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MAXIMISE HEALTH & PERFORMANCE WHY FEED COPRICE? We passionately believe goodness on the inside shows on the outside and most importantly delivers the best results. Every ingredient in CopRice feed is selected for its nutritional value and is developed to meet the dietary needs of animals across their life stages. No fillers only 100% goodness ensures your horses and ponies thrive on CopRice. EQUINE NUTRITION Our equine nutrition specialists have developed high quality feeds to nourish young foals, yearlings, breeding, leisure, sport, and senior horses. Blending Australian cereal grains and rice bran with age and lifestyle tailored additives, delivers optimum nourishment for health and fitness to achieve conditioning and performance targets. EXTRUDED EQUINE NUTRITION High quality ingredients combined with extrusion technology delivers superior digestibility and improved availability of nutrients in every mouthful. Containing no other cereal grains but Australian rice and/or stabilised rice bran, our extruded feeds are gluten free and high fat, satisfying the nutrient requirements of your horse without any fizzy behaviour. MADE WITH MADE WITH NUTRITION THAT STACKS UP

Stuart Tinney OAM Gold and Bronze Olympic Medallist For the past 20 years I have fed CopRice. My horses perform and ride particularly well on CopRice Versatile and Performer, CopRice M Horse is also a fabulous great value all-round top-up feed. The results of CopRice feeds speak for themselves, providing quality and consistency, and most importantly delivering results. AUSTRALIAN MADE. FARMER OWNED.

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