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LETTER FROM HD & IT LEADERSHIP TEAM Dear reader, Whether you are a Metalsa Board or Metalsa Leadership Team member or a Collaborator or Coordinator in Metalsa we are very glad to share with you our achievements made during 2017, as well as the exiting journey that we have been walking together, the challenges that are yet to come and the milestones that we still need to complete in order to keep improving the value that we provide to the business. Last year was a breakthrough for our function. During 2016 we worked together in designing the organization, the processes and the technology we needed to transform HD globally and 2017 was the year we started to make it a reality. We are building the infrastructure that will make us more strategic, that will empower our people to take better talent decisions, to imagine their professional future and to build the path to get to were they want and to take accountability for their own development. We still have a lot to do; but looking forward, our objective is very clear: To enable the organization and people to achieve business results. In order to accomplish this, we are rising the bar in everything we do in order to deliver Metalsa what it needs to achieve its goals, maintaining its humanistic culture, but at the same time becoming a high-performance oriented company. Metalsa is evolving and implementing the initiatives that will enable this evolution is what we are exited about. Thank you for your trust. HD & IT Leadership Team

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