Yearbook AY 2016-2017 (Suvarnabhumi campus)


Singapore International Schools of Bangkok | Suvarnabhumi campus




2016 - 2017




In 2010, SISB was fully accredited by the Office for National

Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) under

the Private Education Act of Thailand.


Member of the International Schools Association of Thailand.



Founded in 2001, SISB currently has 5 campuses in

Thailand which adopt the Singapore and UK curricula

as the foundation for teaching and learning. The SISB

name is inspired by our first campus, the Singapore

International School of Bangkok (2001), the first

Singapore International School that was established

in Thailand which pioneered the Singapore education


SISB provides a standardized curriculum underscored by

the twin principles of the Singapore education system

and consistently delivers high quality education that

many have come to trust of SISB. Through a broadbased

and unique tri-lingual curriculum, SSB offers a

safe and nurturing learning environment and provides

opportunities and challenges to foster students as

lifelong learners and future leaders.

With more than 1,500 students of over 20 nationalities,

and strong teaching and support hailing from over 20

countries, the SISB community is inspired by a global

outlook and enriched by cultural diversity.

SISB upholds the reputation of the globally renowned,

excellent education system of Singapore and holds the

duty to contribute positively to the development of

education in Thailand.

With the rapid growth of its student population, SISB

identified the need to expand its campus facilities. On

7 June 2002, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri

Sirindhorn presided over the Grand Opening of SISB

Pracha Uthit campus, a new campus spanning 17,000

square metres in Pracha Uthit. The campus features wellequipped

classrooms, a library, science and computer

laboratories, a multi-purpose hall, basketball court,

swimming pool, playgrounds and offers full-fledged

curricula for students from age 2 to 18.

In June 2013, SISB Suvarnabhumi campus was launched.

Since then, SISB Suvarnabhumi was helmed by Mr Fabio

Corvaglia and later Ms Christine Ahrens as principals of

the school. Currently, the Head of School, Mrs Jenny Yeo,

is leading the school team to work towards creating a

vibrant learning community, that empowers students

to achieve academic excellence as well as be holistically


Together with the competent and passionate team of

teachers and staff, the school is focused on working

collaboratively with parents and the community to

help students realize their potential and be nurtured to

become future leaders.


We believe all students are unique individuals endowed with special talents and have the desire to

succeed, and that every student is important, and every parent a partner.


To be a leading international school in Thailand, known and respected for having the Singapore

and UK Curricula as its foundation for teaching and learning, and for ensuring a climate of

interculturalism, internationalism and student well-being.


Spirit of Excellence


We strive to ensure that all students grow intellectually, physically, socially, morally and culturally,

to become responsible, achieving and contributing members of the world.


We believe that the spirit of these goals and objectives will mould the values, attitudes and actions

of all stakeholders and will enable students to confront and address the multiplicity of problems and

challenges which come from living in an ever-changing and diverse world. We aim to offer quality


● We provide a conducive and safe learning environment that is intercultural, international,

multilingual and challenging for effective learning and teaching.

● We aspire to having our students become academically able, critical thinkers, life-long learners

and global citizens in a learning environment which is intercultural, international and multilingual

in its outlook, and rigorous, creative and nurturing in its approach.

● We nurture our students to attain a level of competency in three languages, and to equip them

with information technology and life skills necessary to successfully access tertiary education in

universities of their choice throughout the world.

● We promote a healthy lifestyle through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

● We ensure professional development for all our staff, and commit to working with parents and

other stakeholders to build a strong and close-knit community.


● Students Our Focus

● Staff Our Asset

● Parents / Community Our Partners

● Resources Our Tools

● Excellence Our Pursuit

● Values Our Anchor


SISB adopts the Singapore and UK curricula and textbooks in our lesson delivery and

learning. The core subject areas are English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese and Thai.

The non-core subject areas include Physical Education, Moral Education, Art, Music,

Health Education, Computer Study and Social Studies. Student’s performance is

monitored through both formal and informal assessment modes. 70% of the student’s

performance is through termly written examination while the other 30% is through

project work, community involvement, classroom participation and work attitude. Our

Primary 6 students take the Singapore IPSLE examination while the Year 11 students

take the Cambridge IGCSE examination and the students in Year 12 and 13 take the

AS/A Levels. We use our customised phonics teaching method to give our Nursery and

Kindergarten students a head start in the listening, speaking and reading skills. We

have a structured reading program from Nursery to Secondary levels. Students from

Primary to Year 11 classes are taught research, creative thinking and problem solving

skills. Field trips. students’ work attachment and community involvements are part of

the life skills programme to prepare our students for the ever-changing landscape.


