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26 | January 25, 2018 |

26 | January 25, 2018 | The glencoe anchor sports TRAINERS FOR EVERY TYPE OF WORKOUT Athlete of the Week 10 Questions with Alexandre Kulp When Your Workout Moves Indoors We’ve Got You Covered Studio • Cardio • Weights High Intensity • Spinning Come in and check out our full lineup of trainers. Our team will help you get the perfect fit. Vote for Athlete of the Month Help support young athletes. Vote online January 10 - 25 at: Congratulations to this week’s Athlete of the Week. We’re pleased to be a sponsor of this program. New Balance North Shore 610 Central Avenue • Port Clinton Square Downtown Highland Park 847-266-8323 • Open 7 Days • Advertise your RENTAL PROPERTY in the newspaper people turn to first CALL US TODAY : . 708.326.9170 Kulp is a member of the New Trier fencing team. When did you start fencing and why? I started fencing the summer before my sophomore year at New Trier because I had tried every other sport before and none seemed as appealing as dueling people with steel blades. What’s your favorite part about fencing? My favorite part of fencing is the incredible feeling when you master a new move that lets you get around your opponent’s sword and score a touch on him. It feels great to see your own performance improving. Do you have any superstitions before, during or after an event? On the bus on the way back from every tournament, we sing along to whatever song we decide to play. It’s a great way to bond with the team and listen to great songs that your peers enjoy. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? Most people don’t know that I have two pet rats named Jolene and Nougat. They are by far the most fun and intelligent pets that I’ve ever had. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Morocco. The weather is incredible and the scenery is breathtaking. I hiked through the Moroccan desert when I was younger and it was by far one of my favorite experiences. What’s the best part about being a New Trier athlete? The best part about being a New Trier athlete is the people who surround me as a result. The competitive atmosphere on the fencing team has motivated me to better myself alongside my peers. In addition, the fencing coaches are incredible teachers and mentors. Shoutout to Shawn Smith, the best foil coach around. What’s the hardest part about your sport? The hardest part about fencing is the wear and tear from practicing so much. Just about every fencer gets injured at one point or another. It can be in the knees, shins and feet. If you had one super power, what would it be and why? If I could have a super power, it would be to slow down time; fencing would be a lot easier if I could see my opponent’s split second reactions in slow motion Photo Submitted and be able to avoid their blade as a result. What has been your favorite moment at New Trier? My favorite moment at New Trier was when I got to listen to Mongolian Throat singing during International Music Day; the singer had an incredible voice that I could hope to match. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten and why was it from? The best advice I’ve ever gotten has been from my coach Shawn Smith. He told me once “fence one touch at a time.” In essence, this means that no matter how many tasks ahead of you there are, you have to focus on one at a time if you want to have the best results. Interview by Sports Editor Michael Wojtychiw sports the glencoe anchor | January 25, 2018 | 27 This Week In... Athlete of the Year 2017 Trevian varsity athletics Boys basketball ■Jan. ■ 25 - host Niles West, 6:30 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 27 - vs. St. Viator (at Loyola), 1:30 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 29 - host Manley, 6 p.m. ■Feb. ■ 1 - host Glenbrook South, 6:30 p.m. Girls basketball ■Jan. ■ 25 - at Niles West, 6:30 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - at Fenwick, 7 p.m. Boys Bowling ■Jan. ■ 26 - at IHSA State Finals (at O’Fallon - St. Claire Bowl), TBD ■Jan. ■ 27 - at IHSA State Finals, TBD Girls bowling ■Jan. ■ 27 - at Vernon Hills Invite, 9 a.m. ■Jan. ■ 29 - vs. Loyola (at Brunswick Zone - Niles), 4 p.m. Fencing ■Jan. ■ 27 - host Invite, 7 a.m. Gymnastics ■Jan. ■ 27 - at CSL South Invite (at Maine South), 11 a.