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The Definitive 15 Minute Guide to Solving Past Due Patient Payments!

the beautiful part.

the beautiful part. We've reduced the paperwork requirements Here's make it easy for your practices to sign up. All we need is, to DOCUMENTS A Voided Check or Bank Letter with the DBA of the business Void W9 A W9 Form with legal business name and the IRS - TIN/EIN A Photo I.D. for those who have signed the application

all ‘hands free’ for you. You get the benefit of having solved a It’s and difficult problem for your practice, a foot in the door persistent introduce more of your offerings, a solution that saves the practice to and credit for the sale (per your company’s agreement with money, practices get the benefit of having a new powerful tool that Your their past due patient payment problems, lower (in most solves payment processing rates, automated recurring payment cases) robust payment reporting, auto-posting into their PM capabilities, (where Easy Pay has been integrated), comprehensive system on best practices and policies, and full support for any future training It's all you need to move your practices into first place for the issues. WIN! HANDS FREE! Easy Pay).

JP Muller's 15-Minute Workout, A Step-By-Step Guide - PDF eBooks ...