SISB has transited the students’ performance from quantity to quality outcome. We

now aim to carve out niches and special programmes with schools both locally and

overseas. We are also developing our own staff training centre.

CEO’s Message



Every year is a memorable year for the students, parents,

teachers and staff of SISB. Each year, we witness and contribute

to the growth of our school with a myriad of learning

experiences, activities, events and developments. To the graduating

class of 2016-2017, I congratulate you on your achievements

and hope that you will continue to stay in touch with us as our

proud alumni.

Academic Year 2016-2017 is an eventful year as we marked the

15th Anniversary of SISB. Since our establishment in 2001, we have

come a long way together to establish SISB as a holistic school

for quality education in Thailand. This year, we opened the new

Secondary Complex at Pracha Uthit campus, along with state-ofthe-art

facilities, such as a Boarding School, brand new Sports

Complex, Creative Arts and Media Centre and Swimming Pool.

With all these new facilities, we hope to provide our students with

the best environment to live, learn and explore.

We also launched a new campus in Chiangmai and will be opening

a new campus in Thonburi by Academic Year 2017-2018. SISB Chiangmai

is our first development beyond the Bangkok Metropolitan

Area and we are excited about the launch of this new campus,

which is the first Singapore International School in Northern


The inaugural SISB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – English

Language Project has also been a great success this year and it is

heartwarming to see all our students and staff sharing their passion

of teaching with the students from Praram 9 Kanchanapisek


Our togetherness and dedication define SISB’s Spirit of Excellence.

I wish all our students, parents, teachers and staff good health and

success, and thank you for your contributions and being part of

our big SISB family.

Head of School’s Message

It has certainly been an exciting 6 months for me in SISB - SV !

I have grown to love the serene and rustic environment which

the school is situated in as well as the precious students. I am

also touched by the strong support from their parents and the

Parent Support Team.

In SV, we believe in the power of a dream.

It is our dream to develop our school into a Choice School where

everyone in it wants to be the best that they can be.

Hence our SV vision :-

A Choice School - The Best That We Can Be

I have reminded the staff that like the Chilli Padi which is small but

powerfully spicy, SV although small in size aspires to be recognized

as a premier school with competent and caring staff who

will make a significant difference in the lives and education of the


The environment in the world of the future will be more volatile,

unpredictable and complex. We need to equip our students with

strong fundamentals of literacy, numeracy and develop them holistically,

in character, knowledge and critical competencies which

they must possess to do well and succeed in the 21st Century.

Education is about nurturing the whole child to be the best that

he can be. It means developing the child in the moral, intellectual,

physical, social-emotional and aesthetic domains.

Values lie at the heart of Education. We also hope to develop

each child to be morally upright and have a strong sense of civic

responsibility. In the process, each child will learn to be caring and

responsible to his family and community as well as understands

and plays his role in contributing to the future of the nation.

My staff and I are committed to bringing out the best in every

child. This would enable each child to succeed and build a better

future for all. I look forward to helping each child find joy in learning

and make learning authentic and relevant . The students will

be able to participate in various interesting programmes which

will be introduced next academic year.

Schools are institutions for learning. Together with the home,

schools enable the child to first know himself, his strengths and

his areas for growth. Partnerships between schools, parents and

the community can enrich learning experiences, encourage and

inspire students and kindle the community spirit.

Let us work together in partnership to educate our precious students

so that we can co-create a better future for all !

I look forward to your continual unstinting support.





