Pickles turned to me. “ You made him bleed when you barged in

here.” “Not now.” I said grabbing Pickles’ hand and pointing him towards Luke with a girl. “I

thought you said he was a queer boy.” Pickles again rolled his fake blue eyes at me. “Maybe he

is Bi.” We went back to our table. All I could do was watch Luke and that evil bitch with him.

“Sweetie, ex-boyfriend alert, Daniel is coming”, Pickles warns. A quick note about Daniel: He is

a teen-age drag queen. The only good thing about dating him was, that when he would come

pick me up he was always dressed in drag. So my parents thought that I was dating a girl.

Daniel came over to me. He was wearing a pink sundress with a long, bad, blond wig. “Sugar,

you can put that plastic knife down. That girl is Luke’s sister.” “What are you talking about?”,

I asked. Daniel replied, “Luke Roberts darling is every gay boy’s dream here in Wilton Manors.

Too bad he wants to be a Priest, such a waste.” Daniel walked away to be with the other teenage

drag queens. I looked at Pickles. “It’s true, he is going to be a priest. I can never have him.”

Pickles reached across the table and took my hand. “Be brave. It worked for Erica Kane on All

My Children.” I smiled at Pickles. “I have a better idea. I have my mother’s charge cards she

never knows about. Let’s go to the Galleria.”. We both got up and ran out the side door. Next

issue: Gym Class every gay boys nightmare!

Father of the

Year (Part 1)

My friends have been encouraging me to date again. My ex and me

parted ways many years ago, when my son was a baby, but now he’s

twelve. I have not been out there in the dating world since I was young

and before fatherhood. All my friends are telling me to get out there and

start to date since my son is getting older and my life seems to revolve

around the monthly PTA meetings and gossiping with the other

mothers. My best friend got me to join Growler. I took a very nice

picture of my face with a big smile. I then noticed that all the other

guys’ pictures were of armpits, nipples, and yes cock. I decided to keep

my smiling picture up as I was determined to enter the dating world

again. The next day, when my son came home from school, I was

washing dishes and he yelled out “Dad what’s this Growler game you

downloaded on my phone?” I dropped the dish I was holding and ran

out of the kitchen. “Give me that phone”, I yelled. He handed it to me

and I quickly deleted the app. I handed the phone back to him. “It’s an

adult game”, I explained. He shrugged his shoulders and threw his book

bag down and turned on the television. I went back to washing dishes.

The moral of the story is that when you download an app, make sure it

does not end up on your child’s phone if both phones are synced to the

same account. I guess I won’t be getting the Father of the Year Award

this year.

I Was His Slave

I Was His Slave dressed in leather, begging on the floor of his secret pit

of desire. I screamed out loud as he laughed and called me names.

“Please hit me, Sir.” “I am so bad, show me the dark path you walk.”

He pulled my hair, spit on me, put me on a leash, and locked me in a

box yelling that I wasn’t ready. He made fun of me, but I could see the

dark beauty in the depth of his eyes. I do love him in a strange way, but

he doesn’t love me. He only uses me for his twisted games. I can still feel

his whip hitting my naked flesh in the middle of the night as sweat and

tears poured from me. He only laughed as I cried for more. When I bag

his groceries, he smiles and seems so innocent, but we both know the

darkness and the pain will come.

eBooks for Sale

on our Website

eBooks for Sale

on our Website

Valley of The Barbies - An Original Screenplay (A Film Script eBook) by Brett

Butler Film Script Synopsis: When a bitter, overweight gay man (Donald) has a

prank played on him by a group of men, known as the Barbies, he must overcome

the all too perfect, conceited men, in order to get revenge, by losing weight,

changing his identity to in>iltrate the Barbies, and play his own pranks on each one

of them. Introduction: This was written as a Master’s Thesis and I am very proud

of it. I came up with the idea for this story, one day at the coffee house (Java Boys)

in Wilton Manors. I was watching and hearing young gay men talk about their

hookups and making fun of others that do not >it into their perfect world. So, from

this conversation, “Valley of the Barbies” was born. I made the guys I saw “The

Barbies” and the rest of us, who do not >it in, the “Donalds” of the world. Act 1:

