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January 2015

Orthodox Christianity I

Orthodox Christianity I sit now, on New Year’s Day, to type these few little lines, considering in common with the mass of humanity, this mysterious matter of Time. Indeed, it’s at this point in the year that, communally, we pause briefly to note time’s movement, the passing of an old year and the promise of a new chance. There are, clearly, deep matters adherent to the strand of time; and I want to take this opportunity to lift this evanescent strand into the light, to inspect it and to consider briefly its meaning in the Orthodox understanding. There are actually two great communal celebrations bookended here at the cusp of the calendar year, Christmas and New Year’s Day; and to the Orthodox they speak together. For time to the Orthodox is not a mindless, purposeless movement; it is not Brownian motion or the random meandering of a rudderless, pilotless boat. No—it is part of a great orchestration in which all beings participate, have a role, an opportunity, and a risk. It is part of cosmos. What, then, is the role of time; what is its direction in the Orthodox conception? To appreciate the meaning of time, there’s a foundational understanding we must have: we must understand, in a visceral way—really, in a noetic way—that the life we know, this existence that we consider normative, is in no way normal or intended for us. This life, as we commonly live it, is in truth, farce—farce and tragedy. It’s a deformed, distorted shadow of what ought to be and what could be. This deep apprehension can only proceed from a direct experience, however brief or attenuated, of the primordial reality. And many people are granted such experiences. But lacking a framework in which to hold them, lacking a world view in which their experience has place and meaning and relation, such moments gradually lose substance in a life; or, worse yet, bring the seeker to a demoralized end. Indeed, it is difficult, it is crushing, to return to live in the mundane; after the primordial reality has revealed itself. Consider Isiah’s words at his vision of the glory of the Lord: “Woe is me! for I am undone; Because I am a man of unclean lips, And I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; For mine eyes have seen the King, The Lord of hosts. Part 2 Next Month The Treasure Hunter “Don’t do it... without checking with me first” All chapters copyright © 2014 by author N. M., c/o St. George’s Church Milton Sawyer 252-722-6078 Cash Buyer Gold & Silver Jewelry & Coins ORTHODOXY AND THE PHENOMENON OF TIME Inquiries to St. George’s Orthodox Church, Edenton, NC. Telephone 482-2006 The AT reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media Ken and learn how. Question of the Month What is the biggest problem our country faces today? Email your thoughts to and we will publish the most interesting ones in our next issue! Last Month’s Question: Could the Ferguson riots been avoided? No. Not as long assome people feel that the laws of this country do not apply to them. If you break the law, resist arrest, and physically assault the arresting officer, you will suffer consequences, whether you are pink, yellow, or green. America is a structured society, and our laws apply to everyone, as they should. Police officers are sworn to uphold those laws and our country’s constitution. It’s a tough job, they are underpaid, usually overworked, and they risk their lives on a daily basis. Be thankful for them. And... the term ‘cops’ is not a demeaning word as some think, it came over from England with our forefathers, it stands for Constable on Patrol. So you see the police have been serving and protecting America for a long time. So just thank them or give them a thumb’s up now and then, it will make their day. I know - I was one of them. - Jessie 8 Albemarle Tradewinds January 2015

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