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WC Digital Comp - Proposal V1

Enter HOW TO Bar teams

Enter HOW TO Bar teams from across Europe are invited to take part in ViceTails 2018 - presented by World Class. A cocktail competition with a difference! • After an initial entry period & video vote, the top 5 cocktail kits will be made available for home delivery, launched via a ‘ViceTails’ menu through UberEATS which will go live during the 2018 World Class Global Final in Berlin. • The public will ultimately decide the winner, with the most popular ‘ViceTails’ cocktail kit being awarded the grand prize! STEP #1 STEP #2 STEP #2 STEP #2 #3 CREATE A COCKTAIL KIT (to serve 4 people) THAT IS DESIGNED FOR HOME DELIVERY! We want you to create something that brings the flavours, essence & experience of your bar straight to your customers front door. Each bar will be provided with a ‘ViceTails’ cocktail box, that you must use to create your signature cocktail kit. You can choose to use Ketel One Vodka, Tanqueray No. TEN or Bulleit Bourbon as your base spirit, and you must design your cocktail kit so that it serves 4 people. MAKE A VIDEO TO PROMOTE YOUR COCKTAIL KIT Submit a video (no more than 45 secs) that advertises your cocktail kit. THE TOP 5 GO HEAD TO HEAD IN BERLIN! The top 5 winning cocktail kits will go head to head in a real life showdown - each will be available to order during the World Class Global Final in Berlin for home delivery through UberEATS! 8

Timeline ENTRY PERIOD ON-LINE NATIONAL VIDEO VOTE TOP 5 LIVE CHALLENGE PUBLIC VOTE & JUDGING THE WINNER AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER DECEMBER Bar teams from across The competition will go live The ViceTails ‘Top 5’ The overall winner will be The winning ‘ViceTails’ Europe are invited to take with the video submission menu is launched at the decided by: Cocktail Kit will be launched part in ViceTails 2018 - presented by World Class. You must: 1) Create a cocktail kit (to serve 4 people) that is designed for home delivery! 2) Create a video to promote your cocktail kit from each bar launched on Vice Video… & the public will be asked to vote for their favourite! Each bar must canvas for votes in order to hit 100,000 views - with the first 5 that hit the target going through to the final in Berlin! World Class Global Final. The cocktail kits will be available to order - for delivery to homes & hotels in Berlin during the week of the competition - through UberEATS. 1) Public vote (50%) - based on which cocktail kit was most ordered during the live final 2) Judging Panel (50%) - based on the overall concept & applicability of the kit in their market - as a retail gift & home delivery cocktail kit. Retail & Distribution partners to be identified

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