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CROATIA 44 Section of Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Croatian Chemical Society NATIONAL ADHERING ORGANISATIONS Mission Founded Members The mission of the Section of the Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to develop and promote scientific, professional and educational activities in the field of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. It organizes symposia, meetings and lectures in order to improve visibility of the science and exchange recent discoveries in academia and industry. 2009 (Croatian Chemical Society was founded in 1926) 70 Member profile Postal address Telephone Fax E-mail Website Activities President EFMC-Delegate NAO Secretariat Trade and Industry: 40% Research Institute: 20% University: 20% Other: 20% Horvatovac 102a 10000 Zagreb Croatia +385 (0)1 460 6164 +385 (0)1 460 6131 The Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section of the Croatian Chemical Society organises every year two scientific meetings and one meeting targeted for young medicinal chemists. The Society organizes seminars and lectures based on interest and popular topics for local academia and industry in the field of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. The Society strongly support dissemination of mayor scientific achievements and creates an opportunities for exchanges knowledge and ideas. Society provides funding for young postgraduate students. Dr Vesna GABELICA MARKOVIC (Croatian Chemical Society) Dr Vesna GABELICA MARKOVIC (Croatian Chemical Society) Dr Mario VAZDAR (Institute Rudjer Boskovic)

DENMARK The Danish Society for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology 45 To advance the development of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry. October 19, 2017 The society has just been established and has at present (Nov 9, 2017) formally no members. Goal: equally divided on academia and industry Mission Founded Members Member profile NATIONAL ADHERING EFMC YEARBOOK ORGANISATIONS 2018 IFL Jagtvej 162 DK-2100 København Ø Denmark Organize symposia, seminars and courses within medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Prof. Trond ULVEN (University of South Denmark) Dr. Andreas RITZÉN (Leo Pharma A/S) Prof. Trond ULVEN (University of Southern Denmark) Postal address E-mail Website Activities President Treasurer EFMC-Delegate

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