1st row, left to right:

Ratree Jawisuth | Atsadang Pattang | Jinkajee Narasinpradit |

Ketsarin Dangsurisri (School Manager) | Narisa Lertnamwongwan

(Principal, Nursery and Kindergarten) | Jenny Yeo (Head of School) |

Kelvin Koh (Board Chairman) | Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit (Specialist) |

Panjai Chiranuphab (School Director) | Apatsanan Charoensukpiyapat

(Assistant to School Director) | Phanit Tongnual | Surasek Nuket

(Operations Manager) | Chuthamas Chaisee | Thunyatorn Puwapantanon

2nd row, left to right:

Manatspong Anansinchai | Janejira Thuamrid | Ornuma Sainumpung |

Worawee Asawapoom | Jaruwan Amporn | Mana Jitklang | Tavanrat

Saetaew | Poungpet Amporn | Orawee Yodjit | Ratchanee Barisut |

Patana Yodjid | Budsarang Ruangsamanmaitree | Suthinee Chobdern

3rd row, left to right:

Preecha Kumar | Putti Therdchitprisand | Kuekul Chansoongnurn |

Khrueawany Phromsena | Bunmee Budda | Tawatchai Phosawang





left to right:

• Janejira Thuamrid

• Atsadang Pattang

• Ketsarin Dangsurisri (School Manager)

• Ratree Jawisuth

• Jinkajee Narasinpradit

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 11



1st row, left to right:

• Phanit Tongnual

• Ornuma Sainumpung

• Apatsanan Charoensukpiyapat (Assistant to School Director)

• Thunyatorn Puwapantanon

• Chuthamas Chaisee

2nd row, left to right:

• Manatspong Anansinchai

• Mana Jitklang

• Kuekul Chansoongnurn

• Putti Therdchitprisand





1st row, left to right:

Ratchanee Barisut | Orawee Yodjit | Budsarang Ruangsamanmaitree |

Patana Yodjid | Suthinee Chobdern

2nd row, left to right:

Preecha Kumar | Worawee Asawapoom | Jaruwan Amporn | Poungpet

Amporn | Tawatchai Phosawang | Bunmee Budda | Tavanrat Saetaew |

Khrueawany Phromsena


Nobprarat Duangrat (Chef)

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 13




1st row, left to right:

Busaraphan Proibamrung | Chrize Pretorius | Xiaoling Huang |

Marie Janette Mia Rivera | Rosela Reyes Nuqui | Jenny Yeo (Head of School) |

Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit (Specialist) | Kelvin Koh (Board Chairman) |

Narisa Lertnamwongwan (Principal, Nursery and Kindergarten) |

Panjai Chiranuphab (School Director) | Ketsarin Dangsurisri (School Manager) |

Mee Mee San (NK Coordinator) | Werne Van Der Vyver | Mae Saban De La Cruz |

Alexandra Diane Carson | Olivia Ruth Lindsey | Timothy Charles Dickens

2nd row, left to right:

Windy Saban Embiado | Thitirat Sakulkimhan | Naiyana Sirijanda | Leonida E. David |

Patcharin Yindee | Sineenart Tubson | Ayra Marie Cordero Caray |

Marry Ann Gonzales Cueto | Khantong Pradabsri | Mary Jane Nuevarez David |

Ponsawan Chantuek | Joybelle J. Mamolang | Michelle Basas Calderon |

Marife Gonito Buhat

3rd row, left to right:

Katerina Rasamee Khaimook Tho | Elsa Tapales Lagurin | Belinda S. Faustino |

Jongkonrat Siriwat | Kittiya Atsavaphum | Gemmalyn Nacorda Perfas |

Therese Jean Sargento Sta. Ana | Sasirin Sachairat | Jiraporn Sujarak |

Janthana Singprasert


Ilze Visser | Hongyan Hu




1st row, left to right:

Jin Jin | Ten Ten | Benjamin | Bentley | Denim | Sha Sha | Rome | Peach | Sean

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Noey | Teacher Olivia | Teacher Fern


Boonperm | IQ | Wami

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 17


1st row, left to right:

Minta | Anda | Wara | Pi-R | Anya | Top | Proud | Ing | Garn

2nd row, left to right:

Prame | Nueng | Porsche | Lhin | Monet | Timer | Hattrick | Timmy

3rd row, left to right:

Teacher Mary | Teacher Annie | Teacher Oom | Teacher Daeng


Alice | Chanya | Earth | Him




1st row, left to right:

Time | Nadol | Khing | Guide | Anna | Pink | Melody | Kan | Rada

2nd row, left to right:

Pim | CC | Mali | Tonkla | Feifan | MJ | Winnie | Mica

3rd row, left to right:

Teacher Mam | Teacher Lek | Teacher Elsa | Teacher Windy


Pound | Anda | Puinun | Wowwa

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 19


1st row, left to right:

