Bid Book - Women's EHF Euro 2022


Diverse and rich experiences in a small area. Romantic streets

in the historic city centre, small corners for secret conversations

at the city park, architecture that unveils the richness and diversity of the

past and rich content provided by museums, galleries and theatres.



All of that in the city centre and only a few steps away. Surrender to the atmosphere

of the hustle and bustle on the street and, while walking around the city centre,

look around you...

Don’t worry, you will not get lost. A new experience awaits you around each and every corner.

Paved streets that run along the Medieval city walls, impressive façades and welcoming squares – join the

locals and experience the pulse of the city through their eyes.

14 Women’s EHF Euro 2022 Bid Brochure

Women’s EHF Euro 2022 Bid Brochure


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