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Book 1 Website Chapters 1-2

know you’d like

know you’d like something new. For god’s sake, look in the mirror, you can get anything you want.” She tightens the strap of her robe, dumps her coffee in the sink, “You’re committing suicide. She’d have tripped herself up by now if she didn’t have you.” I head to the door, heaving my bag further up my shoulder, “I’m making changes.” “Oh, really.” She peers into the refrigerator. “What changes this time? Are you giving up those damn vending machines? You’d do better eating road kill.” She grabs a pan. Newly arrogant but not committed, I perk with an idea, “You don’t need to; I’m going out for breakfast and lunch.” “Oh really?” The pan collapses onto the burner. She turns, arms crossed, “I’m going to see Alison to make sure this time.” “You do that. And I’m also coming home at six tonight.” I boast my dismissal. Charged with my morning book search, “I may even find my answer by Monday.” “Oh!” she grabs me at the door and slaps The Pilgrimage into my hands. “My book club is meeting this weekend. Do one of your one-page summary matrices.” I stand dumbfounded. She hollers from down the hall, “It’s one of those ‘find yourself’ books; right up your ally. Bolt the door. Check twice.” She slams and locks her bedroom door. Dawn teases the skyline. The psychic needle drops onto the song to guide my day. The drums and guitar fuel my march onto Michigan Avenue. Mr. Plant’s The Rules of Life by Melissa Abbott-Cooke. Contact: 615-669-5643 12

attle cry wails. Steeled determination fuses my grin. ‘…hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new lands. To fight the horde, singing and crying, Valhalla I am coming!’ I stomp past Niemen's. ‘On we sweep, with threshing ore, my only goal will be the western shore!’ Suddenly aware, I force my shoulders still, and tuck my hair. Control Kathryn, control. I turn onto Ohio Street, but armies of anxious frogs seize my chest. I brace against a building, 1, inhale Kathryn, 2, exhale 1, inhale dear ... Bob, effervesces from the behind the desk of BTech’s swanky new Chicago high-rise, “Good morning, Miss Winslow.” “Good morning, Bob,” I force a smile and glance back, the plastic plants stirring a vague memory. Why are security desk guys always old? It must be a Creative Gift found later in life. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Miss Winslow. You have a nice day.” No Bob, sorry you won’t. I have a little surprise in store today. The times they are a changin.’ And it’s not just about breakfast anymore. The elevator doors ping open; I press 28, one of three floors housing BTech’s enormous growth. John Bracket, CEO has tripled the size of the company he started after leaving Global Network Solutions in California, now a hardcore competitor. It’s where he met my father. Strategic acquisitions are at the center of John’s growth including his newest venture in network manufacturing facilities. John keeps a team of loyal men at his side, Ben and Ted, the golfing buddies who left with Bracket’s mysterious exodus. The Rules of Life by Melissa Abbott-Cooke. Contact: 615-669-5643 13

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