3 months ago

10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage


10 Too Serious Too bold Rigid Overbearing A Dreamer Too Fussy He or she may be very sincere and earnest with strong convictions. He or she may have strong convictions, uncompromising with his or her own standards. He or she may be a welldisciplined person with strong convictions. He or she may be a very confident person—sure of himself or herself. He or she may be very creative and imaginative. He or she may be very organized and efficient. 8 Stand by Your Man or Woman Pastor E. V. Hill is the dynamic senior minister of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. He expresses profound gratitude toward his wife, Jane, who

11 has stood by him during some difficult times in their married life. One discouraging period of time stands out in his memory. As a struggling young minister, Pastor Hill had trouble earning enough money for his family. That led him to invest the family’s scarce resources, over his wife’s objections, in the purchase of a service station. She felt her husband lacked both time and expertise to manage this investment. Her prediction proved to be accurate. Before long, the station went broke, and Pastor Hill lost everything he put into the business. This was a critical time in Pastor Hill’s life as he failed at something important to him. Jane could have been justified in saying: “I told you so.” However, she understood her husband’s vulnerability and responded in an extraordinary way. When Pastor Hill came home he expected Jane to be upset with him for the foolish investment. Instead, she sat down with him and rationalized: “I’ve been doing some figuring. I figure that you don’t smoke and you don’t drink. If you smoked and drank, you would have lost as much as you lost in the service station. So… let’s forget it.”