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VSA Booklet 2018:19

Veteran Study Abroad

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) Our Team Our Team William Pennington | Director of Operations After serving four years in the USAF, William decided to pursue his higher education in the legal field. After a large amount of research he decided that studying law in England would be his best option. Throughout this process William gained a large amount of experience with the GI Bill and how it relates to foreign universities. With further experience in business and management, William directs the day-to-day operations of VSA as well as facilitates all legal aspects. His goal for VSA is to ensure that Veterans have easy access to reputable and affordable education when they decide to pursue their education overseas. Mattison Williams | Head of Student Relations After serving six years in the United States Air Force Mattison decided to continue his education overseas. Following a 3 year assignment at RAF Mildenhall, he enrolled into Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England pursuing a bachelor’s in Media Studies. Mattison understands the need for an easy transition and is excited to be apart of any Veteran’s journey to further education. Dedicated to his fellow Veterans, he is now in charge of Student Relations, ensuring that all students have a smooth transition into studying overseas and continue to avoid any hardships during their studies.

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