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13 CHIPS RETURN TO Leonardo Zamudio, Nick Zobel, Eric Girardin, Austin Hall A gorgeous day in San Francisco brought 20-plus Chips together to run the annual Christmas Relays sponsored by West Valley Track Club. There is debate on the last time the Chips had teams for this event. With no agreement on the date, all agreed it was many, many years ago. On Dec 17th we finally made it happen again. The club fielded 5 teams, each running 4 legs of the 4.5 miles loops around Lake Merced. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch after, and there were hushed rumors of a few beers being shared compliments of West Valley. It appeared everyone had a good time! A strong showing for the Chips, all of our teams placed top 10. Jerry Furlong

CHRISTMAS RELAYS 14 Anthony Smith Gary Van Wagner Open Men: Eric Girardin, Leo Zamudio, Nick Zobel, and Austin Hall Open Women : Gina Adams, Isabel Betancourt, Jillian Brown, and Katie Sommerdorf 50+ Men: Gary Van Wagner, John Feeney, Frank Perrott, and Tom Savage 70+ Men (Seasoned Chips): J. Furlong, A. Utterback, Antony Smith, and Larry Morris Couples team: Waiman Yip, Jackie Sword -Olson, Dennis Scott, and Joe Domagalski Waiman Yip Jackie Sword-Olson and Katie Sommerdorf John Feeney

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