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Identity Politics and Cultural Competence FINAL PROJECT ppt


EDUCATION RESEARCH For example: Issues in Education Research • Research praises the IB program for its growth in U.S. public Title I schools as a sign of increased inclusivity and accessibility (Walker, 2011) • The IBO accepts a variety of private and public institutes in their network, including magnet schools, charter schools, and mixed-program schools. Flexibility in the usage of the IB label allows more schools the opportunity to join the IB network and benefit from the high-quality education system offered by the organization, while also increasing the total number of IB schools worldwide, which adds value and increases recognition of the IB brand. However, frequently, the IB Diploma Program is implemented in Title I schools serving primarily minority students from low-income families, as a way to entice wealthy, high-achieving students to enroll and boost the school’s overall performance, instead of benefitting the underprivileged students that already attend (Mayer, 2008) (Resnik, 2012) . • After many schools in various districts in the U.S. participated in desegregation programs that successfully increased minority enrollment, they saw an immediate drop in White enrollment in response. In these districts, officials brought in the IB program, the AP program, and other rigorous college preparatory programs, for the explicit purpose of increasing White enrollment they had lost during previous desegregation initiatives In these schools, the IB program is offered to a select few, typically high-achieving or gifted students, while the traditional curriculum and education system is retained for the majority of the school (Mayer, 2008).

EDUCATION RESEARCH Issues in Education Research • Research on “school-within-a-school” structures refers to schools that offer special programs for advanced or gifted students, which operate independently from the rest of the school. Research on these structures indicate that these situations often result in negative tension between the students who are included in the advanced programs, and those who are not. Students cited minimal interaction with students and faculty in the exclusive programs, and expressed indignation over the higher-quality supplies, superior education, unique privileges, and special treatment reserved for students enrolled in those programs (Matthews and Kitchen, 2007). • If not carefully implemented, this practice clearly has the potential to worsen inequality and fuel resentment between students, as underprivileged students watch their more affluent peers benefit from higher quality resources and instruction within the very same building. These mixed-program institutes can have a damaging impact on students, which sharply conflicts with cultural inclusivity.

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