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Pricing It Right The

Pricing It Right The First Time What’s the first thing you think when you see a listing that’s been on the market a long time? If you said “What’s wrong with it?”, you’d be in good company. That’s the ONLY question that buyers ask when they see an overpriced property languishing on the market. You have the best chance to sell your home for the highest price in the first 30 days of a balanced market. Your listing will get the most attention from buyers in the first week. Today’s buyers are savvy comparison shoppers. Through their Agents they have access to much the same information contained in a seller’s comparative market analysis. And, after viewing several homes of interest, buyers quickly assess which homes are overpriced. There are many myths about how to price a property: Some people think they should price high to give them room to negotiate down. Nope. Some people think they should price low to get a bidding war going. Risky. Here’s what we do to price your home right the first time: We look at several key indicators to determine what’s happening in the local market (active listings, sales to listing ratios, absorption rates, recent solds, weekly and monthly trends, and more). We look at what people are willing to pay to live on your street, in your neighbourhood, and in your community. By careful study of comparable solds and their locations, features and the terms under which they were offered, we develop a clear picture of the potential market for your property and what your target buyer looks like. We go one step further - we also look at what’s currently on the market, and what is the most strategic price positioning for your home to attract the most buyers and get an offer to the table as quickly as possible.

Make A Great First Impression Will Rogers once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Buyers view several properties at a time - they are comparison shoppers! That means that your home MUST COMPARE FAVOURABLY with the competition! Buyers need to see value & feel good as soon as they walk UP TO & IN the front door! We’ll let you know what you may need to do (or not do) to ensure the right features are highlighted for prospective buyers. We may recommend you stage the property, have carpets cleaned, have some minor improvements done. Here are some easy tips to help your home show its best: Go through your house with ‘buyer’s eyes’! Put your best foot forward! • Clear all your countertops. • Shine all your fixtures (kitchen, bathroom, anything chrome and shiny) • Put fresh cut flowers on the table in a nice vase; or lemons and oranges in a bowl. • Put soft background music on (use satellite tv music channels etc.) • Clean, clean and clean more. Buyers want tidy and clean. It shows pride of ownership. • Got a smell? Get rid of it. There’s a saying in real estate - you can’t sell what you can smell! • Replace anything that’s broken and can’t be fixed. Fix things that are broken. • Weed your yard, gardens and walkways. Add planters, colourful flowers. • Use the checklist on the following pages for even more tips! Seller Package
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