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - host IHSA Regional, 6 p.m. Boys swimming and diving ■Jan. ■ 26 - host Glenbrook South, 5:30 p.m. Wrestling ■Jan. ■ 26 - host Lane, 6 p.m. Rambler varsity athletics Boys basketball ■Jan. ■ 26 - host De La Salle, 7 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 27 - host Detroit Jesuit, 4:30 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - at St. Patrick, 7 p.m. Girls basketball ■Jan. ■ 25 - host St. Ignatius, 6 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - host De La Salle, 5:30 p.m. ■Feb. ■ 1 - host Regina, 6 p.m. Boys Bowling ■Jan. ■ 26 - at IHSA State Finals (at O’Fallon - St. Claire Bowl), TBD ■Jan. ■ 27 - at IHSA State Finals, TBD Girls bowling ■Jan. ■ 27 - at GCAC Championships (at Arena Bowl - Oak Lawn), 9 a.m. ■Jan. ■ 29 - vs. New Trier (at Brunswick Zone - Niles), 4 p.m. Wrestling ■Jan. ■ 25 - at Montini, 5:30 p.m. Panther varsity athletics Girls basketball ■Jan. ■ 25 - host Elmwood Park, 7 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 27 - at Mother McAuley, 1 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - vs. St. Ignatius (at Loyola), 7 p.m. ■Feb. ■ 1 - at Loyola, 6 p.m. Girls bowling ■Jan. ■ 27 - at GCAC Championships (at Arena Bowl - Oak Lawn), 9 a.m. Raider varsity athletics Boys basketball ■Jan. ■ 26 - host Elgin Academy, 6 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 30 - host Schaumburg Christian, 6 p.m. ■Feb. ■ 1 - at Latin, 6 p.m. Girls basketball ■Jan. ■ 30 - at Woodlands, 6 p.m. ■Jan. ■ 31 - at Christian Liberty Academy, 5 p.m. Anchor readers to vote for Athlete of Year Online contest begins Friday, Jan. 26 Michael Wojtychiw Sports Editor Despite the fact the calendar year has now turned to 2018, 2017 still has a little bit missing from it. On fields of play all over the North Shore last year, student-athletes soared to new heights, and in many cases, took their team along for the ride. 22nd Century Media was following the action with its seven North Shore publications and websites, documenting the moments of glory, as well as the agony of defeat. Along the way, every week, papers like The Glencoe Anchor selected and interviewed a worthy Athlete of the Week. At the end of the month, all Athletes of the Week from the seven newspapers were pitted against one another in the popular Athlete of the Month competition, for which residents decide the result by voting for their favorite athlete online. At year’s end, there are 12 winners, and we’re not done just yet. Those 12 winners — along with six at-large contenders selected by 22CM staffers — are about to vie for the ultimate title: 22nd Century Media Athlete of the Year. The Athlete of the Year competition is a two-week online voting contest that begins at noon Friday, Jan. 26, at GlencoeAnchor. com, as well as the company’s six other North Shore websites. Fans can vote daily for their favorite student-athlete until 5 p.m. Feb. 8. To avoid voting spam and abuse, we have restricted the votes to one per IP address per day with a special feature to ensure votes are being made by humans. If votes are proven illegitimate, they will be discarded and the beneficiary of the fraudulent votes may be disqualified. A winner will be announced in the Thursday, Feb. 15 issue of The Anchor. New Trier boys water polo player Henry Yavitt Loyola girls lacrosse player Brennan Dwyer The Athlete of the Year 2017 Nominees are: • January winner: Sydney Ignoffo, Highland Park girls basketball • February winner: Kirby Bartlestein, Highland Park girls basketball • March winner: Henry Yavitt, New Trier boys water polo • April winner: Cameron Duffy, Glenbrook South boys lacrosse • May winner: Jack Sullivan, Glenbrook South boys volleyball • June winner: Melissa Tucker, Glenbrook North girls soccer • July winner: Grace Kapsimalis, New Trier girls volleyball • August winner: Marcus Shaw, Highland Park football • September winner: Daniel Spencer, Glenbrook North boys soccer • October winner: Alex Kahn, Glenbrook North boys soccer • November winner: Sam Carsello, Glenbrook North girls basketball • December winner: TBA online • At-large: Savontae Garner, Glenbrook South football • At-large: Charlie Scheinfeld, New Trier boys swimming and diving • At-large: Brennan Dwyer, Loyola Academy girls lacrosse • At-large: Skyler Metzger, Glenbrook North football • At-Large: Ziv Tal, Highland Park boys basketball • At-Large: Cat Nicholson, Lake Forest field hockey 22nd Century Media Athlete of the Year When: Friday, Jan. 26, through Thursday, Feb. 8 (two weeks) Where:, WinnetkaCurrent. com,, NorthbrookTower. com,, and Who: Eighteen North Shore student-athletes (12 Athletes of Month, 6 at-large contenders) New Trier girls volleyball player Grace Kapsimalis New Trier swimmer Charlie Scheinfeld