Donald is the protagonist. He is overweight and does not >it into the perfect guy

world of Wilton Manors. Donald has to pay for sex from a Barbie, Johnny, the town

hustler. One night, Donald meets Blaze, the leader of the Barbies, who takes Donald

home and has sex with him. Blaze makes a sex tape of this and posts it for everyone

in town to see. This tape ruins Donald’s life and everyone now recognizes him, but

for the wrong reason. Donald’s best friend commits suicide over a prank the

Barbies play on him. Donald wants revenge and his nude housekeeper, Juan Pablo,

offers him the help he needs to get it. Act 2: Donny must keep the Barbies from

>inding out his true identity, so he can get his revenge. Donny needs to keep Johnny

quiet, before he tells the Barbies that he is really Donald. Donny must date a Barbie,

in order to get into the Barbies. Donny is forced to perform a sex act, as the

initiation into the Barbies. Act 3: Donny is being blackmailed by Jammer, one of the

Barbies, and is forced to go to Casio, the leader of the rival gang the Bronies, for

help. As more Barbies seem to be dying off, Donny is close to bringing down the

remaining members. Donny exposes Blaze’s real age in public and causes the

Barbies to fold. Casio confesses to killing the Barbies, as his way of helping Donny.

Donny and Jesus, the detective, seem to be drawn to each other. As everything is

falling apart, will these two walk off into the sunset together? Will Blaze and Johnny

seek out revenge on Donny for what he has done to them? Favorite Scene:

Audiences will laugh when an 80 year old man, BJ Cobbledick, walks into Donald’s

workplace to pick up his medication.” Mr. Cobbledick mistakes Donald’s woman

boss, Stevie, as a man, by telling her she needs a shave. Then as Mr. Cobbledick

looks at Donald, he recognizes him from his sex tape and calls him out on it, by

offering some sage advice, “Leave the porn to the muscle boys.” Mr. Cobbledick

makes another appearance at the very end of the script, offering similar sage

advice. 104 Pages / Cover Art

eBooks for Sale

on our Website

The Adventures at Toxic Beach - Attack of the Killer Eddies (An

Animation Script eBook) by Brett Butler Animation Script Synopsis: When

a smart, wimpy boy genius is violated by the school bully, who writes “Loser” on

his forehead in permanent ink, he must overcome the overcon>ident, sel>ish

school bully, in order to get back at him and make him stop, by building the

Killer Eddie robots who attack him and take over the school. 30 Pages /

Photographs / Art

The Rhythm of Youth (A Film Script eBook) by Brett Butler Film Script

Synopsis: When a street-smart, underprivileged boy from Hialeah gets a

scholarship to an upscale private school, he must overcome a perfect, jealous

head boy in order to succeed at the school and become head boy himself, by

using his street-smarts and taking the head boy's place. 12 Pages / Photographs

Homesick for The Valley of The Damned (A Webisode Script eBook) by

Brett Butler Webisode Script Synopsis: The Star Football Player has a big

secret. His girlfriend wants to stay Queen Bee at Clarkstown North High School.

She will do anything to keep the student body from >inding out what is really

going on in the boy's locker room. This time she may have been out- smarted

and the secret could be exposed. 12 Pages / Photographs / Poem

Alternative Nation - Book 1 and 2 (A Short Story eBook) by Brett Butler

Short Story Synopsis: (Book 1) Two men struggle to >ight their feelings for each

other. One has the perfect family (a wife and kids) and the other has a devoted

girlfriend. As both men fall in love with each other, they face different obstacles

to their love that threaten to destroy everything they now have. (Book 2) A new

neighbor forms a dangerous love triangle as both men face the aftermath of their

broken relationship. They try to rebuild their lives apart and >ind a way back to

each other again. 44 Pages / Front Cover Photographs / Back Cover Art

Beyond the Valley of The Barbies (A Film Script Sequel eBook) by Brett

Butler (Coming Soon)

Zines are in full color on our Website!

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