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AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY PAGE 3 Join us in creating a smarter world. Support the quest for knowledge by giving to American Friends of the Hebrew University. At AFHU, we connect people’s passions tothe globalimpactoftheHebrewUniversity. Guidedbytheilluminationofcuriousminds,we support those seeking knowledge. In darkness, we ignite brilliance; in the midst of strife, we find solutions. And we will never stop. Because Knowledge Moves Us. FACULTY MATTERS Attracting Top Talent Eachyear,theuniversitylosesabout50seniorfaculty members who reach mandatory retirement age. Prime candidates to fill these positions include Israeli postdoctoral researchers conducting cutting-edge work at leading institutions in the U.S. and Europe. AFHU helps the university by raising funds to compete for top international candidates. These outstanding new faculty members don’t just enhance the university’s reputation through their research andpublications.Theymentorstudentsinclassroomsand laboratories and bring fresh perspectives to the academic environment.AFHU’sgoalistoprovideresourcesforthese rising stars in basic and translational sciences, the social sciences, and humanities. Making an Impact: Establishing Named Faculty Chairs EstablishinganamedFacultyChairsupports the highest level of scholarship, research, and teaching by senior professors. Those selected haveextensiverecordsofachievementandinternational reputations for academic and research excellence. By offering these Chairs, Hebrew University attracts and retains distinguished scholars—the kind whose work propels discovery and progress.