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Book 1 Website Chapters 1-2

“Beth!” I bang on

“Beth!” I bang on her door, “It’s time to get up! Hurry! I’m late!” Pillow-muffled moans creep from under her door. She had the same problem in college; it’s why she insisted on keeping this arrangement. I knock softly, “Beth, it’s time to get up. I’ll start your coffee.” Coffee specks fly. I swipe the grounds and clean the remains of her dinner. “Beth, it’s 5:33, the coffee is on, get up!” “Okayyyyyy,” she lies. Warm water loosens the tension of time. I stare at the circa 1960 pink antislip flowers in the tub. Who in their right mind wakes feeling exuberantly joyful about dwelling in tedious details of system components or project management? What Color Is You’re Parachute? Putrid puce; faded and worn. I stare at the cavernous crack in the corner tile. Is there a ‘time in title’ requirement for questions of an existentialist nature, about one’s Creative Gift and their ideal career? Resting my foot, I lather. An idea pops. My beloved Einstein, wild grey hair reaching out into the cosmos ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Of course, Mr. Deming would suggest the evasive answer to my question is a problem with the process I’m using. And Mr. Plant would agree that my song has indeed remained the same. Accountability knots in my stomach; I need a new approach. Inspiration flashes! Dripping wet, I wrap my towel and slide across the hall to my closet, ROY. On tiptoe, I reach from my Lego-like color-coded boxes and open the first, then the next, then again and fish under the beads for the key to my storage chest. The Rules of Life by Melissa Abbott-Cooke. Contact: 615-669-5643 8

Flung to my knees at the end of my bed, angelic voices hymn. I take out Deming’s Out of the Crisis, Dreams by Jung, The Evolution of Physics and Think and Grow Rich. Suspicious, I sit back on my heels. This could be a writer’s chicanery aimed at deceiving more naive souls with their promise of the joy and nirvana in your work. But it’s just another set of questionnaires and approaches offering mediocre and overcooked selections from a cafeteria of skills, jobs and careers. It’s not really explaining how to hear the Creative Voice that leads us to know our unique Creative Gift to find our ideal career. A question about the best job for certain skill sets provides a different answer. It’s taking from what’s known and squandering the potential of discovering what is unique, untapped, divine. I shake my head; theirs is a creative approach. Just write a book and poof! The riches raining down can be used to distract your frustration. Clever. I lock the trunk and make my way back, formulating a plan. “Good morning, ROY,” I flirt from inside the only boyfriend I’ve ever wanted. The ROY G BIV mnemonic inspired by a valued color lesson from Mrs. Hale, my cherished art teacher whose love of Bob Dylan I never got. ROY has always been a mediator in the loathed task of shopping. He won’t allow prints and trendier colors to mix. I fan my fingers across his chromatically-ordered cadre of tailored skirts and dresses, satin blouses and cashmere cardigans. Matching bra and panties in hand, “You are awaiting my decision ROY?” I select the red sheath dress, shorter than Elaine’s Talbot’s uniforms but not as short as Beth’s skirts. The Rules of Life by Melissa Abbott-Cooke. Contact: 615-669-5643 9

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