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Pivot Your Perspective

Pivot Your Perspective This book is about your journey. Each one of you is on your own unique journey. Each of you has desires and goals, as well as fears and obstacles. Your journey is between what was and what is yet to be. Your journey is one of change. This book is about your perspectives. Change is not a thing that has to be dealt with, but instead is an energy source—the most basic source of momentum we have available to us. When we interact with change, we initiate a journey of movement and momentum. Change is organic, natural, and essential. It is fundamental to who we are and is part of our human nature. Ask yourself, “How much do I love change?” This book is about you. What do you need to know that you have not thought of, that can help you be the best of who you want to be? If there are perspectives that you have not allowed yourself to acquire yet because you don’t know what you don’t know, how does that impact not only your journey and your learning, but who you are in the journey? As with any journey, there is the first step. Let’s get started, shall we? 16

Chapter 1: Our Understanding of Change C hange, in its simplest form, is the act of moving from a current state, through a transitional state, to a future state. Change is the universal process supporting you and me to move from yesterday to today to tomorrow. On the surface it sounds simple; however, it is not easy. It is pervasive, permeates every area of our life, and creates stress for a great majority of us. We are literally always in a state of change! Because it’s so constant and all-encompassing, we become oblivious to it—much like we forget about breathing or blinking our eyes. It is only when our breathing is labored or our eyes are dry that we begin to take notice. Only when change challenges us and we fight the challenge do we begin to take notice. PAGE 17

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