Peace | Mone | Mini | Koy-Kyo | Ivy | Rada | Thee | Guys | Nada

2nd row, left to right:

Copter | Poon | Tan Tan | Emma | Mark | Win | Nato | Hawaii | Almond | Michelle

3rd row, left to right:

Teacher Michelle | Teacher Werne | Teacher Rin






1st row, left to right:

Yuki | Smile | Tanyong | Joop Joop | Sofia | Lada | Shachah | Wha Wha | Triton

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher May | Yuan | Boss | Ocean | Pepo | Song Song | Lewis | Cahill |

Teacher Joybelle | Teacher Janette


Fuse | Min-A

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 21


1st row, left to right:

Wit | Win Win | Gunn | Eiffel | Petchy | Ivy | Angie | Yaimai | Ploy

2nd row, left to right:

Enzo | Avin | Tawan | Porsche | Khun | Bella | Aimmie

3rd row, left to right:

Teacher Gemmalyn | Teacher Katerina | Teacher Bow


Teacher Ilze | Keen | Napat | Siree




1st row, left to right:

Porto | Mung-Korn | Paula | Linen | Paint | Ai | Terasu | Panwa | Tang

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Alexandra | Anut | Magust | Pixel | Im-Em (K2L) | Angie | Khun | Han |

Chen Chen | Teacher Leonida

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 23


1st row, left to right:

Mie Mie | Kwang-Toong | Pantone | Ponton | Yang | Pimsa | Ava | Khunkhun | Kin

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Belinda | Diw | Maprode | Tonkla | Polar | Fei Fei | Care | Pam | Por |

Teacher Timothy




1st row, left to right:

Chan-Chaow | Ishi | Hsai Hsai | Ben | Charmi | Zin Zeer | Lyon | Sun | Pam

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Ayra | O-ryuu | Dom | Singto | Korya | Khongkwan | Miki | Pym |

Teacher Noukie

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 25


1st row, left to right:

Han Han | Proud | Kate | Ern | Smile | Jig-show

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Marife | William | Tue | Penguin | Santa | Kin Kin | Teacher Rosela






1st row, left to right:

Guitar | Alice | Baicha | Umi | Olivia

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Therese | Ray-O | August | Novem | Amata | Earth | Teacher Chrize

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 27



Athicha Hans Andrew Arinpitcha

Pimlada Supakorn William Wu

Akin Chaichana Supakorn

William Wu Akin Chaichana





Amata Siriwat Pattarathida

Sutthasit Pattarawan Thanawanta

Olivia Siao Chee Bunphitak Angwara

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 31



1st row, left to right:

Phuriwat Rotwirut (Thai Coordinator) | Julee Phayakmalerng (Chinese Coordinator) |

Ketsarin Dangsurisri (School Manager) | Narisa Lertnamwongwan (Principal, Nursery

and Kindergarten) | Jenny Yeo (Head of School) | Kelvin Koh (Board Chairman) |

Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit (Specialist) | Panjai Chiranuphab (School Director) |

Herbert Gonzales Acedo (IT and Primary Coordinator) | Juna Ebieza Murillo

(Language and Literacy Coordinator) | Merle Magluyan Tagaduar (Social Studies

Coordinator) | Miranda Adriana Cornelia Schets | Ninu Lachman T. Mirachandani

2nd row, left to right:

Norraya Bte Sayuti | Adelia Amores Bias | Prisybella Latcha Camilo | Sim Ing Eng |

Liu Rong Rong | Gareth Owen Clements | Willem Daniel Visser | Rembrandt Molina

Lijauco | Shiela Saban Embiado | Cheen Angeles Edrial | Hercules Mamolo Camilo |

Zhongli Yang | Christeta Danielle Humphry | Angelica Eneke E. Lusterio | Princess

Jane Aranda Parreno | Rowenalyn L. Caldito | Nenita Simila Acedo | Rungnapa





1st row, left to right:

Nacha | Ame | Fill | Tigger | Peem | Ik | Athens | Aiden

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Cheen | Tul | Rhea | Nawin | Anda | Pun | Jinny | Ching Ching | Teacher Miranda

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 35


1st row, left to right:

