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Preparing Your Home - A

Preparing Your Home - A Checklist General Maintenance Curb Appeal [] Oil Squeaky Doors [] Mow the lawn [] Tighten Loose Doorknobs [] Shovel snow, clear paths [] Replace burned out lights [] Trim shrubs, edge gardens [] Clean your windows [] Clear walkway/drive of leaves [] Replace your furnace filter [] Rake lawn, fertilize lawn [] Repair cracked/dented drywall [] Fix ‘brown spots’ on lawn [] Repair leaking faucets [] Touch up exterior paint [] Repair running toilets [] Touch up exterior caulking [] Fix anything that is broken! [] Put out planters with flowers [] Repair gutters/eaves [] Weed lawn & gardens [] Replace broken windows “Spic & Span” The First Impression [] Shampoo carpets [] Tidy your entranceway [] Clean washer, dryer, tubs [] Polish door hardware [] Clean appliance exteriors [] Have a working doorbell [] Clean appliance interiors [] De-clutter the entranceway [] Clean bathroom fixtures/mirrors/ [] Store dish cloths/tea towels shower stalls [] Remove fridge magnets

Preparing Your Home - A Checklist Create a SPACIOUS LOOK Create a Positive Atmosphere [] Clear the front hallway/foyer [] Be absent during all showings [] Clear halls & stairs [] Turn on your lights [] Declutter & store excess furniture [] Open drapes/blinds [] Make closets neat and tidy [] Put a gas/electric fireplace on [] Move furniture away from windows [] Play quiet background music [] Clear kitchen countertops [] Clean litter boxes [] Clear bathroom countertops [] Store pet food/water dishes [] Keep toilet seats DOWN [] Install plug-in air fresheners [] Empty garbage containers [] Put out fresh flowers [] Tidy or store children’s toys [] Put out a bowl of fresh fruit Safekeeping Tips [] Store all valuables [] Put away mobile electronic devices [] Put away your listing agreement! [] Put away personal mail (bills, etc.) [] Put away extra keys Seller Package
The Guide to Selling Your Home
Glen & Shannon's Home Seller's Handbook
National Home Builders Association (2013 Magazine) - Stapleton
RE/MAX Realty Access Agents Listing Book
South Florida REALTOR® Leadership Issue - Miami Realtors
. . . powering your success - tabpi
The Real Estate Key - Issue 1
Prelisting Package
Why You Should Hire a Carmel Realtor