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14022018 - Workers flee as herdsmen overrun LG offices in Ondo

Vanguard Newspaper 14 February 2018

26 —Vanguard,

26 —Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018 Valentine: Make yourself the priority today. It is not selfish Until you value y o u r s e l f , you will not value your time and until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. The truth is that things like email, Twitter, Facebook, online forums, and chat-rooms are huge distractions that have almost taken the place of self care. Many Homemakers have taken solace in social media to wind down after the stress of the day whether at work, in the office or at home, forgetting that social media is brain tasking that should be taken as a full-time job. It's a business place to transact business for good money depending on what you go there to do as many fulltime Homemakers that are smart have become rich on social media. It is hard to love yourself if you never spend time with yourself. African mindset of working round the clock throughout the year thinking it is the way to financial breakthrough, may never give time for self care. The result is the alarming rate of health issues. The truth is, if as Homemakers, you don't value yourself by taking out time to care for self, nobody will do it for you. You should not see Valentine as a time to show love to your family or friends and neighbours alone, it is a time to show love to yourself if no one is showing it to you. Today is a golden opportunity whether as single or married Homemakers, to take time out to give yourself a treat. Everything is not about going out to eateries or shopping malls, focusing on romance or traditional ways of giving out gifts, renewing your mind today may be a good way to appreciate yourself and your family. Simple way to do it It a long tradition on Valentine to say we love someone but have not taken time to say what we love about that person. You may want to introduce to your family by writing what you love about yourselves on cardboard and The truth is, if as Homemakers, you don't value yourself by taking out time to care for self, nobody will do it for you hang it where your friends or family will see it or may tell everyone in the family to write out what they like about themselves and hang it on the wall. Both reading and writing would be enjoyed by everyone and the messages you send or hang on the wall is priceless. The joy you get from this exercise will last longer because it is an expression from the inside. Happiness is an inside job, express it. Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year. CONSUMER WATCH A place that makes you plan ahead Items Prices Items Prices Items Prices Basket of Tomatoes N15,500 - N25,000 A bag of Pepper (Rodo) N 10,000 - N18,000 A bag of Long pepper N6, 500 – N7000 A bag of Onions (white) N25, 000 – N35, 000 A bag of Onions (Red) N20, 000- N26, 000 50kg of long grain Rice N14,000 - N14,500 A derica of long grain Rice N230 -N250 50kg of short grain Rice. N13,000 - N13,800 A derica of short grain Rice N230 A crate of eggs N1,000 A bag of Olotu beans N35,000 -N48,000 A bag of Oloyin N25,000 -N33,000 A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo) N45, 000-N65,000 A bag of Garri (Yellow) N7,000 A paint bucket N600 A bag of Ijebu Garri N6000 - N7000 A paint bucket N500 25 Litres of Vegetable Oil N11,000- N11,500 10 Litres N6,500-N 7,000 25 Litres of Palm Oil N12,500 5Litres of Palm Oil N2,300 -N2,400 Salt N80-N150 Noodles- 70g N1500- N1970 Spaghetti (1packet) N190-N200 Macaroni(1packet) N180 Semovita (10kg) N2,800- N3,000 Pampers (cartons of 8) N3, 400 Seasonings N110 – N500 Tomato paste (2,200g) N1200-N1500 Tomato paste (Medium) N550-N700 Tomato paste(small) N150-N350 Tomato sachet (a roll) N250 –N300 Pack of toilet roll (48pieces) N1,800-N2,300 A Satchet of milk N30-N50 A Sachet of beverage N45-N50 Toothpaste N270-N300 5 Litres of Kerosine N1,100 12.5kg Cooking gas N4, 000 Yam (1 tuber). N400- N800 Ugu Leaf (a bundle) N3, 500 – N4,000 A dozen of tied Ugu Leaf N1,800, Moin-Moin Leaf (a dozen)N800, 1 pack- N100 Carton Titus ice Fish N19,000 1 Carton of Kote ice fish N16,200 1 Carton of Sawa ice fish N10, 000, 1Kg-N600

Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018—27