Mia | Namsai | Jenny | Mei Mei | Kaem | Mawin | Payu | Captain

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Angelica | Cheetah | Cahleb | City | Praew | Toon Toon | Smart | Pixel | Teacher Merle




1st row, left to right:

Cheng | Chompoo | Jen | Eden | Mai Yok | Shan-Shan | Meiji | Sha Sha | Jeep | Richard

2nd row, left to right:

Sa Sa | Teem | Emil | Lert | Poa | Mammos | Putter | Focus | Pang Pond | Amanda

3rd row, left to right:

Teacher Shiela | Teacher Norraya | Teacher Christeta



YEARBOOK 2016-2017 37


1st row, left to right:

Nah-nah | Plaifah | Kimi | Sydney | Asia | Ete | Cake | Alin | JJ | Kaimook | Kaosuoy

2nd row, left to right:

Teacher Jane | Mac | Marqy | Micky | Peach | Miqi | Wei Wei | Chain | Mos | Judo | Nine | Teacher Juna






1st row, left to right:

Pat | Jet | Anita | Rafael | Pun Pun | T.J | Teem | Tong Tong | Andrew | Sky | Jiale

2nd row, left to right:

Pheem | Moji | Far | Poom | Prin | Omar | Matthew | Wang Yang | Toto | Teacher Gareth

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 39


1st row, left to right:

Pee | Sa | Leigh | Klangnao | Ta | Forest | Anna | Tommy | Vincent | Jeffrey

2nd row, left to right:

Janice | Pan Pan | Film | Tot | Sonic | Poon | Tiger | Chai Chai | Sena | Teacher Willem Daniel Visser




1st row, left to right:

Jacky | Toy | Pure | Prim | Ploy | Dream | Ming Ming | Zin | Patee

2nd row, left to right:

Rew | Andy | Jaztin | Minh | Haagen-Dazs | Teacher Ninu | Tan



YEARBOOK 2016-2017 41





Punyaphat Jacky Arielle Jaztin Natchaya

Pakorn Thanakorn Patee Pitchaporn

Parima Nicha Thanadet Tanniti



YEARBOOK 2016-2017 43



Peeradon Sornyotha

I have been in SISB for almost four years. It surprises me how quick it has

come to an end. I am very thankful for all of the experiences I have had in this


Over the years, I have made lots of friends who have always been there for

me. At first, I thought they would not accept me as a friend but how wrong I was.

I have made some very good friends whom I know will remain with me for many

years to come. I would like to thank all my friends who have supported me.

I would like to thank my homeroom teachers, Ms.Tan and Ms.Ninu as well as

all my other teachers. I have improved a lot thanks to your encouragement and

sound teaching practices.

Although it has been a very short time, I think it has been a very special

time. I wish all my friends the best of luck. Let’s stay best friends for life...See

you in PU!

Punyaphat Nieamsawat

I truly cannot believe how quickly time flies. Many times I had wish I could

stop time all through these 9 glorious years. We have forged lasting friendships

which I hope will last forever.

To all my teachers, I want to say a big thank you. You have been there,

guiding me into become a better person, leading me towards success, cheering

me on every time I feel down. Thank you for explaining lessons patiently

especially the ones I found difficult to understand. You all my candle, lighting

the night-way for me so I could arrive home safe and sound. I appreciate every

one of you.

To all my friends, thank you for being such great friends. Thank you for all

your support. Thank you for everything you mean to me. Thank you for picking

me up whenever I was down. We have gone through both good and bad times

together. I am very lucky to have met you all. Thank you from the bottom of my

heart. We have worked hard and helped one another throughout these glorious

years, until it now feels like we are one big happy family. I am going to miss my

alma mater and all my friends and teachers. But I’ll be @PU to see you…

Thofun Singruenrom

This school has taught me how to make friends and how to be nice to

people. In this school, teachers are not the only ones who teach us, our friends

do so too. I have improved in my English, Math, Science as well as the other

subjects. Whenever I have problems I confided in my teachers who are more

than happy to help me. My years in SISB/SV will be etched in my memory

forever. Thank you dear teachers and friends for all you have done for me.

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 45


Nicha Lerdlatthaporn

In a blink of an eye, I am going to step up to a secondary school. I haven’t

a clue what awaits me there but I know I’m going to miss the life I have had in

primary school.

