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From Editor’s Desk Non-Aligned Movement is most effective multilateral body which looks after the interests of the developing world in global political, economic, as well as environmental affairs. NAM has strived for multilateralism in the international order and has called for further strengthen coordination and mutual cooperation among Member states in global institutions such as the United Nations. NAM aims at promoting social and economic development among the Member States. The movement emphasizes that it is necessary for developing countries to work hand in hand to reach a target reform of global financial and economic governance and structural design in order to establish an evenhanded, clear and autonomous international system. The Movement has also supported global initiatives for the protection of the environment. Non-Aligned Movement recognizes the importance of Strengthening the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity and in this regards has actively supported the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. Another major environmental issue facing the developing world is the Trans boundary movement of hazardous wastes. NAM has called for States to act in accordance with the Basel Convention on the Control of Trans- Boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal. Over the years, Non-Aligned Movement has produced great leaders who have effectively articulated the principles of the Movement not only in their respective country but beyond it also. This issue highlights the legacy of Tanzanian leader Mwalimu Nyerere in the Non-Aligned Movement. Dr. (Mrs.) Pramila Srivastava Editor - in - Chief (7)

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