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Das Schwarze Brett - Issue 5

Das Schwarze Brett is a German Canadian Magazine for German-speakers on the west coast of Canada and the US. It shares what is going on in the Austrian, German & Swiss communities of new, first, second and third generation Germans.


4 INSIDE STORY Inhaltsverzeichnis/Contents REGULAR ITEMS Page 3 - Letters from the Editor Page 21 - Events Page 22 - Classifieds FEATURES Page 5 - Fasching Page 5 - Multicultural Fair Page 6 - Bessarabian Winter Meals Page 7 - Brand new year with with the GCBA Page 8 - Christmas Market Highlights Page 9 - Concordia Choir Page 10 - Swiss Outdoors Club Page 11 - Jeremy Shaw - Video Installation Page 12 - Steilste Seilbahn der Welt Page 14 - Century since WW1 Ended... Page 15 - German Canadian Care Home Page 16 - January/February 2018 Events Page 18 - Saying Goodbye Page 19 - New German Restaurants Page 20 - Letter from SOS Kinderdorf Page 22 - 240 Acres for Horse Lovers in California for Sale Page 23 - 136 Waterfront Property for sale in the Sunshine Coast at Jervis Inlet The European Specialty Importers Store, with its colourful history has now closed forever. The warehouse it was in is being sold. According to the owners, the area is the site for the new St. Paul’s Hospital - the corner of Prior Street and Station Street just northeast of the Main Street Science World Skytrain Station....this will benefit the local community. Front Cover Photographer Dietrich Klaue is a passionate hobby photographer, who specializes in birds, flowers and vistas of Vancouver. He also does custom work with quality photos and videos that capture the essence of what you are trying to achieve. ©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year

Fasching, Karneval & Fastnacht The word Fasching dates back to the 13th Century and some say is derived from the Germanic word vaschanc or vaschang. In modern German this means “Fastenschrank” or the last serving of alcoholic beverages before Lent. In 2018, unfortunately for those of us who celebrate Valentine’s day (February 14) with a nice dinner & dessert, will be the first day of Lent and it will end on Thursday, March 29th. Karneval is a newer, more recent Latin-based word borrowed from French & Italian. The parade still includes parades, masks and masquerade balls. Finally, Fastnacht, refers to the carnival found in Baden Württemberg, Franconia and is based on an old German word “fasan”, which means to be foolish, silly and wild. Which one do you celebrate? Multicultural Fair 2018 Prince of Wales Secondary, located at 2250 Eddington Drive in Vancouver, BC is having their 2nd Multicultural Fair on February 23, 2018. The objective of the fair is to celebrate their diverse cultures, bring together their school community and enhances learning. It should also help students connect with various languages, social studies, art and music, as well as enjoying the diverse cuisine from around the world. The program will include on-stage performances, cultural displays and food. Everyone is invited and the event is free for anyone who just wishes to watch the performances and enjoy the displays. Lunch will cost $5 in advance and $7 at the door, while all teachers, staff and volunteers will receive a lunch free. Ticket sales will start early in February 2018. Each display will offer an interactive on-booth experience program that is fun and impressive. It will be decorated with traditional cultural elements. Students and parent volunteers should dress in their traditional national costume of origin. Each country will prepare 10 courses for around 700 people each. Last year, Germany provided the dessert, sponsored by Andys German Bakehouse, Bel Art Gallery, Hans Gust and the Westside German School, who currently resides in PW Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. If anyone is interested in either baking 700 items or donating dollars, please contact us and let us know. You are then welcome to attend the fair, which will begin at 11 am in the morning at school and last until 12:30 pm. Elke Porter at 604 828 8788. 5 ©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year