I remember the first day when I stepped into SISB/SV. I felt a big difference

between this and my old school. I had to wake up in the wee hours of morning

to get to school in time; there were many rules in and outside the classrooms

and new textbooks that were harder than ones I had before. After much sweat

and tears, I finally got used to it. When the year ended, I reflected on it and

realized that I had indeed improved in my academic grades. In fact, I had

improved more than I had expected, not only in the core subjects but also in the

non-core subjects.

While in Primary 5 and 6, I had a chance to go on a residential trip together

with all my classmates. I learned many skills from the activities the teachers

had planned for us. Asides from that, I also had a chance to make friends

with students from other SISB campuses. It taught me how to get along with

complete strangers and appreciate the diversity of cultures present in our


I have left the last for the best. I want to thank my parents and teachers

for supporting me and encouraging me from the starting point to the finishing

line. Without your help, I would not be where I am standing today. A young lady

ready for the world!

Thank you!

Jacky Phayakmalerng

It has been six years, SIX YEARS! Time flies so fast. Am I right or am I right?

I have been in this school since I was a little kid. I have forged friendships which

I hope will last forever. I would like to say so much to everyone.

To all my Friends:

Friends, we have gone through a lot together in happiness and sorrow,

anger and frustration, fear and anxiety, through all situations good and bad. I

would like to say, thank you so much, for filling my school days with so much

laughter. I remember in the old days, we would play around, joke around and

not take school seriously…

Wait, are we taking school seriously now! Eh, who knows?

Some of us are going to PU, some are not. So, we may not be seeing each

other… Just saying one last time, thank you friends!

To all my Teachers:

Have I ever told you how awesome you are? You have assisted me in many

different unforgettable ways. These years would have been nothing without you


Thank you all, one last time, for filling my life with “LOVE”.




Natchaya Khamsao

All good things must come to an end. I still remember the first day in SISB

and now in a blink of an eye, it is almost four years and my days in this school

are numbered. I am very thankful for all the wonderful experiences I have had in

this school from P3 through P6. I have had many good and fun times with both

my friends and teachers. It was in this school that I met Prim, Toy, Andy, Ploy

and my other dear friends and my teachers, including Mrs Ninu . No matter what

happens, my friends and Mrs Ninu will always be there by my side. I would like

to thank all my homeroom teachers. You have guided me, especially this year,

when I feel I have improved the most.

I will miss those friends who are going to other secondary schools to

continue their academic journey. I hope my next chapter in the PU campus

will be just as fun and I will have the opportunity of meeting more wonderful

teachers and making more great friends. I never want to have to leave the

friends I have made in SISB/SV and I want to take this time to tell them how

much I love and will miss them.

I wish all my friends the best of luck and pray we will never be separated.

Patee Wiratworapong

My name is Patee Wiratworapong. I am in Primary 6 and I am looking forward

to continuing my education in SISB/PU campus.

I love my Primary school days but they are almost over now. This is a recount of

what I have done during my long and fruitful stay in SISB/SV from 2013 to 2017.

I enjoyed it most when more knowledge was plugged into my head by both

my teachers and friends. Indeed, the teachers have supported not just me but

all my friends since we were very young. Our teachers never failed to give us

advice or present us with solutions whenever we encountered problems.

During assembly, the whole school would enjoy singing special songs

that had been composed just for us by our teachers and Principal. We would

let our voices soar and enjoy every lyric sung. I will never forget the sound of

happiness, the sound of silence, and the words of kindness we shared among

our SV family. I hope the spirit of excellence in SISB continues forever!

Thanakorn Kasemteerasomboon

I enjoy sports Day as I have a lot of fun on that day. There are many sporting

activities planned for that day. I have many friends and I enjoy their company

very much. I like my teachers too because they teach me how to play sports. My

favorite teacher is Mr Khum because she teaches me so many things. I really

like him.

Thank you my dear teachers and friends for making my time in SISB

so enjoyable and memorable.

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 47


Pitchaporn Panyathip

P6 class is everything for me now. I know my classmates very well. They

have really become my best friends. I don’t know what else to say about them.

Words fail me because there is so much to be grateful and thankful for. It would

suffice to say that I really care, know and love my P6 friends.

