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Pivot Your Perspective

Pivot Your Perspective much I was learning. As always, the universe brought me a situation that provided the opportunity to learn to let go. Working myself out of the big hole I had dug for myself, the universe brought an intuitive healer to me. I was a skeptic, and proceeded with caution. My fear of the world falling apart and the feeling of not being safe worked to push me forward. I had nothing else to lose. Desperation can be a friend at times. For 10 years, I worked on and off with this amazing person who, herself, was on her journey to perfect her life’s work. I remember the day when she said, “You will do what I do, but differently.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, right.” Reflecting back on her statement, I know now that I did not believe in myself, and having someone acknowledge what I secretly knew deep down sparked my own natural curiosity. An idea that was buried came to light, setting off close to two decades of work— reading, learning, practicing, doing. I became intimately familiar with the power of perspectives—yours and mine. While I was deep in my own story in my younger years, my perspective had served to both move me forward and create circumstances for me to learn. At times, the learning left me feeling like I the wind had been knocked out of me. I often ask my clients, “When do you learn more? When you win the lotto or when you go bankrupt?” Instead of being at odds with the events that I deemed negative, what if they were essential for everything I have today that is good and great? 8

Introduction I learned about how to make the vision real, even when I could not see the vision for myself yet! The next step in a journey is not always the right one. It is just a step. We tend to unconsciously project expectations of good or bad on that step. We evaluate the step from the vantage point of, “Did it get me closer to my dream?” or “Was it the most efficient step?” Although the evaluation has meaning and purpose, there is something to be said about the act of just taking the step, about the “unknowingness” of the next step, and the uncertainty of its outcome magically held in balance in the strength of vision and dream. I discovered that when I operate from curiosity, I have an endless amount of energy, and work does not feel like work anymore. I know we have all heard that before, and we strive for it, but it can sometimes feel like it eludes us. What if the experience of work as fun is never perfected? What if we are constantly learning about how to make our work fun? Maybe the work you do today is not as fun as you would hope, but you can start to take a class or pick up a book or start a conversation to ask someone who has knowledge you can leverage. It is the composite of these baby steps that, when looked at in hindsight, clearly highlights the trajectory to success. A JOURNEY INTO COACHING I am proud of the journey I have traveled thus far. The journey led me to answer the call of coaching, and PAGE 9

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