My P6 Homeroom Teacher, Mrs.Ninu, is a very good teacher. She is from

Singapore. She teaches me English and Science. She is really good in English

and has helped me improve, and would not stop until I improved, my language

skills. Mrs.Ninu is the first teacher who has, in such a short period of time, been

able to improve the language not just of mine but the class as a whole. I really

care about her.

I feel that P6 Love is very appropriately named…you are indeed my “LOVE “!


Parima Praditvongsin

Time flies. Here I am already in last term of Primary Six, the last year of

primary school. Soon I will be away studying in a secondary school.

When I was in Primary Three, my English was very bad. My teachers were

patient and helped me improve. They tried their best to teach me and when I had

problem not just teachers but my friends would help me too.

I made great friends which led to an understanding that learning, as well as

friendship, was important. Real friends, like the ones I have made, will never

leave you alone in any situation. I am going to miss my friends who will go off

next year to study in another school.

I will remember fondly all the things we have done together over the

past four years as well as every situation we have been in. It is my hope that

everyone has a wonderful journey both in secondary school and university.

Pakorn Mekhora

From the very first day I stepped into SISB, I have had many experiences.

I learned that my friends, just like me, had both a fun and a somber side. But I

have had a great time all through the seven years I have been in this school.

I would like to convey to all my teachers my gratitude for their time and

effort in teaching me. Even though you have sometimes been annoyed with

me, I know the reasons why you had to do it. You simply want the best from

all your students. I will never forget all my teachers who have certainly made a

difference in my life.

The friends I have made they are truly like my family. We have been through

a lot but have remained great friends. I will never forget you. SISB/SV is indeed

a choice school… bringing out the best that we can be.

Thank you.




Arielle Jaztin Rivera

Time flies so fast and I will be bidding goodbye to this wonderful school:

SISB-SV. I have lots of memories that I will cherish my whole life. I have learned

independence, to study hard and build good friendships. My friends and

teachers are my inspiration who have helped make this happen. Way back in

my first month of Primary 6, I was struggling with some of my subjects like

Mathematics and Thai but I did not give up and continued to study hard. My

teachers and my mother inspired and encouraged me to do better in my studies.

I will always remember and be thankful to all my friends and teachers who

have helped me achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank you for all the memories and experiences SISB!

Thanadet Saesow

My name is Rew. I am in P6 Love. I would like to thank all my friends who

have been really great to me. We have been together for almost 5 years now and

I have enjoyed every moment with you. I feel that my friends are like my family.

I would like to also thank my HRT teacher Mrs Ninu. She is a serious teacher

but I like her. She is kind to the students and we can talk to her about any

problem we have.

I will miss my school, teachers and friends.

Tanniti Pateetin

My journey through primary school has been very rough. I transferred over

to SISB in January of 2016. I didn’t know many of the students. I was pretty

lonely back then, but not anymore. I started the journey on my own but not

before long I made friends who helped me get adjusted and remained by my

side, even today. I am not alone anymore!

Next, I would like to thank all my teachers who have been by my side and

have supported me throughout this journey. I am at the last chapter of my

primary story. I want to make the final pages as long as possible. My primary

story is about to end but my secondary story has yet to begin... I leave with a

heavy heart but the lessons I have learned will surely pave the way to a great


YEARBOOK 2016-2017 49


Phawanrat Assadachumphonwong

Time flies. This is the last lap of my primary school. The 9 years in this

school of meeting new friends, having fruitful discussions with teachers,

learning about the world I live in and finding out more about my friends comes

to an end. But before I close this chapter of my life I would like to remember

those things, although not all as there would be no space left on this page, that

have made this journey memorable.

First, I must talk about my friends. Through the years, my friends have

never failed to hold my hand, walking beside me whether I am happy or sad.

They have always had time for me even now when we are at the end of Primary

School. I cannot thank friends enough for all the help they have given me. I only

hope our friendship will stand the test of time and that we remain friends for a

long time to come. I really love you guys!

Next, I want to thank all my teachers. A special thanks to my P6 HRT Mrs.

Ninu. Although she has been in SISB for just two terms, she is like my mother.

She cares for me and all of my friends. I also want to thank all my subject

teachers and all teachers who have supported me through my education. You

have taught me to be a good person. You are like my family and I appreciate

each one of you.

My 9 years in SISB has given me a big family, including friends and teachers.

I will never forget the memories of SISB/SV which I will keep treasured in my


Thank you for putting up with me and not losing confidence in me all

through my primary school journey.

Woraphan Pruchyanimit

My name is Zin. I am from P6 Love. Before leaving my beloved school, I

would like to write my feelings about this school.

Let me start from the first day I stepped into this school. I did not like this

school much because I missed my old school, Nantawan. I thought this school

could not be compared to Nantawan. My first term in SISB was unpleasant.

As a result, I did not like anything about this school. But as time passed, my

perception about the school changed. My days became happier and I felt more

secure. I began looking to the school as if it were my second home. My friends

were always beside me whenever I encountered a problem. My teachers always

gave me good advice and supported me not just in academics but also on

days when I felt overwhelmed and felt I just could not cope. My grades started

improving and I had opportunities to participate in competitions and various

stage performances. Participating in such events opened up new experiences

for me. I would like to thank all my teachers for providing me with a strong

foundation in not just my education but also in building my character.

To my friends, I thank you too. We have done a lot together. There were

happy times and not so happy times, times when I needed your support or just

a hug to say, hey everything will be all right. We have been together for 9 whole

years whole now and we are like one big happy family. I will always remember

the good memories. I love you all!



Memorial Ceremony for

His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej

NK tribute to the late King

Flowers for the Late King

Food Distribution in Wat Phra Kaew

SISB Co-Host The Royal Funeral Rites

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 51


International Week



The Musical ‘Annie’ by SV Students in PU Campus - Open House

SISB-SV Performs “Annie, the Musical” in

Pracha Uthit campus

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 53

Sports Day



Chinese New Year

Songkran Celebration2017

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 55

End-Of-Year Celebration 2017



K2 Graduation 2017

P6 Graduation


Awards Presentation Day

Art Exhibition

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 57

Open House

Wai Kru


Mid-Autumn festival



ECA Open House

Loy Krathong Assembly

Rice Dumpling Festival

Children’s Day

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 59





Thai Diamond Crown


The 13th Annual Diamond Crown

Chinese Language Competition

2016 Singapore


Primary School

Examination (iPSLE)

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 61

Teem (Teemapat Pateetin) Primary 4

is winning the Sarawak Chief Minister Cup.

She is Champion for the Girls Division

at Kelab Golf Sarawak, Malaysia (9-10 years old)

Rew (Thanadet Saesow) Primary 6

is Champion of Chang Junior Cup 2017

National Youth Football (Northeast Region)

Teem (Ittichet Assadachumphonwong)

Primary 2 Love is Champion for

Decathlon Rajpracha Youth League Cup

(Under 9 Category)

Cheng (Yum Cheng Wha) Primary 2 Love

is the Champion for Kid Bike Racing #2,

(2 to 8.5 years)




Mathematics & Science


Pym (Naphol Sathianmongkhon)

Kindergarten 1 Peace won the U.S.

Kids Golf, Thailand Kids Golf Championship


category Boys 6 years and under,

that took place at The Royal Hills Golf

Report & Spa Nakorn Nayok.

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 63

Parents’ Involvement

Morning Coffee



NK Student-Led


Parent Teacher Conference (PTC)

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 65

Residential Trips

P3 to Horseshoe Point, Pattaya

P4 to The Pines, Pathumthani



P5 to Nakon Nayok

P6 to Rayong

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 67

Field Trips

Fire Fighters’ Visit at

SISB-SV (NK Department)

N2 to SISB Ekkamai



N2 to Kidzoona at

Paradise Park

K1 to Big C

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 69

K1 to SISB Pracha Uthit

K1 to Suan Luang Rama IX Park

K2 to Ramkhamhaeng Market



P1 to Ancient City in Samutprakarn

Thai Field Trips

P2&P3 to Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

P4-P6 to Sufficiency Economic Learning Centre (Organic garden) in SamutPrakan

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 71



Thai Workshop in “Formative Assessment”

Teachers and Staff Retreat



STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) Training Workshop

Digital Art Workshop

Teacher Mae and Teacher Olivia attended the Singing Games and Rhymes Workshop held at Bangkok Patana

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 73

Students’ Programs

K2 Cooking


K2 Shared Reading with

N1 students Activity

K2 Puppet Show



K2 In-House Market

Dental Check-Up for

SV Students

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 75

Student Council



School Improvements

YEARBOOK 2016-2017 77


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